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Awesome team and Quick communication, They helped me to build my Android and iOS App Also educated me how I can brand my mobile app, Now My app has 45,000 Users, and I love to recommend EngineerBabu Team.

Atul Asati, Education Finder App, USA

EngineerBabu IT Services surpassed what we needed. Their communication is great.They’re a very good team, and I highly recommend them. I have written detailed review on clutch, this was a big project and we worked six months together.”

Richard, Chisme Inc., USA

Many months ago, I had read about the inspiring founding story of EngineerBabu (EB) searched EngineerBabu Reviews, and I admired them. Recently, I felt the need for a new website for my consulting practice (A-Team Business Consulting), so, against normal practice telling friends to recommend developers, I contacted EB. I knew what I wanted to be done,and had a design that needed a good amount of customizing to suit the need.After a quick discussion with their co-founder, Mayank, who proactively oversees all projects,we got started. Devashish Sohani, a senior web developer, was assigned the task. With my tight deadlines,Devashish brought a great mix of skill, dedication, sincerity, and humility to the project.His polite interactions backed by strong tech skills helped complete the project on time (with minor delays caused by me in finalizing content).His enthusiasm didn’t fade post completion of the assignment too, and he keenly assisted with some minor tweaks post completion. I am grateful to Devashish and Team EngineerBabu for this job done well, for the hassle-free and delightful experience,and for keeping up with the given deadline. EB is highly recommended, and I wish them the very best!

Thank you!

Shrutin N. Shetty, Growth Partner, A-Team Business Consulting, India Mumbai

As I am a football player, It was hard for me to understand technology, These guys helped me to speed up my app and nice UI. My app got appreciation. Good luck guys

Chol Magnus, Mate Inc., Australia

My App now ranked number one in Tours and Travel in Varanasi, more than 50,000 foreigners visits here, They ranked my app 5*, I appreciate your effort, Babus!

Ayush Rathi, RoobarooApp, Varanasi

My App is pet finder application; They did excellent research. I was thinking only I am having an idea. Once I got to know what my competitors are doing, we were able to create better.

Travern, Wagging Pal LLC, Australia

They’ve taken a very professional approach to everything. EngineerBabu provided outstanding service and creativity all throughout the development process

Dinesh Reddy, Getpurohit, India

I have worked with EngineerBabu team on three projects, Well Professional and Efficient. Recently we are working on one more project expecting great results.

Jijo David, Neillsoft inc, Oman

Our company is one of the biggest stocks marketing company, The app you developed helps our customers to reach news faster and we can track who is reading, well done.

Sumit, IndianMarketView, India

This is community chatting app for marriage, Arabic version was tuff, fully satisfied with work.

Shoaib, Skypar, Qatar

We have worked with over the past few years. They have done exceptional work.

Sara seow, Mobile Invoicing, Hongkong

I was already knowing Mayank, These people helped MaalGaadi in Scalable backend and Driver App. We are one of the biggest logistics company based in Indore India. Recently We received funding on that. Keep it up same services.

Anirudh, MaalGaadi India

Everyone from the EB team has been professional, taking our business into account and providing a fresh perspective that we may not have considered. They’re very smart people, not just from the programming and design perspective, They have worked on many hourly java projects for us.

David Sagar, USA

These Guys developed Antivirus App for Me, We have sold more than 12,000 copies. Both version the team did great work.

Jeet Bhudhwani, GAntivirus, India

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending EngineerBabu. They have been a consistent, quality partner. We have worked together for about 2 years. I have full confidence in them.”

Gaurav, Bingage App, India

I have been constant followers for their work on LinkedIn, Finally, I decided to work with these guys. Genius team, they understand how to work with startups and make it big. My App is top 10 in it’s category, I always recommend their team for various reasons.

Vijendra, Muhurt App, India

I have been following EngineerBabu since Mid of 2015 and you guys have done the right things the right way. I would really love to see “EngineerBabu” to grow and thrive. These guys did my website

Collin, ThetradingCanok Inc, USA

As I always said, Mayank is the best person to maintain the relationship, When it comes to the business partnership he is very accountable and responsible, He is perfect.

Vinay Singhal, Wittyfeed Inc, World’s 2nd largest content company

Wonderful Team, we have completed 3 projects together. Now my app has 5 Mn Users The team helped me to build a scalable solution for that.

Arvind, MyRecharge Inc.

They have good resources behind them, delineate responsibility among their team quite well, and are very responsive.I’m very satisfied with EngineerBabu’ work.It was well tested, of high quality, and we will continue to use EngineerBabu for the long term.

Abhishek Paharia, Payastore Co-Founder

EngineerBabu Development team is awesome. EB Development did exactly what we wanted and more. They’re not just developers. They take their time to evaluate our plans and ideas to ensure the best result possible.

Saurabh, Ondoor Pvt Ltd. CTO

I like the fact that EngineerBabu provides 24-hour service, 6 days a week. Whenever something goes wrong during the weekend, I know that someone from EngineerBabu will be there looking over the problem.”

Anurag Gupte, Maggcom Founder

They are just a very professional group. For finding their niche and having to compete with huge companies, I think they’ve done very well and I see them continuing to grow

Catherine Asperin, Director of Sale, UK Design firm

I have worked with many CEO's over the course of my career, mayank has been wonderful exception. He intelligent, polished and respectful in addition to being a wonderful person to collaborate with. From start to finish, the entire process was through, efficient and specific to a common goal. Mayank is an excellent comminicator, An illuminator visinoary, and al about quantifiable results. I look forward to working with Mayank again in any capacity and recommend him without reservation. Best Team for App and Web development.

Julia Sim, Sales Executive, World Data Group

Mayank is a dynamic Android/iPhone App development leader and task-oriented individual. He is technically savy and understand the business drivers of industry in which he is involved. Having worked on several projects with Mayank, I found him extremely focused, personally engaging and always eager for the next challenge.

John Koslba, Building Designer, Las Vegus Sands Corporation

Mayank had put in an extraordinary technical effort and contributed enormously to our product. He turned what was a contract project to "Android and iPhone app" a critical future functionally into a fully integrated and test implementation. This is allowing us to include this critically important and highly visible feature in our first product release rather than leave it for another year as an incertain future development effort on the raod map. mayank has also contributed valueable technical, customer requirements and product strategy advise and guidance in variety of areas of keen interest to the company.

Nina Albert, Senior Consultant , BHguest-American Hospitality Design

I have worked with Mayank for many years especially in iPhone and Android Development. Mayank is very knowledgeable on both IT and Sofware Development, and holds a great drive for achievement and perfection. He's very innovative and has a healthy, competent, non-religious attitude to technologies and the usage of same. That, togather with his ability to spot new usages, fill the gaps, and architect small to large scale solutions and have them executed, makes him very interesting, at times demanding but exciting, to work with.

Gary Benso, Senior Buisness Development Executive, Cerner Corporation

I recommend EngineerBabu to any indivdual or company looking to have mobile application developed. In my case, they were promot in developing an outstanding mobile application that met my specification, exceeded, my expectatios, and at reasonable rates. From beginning to end, their communication, attentiveness and attention to detail were steller. I am gratful for their hard work and expertise.

Folke Gustafsson, International Marketing Manager

I am proud to recommend Mayank and his team at EngineerBabu. They came highly recommend to me and I am extremely pleased with their work. They redesigned our website to present a more modern image eith the use of the latest web technologies. Even with some budget constrictions, they were able to deliver a prfessional and efficient website without compromising substance.

Erin Oliver, Operations/Logistics Manager

Good to know you gave a simple and effective process for getting the job done #

Ankinyemi Akintoye PMP(Agile), Domain Capacity manager, AT & T Services Inc.