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Im a Geeky Web Ninja, Self-taught, highly-motivated developer with a focus on web technologies. I am more passionate about developing quality products, solve interesting problems & learning new technologies. Around 3 years of professional experience writing JavaScript (Functional, Design patterns - Modular), AngularJS and around 1.5 years writing php, Recently digging into ReactJS(JSX), Angular2 (Typescript).Python. Developed & launched a Online Movie Ticket booking site at the age of 19 :) . Around 5 years of personal experience in full stack development, Including deploying, hosting websites end to end. Hosted around 10 sites - 9 LAMP stack (3 AWS) , 1 Mean Stack (AWS). Solid understanding of Browser components, process & Rendering engine . Experience coding against RESTful APIs. Wrote API’s with NodeJs, Php, Python (Django). Specialties : JavaScript, Angular, Node, React Augmented Reality. In Love with ES6. // My Json var Siddhu = { "Title" : "Geeky Web Ninja" , "Self-taught" : true , "Motivated" : true , "Passionated" : true , "focused" : true , "Interests" : [ "developing quality products", "solve interesting problems", "learning new technologies" ] , "Specialties" : ["JavaScript", "Angular", "Node", "React", "PHP", "Mysql"] }


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