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An Award winner, Nasscom Award [largest body of IT companies in India] in 2 013, CNBC Young Turks Award for one of the finest and most promising Enterprises in the country in 2013, Top 4 in Sankalp Award 2O13 in technology for development category [Top forum of Venture capitalists in the country] in 2013, among few. We offer dedicated development team as well as independent freelancer arrangements. A value based organization, where the first customer and first employee still works, we have worked on more than 700 projects worldwide. Our exclusive START UP Support Process [From Idea to Enterprise of Scale], have proved to be effective for more than 100 startups across the globe over the past 9 years. As a matter of fact, we also have built our own startup in Transportation sector, which has gained huge traction, name, fame and success in India, Shetaxi, [kindly Google/ YouTube for thousands of articles, even in New York Times], is getting rolled out nationally as well as internationally. This is the only successful ladies taxi in the world, with a totally unconventional business and operational model, and latest is World Bank taking the model to entire SAARC nations with our advisory and platform. We can thus not only contribute on resources, but from a one liner idea we can innovate, advice and build and be a part of a successful enterprise of scale. We have also served for Governments of India, UAE, Tanzania, Canada, etc, Organizations such as WHO, USAID, RTI, NIMR etc, large Corporates such as ADNOC, ETIHAD, REEBOK, etc. We are Technology partner for top Retail Solution Provider in UK and Europe. We are passionate to work with Startups though, which will give us immense opportunity to innovate, contribute and grow – We own it up!!. We have processes and systems aligned to meet the specific needs of Startups, small organizations. Our interest in Startups is also because it offers immense and exponential growth opportunities.

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