Hey there, We are so glad to see you here. Following are some guidelines which may assist you to post your project in a suited way, so that we can find the optimal freelancers/team for your project :-
  • To start with, you must specify the domain of your project.
  • Budget plays an important role in shaping of any project. Please be precise with that so that you don’t need to negotiate afterward. However, you are free to provide a range.
  • Just as budget, the timeline of the project is equally important. Please be crisp with your time period, like in how many months you want to launch your project.
  • Also, be specific about the mode of hiring you want-whether you want contract hiring or a remote team.
  • Is the developer’s location becoming a constraint? Provide us the location preferences and we will find the best for you!
  • REFERENCES(related websites,android/ios applications) are always propitious.
  • Similarly the target audience of any project is of utmost importance. Elaborate your requirements and specifications, so that you receive the finest developers/team for your project.