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A lot of people are good at development but lack in the skill of sales and client communication, due to which they are unable to get the good client. As a result, they have to over-commit and work at low budget. We decided to bridge this gap by gathering the clients and connecting them with serious and quality developers.

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    What is the purpose of this portal?

    The platform intends to help proficient developers and companies get more business without worrying about sales, pricing or bargaining abilities. Deserve and Reserve!

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    How it works?

    Vendors are given the opportunity to apply for any 10 projects in a month. There are no other paid plans and nobody is an exception. You need to have a strong portfolio, write good cover letters and mention genuine skills. In general, there are not more than 3-4 applications on any project hence no need to compete. Your quality should speak.

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    Charges for applying to projects

    INR 2000 per month only (*inclusive of all the taxes). No hidden charges. No percentage sharing. No MiddleMan. There is limited availability to ensure that we are able to keep the payees happy.

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    Why is it worth paying?

    Hiring a professional sales person will cost around 25000 per month but can he generate 30 – 50 leads a month with full description?

    • Marketing efforts SEO, SMO, Content Writing to cater leads INR 30,000 per month.
    • Upwork connects, and USA calls require at least INR 20,000 per month.
    • We spend quality time with clients to understand their requirements in detail that helps developers to get real picture with minimum efforts.
    • If you close one project a year, you can recover minimum 50 times of what you have paid.

    We want to have qualified and adept developers and companies to take this opportunity.

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    Why Limited seats?

    We want to make sure that we value people onboard.

    • We do not allow people to apply for more than 10 projects in a single month even if they are willing to pay more; this is to maintain quality, avoid spamming and unnecessary competition.
    • There are 2 plans:
    • One, is the free plan where you can create a profile, share it on social media and with your client and get reviews and rating.
    • Second, invest INR 2000 per month and get a chance to apply for 10 projects.

People say that Indians are not good to work with then why it is that Indian developers go to US and become the CEO of Google and Microsoft.

It is because we over- commit, struggle, fight over prices and then suffocate ourselves. IT IS HIGH TIME we bring about change in our work culture.

We at EngineerBabu are focused to build the next AliBaba for Indian IT sector. If you are ready and share the vision, we would love to welcome you onboard.

Registrations are now open!! Limited seats!!

Our achievement and investment are quality service and time making you an integral part of us.