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Frankgreen has been started with an honest approach to sustainability – reducing single-use waste by reimagining cups and bottles.What it makes are innovative products namely SmartCups and SmartBottles.Their aesthetic is refined and pared back in shape, which lets us enhance our natural and authentic style. Their products are an interplay of bold colours, tonal hues and soft pastels. Ideal for the minimalist, the maximalist, or anyone in between.They’re curved to comfortably fit our hand, made of premium, safe materials and are the only of their kind with in-built technology.They are simply frank green – designed for humanity.

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The use of renewable resources has been increased immensely in the past few decades. As this usage grew more the chances of their depletion is also increasing. We have advanced in technology in a spellbound manner but with adverse effects on our environment too. So if the society goes in this way then the day won’t be far enough when we would be devoid of our resources.


Frankgreen as a team targeted the daily life products like cups bottles etc. to be made with such technology so that it would both serve the society as well as the environment or you may say it will ignite the idea of sustainable development. With all these, it will also be of real good quality an aesthetic design.


As per client’s wish, we started working on a the new framework named Magento. It was a framework of PHP. However, it had few bugs to be resolved which also created problems in Frank Green.

FrankGreen Case Study EngineerBabu Approach

If a payment got cancelled or so then it was not getting updated on the Magento dashboard. The promotion coupon code which was created to be applied on all the father’s day products was not working as per requirement.


The first problem was resolved as the bugs were resolved in Magento. The second problem was faced by a non-technical user which was simply solved by deleting the cookies.


With 63.5% visitors in Australia, Frankgreen has secured a rank of 13071 in Australia. Previously the bounce rate of FrankGreen was over 50%. This was a huge problem and was needed to be resolved. So we started working on it and applied some SEO fundamentals and concepts so that the bounce rate came down to 33% in a short span of time.

There are in total 13 websites linked to Frankgreen directly or indirectly.

Web Screenshots

FrankGreen Australia Website EngineerBabu

Success Story

Insights from research, analysis, whiteboarding and multiple sketches brought an understanding of the complex problem. By presenting the insights as a story, backed up with data not only made it easily comprehensible but immediately established common ground for the team to work together on.

And finally, we were all set to deliver the final project to our client Theo and Peter.

“No one can do better than EngineerBabu”, very professional, quick to work. These were the words by Theo when he received the website.

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