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No matter how brave you thought you are by bungee jumping from those tall buildings, no matter how confident you are in addressing a room full of scientists, one thing that can still get you cold feet is confessing LOVE; and if you are an introvert person who has found love in a friend, this is surely going to give you Goosebumps. Love is one feeling that gets you butterflies in the stomach and when your love interest happens to be your friend, it is probably the hardest art yet to master.
But what if asking for relationship from your friend was as easy as texting a random person? MTJF is one such startup that’s making this possible. It has arrived as a savior for every introvert lover who is not willing to put the friendship at stake. It helps to bring your crush so close yet so far that he/she can listen to your feelings but can only recognize you if the feelings are mutual. Sounds interesting, eh?
You can create something so insightful and deeply connecting to people only when you have a team of great engineering talent and solution seeking attitude. But, where do you get such team?

Sangram Kakad

a CA by profession and an innovator at heart-- is the man behind this Startup. He is going to share his story here on how he built his extraordinary team for making this app and how it is helping millions of people confess their love.

First off, tell us about your background and how you came up with this idea?

Sangram: We help people confess love to the one who mean ‘more than just friends’ to them. Don’t believe it? But, I mean it. We literally do that work.
Throughout our life we make so many friends at our workplace, university, gym, residence campus, etc and more often than not, we end up having that one special person who is ‘More than just friends’ to us. Soon, this feeling grows into love without us realizing it. But the fear of losing friendship altogether stops us from admitting our love. I did a survey on instagram with 3000+ people participating and the result I found was astonishing. More than 80% of people who had a crush on their friend at some point of their life, admitted not being able to confess their feelings. This was mostly because of the introvert and shy nature or they were afraid to spoil their friendship. This hit me hard.
I decided to find a solution and came up with the idea of MTJF app.

How MTJF app exactly helps people?

Sangram: Ok, So MTJF stands for ‘more than just friends’. If you have crush on someone in your friend circle, the app allows you to send them a ‘like’. Your friend will receive a text message that some person in their circle have sent them a like (have a crush on them). Now, you can also drop them some hint and initiate the conversation. Now, if this person has a crush on a person say X, he/she will send them a ‘like’. If you receive this ‘like’, there is a match. If this person X happens to be some third person, the third person will receive the text message that someone in their friend circle has crush on them. The best part of this app is, it does not reveal your identity to the crush unless the feelings are mutual.

Interesting! So how did you find the quality team to develop the MTJF app?

Sangram: Since 2011, I had this concept of MTJF on my mind. But being a non-tech guy, I did not have the required skill sets to develop the app. I was looking for the right tech team to give my idea a shape. I approached couple of IT outsourcing firms but was really disappointed by their lousy response towards their client and sometimes even no response. Later, my friend Vikas Ranga, who is also an entrepreneur, recommended me of Engineerbabu.

So, what was your initial impression of Engineerbabu like?

Sangram: I checked the website on Google and found contact details there. I called Engineerbabu on one of the Saturdays, I guess. I was expecting some receptionist or back-up guy to pick the call. But to my surprise, Mayank, (who also happens to be the CEO of Engineerbabu) picks up the phone and greets me. You do not expect a CEO to take a work call on a weekend. I discussed with him about my idea and the requirements for it. He took down every detail and finally concluded on how he is going to help me. The promptness and dedication preluded by the man of his stature won my heart. Right after the phone call, he assigned the dedicated team for my project, connected me with them, we signed the NDA contract form and my dream kicked off the same day. I’m greatly impressed by Mayank and his Team.

So, how was the whole development process like?

Sangram: Engineerbabu team played the pivotal role in the development of this App. They assigned a dedicated team to work on the project. Right in the beginning, they explained me various milestones they are going to reach. They also kept me updated through a project management tool ‘Basecamp’ where I could check the daily progress in my project. The team members were very supportive and put in even the smallest details that I wanted to. One brief incident I will tell you, it was really a happy moment for me when one of the backend developers of the team sent me an email and in the end he put his name and mentioned designation as “Senior web developer, MTJF“. I was overwhelmed with the way these guys took the ownership of the project. They did not take it as some random project but worked on it like their own and put all the efforts to make it a success.


How MTJF Works

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Would you recommend Engineerbabu to your friends/startup owner?

Sangram: Definitely. I really appreciate their timely delivery and dedication. They are also helping in promotion and marketing. My struggle to find one good tech time was totally worth it after meeting this wonderful bunch of people.