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Roobaroo App Your Local Friends in Every City

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What will you create if you ever get a chance to create something for one of the most popular tourist attractions of India?

Well, Aayush— Founder, RoobarooWalks was not in any doubt when he set to create something amazing for the land of Gods— Varanasi.

Varanasi is the oldest living city in the world and it has been the ultimate spiritual spot for people from all over the world. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that the one who dies here shall obtain Nirvana, i.e. he/she will achieve salvation from this world and would be free from the infinite cycle of re-births.

I am always inspired from such profound things of life rather than things we generally see around. Being a spiritual person, I have always sought ways to do the best I can for the people who seek the path of true knowledge and renaissance. Furthermore, being from the tech world, I often thought of creating something that could help people who seek the path of God and knowledge and making their way easier.

The dream came true when I got a travel freak client. Aayush Rathi, an alumnus of prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, met me. When I got to know that he had left his lucrative job with a management consulting MNC to pursue his love for travelling and exploring places, I knew I have found the right guy.

We met and as our frequencies synced, we became good friends. One day Aayush came up with a problem that he was bothering him from a while. He said that he didn’t like it when people from other countries come to Varanasi and the travel guides fail to make them understand the rich cultural heritage and stories that the city has and all that due to the fact that the travel guides can’t communicate in English. The problem appeared big for us, as it was restricting our people to make aware the world about the richness of our ancient heritage and stories that had the power to change lives.

Consequently, from the day we identified this problem, we began to seek solutions. Discussions we held on finding ways on how we can solve this problem and let everyone know about the greatness of our culture. I being a tech-entrepreneur and Aayush, an engineer by heart, the solution was bound to be tech-based. And after a lot of brainstorming and discussions, we ended up on the idea of creating an app— an audio-visual guide.

Thus was born RoobarooWalks, an audio-visual guided tour that helps you to know everything about the city Varanasi — now covering most of the cities!

robaroo app

Being the oldest religious city, and having countless temples, this city is a perfect blend of contemporary cafes, pure veg dhabas and millions of shop where you could stock up on everything from Rudraksha beads to fine silk. RoobarooWalks guides you—even in just 4 hours— in such a committed, creative, multifaceted and inspired way that it leaves you deeply impacted. They show you the highlights, take you to more secret, secluded places and enrich the tour with cultural background information to the point where the real joy comes. Suddenly you sit in a poet’s house and see the reflection of Varanasi’s history with a poem being recited by the tour guide. Even I have experienced this and have cherished every little thing about it. Especially the walk feature, it is highly recommended. Get this lifetime experience if you could spare few days in Varanasi.

Although we faced some tough situations and took some hard decisions to drive the project forward, but EngineerBabu’s team quickly gained their trust— absorbing their project details easily thus, gaining their confidence.

The USP of the app although was a real challenge for us- to make an app offline-friendly, for travellers who don’t have a good internet connection while travelling. It was worth a shot! We used Basecamp and different means of communications to make sure that their entire team and ours are involved. Thus, integrating everything successfully even in such a short span of time. It is in fact EngineerBabu’s forte.

Nothing makes you happy than a happy client. The feeling of happiness when a client is satisfied with our work is awesome and indescribable. EngineerBabu develops websites and mobile apps with amazing UI and the best technology suitable for the project by making everything that a client needs and in the given deadline.

Our aim is not only to develop the end product but also to provide solutions to the future problems. Thus we believe not only in achieving but in excelling.

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