Best website designing and development company

Within the next five years, Millennials will make up roughly half of the work force. What is this means for businesses is that our current means of marketing, selling and online businesses are going to collide drastically with how Millennials ...
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7 Creative Ways to Organize Your Mobile Apps

Try to find the Notes app on your phone. If you've spent more than a minute hunting for this across your home screens, you may want to consider organizing your smartphone for easy access. With thousands of apps at our ...
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GUIDE TO TECHNICAL STARTUPS FOR NON-TECHNICAL FOUNDERS You have an idea that’s totally going to the hit mark and yet you are hitting the wall because you don’t have the technical expertise? Welcome to the world of non-technical founders (the ...
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Life of An IT Engineer

In 5 years of experience, my life was similar to the Life of An IT Engineer mentioned; College ->  My Startup --> Job Seeker ---> Employee of IT Service Company --> Big Brand company --> My Own Startup --> Now ...
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How to get a job in a startup company?

Many people looking for job, all are asking same question How to get job in a startup company? I know, The have dream, they want to give their 200% but still not selected why ? There are many possible reasons ...
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MeriCar-App Mobile App is mobile app which is leading car repairing shop provider nearby your location. Using Mobile App mobile application what we are trying to achieve Search in Specific area Enable your GPS and get Service centre nearby Click ...
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How to motivate Employees Part1

Ohh Shit , I tried every thing to make this shit to make superhit. If you are motivational speaker or Professor or  Looking for good theoretical content. Please stopppppppp now.. I am not a professional writer, You will find so ...
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How to create chat apps for android

How to create chat apps for Android When we talk about chat apps for Android images comes in mind Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, Line, Hike. In this blog I will talk about chatting features only, Video calling and file sharing I ...
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