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Head of Bank of America started online grocery app and reached 100000 Users

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1. How this started

When I met the client, He was working with the Bank of America, Enough with 15 years of his job, willing to relocate nearby his hometown and planning to spend rest of his life with family.
He found our company through Google search, and He asked me; Mayank we want to start online grocery services in India that too nearby Indore so that it can be easily managed.

2. Problems

  1. The Market was very new to online Grocery shopping, Here people love to go market and shop, online grocery shopping was new to them.
  2. We can’t create complex website or Grocery App; We have to make something very simple and easy to us.
  3. Ofcourse, people, were not tech savvy and getting app downloads was very tough.
  4. Educating people about why they should use our site or grocery app, They have the concern about the freshness of vegetables and how they can shop without touching it.

We did research and found who all are competitors and how we can make it successful.


3. Giant Competitor with 18000+ products and 1000+ brands listed on their catalog is known to be India’s largest online food and grocery store. It offers a wide range of options in every category to deliver you with the best quality products at the lowest rates including fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and seasonings, a category of packaged products, beverages, which includes non-veg products as well.

4. My Role

My role was to understand the requirement, check competitors and help the client to make success in lowest possible cost. In Technology we helped him to build scalable Mobile application and Website with a capacity of 15,000 plus orders per day.



5. Website & Mobile Application Challenges and their solution

We started building with prototype, how mobile application and website should look like

  • As we were targeting only small cities, we have to keep Website and App design as simple as possible.
  • As people were using 2G data, we have the challenge to keep App size less than 5 MB.
  • We have used Google standard color code and removed all the image this helped us to make an app less than 3 MB.
  • Product images we fetched from AWS Serves, We have also implemented a cache to increase speed.
  • Top purchased products like Sugar, Milk, Onion we started keeping in a separate section and stored them locally.
  • We blocked domain access for another country that helps us to prevent our site from attacks as our customer base was from India, so it makes no sense to open site for another country.
  • We created three small servers one for frequently purchased products, second for all fix things like product images, third for the home page. People spent more time on home page, and we want to load it as fast as we can.
  • The delivery boy also had one app that can tell which order he needs to deliver through which route.
  • Offers and Price was changing frequently and we need to remove our server request as less as possible.


The R&D team at ENGINEERBABU have created the website and mobile application of Ondoor in such a way, that it will reach the high numbers of downloads in the least amount of time. With 1 lakh download and a turnover of 20 million $ in one year, Ondoor can be stated as one of the best online Grocery store in the world.

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