How to motivate Employees Part1

Ohh Shit , I tried every thing to make this shit to make superhit. If you are motivational speaker or Professor or  Looking for good theoretical content. Please stopppppppp now..

I am not a professional writer, You will find so many semicolon mistakes, If you can tolerate that Thank you 🙂 .
I am Mayank , Founder of EngineerBabu I write my blog on my way, Come to point , I started EngineerBabu with 2 person team. I did almost everything to make them happy, * Everything not means i have lot money to pay big numbers salary.

Method 1  :- When i started company, Team was new and frankly saying i have no trust on them . When i was checking their screen , sometimes they was either doing facebook or something that was not productive . I was looking some automated process to track them. Earlier i had wrong believe   In india no one do the work by their choice, they either do the work what their parent say to do, or what their friends are doing or what other person are doing.

**India is only country where people sit together to do shit.
All decisions are influenced by others from childhood to Oldage. You might have watched PK movie that will give u glimpse of what people think .

So How to motivate Employees big question for every company ? .
I have used some team tracking tools like ,
Nothing worked well , I got their snapshot of every 5 min but could made improve revenue. This idea seems bullshit.
I was trying to control people rather than guiding them to do right.

Freedom  :- I watched wolf of wall street movie  It is awesome movie for those who can implement it well. Do not focus on SEXY part, i am talking about self-motivation, quality training, Auto driven business model and leadership quality etc. .

I tried to make working environment as fun place. The best place to work, Our HR was always busy to do something crazy, innovative. We were always looking what best could be planned (new). Idea could be silly, your team member can consider you stupid, but by end of the day when they are  part of it, they should love it.

How to get your employees well dressed 

As given we tried this awesome idea suggested by Avdhesh  . These small – small ideas / things matters a lot . You don’t need be extra ordinary. These things are not costly, But you can make someone smile.

There is only one secret to make it happen ” Love , Care and Trust ” . If you believe hiring and firing model you can never ever become top leader.

There are lot of ideas we tried to make this happen and i will share shortly on next post.. You can always reach me at

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