Mentrio: community to Find the right Mentor

Students after finishing their schooling often gets ambiguous about which course to study, which university to pursue higher education from , what to expect in the coming years, etc. These are very relevant questions to rise in the mind of a young man who is moved out of his comfort zone to face the world. Any wrong decision can throw him several steps back with a total loss of progress and motivation. Hence, these questions and doubts need to be addressed and evaluated effectively. The choices you make now are mainly going to shape the rest of your career and consequently life. Thus, it is of extreme importance to get right information and counseling before heading anywhere. A well informed student with the organized purpose and expectations ultimately makes big.

Times like these bring into picture the worth of a mentor. A mentor is a protective guide who listens to you patiently and counsels you with his enormous experience what he thinks suits best to you. He makes sure you get what you deserve and minimizes the gap between you and your goals.

Who could be the best people to mentor young minds other than people who have already been in the shoes few years back? The alumni who have already walked the path and know the hurdles; their vast knowledge and perspectives are surely going to help heaps to this generation and more.

The big question is to connect the alumni around the world; to fall them within the reach of students and bring their valuable experiences and skills to the table. This gives birth to the idea of

Mentrio is a platform created by the team Engineerbabu with the aim to bridge gap between a mentor and mentee. It opens a great opportunity for all the mentees seeking wise words and direction to be guided by noted alumni who are few clicks away. Mentors have the opportunity to share their learning and experiences and earn some money in the process.


How to get started?

-> The experts can sign up through linkedin furnishing basic details like educational qualifications, work experience etc.
-> They mark their future availability on the calendar.
-> Students who wish to seek expert’s guidance can sign up through Google+, facebook, linkedin or mentrio homepage.
-> You can reach to your expert with the aid of various filters provided.
-> Book your date and time well in advance as per the availability of expert. You can book up to two weeks.
-> You are required to make payment in dollars.
And you are done. It’s that easy! 🙂
-> Booking can be rescheduled or cancelled, if required. The amount will be refunded if you intimate 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.
-> After the completion of call, you can rate the consultant as per your experience. Your feedback is important to us. It gives us a chance to polish up.
-> If either of the party does not show up, meeting gets forfeited.

Are you that mentor?

“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way – a mentor”Denzel Washington
You can become a mentor if you possess natural aptitude and expertise in your discipline and have willingness to share it with others. You ought to be honest and concerned with your mentee and dedicated to deliver. It is an absolute treasure to be capable of giving someone a gift of knowledge.

Being a mentor is an opportunity!

As Winston Churchill said once “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”

-> It allows you to bring change in young people’s life.
-> It benefits you with brushing up your knowledge and learning new things from people while mentoring them.
-> It is always good to be updated and refreshed in the company of young people.
-> It is an adventurous journey on its own where you meet many people and may end up having some of them your family for life.
->It is also an opportunity to earn some money 😉

Mentrio Fund:-

Mentrio fund is formed to support the underprivileged children receive at least the basic level of education. We truly believe in education as the premise of every society, every family. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to pursuit this mission.

We have partnered with make a difference (MAD) foundation and karam foundation in this endeavor. Any money contributed towards mentrio fund will be completely donated to these foundations. We are determined that no child remains out of school.mentor-fund

Keep the fire burning and spirit high!

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