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The lady Software Engineer Margaret Hamilton

Amazing things that you probably don’t know about Margaret Hamilton

In the Glorious year of 1969, United States Of America marked its footprint on Moon with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. We remember that day only by the name of these three Astronauts, but the whole mission was powered by 40,000 people. Among all these people there was a team of Software Engineers headed by Margaret Hamilton.

During the year 1969, Margaret H. Hamilton (TheWizard Lady) used to work on a contract given by NASA to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The project initially involved the development of Guidance and Navigation system for the Spacecraft. Even after the completion of the project she didn’t take a pause and went on, proactively, to do a dynamic test of the software and made it bugless (for those who are non-technical, it’s quite a big deal).

On 22nd November 2016, she was honored by the Medal of Freedom in White House by the President of United States, Mr. Barack Obama. Other than this, she has won numerous awards for her technical expertise.


Margaret Hamilton lives an amazing life which is full of achievements. In this article, I am going to shed some light on her past life.

She did her schooling from Hancock High School in 1954. After that, she successfully completed her graduation degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Harvard University. Do you know that she is proficient in French? She used to teach French and Mathematics to school students.

As Margaret Hamilton wanted to be a successful software engineer she migrated to Massachusetts for perusing her higher education in Abstract Mathematics. In between her higher education, she did an internship from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Since Computer Science was emerging as a new branch of engineering in that era, she got a good exposure to experiment with her interest in software development. As an Intern in MIT, her role was to develop a software for predicting the weather for Metrology department.

After that, she was employed in the NASA’s project for writing codes on the cardinal functionalities of the Aircraft.

It could be said that these significant developments were not enough for her, as she went on to own a company by the name Hamilton Technologies. She was also given the post of Director of Software Engineer at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Although she had been honored many times, I am going to share three most prestigious award ceremonies other than the recent one.

She has given outstanding contribution in the field of scientific and technical research. Margaret Hamilton was honored by the Association of Women in Computing with Augusta Ada Lovelace Award. Later she was awarded NASA Exceptional Space Act Award for her contribution to NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. In 2009, she received the Outstanding Alumni Award from Earlham College.

I feel very obliged sharing these amazing facts about Margaret Hamilton, in case if I missed some of the important events don’t forget to comment.

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  • Andreas Ramos

    Ex-president Obama? He’s still the president today.

  • Mike Wilburn

    Great, She is such an inspiration

  • Aaron

    Keep it up, Good work

    • Mayank Pratap

      Thank you

  • Ashok

    She deserves, great honour 🙂

  • I grew up watching Apollo, I am now an engineer. People nowadays think it’s no big deal going to the Moon, as an engineer I know different. By today’s standards the technical challenges are much easier to handle. What Margaret Hamilton did was create the computing technology that you see everyday on the fly to solve unheard of navigational problems in the 1960’s. Most people today don’t realize that entire spacecraft was created using slide-rules, I dare anyone to show me how to use one today. My point is, Margaret Hamilton is quite frankly a rock star and must never be forgotten. I would be considered a great engineer if I could be half the engineer she is today.

    • waste nottingham

      except nobody went to the moon …

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