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It is that time of the year when you are probably looking for ways and means to enhance your CV. With college life nearing its end, getting out there and securing the job that suits your personality sure feels a task. Moreover, if you are used to burning the midnight oil, showing up at work early in the morning is next to impossible. So if any of these things bother you, you should consider working for a startup.

Good news Fellas! We are all set to hire the next batch of interns at EngineerBabu. Our doors are open for another lot of passionate, hard-working, dedicated and fun loving people. We started hiring interns a year and a half ago as an experiment. Back then we had no clue about the response we may get. However, around 300 overwhelming applications left us stunned. After working with almost three batches, there is no second doubt about the tremendous potential of young Indoreans.

So here we go again!

Why is applying for EngineerBabu a good idea?

PPO offers:
EngineerBabu hands out pre-placement offers to select interns. The PPO offered to this batch of interns is a CTC of up to INR 11 lakhs for the first year, subsequently increasing on the basis of your performance. You don’t have to worry about the credit being snatched away in a startup. We offer packages to top 20 performing interns.

Why this procedure?
First things first. We are not a blue-chip company. That’s why we do not ‘recruit’ interns through conventional placement. We are on the lookout for the exceptional bunch of people who share the same passion for work, bond with us and help in creating something big together. A dynamic personality and a learning attitude are what we are searching for.

How to apply?
At the End, your will find questions send them in the email,: Because we don’t trust resumes.
The interview: We’re crazy people and might like you solely on the basis of what food you like (just kidding, but things may really get crazy in the interview). Your overall personality, our intuition coupled with skills and experience is given weightage while shortlisting interns. This is so because, in a startup, you are not just employees but family. So you need to make us believe how integral you are to the structure.

We also spare you from that long waiting period because such announcements are made in an uber-hip party. That’s how we welcome you to EngineerBabu family.

The basic internship is of 2 months followed by an extension and PPO if selected. You will be paid Rs 11,000 for 2 months which is subject to a minimum of 160 work hours. EngineerBabu will try to identify your passion and try to push your limits during these 2 months.

What You Earn?
You will get a certificate at the completion of our basic internship. Startups might not pay you well initially, but there is a lot of scope for growth. As you learn so much by being a part of an entrepreneurial venture, it adds to your confidence and capability like nothing else.

Intense 4-months training
If you are selected to continue after 2 months, you will be paid according to the following table:

Work Hours Stipend – Extended Interns
Less than 40 ₹ 0.00
Between 40 and 80 ₹ ((working hours)/80) * 11,000
Above 80 ₹11,000

PPO Offer
One fine day your performance and growth may get you a PPO and you would have to continue the internship (80 hours per month minimum) until your joining date. This condition would be exempted during exams. All other candidates will continue to get mentorship and will stand a chance to get a PPO before college.

Job roles!
We’re looking for two types of interns: Tech & Non-tech.

It sounds a little vague but here’s the logic: We are not specifically looking for an UI/UX designer or a social media marketing intern. We want to build an extraordinary team of interns who are given the liberty to experiment with various types of work until they find “the one” thing they love. This is the fun of working in a startup. You won’t be assigned a particular role. You are free to explore and analyze your potential.

Job description: We are eventually progressing and new opportunities can pop up literally at any time of the day. So a bullet-list of what you do, won’t work for us. But, to give you an idea of what you are expected, here is a list of things our previous interns worked on:

  1. Enterprise sales
  2. Training support
  3. Content Writing
  4. Landing pages for the website
  5. Data analytics
  6. Inbound marketing
  7. Offline marketing
  8. Ebooks & whitepapers
  9. UI/UX developer
  10. Engineerbabu back-end developer (Server management, CodeIgnitor, SQL, API management, network security)
  11. Front end developer (Angular 2, Redux, RxJS, React.JS)
  12. Mobile App development (Xamarin, iOS, Android)

The scope of Learning:

You’ll learn a little bit of everything from writing a code to writing a blog. Additionally, you will get to learn the following under the abled guidance from coolest people in town:-

  1. Objective setting
  2. Planning your tasks
  3. Getting things done
  4. Self- learning

Does it matter to us if you have ‘not so impressive’ academic scores?
We believe grades don’t define ones intelligence. Sachin Tendulkar never had a good academic record but is still an idol for each one of us. As long as you are good at what you do, you are definitely in.

Can non-CSE branch students apply too?
It doesn’t matter what stream you are from. If you are able to deliver quality work efficiently, it is of little importance which stream you belonged to. We’re looking for tech as well as non-tech interns.

What shouldn’t you expect from us?
EngineerBabu is not a training program. You will experience an all new startup culture outside the confines of a college life and yet feel connected. But, you won’t be spoon-fed at any given time. You are expected to reckon your domain and contribute by being creative. It is a place where you learn to curate, plan and execute things.

Hereby, we cordially invite students from colleges across Indore, who share the same belief and are willing to work and grow with us. It’s time to mark your calendar guys.

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About EngineerBabu

Answer following questions to get a chance:-

  1. Why you think you are should get this opportunity not others?
  2. You active hobbies; ( You spent at least 2 hours a week regularly )?
  3. What you do when you stuck at something?
  4. Do you have any online website, LinkedIn profile, send the URL, It’s mandatory?

Send an email to, with answers. If anythings is missing it won’t be considered.

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