How to make 100 people IT Startup Company

By 23rd December 2014 4 Comments

The day when I started a company, I never thought we are going to make our company next TCS or Infosys or any Other Big company. I was neither having any idea to make my IT startup company big enough. I started with one employee. He was my student, I was training him in one institute where I was getting Rs 4000 per lecture.
The training institute owner was fraud and he ran away with money of students and the promise that he had to provide them job in IT startup.
Students were nice , hardworking they were not knowing what to do. Some took money on rent and invested to get job. It was not first case of any fraud institute but yes it was first step of something big.
I told them(Students) “You all know situations, institutions was fraud and now you are your own. even i didn’t get my salary “.
When i saw one student with tear in his eyes. I though something is wrong, I know i can get job anywhere because i had previous exp but these people are not going to get anywhere.
Yet i have not decided to create and IT startup Company but i made a mind to help them getting into job.
I asked them if i can find one place where i can teach you than i can start training institute but you need to help me get one. As i was having no money and no connections in this new city, I started calling everyone in my contact to help me share their place.
Luckily i got one place where an IT startup company was working and he was having only 2 developers. Place was good enough to teach 25 students their .
I started training people FREE , and i got 2 students joined my class. We did handwork to make them java expert.

Now problem started in Indore no one want java fresher, the need java expert of 3+ years .

continue tomorrow..

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  • Great Start Mayank…Intrigued, and looking forward to read more…please continue sharing. Thanks.

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    • Thanks for your comment.
      Please share your name. I will make my post complete asap.

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  • brajeshkanungo

    It fraud faced by most of the freshers.

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