Founder’s Diary


A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur Will Make You Respect Their Hustle

At 6 in the morning, a guy was walking while talking over the headphone. If you pass by, you can easily hear him narrating his idea to a mentor or the client abroad, or mentioning a friend. He might not ...
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Firing will not solve Indian IT companies’ problem, Shoot them

Every founder has a dream, the dream that can’t be completed without a rock-star team. My Facebook wall is flooded with MNCs firing news, and this has afraid the Employees and the Government. Most of the companies increase earnings of ...
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Humans are Headed, Resources are Managed: 5 Ways to Head Your Team

I graduated from college and joined an MNC. I was a newbie, freshly out of the cocoon, ready to take on the world. The corporate world gave me goosebumps; big buildings, amazing offices, gorgeous ladies in formals and all that ...
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Three Ways to Solve the Most Common Problems at Your Startup

Many start-ups around the world face "StartUp" problems and challenges, and most of them are dead within the first year of inception. When I faced trouble I solved it in three ways:- •    Focus on Customers •    Serve your employees ...
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10 Amazing Tips to Become A Freelancer

10 Amazing Tips to Become A Freelancer Aspiring to become a freelancer? Dreaming of a decent earning and work at your preferred place and time? Freelancing is your answer. As the term sounds so is the reality. Freelancer is the ...
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How we got 9700 project Inquiry in One Year through Linkedin

Serious ! Yes, I am serious. I will share exactly what we did, how you can do same. Linkedin: - I love people, not social media. Don't force people to visit website, Facebook page, LinkedIn or Subscribe. We don't have ...
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Practice makes man perfect & women also

Productivity Lessons I am a shy person, and I choose my words very carefully. Over the time, I realize it's better to ask when you need something. The irony of life, people don't ask they hesitate. How do I do? ...
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Make a dent in the universe : Do Startup

We all have that one friend who says, "I had the idea for Paytm. If only I had acted on it, I'd be a billionaire!" That logic is pathetic and delusional. Having the idea for Paytm has nothing to do ...
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