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Best Health and  Fitness App

In our busy schedule we hardly have time to improve our health by consulting any dietitian or fitness trainer. The fitness Apps are proving to be humans best companion to maintain their health and fitness. As in a survey it is found out that every person in this planet spends around 3.9 years of his/her life time on mobile phones, by tapping one’s mobile phone 85 times a day. Currently there are more than 46 million user of fitness apps around the world. But generally these people are confused about the credibility of these apps.

This blog will help you to choose among the top fitness apps around the world.


JEFIT workout apps helps the user to workout vigorously, as it keeps the track of the number of exercises and repetitions   an individual is performing in the GYM. In this app you can create your custom routines. JEFIT also helps an individual to record daily activity for better analysation of the targets. JEFIT helps the user to concentrate on module the user opted with the help of simple interaction.


Strava is an app having unique ability of tracking cycling and running activities, if an individual is very much into cycling and running and consider these two practices as the chief source of maintaining fitness. He/she should refer this app, this app has a capability to track distance, speed, heart rate and calories burnt. There is no another such app available in the market.


Google fit is a free app and has been in existence from quite some time, it has been regularly update to maintain its simplicity. This app can be regarded as the most favoured app by the beginners, google fit works more efficiently if pared with a fitness wearable.


INGRESS has a most amazing approach for fitness freaks. Ingress can really be a genuinely viable amusement for getting over into shape. The hardest part of getting into shape is escaping the house and spurred enough to go for even a stroll. INGRESS solved this problem by merging fitness with gaming. This app is so addictive and efficient that it made people adventurous.  


FITNET is the best app for the people who don’t have time to go to GYM. This app offers very indulging work out session of five to seven minutes. This app gives you the perfect fitness in least amount of time. To maintain the precision of the exercise assigned by the app, FITNET uses phones camera to get clear picture of the moves performed by the individual.

To maintain the body fitness a person has to perform a set of exercise. These above-given app will help you to stay fit and healthy without spending much of time and money.


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