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A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur Will Make You Respect Their Hustle

At 6 in the morning, a guy was walking while talking over the headphone. If you pass by, you can easily hear him narrating his idea to a mentor or the client abroad, or mentioning a friend. He might not even notice you passing by. For others he was on a morning walk, for better health but for him he is grabbing extra hours for better health of his startup.

It is 9 in the morning, she is standing on the balcony, all lost in thoughts. She took off from work as she isn’t fine, the very next moment she called someone and started explaining her new designs and rushed to office.

It seems quite normal from outside, it’s just another day in the life of a human being but when it comes to an entrepreneur it is a day to make something big again. In his life, every day is “Go Big or Go Home”. Go home is certainly not the choice because whatever he/she is doing today, is being earned after long fights with almost everyone and everything.

A fight with the routine, settled and risk-free career; a fight with a monthly fixed salary and planning weekends with friends; a fight with the family to live the life of dream; a fight to stood up after each and every failure, a fight with own motivation after failure; a fight for being a boss and stand strong in all situation. An entrepreneur becomes an entrepreneur after countless fights every day. He is being judged by almost everyone around him.

Situations around him are always like pizza with extra cheese. When business is down, he can’t think of his own money, he has to arrange salary for the entire team. When something goes wrong, he has to take the full responsibility for his team member’s mistake. When an employee is sick, they can take off but when he/she is sick, he takes medicines and rushes to the office.
It is just another day in the life of an entrepreneur. From being judged to being ridiculed for coming up with something new. Entrepreneurs need to prove themselves right every now and then to a lot of people around them. At times they have been mocked for their idea of changing the world. They have undeclared accountability to their customers, employees, investors, society, family, friends, government and if he/she is left with some more energy, compliances are there to suck it up. He is a leader first then a human being.
Yes, an entrepreneur is different, we all need to agree. He has something which makes him a fighter, leader and a person with living dream having the vision to change the world.
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Five qualities of entrepreneurs:
1. Fighter:
An entrepreneur fights every day, every second. He fights with his own fear of losing some day and with the situations around. Every day has new challenges and he has to stand strong, fight and has to win anyways. Because this world is still a long way to go to accepts failures. He needs to fight no matter what.

2. Leader:
Yeah, it is your choice to startup. You have to be a leader and lead like a champ in all the tough times. If he earns, it’s coz of the team, and if he loses, he is responsible. He doesn’t have this choice, to skip being a leader and enjoy the life of luxury.

3. Visionary:
Wherever, he is born small place or big cities, whatever be the age, he/she always dared to dream big. To bring the change in the lives is always on the mind. Highly educated or not, they always have the right ingredients to implement their ideas with the limited available resources.

4. Weird:
It may sound weird, but that’s 200% true. An entrepreneur is weird in all the possible ways. From thinking out of the box to a sudden road trip alone. Least satisfied with their performance, least concerned about their health, at times highly motivated, next moment all time low. Their only spouse in life is their “Startup”, married or not and their spouses have to deal with it.

5. Passionate:
An entrepreneur has passion in everything. At times passionate leader, at times passionate loser. Their passion makes them everything from writer to actor, from being a boss to a peon, their Sundays are especially working. Because of their passion, the world is a much better place now.
Tweet: A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur Will Make You Respect Their Hustle @engineerbabuinc

It is because of these weird creatures on earth, our everyday life is better and easier. It is because of the lost morning walker we have travelled a long journey to be better connected with everyone. Despite own selfish life, an entrepreneur chooses to be a leader at an age when others might be planning their marriage and honeymoon. From skipping meals to skipping family gathering, what’s all he/she misses chasing the Go Big passion.

The same way world has got Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple and the same way we are building EngineerBabu. The same way many of you hustling day and night to stand out and make things better by your startup. The same way we all are living a day somewhat different.
At times you may find them in events to pitch their idea. Sometimes they can be seen in some bar spilling frustration. But when you meet them in office, you find them dedicated and working endlessly for that one goal. A having closer look in the life of an entrepreneur, you will find a respect-seeker and friend for you to understand him. That’s all he wants in return.
Their morning may start from watching motivational videos, night may end by writing self-motivation blog.
Just another day in the life of an entrepreneur is a bit different.


Firing will not solve Indian IT companies’ problem, Shoot them

Every founder has a dream, the dream that can’t be completed without a rock-star team. My Facebook wall is flooded with MNCs firing news, and this has afraid the Employees and the Government. Most of the companies increase earnings of their employees and fucked their earning potential.


1. Hiring for Dating not for marriage

When you go to the pub, you look for the hot girl or boy, not the right one. Most of the MNCs are making this mistake, they are spending huge money in hiring bulk from top colleges.


Can you judge a right person in 20 minutes of the interview? Absolutely Not. It totally depends on your mood, his mood, the question that you asked, and was this guy able to explain it well. Recruitment team picks up hot people instead of the right ones.

2. You hired Sachin Tendulkar and asked to do Wicketkeeping: the Wrong Role Assigned

Like Girish Sir, founder of Freshdesk said beautifully, you hired Sachin Tendulkar and asked him to do wicket keeping, then it’s whose mistake? It’s not just about hiring right people, it’s also about giving them the right role.Role-Assignment3.Daddy, I’m a fighter- I don’t want to play Table Tennis:

There is interesting concept called Bench, MNCs hire the best talent from the best colleges, They spend money in hiring them, providing best onboarding training, teaching them dining antiquates etc., But there is no enough work for them, these guys come in, punch the card, have breakfast, play TT, watch girls, again play TT, then they have lunch,  go to GYM, do gossips, punch card again and leave. There is no enough work to utilise and enhance their potential.

4. Wow! New credit card with XXXXX limit, and My New iPhone:

Who would love to work when he gets paid for playing TT. Very first day of joining all the banks start hunting for new hires, as Gabbar was waiting for holi. Employees follow same, they pick the credit card wit a maximum limit. Now thanks to Flipkart and Amazon. The day the firstt salary hits the bank most of them order iPhone with 6 months EMI. Jeff Bezos knows well you got your salary on 1st.

5. I am doing POC on fucking Big Data:

When Employees ask for work they got Lollipop, let’s work on POCs. Working on proof of concept is state of a software engineer
that gives him excitement. Employees got unused MacBook or unbreakable IBM ThinkPad. Now they can say to their friends that I am working on big data, I am data science engineers or I got work in R&D. I don’t know who is a fucking customer and why we are building it, but I know how to open Facebook through a proxy.

6. I am thirsty, May I drink water. No! write an email and take approval

Process sucks, I still remember when I was working with an MNC company, someone asked me to send requirement document in MS-Word. I did not have the required software installed, I tried to download but firewall blocked me, I asked my team member on how to get it done. He said to go to support desk portal, select specific category, place request by filling a form your desk number, your project name and why you need that software. This will go to team leader if he will approve, it goes to Manager, then ODC head, then IT head and then to the Networking Department, then come back to who handle software installation at your wing, that guy will take your system in remote and finally software will be installed. This fucking process took 8 days of my time because either people were on leave or they have another important email to reply then to my software installation request. Next time when there was need of Photoshop, I went home at lunch time, did my work and saved my 8 days.


7. Mom, I can’t call you, I have meetings and then I need to send MOM:

Meeting, meeting, meeting! Then minutes of the meeting. I saw many companies wasting so much time in the meeting, it’s not just an hour call or meeting daily. If there are 15 people in that call or meetings it’s 15 hours call/meeting daily. If the lowest salary is 25,000 bucks, you would be losing minimum 2000 per meeting.


In the meeting, most of the people are not even aware of the agenda of the meeting or the outcome, there are discussions and not conclusions.

There are more reasons for how the earnings are increasing but not the earning potential, and then there comes a time when these people are laid off.

And that is why I think there is a need for us to improve and innovate our process, so as to help the employees to utilise and enhance their full potential, I say let’s be lazy and smart again and do things quickly and precisely. Instead of wasting hours on unproductive meetings let’s sit together and make innovative processes and products.

To employees, I say don’t just sit inside your cubical and wait for 7 pm, instead walk up and take initiatives, see what is everyone up to, think about the real problems around and come up with a solution. Stop working in your cubical and start working for your company and grow along with it.

Employees are not diapers, please don’t use and throw.

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Humans are Headed, Resources are Managed: 5 Ways to Head Your Team

I graduated from college and joined an MNC. I was a newbie, freshly out of the cocoon, ready to take on the world. The corporate world gave me goosebumps; big buildings, amazing offices, gorgeous ladies in formals and all that suave. It was a dream come true, something I fantasized.

I used to take the office bus to commute to the office. I observed that the fellow commuters didn’t talk to each other, in fact, they didn’t even knew the names of each other. Earphones plugged in the ears, mobile screens flashing on their faces and people smiling, perhaps reading the jokes on their cell phones. Devices had already replaced humans was what I thought.

Then I met my team leaders and project manager. We broke for lunch; I saw my project manager, he was a 60 plus aging man who had spent his entire life working in IT. He was having his lunch all alone, far from his team, far from everyone else.

 Later sometime, I overheard him discussing with a colleague; “We have 25 resources in this batch”. I was taken aback for a while. “Resources that are what supplies or reservoirs are called”-I thought to myself. But the harsh truth which unveiled to me was-people are called resources in the corporate world. That was the day, I decided to build my own startup; where people would be humans and not resources. After 3 long years, I got an opportunity to create my own startup, and today we are a 45 member strong and happy team.

For me my team is not only “Human Resource“, but they are humans working for our vision and contributing their best toward our dream of making EngineerBabu bigger by each passing day.

Every leader needs to understand one thing; running behind numbers all the time won’t make your employees fall in love with their work. Numbers will surely help you grow but not the energy in the people who make you grow. Without falling in love you can’t get passionate. Love is what drives passion. And as a leader, you need to make your team fall in love with whatever they do.

“There are only two ways to influence human behaviour: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it” – Simon Sinek

So what does then? The answer is – your care and affection. Good leaders are responsible for the “People” who in turn are responsible for the numbers. Care about your people and the people will give you the numbers you desire.


Here are five things we did:

1. No designated chairs:

There are no chairs with names on them in our office, unlike many companies. Anyone can sit on anyone’s chair. This is the first principle to diminish the boundaries. To get an equitable working environment, you need to get everyone on the same platform first. People shouldn’t feel the difference set by the hierarchy.

2. Juxtaposing functions:

We believe in synergy. Synergy makes the team achieve the desired goals smoothly. To facilitate synergy in our team, we have juxtaposed the functions like sales and development. The sales guy should understand what a developer is building. He should have an idea of the aspects like pricing, technicality, what man-hours are going into it. Similarly, a developer should understand the ground realities that he/she will get from a sales guy. Market insight, practical application, what a consumer seeks etc. It also helps us in bypassing all the possibilities of blame game and inter-departmental frictions as these functions are different from each other but by cooperation and understanding they work as 2 wheels of a cycle, all synced.

3. Pick yourself up and move on:

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein. We believe in to err is to human. We encourage people to learn from their mistakes and move on. The way you make people understand the learning from a mistake makes the difference. We have an accepting and learning work environment which helps people to learn and remember.

4. Humble and desire:

It is not a team of geniuses, it is a team with fire. Our hiring is not sourced from big colleges, rather it is sourced from normal institutes. We praise the humility and see the desire to grow in a candidate, which is fulfilled by the students of normal institutes. Big names bring huge attitudes and we are humble to the core. People from small places have bigger dreams and greater values, although they are grounded but they desire to touch the sky.

5. We hire but don’t fire:

We are a family and members are not expelled from a family.”You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.”> – Herb Kelleher.

We believe in taking aboard, nurturing and developing people. A good leader doesn’t direct but coaches. Just like a sculptor identifies which wood to carve, a leader should identify the right attitude and carve out the skills.

“Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders” – Simon Sinek


With that note I believe, if there is dearth of people in the market, there is a dearth of that bond too. Leadership is not about pointing that one finger to show directions, but it is how you clench the fingers to form a fist which bangs on the target each time it hits.

This Article is originally published at Entrepreneur Magazine written by Mr Mayank Pratap Singh.


Three Ways to Solve the Most Common Problems at Your Startup

Many start-ups around the world face “StartUp” problems and challenges, and most of them are dead within the first year of inception.

When I faced trouble I solved it in three ways:-

•    Focus on Customers
•    Serve your employees
•    Learn from the competitors

1. Focus on Customers

 The thing that I hate most is, everybody talking about investors. They take them in number one priority whereas customers should be the priority. Clients are the one who gives you money, innovation, and happiness.

When I faced trouble in my work, my clients and friends were the one to tell; “Hey, Mayank keeps going. You are doing a great thing. You can’t die just like that”. “When an investor is in your mind, you only focus on revenue generation, transaction, and how can you take next level of investment ahead.

I hardly found that it’s hard to turn your investor into a customer.  In my view,  I don’t believe Mr. Pierce Brosnan ate Pan Bahar ever the cricket God Tendulkar or people’s favourite Kohli must have driven that bike or car. It’s difficult to believe that superstar Amitabh Bachchan uses Navratan oil.  Your customer is always there with you. They give you money, hope, and most importantly support.  Make a habit to measure client satisfaction. This will help you in discovering your short-coming.

2. Serve your Employees

Your employee and your team make the most of the difference in your life. It’s your team that turns your dream into reality. Innovation takes place when you listen to your employees. Ideas flourish when you solve their problem and look after their family problem to some extent as well. Doing this will make them feel as if it’s their business not only your company. They will love to accompany you and feel glad to work along with you. When you start believing your team, you will see a rise in their performance. They will love to work for you.

What I learned:
        “Try to find right people, not the best people”
Why we are Successful:

•    We don’t have an MBA, IITs or any high experience people

•    We are not smart enough, and I could not crack IIT

•    We are not hard working; Rickshaw wala does more hard work than us

We are successful as we have the dream with us – A dream to do something great.  We have hope within us to achieve anything we dream.



All the employees who came from big industries to work with us have left.  They left us as they could only be team leaders, persons who could only drive the process, not passion.

Remember one thing in life: When you are small, hire people, not talent as the appointed person is there to share his dream, not just to work with you.

When you recruit, you don’t need best people with great academics and professional qualifications but the people with right attitude and spirit to learn. This is one key to our success.

It is important for you to have a team that has updated skills to handle their responsibilities more effectively. Do not shy away from on-the-company training sessions for your employees. This will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. What’s more, these training sessions will increase your employees’ level of commitment to the company.

On the same note, it will not break a bone if you too attend short courses to upgrade your business skills. There are many free online courses for business owners and managers, which you can choose to attend with your convenience.

3. Learn from the Competitors

You should always love your competitors, and learn from them. To grow fast, you should have competitors. Respect them and learn as much as you can. Your competitors are the best research laboratory for you. Instead of copying, you should try to learn from them.

I love and admire my competitors because every time I look at them, I feel good. They aren’t there for fighting. For instance, the models, why they are successful, have you ever thought?

Most interesting part of the business is competition. But it should be a healthy one. When you find your competitors using the money to compete with you, they start losing your faith.

Business is all about the wisdom, hope, and courage. Last but not least, never let your dream die.

This Article is originally published at Entrepreneur Magazine written by Mr.  Mayank Pratap Singh.


10 Amazing Tips to Become A Freelancer

10 Amazing Tips to Become A Freelancer

Aspiring to become a freelancer? Dreaming of a decent earning and work at your preferred place and time? Freelancing is your answer. As the term sounds so is the reality. Freelancer is the one who enjoys the freedom to work whenever and wherever he/she wants. They are not bound to a particular office or attire. Though it offers handsome earning and exposure to diversified work, people usually doubt its credibility as a successful career option. After working for more than five years in IT service industry, we figured out certain factors critical to the freelance success. We are sharing here ten amazing factor that will definitely influence to become a freelancer. If you keep these factors in minds, freelancing can lead you to liberty and prosperity at the same time.

Let’s start step by step:

1.Register yourself on some Freelance Websites.

If you’re just a newbie, you may not have that large of a network. That’s pretty cool because there are plenty of freelance websites and job boards available to help freelancer find a job. Registering on these websites gives you an opportunity to connect to the large community of clients as well as other freelancers for collaboration. Some of the well-known job boards and freelance websites are:

  •   Upwork
  •   Craigslist
  •   PeoplePerHour
  •   99designs
  •   Guru
  • EngineerBabu

Here you can interact with the clients to discuss and explore the project, fix up your budget and project timeline. By joining these online portals like Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Guru, EngineerBabu, TalkFreelance, you will get access to millions of jobs posted on a daily basis. Additionally, most of the above-listed website helps you in growing your network. The only thing you need to do is to register and make your profile as much attractive as you can.

2. Build a Perfect website

Another factor which helps you in targeting the good clients and freelance projects is creating an attractive website which highlights your key skills and portfolio. A good website is the most inexpensive way to advertise your work and to reach out to the potential clients. It aids you with showcasing your past work done. Remember, a portfolio in your website is like the aroma of the flowers, a way to attract clients and gaining attention. Displaying detailed portfolio helps in decision making and influences the client to work with you.

While building your portfolio, keep the following points in mind:

  •  20 % of your work will draw 80% of your business. So, show the projects that you’re most proud of and believe that represents your best work.
  •  Show diversity in your work. Clients always look versatility in work. At times they tend to find one stop solution for their multiple works.
  •  Include your contact information so that it becomes easier for clients to get in touch with you.

If you are looking for a way to build your portfolio impactful, working for free with a non-profit organisation is a great way. This adds magic to your portfolio and will give you an edge over other freelancers.

3. Brand Yourself

One of the major factor which adds a star in freelance success is, how you effectively brand yourself. Branding Yourself is the best way to reach out to the millions of your potential clients. It helps you in increasing your conversion rate and win the client trust. Some of the key points are-

  •  Whether you choose your name or business name, you should be able to create a brand for yourself.
  •  Along with the business name you could have your own logo which can be placed across different mediums.
  •  Your logo could simply be your initials in a unique font that would be placed on your website, social media accounts, and invoices.
  •  Most importantly, you need to have a website where you can showcase your portfolio, share references, your achievements and promote your services. You can also mention some of the big names among your clients.
  •   The domain name of your website should be easy to remember (your name would be the easiest place to start), easy to spell and describes what you do. In simple words, a name should be self-explanatory.

Become a freelancer is easy, but it won’t be fruitful until you make yourself a brand in your community. Ultimately Branding yourself makes it easier to stand out. It helps in showcasing your professionalism and hence gives you the opportunity to convert more clients and generate more business out of your network.

 4. Understand the project requirement carefully

Among all points mentioned, requirement elicitation is important of all. Breaking all the communication barriers you need to analyse the problem domain of the client and provide a sustainable solution to it. If the client has an only rough idea of the project, you need to provide them with the pathway so that it can be converted as a successful freelance project. A client may present a real life problem for which you may need an on field experience to resolve it. The client may be completely from another field and won’t understand the technicalities; you need to educate them about the best possible solution. Keep following things in mind while gathering requirement of a freelance project:

  • The work that client is offering you is his/her dream.
  • Your client may present an idea where practical implementation may be complicated, instead of declaring it as “It won’t work”, you should give a possible solution. Use positive words like ‘and’ rather than ‘but’.
  • Be reliable. He is looking for a remote team in you to work on the project. For that duration, you are not only a freelancer, but you are also going to be his/her team in all aspects.
  • The client is sitting remotely, so it’s your responsibility to make each and everything very clear.
  • Don’t cheat. If you can’t work on the required technology, don’t manipulate and make false commitments.
  • Always give very clear and genuine project timeline.  
  • Understand the project and its demographics properly and offer the best suggestion to the clients that you garnered from your long years of experience.
  • Note down or save the requirements, and always make minutes of the meeting whenever you have a discussion with the client.
  • Never steal their thunder by using their ideas without giving them credit.

All the above suggestion will help you in removing clutter involved due to different locations, language barrier, the difference in time zones. Above all this could be the foundation of your long-term relationship with your client.


5. Determine the legitimate cost for your own services

One of the major factor, whether a client will give you a chance, depends on the cost you quote for your service. Always try to be genuine while stating a price. Being a freelancer, you have an added advantage that you don’t have any overhead cost so that you can offer very competitive and a reasonable quote to the client. This will help in converting more and more references.

There are three different strategies that can be opted for are-

  •    Cost-plus pricing

You could simply determine the expenses involved in producing a product and then add a little extra amount to it so that you can turn a profit. This is a popular, and relatively easy way.

  •    Market Rate pricing

By figuring out how much other freelancers in your industry are charging it gives you a rough estimate of what, and how, to charge clients. Though the location has a major impact on market rates.

  •    Value driven pricing

In value driven pricing the client pays for what they believe the service is worth. However, you must also make sure that you live up to expectations. Before quoting a price, always research about the clients. It might be possible that the client has great potential. One project and relation can change your business game altogether.

6. Timely Communication with Clients

Communicate frequently with your clients. Communication not only prevents errors but also helps in building an understanding.  Be up-front with a client and explain to them what can be done and when it can be accomplished.  Being a freelancer you have to be flexible with the clients. Some of the communication tools include Nimble, contactually, Hangout and Skype. Make arrangements to remove communication and time zone gap. Keep informing about the changes you made in the project.

7. Manage project effectively and meet the deadline

Being a freelancer, you are your own boss, so you need to be organised while planning out your project. One of the best places to start is by using a Google calendar that has important deadlines or meeting dates with clients. Scheduling and managing your project can be difficult without maintaining records. This can be done effectively by using various Project management tools like  Basecamp, LiquidPlanner, Projecturf, Wrike, and Project Bubble that can help keep you on track with a project. While you are engaged in this process, don’t forget to schedule time for promoting your brand, touching base with clients, and handling tasks like managing your account. As you are one man army, don’t forget to arm yourself with all the required tools.

Since you are not confined to any pressure of manager and environment. You need to push yourself to keep working in spite of the distractions present. You should fix up time duration to work every day. This will help you in a work routine and will help you estimating project timeline. Schedule meeting once in a week. It will help you keep the work in pace with perfection. Pro-activeness and strong understanding can plant a long term relation with the clients.

8. Always deliver more than Expected

Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google quoted that “People will always prefer your services if you deliver more than expected.”

Keeping this philosophy in mind, always give your best to satisfy your client. Don’t provide less than you promised. Act with integrity on what you stated as you can accomplish. Your commitment is commitment unless there is some major catastrophe. If you are delivering more than the mutually finally price, ask clearly for increment in cost without any hesitation.When you leave clients delighted with your services they will not only prefer your services in future but also will refer your service to others. Moreover, they will review your service on your website, your social media channels and other platforms; good feedback will help you in getting more work and referrals.Keep upgrading yourself with new Languages, design principles and new fashion in the world of technology. All this will help you in adding more and more freelance work in your portfolio.  

The only thing that you need to keep in mind deliver what you committed and in the given timeline. Update regularly, convey the work progress and deliver best that you can.

9. Be Professional

While communicating, requirement gathering and deciding the cost, professionalism will always help you in making things easy.  When working with a client both the parties need to be on the same page. A written contract is a good idea, and it should include all the information related to the project. It is very important for freelance success to handle project very professionally in the absence of organisational structure. Following points will make you sound professional to the clients, like-

  •  Starting date of project
  •  The project’s deadline
  •  Milestones
  •  Functionalities
  • Schedule meeting in prior
  • Make the clear timeline of deliverables.

Professionalism is not only limited to written contract, other factors which reflect your professionalism include

  • Keep Your Personal Life limited to yourself

Your bad day, family and health issues, distractions and depressions should be finite to yourself. Above mentioned should not affect your professional life.  
It is self-understood that you should dress decently to impress your client whether it is face to face meeting or just a video call.

  • Charge on the basis of written and mentioned requirements.
  • Schedule meeting and made yourself available at that point of time.

If some extra charges are incurring, made it clear to client upfront. Take his/her permission before moving ahead.

  • Build the right association.

It is essential to associate yourself with right pursuits, people and organisations so that you will be helped in future.

  • Follow and sign MOU, NDA, and other required legal formalities.
  • Don’t lie about your work experience because it will shatter your carefully build a Professional image.
  • Be positive, your optimism towards your work will be beneficial for your professional image.

10. Networking and Relationship with Clients

Being a freelancer, you are devoid of a team to discuss the idea, brainstorm and ask for feedback. But this is your advantage in disguise; the whole world is open to a network. Build the strong network among the freelance community and make your social media channels your networking elements.  Larger the network you grow and hence deeper you can dive into the sea of knowledge and business. Strong network means more business, more professional growth. Therefore, it is always important to keep expanding your connections. Alas!! This is not it, there is another important benefit, it eliminates the trial approach while finding a client. Since responses comes from people you know or network with. When you are successful in creating a good image in front of a client, you will get more work for yourself..

Some useful techniques to grow your network.

1. Increase your Social Media Network  
Use all the possible social media channels according to your target clients. Every country and set of demographics use different social media channels. LinkedIn is especially helpful for freelancers in getting good prospects and business associates.
2. Attend events
You can join some community or clubs concerned with your field. You can show up in meet ups, global summits, and online discussion forums. Not all events are useful, so choose wisely which event you should attend.

3. Speak at events
Better than attending events become a speaker at one or two. Speaking at such events increases your credibility networking opportunities and hence you will be more visible than other fellows present in the event.
4. Connect with ex-colleagues and ex-clients
Keep in touch with your college colleagues and clients will help you in getting new work from them. Since they know what you are Good at.
5. Connect at co-working space
You can share your desk with other freelancers from another field; this is the best way to enrich knowledge and network.
All points listed above reinforces you to become a freelancer, your perfect profile generation for freelance success and helps you in becoming your own boss with a promising career ahead. 


How we got 9700 project Inquiry in One Year through Linkedin

Serious ! Yes, I am serious. I will share exactly what we did, how you can do same.
Linkedin: – I love people, not social media. Don’t force people to visit website, Facebook page, LinkedIn or Subscribe. We don’t have any popup that collects email id.

Tip 1 : – Create a decent profile in Linkedin, here decent means nice photo (Don’t put pic taking a selfie with ModiG, Goa background, Celebrating with chicks).

Tip 2: – Don’t write so much “XYX in ABC company, LLLY at BBX company and Cofounder & motivator & Investor & Part time DJ & Yoga mentor & Forbes under 90 & ….. “, Be real, don’t fake. People like natural flowers, not the plastic one.

Linkedin Mayank’s Profile Reference


Tip 3 : – If someone accepted your invite on LinkedIn, don’t spam him. People start sending long business cover letters like

Hey Mayank,
I am ******, from the company ****** and My company does:
1. ******** in hiring,
2. Expert in ********.
3. We won 12 awards in sfsfh…..
4. We have worked with 9009 clients
We have offices in Pakistan, Japan, China, and India.
Give me a break, and I am not interested 🙁

I am worried about why my maid took leave and how will I get lunch now :). People are not interested in what your company does, and how big your team is and if you have a sexy office, or if you have worked with Obama.

It’s not you who sells, it’s the people who buy

LinkedIn Ranking






















Tip 4 : – Focus on productivity instead of being busy
Save time, do less, be lazy. Why you want to do more, do less possible things.

So how I approach others in LinkedIn.

We posted the blog on hiring a team, I know you are the expert in this domain, I read your blogs on Forbes. I don’t want to sell anything to you, can I bug you for 10 min.
If you are busy, please don’t revert 🙂
Mayank, Your friend at EngineerBabu, By luck, I am co-founder also “

Here is result

Most of the time, I get a reply within 20 min. Two lines are enough to tell people, why you are approaching them. Do less, be lazy.

Tip 5 : –
Don’t think big,
Most of the time, we keep thinking like, I will do that if this will happen and stories go on. Do it now, Think small and execute.
In EngineerBabu we got small ideas, we have 5 min meeting, and then we implement.

Problem : – We were looking to hire someone who is an expert in Android. Hiring an expert is very subjective, sometimes you pay well, hire a 12 years experience and all he does is sit and sometimes intern do wonder.
Solution :-
“Sidharth suggested “Mayank, Can we record video of geeks and I am sure we can find geeks, Idea seems perfect, and we executed in less than one day ”

Step 1 :- Finding right person, we asked in our company, do you know someone who is young and willing to take a new challenge.
Step 2 :- We posted in social media, that we looking for “geeks inside”

We found the guy, now how to record video
1. Professional Camera
2. Tripod
3. Editing required.

We recorded video with iPhone; Quality seems decent, we posted on social media and got the motivation to do the second one. Extended plans hardly work and long plans are assumptions.

Now we started writing and sharing our all experience as blog, I hope you will like it



Practice makes man perfect & women also

Productivity Lessons

I am a shy person, and I choose my words very carefully. Over the time, I realize it’s better to ask when you need something.
The irony of life, people don’t ask they hesitate.
How do I do?
A) Asking for Payment
It’s hard to ask for money, and it’s harder when the project is not complete. How I did and same you can.
I can understand the project is not in the state to ask for so and so but Due to this (Give honest reason) I expect this and this, Would it be possible for you? “

How to ask for payment
facebook chat

He replied, “Yes in a week time.”

reply on facebook chat

You can simply write.

Dear John
I can understand, no one like unplanned expenses that’s why I asked from a friend, not from Business Associate 🙂 . I will appreciate if you can manage this time but please don’t push yourself.
Whether you can make it or not, you will always receive best services that you deserve.

Your friend at EngineerBabu
Mayank Pratap.


2. Want to say sorry

Don’t say, “I am sorry for whatever inconvenience caused to you. What the”, Are you talking to a computer! No, NO! There is a real person who is reading your email or reply. You both know the problem and why it happen?

Say sorry for “X reason, and promise this won’t happen again, It’s simple.
No one like plastic flowers, people want real. People want an honest reply, straight from the heart not from a grammar book. It’s feeling

Say sorry

All the emails we sent like newsletter, intro, funding, sales could be shortened Example;
Here I am, here is my company, here what we did, etc. The long email is useful when you already know people, and you need to share any complex thought or detailed summary. When you are writing to new people, it’s better to write short and to the point.
No one wants to read 2-3 paragraph emails, that’s why people hardly got a reply on Linkedin sales letters. To increase productivity write as a small message.

Most useful email I ever got : Productivity Tips
“Hey Mayank, Love what you in EngineerBabu, Would you connect me with someone because of I am trying to reach him for so and so reason.”
this app is perfect for your sales automation or HR, could you please make an intro to concern person.

As COO of EngineerBabu, there’s nothing that keeps me up at night more than thinking about how we can make a better product for you. But one of the most important lessons we’ve learned over the years is that what WE think is best for the product doesn’t matter. What matters most is the challenges our people – that’s you – are facing, and how we can better solve them.

We’ve always worked hard to get to know our people, but I want to go deeper than we ever had before. I want to hear about your experience with EngineerBabu. What you like. What you love. What you hate. What you want us to fix or improve.

If you are willing to give me 10-15 minutes of your time, it would mean a lot to me. And you’ll get to be a big part of helping us make EngineerBabu the best company it can possibly be.

If you’re interested, just comment on this message or leave reviews.
We’re incredibly grateful for your trust, and we’ll continue to work tirelessly keep it.
I personally read and reply to all the comments over here and social media.

If you like the post, I’d really appreciate a share 🙂

Mayank Pratap
Your Friend at EngineerBabu.

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Make a dent in the universe : Do Startup

We all have that one friend who says, “I had the idea for Paytm. If only I had acted on it, I’d be a billionaire!” That logic is pathetic and delusional. Having the idea for Paytm has nothing to do with actually creating Paytm. What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan. Think your idea’s that valuable? Then go try to sell it and see what you get for it. Not much is probably the answer. Until you actually start making something, your brilliant idea is just that, an idea. And everyone’s got one of those.

Ideas are cheap and plentiful. The original pitch idea is such a small part of a business that it’s almost negligible. The real question is how well you execute.

The most common excuse people give: “There’s not enough time.” They claim they’d love to start a company, learn an instrument, market an invention, write a book, or whatever, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Come on. There’s always enough time if you spend it right. And don’t think you have to quit your day job, either. Hang onto it and start work on your project at night. Instead of watching TV or playing World of Warcraft, work on your idea.

Instead of going to bed at ten, go to bed at eleven. We’re not talking about all-nighters or sixteen hour days–we’re talking about squeezing out a few extra hours a week. That’s enough time to get something going. Once you do that, you’ll learn whether your excitement and interest is real or just a passing phase. If it doesn’t pan out, you just keep going to work every day like you’ve been doing all along. You didn’t risk or lose anything, other than a bit of time, so it’s no big deal.

When you want something bad enough, you make the time–regardless of your other obligations. The truth is most people just don’t want it bad enough. Then they protect their ego with the excuse of time. Don’t let yourself off the hook with excuses. It’s entirely your responsibility to make your dreams come true. Besides, the perfect time never arrives. You’re always too young or old or busy or broke or something else. If you constantly fret about timing things perfectly, they’ll never happen.

Source :- Rework


Bootstrapped company vs funded company

There is a big difference between bootstrapped company and funded company. From day one, bootstrapped company has to make money.
Bootstrapped company: from the day one it’s clear If we are not going to make money, we are going to out from the business. Funded company: from day one they have to spend money. They got a bunch of the money in the bank and they have to spend it.
Here is a fundamental difference between both mindset, one has to make money, and the one has to spend money.I think, making money is something you can practice, and you can be excellent at over time but if you used to spending it and not good at making it. This is what happen with venture-backed companies, they are really good at spending money when the money runs out they don’t know how to make it, now bootstrapped company eventually good at making money. That’s the right approach to learning by practicing it.

People said that they couldn’t buy time, in my opinion, you can buy time if you bootstrapped company,  are paying you bills, can do what you want. When you are taking money from VC you are renting time when they decide you are up; you are up. That’s my opinion try with your money, try hard before you get money from VC.