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The Secret Guide to Hire Freelance Mobile App Developer

Hiring is Finding or employing the best-qualified candidates for any particular service. And when it comes to hire freelance mobile app developer- it results in the decrease in costs whereas an increase in risk is more. Risks may comprise miscommunication, unproductive work ethics and habits, and a lack of sincere efforts and accessibility. Unless you catch a timely break, hiring a freelancer will most probably lead towards an end product without matching the original foot mark.

If you are thinking of building an app as you would think of filming a movie- you need to start from scratch.

What it takes to hire freelance mobile app developer?

  • The secret guide to hire freelance mobile app developer includes Budget and motivation. They are the key components, and your commitment to the duty at hand will be of supreme importance. You need to put as much strength into a one-dimensional app as you would when making a film together.
  • While, on the other hand, if you’re working to bring next app that is all set to change the world, the period and supremacy invested in the invention will bear a resemblance to the required blockbuster.

When using all these resources and vitality into the product, wouldn’t you need to bank on a corporation who commit his entire day for you as conflicting to a service provider (freelancer) who continuously deals with other customers as well?

An app appropriately built by the freelance mobile app developer is sort of similar to a successful team that should comprise:

  • A designer who makes all the graphic content coded into the assignment.
  • A product manager who implements the tasks of a director by supervising the app.
  • An account manager who acts as a connection for customers and works along with product managers and producers to bring together the finishing point of various jobs.

In the long run, to hire freelance mobile app developer, what is the success of your app and where is it based?

By now, you must be aware that development of an App is a science, grounded on test and inaccuracy. The secret to ultimate success includes moderated prospects. The most shared success stories are set up on a ‘proof-of-concept’ that is grand enough to produce an additional round of backing.

Most of the freelance mobile app developer has big thoughts for their impressive product before even they enter the scene. But, you should not forget that journey of thousand miles, begins with a single step.

You just need to come up with a beautiful idea, have a belief in yourself, and only then take the assistance of professional app developers who can turn your dream into a reality changing both the lives of the clients and the mobile app industry.


Top 5 Freelance Sites to Hire Android App Developer

Hiring is not an easy task, and when it comes to  hire android app developer, you would want that the developer you hire has all the experiences. A developer who has all the qualifications, who can give you back up to any claims of Android expertise is on your priority list.

To go in search of best android app developer you need to get in touch with the right source. As you know that, the Internet is considered as the world full of possibilities. It is the place that can help you to hire any sort of developer you want. You can visit any of the freelancing sites which boast to deliver you the best of a person having Android skills. But sometimes, falling prey into their trap can leave you in the lurch.
But hey, it’s not that; there are people or sites to make you their target. There are few of the sites as well where you can find genuine people to help you out and give best of the services.
Thus, we’ve put together a list of the best sites where you can find supreme Hire Android app developer:


X-team is trusted by world’s leading brands. They have been providing high-quality developers when you need them the most. You get app developers for hiring and that also for full-time. Moreover, they will bill you on a monthly basis. Isn’t it good?
They not only save your time and money while recruiting but they also help you to get cover employment cost completely. And that, we would say, is quite flexible, right?
The developers over here are easy to work with. They often communicate with you by gladly joining your daily standups. Moreover, they proactively move the project forward, to ensure that they are adding value to you.
X-team’s Android app developers help you to create high quality, efficient and maintainable code. All developers are examined and screened for their performance superiority. Passionate leaders of X-team are even screened for dealing with diverse projects before they are taken on board. What makes them agiler is they are dedicated full-time to one project at a given period.
This makes them more focused and better equipped to deal with the issues you face.


Here, you can find the level of service that works for you. It’s an online freelance marketplace that you can turn to. You know that Android operating system controls the global marketplace, leveraging a professional specialist who is accustomed to the software and technology, right?
It is a powerful way to reach vast new markets. So, if you want to hire android app developer or are developing, distributing, or running any of the smartphone and mobile application, working with an Android app developer isn’t only a good practice; it is basically required. And Upwork is better known for the number of freelancers it provides than the overall quality.
Given the nature of mobile platforms, working with an Android specialist over here is a flexible and cost-effective way to cooperate on any mobile project supported by this near ever-present platform.
If you have more time to examine through developers by inspecting them yourself, you can certainly find some great developers on this site. Be extremely careful to avoid the failures. Don’t shell out more money down the line to fix bad work.
Whatever road you pick to take on your search to hire Android app developer, you shouldn’t forget to equip yourself with the best resources available.

 Hire Android App Developer
Hire Android App Developer


It is a smart software development service, combining top developers and designers with artificial intelligence. Apart from the fact that they scan and examine app developers that they hire to be on board with them, one shouldn’t forget to note that they are not much of a traditional freelance developer-client meeting ground. Here, you can hire android app developer and designer more easily.
The way they function is quite stimulating, and the process they apply is what makes them totally worth of. Who won’t want to work with them, isn’t it?
You can better understand them with the following example:
Get some amazing app idea and get in touch with the Gigster people to get a quote. There, a representative will give you a call. Within 10 minutes, you will get a quote in terms of estimated time and estimated development cost. If you agree, a project manager will be assigned to you, along with the number of developers to work on your project. After that, the project manager would consult you on how your thing can be developed in a more user-friendly manner.
You don’t need to manage the developers as your code is maintained by Gigster even when they are done with your project. They just take a fair amount of money and keep on upgrading the codes to make your app time proof. Cool, isn’t it?


Toptal is a worldwide talent network for the top 3% of software developers and designers, where you can hire Android app developer who specialises in Android apps. You will get one of the very best with them.

Here, they consult with their senior engineer and personally hand-pick top Android developers that fit your specific project need. Doing this, not only ensure that will find one of the best Android developers but that you will also hire a top-notch app developer who was hand-picked especially for your project.

 Hire Android App Developer
Hire Android App Developer


A community as well as a marketplace where world class mobile app developers, web developers, and client are present in a single platform to fulfil their dream!
We help you to connect with top mobile app development companies, who have developed similar kind of projects matching with your requirement.
If you have ideas and looking for perfect IT Partners, EngineerBabu is for you. We have startups or Entrepreneurs to
o Help you build wireframe by visualising your need.
o Hire perfect partner who can build your product impeccably.
o Hire best mobile app developers, web developers, a freelancer for your dream project.




And many such experts to convert your idea into an execution plan.
How we make money; we charge monthly subscription from vendors or IT service provider. We don’t charge anything from startups or clients.
Working within India gives us low-cost solutions while keeping the quality and we are happy to pass that advantage to you. For expert solutions and outstanding service, you can get in touch with us.

EngineerBabu is Freelancers community of world class web, mobile developers and SEO/SMO Experts. You can Hire Freelancers online and Find Freelancer Work.


How to hire android app developers

Hire android app developers

Dreaming of hire android app developers for your business is not a difficult task but turning that dream into reality can prove to be a stumbling block if we hire app developers in an incorrect manner. One needs to be careful while selecting the best developer to head into the right direction.
Let’s make you aware that what points you need to keep in mind before going for any android app developers.
Know what points you need to focus before you hire android app developers:
There are many app developers in the market who just want to play with your business and give you loss.
Here, you should be the one looking for the right developer who really shows their interest in your business. If they are just interested in doing the development part then you are heading towards the wrong direction. Here, you should be the one looking for the right developer who really shows their interest in your business. If they are just interested in doing the development part then you are heading towards the wrong direction. If you want to see your company growing – into a successful development company, then you should take care that not only the developer gives you creative input from his side but he also guides you well throughout the development process. A better mobile app developer will help you to find out the obstacles and what will work best for your company.
Have a habit of checking portfolios before hiring
If you are going to hire app developers then it is very much necessary for you to access their portfolios. Most important thing to take care is that have they included UI/UX skills or not as it’s very much needed to take your company to next level. You should also have a vigil eye to check that their
portfolios carry better user interfaces or not as much of the application exists on how a user interface interacts.
Along with developers portfolios, do cross check references of the clients
For this, you need best developers who can help you in this work. As developers are the ones who will happily give you a helping hand. They will extract clients’ information, their contacts details. By doing this, you can easily get genuine feedback.
Design should be a top priority for you
How your website or app looks is as essential as how it does its work. For this you can even take advice from your business partners. It will help you to add value to your website as well as mobile app. It will help you to explain how users are interacting with your product. Thus, hire android app developers wisely who can benefit you from every angle.
Hire android app developers who not only build application but also maintains relationship as well. Get someone with whom you can build a healthy relationship. Developing an app isn’t a one-time activity to be done with. If you are want to develop some useful apps, then it does take time. Try to get feedback of users continuously. It will help you to improve more and reap more benefits.
Don’t get driven by price
You should never go for a development partner who keeps price quote as a base between him and you. Don’t you think you need a great product instead of the cheapest one? To follow all these things listed above, the basic thing that you need to keep in mind is the complete package, not just the coding – as building an app doesn’t include only coding.

21 Awesome Mobile App Developer Resources You Don’t Know About

Running a mobile app business is more than coding an app and submitting it to the app store. To be successful in today’s competitive app market, mobile app development teams have to not only build and test their code, but market their apps, make updates, and do anything they can to keep mobile app users happy.

Unfortunately, this can all be overwhelming for app developers that try to do everything themselves. The good news is, there are tons of amazing resources to help mobile app development teams pull it off with ease.

Here are a few developers resources to get it all done that you maybe didn’t know existed.

Mobile App Services

Hockeyapp — App dev services

HockeyApp is probably the Swiss Army knife of mobile app services. If you’re a minimalist looking to include only a few libraries in your code, you may want to consider HockeyApp.

HockeyApp tells you about app crashes, handles app analytics and user feedback, and even helps you manage your beta testing. If you’re already considering these features from other service providers, just consolidate and use this one-stop shop service.

Content — Update app content remotely

If you need to change an image or anything else in your app without coding, just use Content. Content is basically like WordPress for your mobile app.

Anytime you or anyone on your team (yes, non-coders too) wants to change video, images, audio, or even HTML in your native app; they can just drag and drop the new content into the app and users will see the changes in seconds.

Switch — Toggle your app features

You release your app, and you’re excited it’s finally out. But in the reviews users are complaining about crashes.

What’s a developer to do? Pull the app from the app store…that’s dramatic. Send out a bug fix to in a week? Nah.

How about turning off the exact feature that’s causing the problem? Meet Switch. Let’s say your search feature is causing the crashes. Just use Switch to turn off only the search feature and your users can keep using the app while you bug fix. Once you find a fix, just switch the search feature back on, and users can use the search feature without crashes.

Interesting App Dev Bits

Flat Mobile App Design in Photoshop Video

This video walks you through the entire process of making a beautiful flat mobile app design. It’s simple to follow, even for those of us Photoshop amateurs. Follow the video, and you could end up with one beautiful looking app in a matter of hours.

If you’re a solo developer without the luxury of having an app designer, this could help you pull off something great.

Advantage of Reskinning Mobile Apps

Hate how long mobile apps take to make? Have you ever considered just reskinning a popular app and making changes?

I know, I know. Even the suggestion of doing this seems a bit unethical, but this article about reskinning mobile apps could have you reconsidering your position. Just keep an open mind and read the article. It may or may not be for you, but if it’s anything, its an interesting read.

App Development Blogs

iOS Blog — Objective-C Coding Tutorials

Awesome, simple, thorough Objective C tutorials. Sometimes it can’t get better than a solid tutorial to help you through code problems.

And this is just what iOS Blog delivers. If you ever get stuck or need to learn something new about Objective-C, this blog should be one of your first stops.

Luke W — Mobile Blog

This blog goes into more of the business side of mobile apps. If you want some awesome reads on design, UX, and mobile app business trends, just spend a few hours shuffling through this blog.

App Development Tools

Pop — Paper app prototyping

Sometimes we don’t have time to get that genius app idea into a big prototyping app. When you don’t have the time, just draw it on paper.

All you need is a piece of paper (a napkin will do), a writing utensil, your mobile device, and Pop and you can just take photos and simulate the screen flow right there.

AppThwack — Automated Testing for Apps

Thoroughly testing your mobile app means making sure it works on different devices, not just the platform. But owning all of those devices would be a disaster.

Luckily there’s no need to. Just use AppThwack to test your mobile app on real devices, with different carriers and ensure your app’s in top shape for all your users.

App Forums

Cocos2d — iOS game dev forum

Not enough love is given to mobile app game developers, even though they’re killing it in the app stores. So I love when I find resources dedicated to mobile game development.

If you want to create an iOS game using Cocos2d, this forum should be one of your first stops.

Making Money — Android dev & marketing forum

Who doesn’t want to make money from their apps? Seriously. That’s why if you’re an Android developer or looking to make the transition into the Android world, snooping around this wonderfully named forum wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Any Android dev topic from choosing the right ad network to discussions about unique marketing methods go on here. Just peruse and be prepared to be schooled.

App Design Resources

Opacity — Screen graphics app

Sometimes you don’t need everything graphics apps like Photoshop has to offer.

Opacity is an app that includes only the stuff you need to make on-screen graphics, like your app icon. No, you won’t be able to make awesome flyers with Opacity. But you surely can make a great looking app icon.

Everything Is a Remix — Series about “copying.”

Ever feel that apps are starting to all look and behave the same. Well, you’re right! But there’s an interesting explanation for it. Want to be schooled on the history of “copying”, then you’ve got to watch awesome documentary “Everything’s A Remix” on Vimeo.

Just get your popcorn, fire up your Apple TV, and get some interesting insight on why you’re experiencing creative Déjà vu.


Design Mobile Apps book

There’s nothing like a beautiful book to teach you how to create beautiful apps. And that’s exactly what the Design Mobile Apps book is.

You need this book if you want a crash course on all things app design. From wireframing and user testing to file prep and design best practices, this book can get you through it. If you’re design challenged, this may be just what you need.

Content Strategy for Mobile

No matter the platform you develop for, your app needs content. The challenge today is not necessarily making your app for different platforms, but how to deliver a consistent “content experience” to all your mobile app users.

This book shows you how to create a “scalable” content strategy and talks about the importance of content on mobile. Must read.

iOS Only

Deployment — Identify deprecated code in your app

Apps with old APIs can be crash magnets. So it’s crucial to keep an eye out for old code. Even though Xcode does a decent job at this, sometimes deprecated code can slip through the cracks.

Enter Deployment. Deployment looks through your code and sniffs out old API code. Now you never have to risk your users experiencing crashes because of deprecated code again.

Reveal App — Inspect, modify, debug code

If you hate debugging your iOS apps, you may just change your mind using this tool. Reveal makes debugging almost fun by displaying the hierarchy of your app in 2D and 3D.

But Reveal isn’t just a beautiful way to debug your app. You have the power to make changes and see them instantly without recompiling your code. Imagine all the time you’ll save!

Android Only

Nine Old — Android animation

Some of the most tedious things to code in your Android app are often animations. But they are sometimes necessary depending on the app you’re making.

If you want to make it easier on yourself, use the rotation, bouncing ball, scale, and other animations Nine Old already handles for you.

Edge Effect Override — Library for styling & customizing scrollbars

Hate the standard blue overscroll_edge and overscroll_glow effects, then change them. No need to do it the hard way. Just use the Edge Effect Override library to do it for you.

Changing the color doesn’t even require graphics. Simply change the color dynamically to get the effect you’re looking for.


Gamasutra — Five PR tips indies need

There’s undeniably nothing more important to your success in the app store than marketing. If no one knows about your app, you’ll actuallygo break making apps.

So if shamelessly marketing your app isn’t your thing, Gamasutra graciously walks you through the process of talking to the press to get the app downloads you need.

Alau — Like for apps

Alau makes short URLs specifically for mobile apps. But you may wonder, why not just use something like Well, any ‘ole URL shortener can tell you who clicked on your app link, but nothing beyond that.

If you want to know how many people actually downloaded your app and installed it after clicking the link, you want to try Alau.

App Design Extras

Iubenda — Mobile app privacy policy

If you don’t have a privacy policy for your mobile app. Stop everything you’re doing (including reading this article) and get one. It’s simply no excuse not to have one today with Iubenda around.

Iubenda takes care of the boring, expensive process of getting a privacy policy done quickly and easily. Just select the services you are using like mobile analytics or a mobile content management system, and you’ll automatically get an updatable privacy policy for your app.

App To Us — Easy app landing pages

If you’re already live in the App store and don’t have a website for your mobile app, Apptous has got to be the easiest way to get it done.

All you have to do is search for your app name, and it will create a beautiful landing page for your mobile app. It will literally take seconds to get a website for your app, no excuses guys.

Clearly, this is not a complete list of mobile app developer resources, but here’s an epic animated list of 217+ Awesome Resources for Mobile App Developers that could help you find more.

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15 Tips for Designing a Mobile Friendly Ecommerce Website

With the mobile explosion in full-force, it’s no surprise that companies are embracing mobile. In fact, your users expect your business to be optimized for mobile. This is especially true for an e-commerce site where a poor shopping experience can result in customers jumping ship to a competitor.To prevent that from happening, here are 15 tips on designing a mobile friendly ecommerce website

1. Be responsive

This is an absolute must these days. A Responsive design simply means that your content will look the same on a device, browser or operating system. That’s because a responsive web page can detect your visitor’s screen size and orientation so that the layout can change accordingly.

 Thanks to responsive design, the days of creating a separate mobile friendly ecommerce website are over. This means that there’s less work for developers and you won’t risk getting penalized by Google for having duplicate content since you won’t have the same content on two different sites.

2. Deliver an omnichannel shopping experience

An omnichannel experience is simply a unified shopping experience. This means that if a customer received an email discount code and places items in their shopping cart while using their PC at work, they could complete the checkout process on their smartphone or tablet when they get home.

Right now, this is a popular trend among retailers. However, it could still be years before there’s a proper omnichannel experience for customers. In the meantime, it’s important that you’re at least aware of this trend and possibly starts tinkering around with omnichannel. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be a pioneer in the e-commerce world.

3. Think with your thumb

One of the most important design features of your site is that it’s navigable just by using your thumb, or index finger. If not, this means that users have to pinch to zoom — which means that either your content is too small or not optimized for mobile devices. Also, this could lead to more touch errors.

Smashing Magazine states that since the average width of the index finger is 1.6 to 2 cm (16-20 mm) for most adults, this would convert to 45-57 pixels. This would allow “the user’s finger to fit snugly inside the target.” For thumbs, you would want to go up to 72 pixels.

4. Position your CTAs properly

To increase engagement and revenue, your need to have clearly visible call-to-actions — especially a prominent ‘Add-to-Cart’ button. In most cases, these CTAs would be placed above the fold, aka front and center.

However, in a Kissmetrics article, that higher conversation rates occur when the button is below the right amount of copy.

Here’s what the article concludes:

  • Pre-sold prospects who already want what you’re offering when they arrive. The specifics of your offering are irrelevant here — give prospects a call to action immediately so they can keep their momentum going!
  • Uncertain prospects + an offering that is very easy to understand and immediately see the value of. These prospects will only need a small amount of strong, very clear copy to convince them to hit that CTA. Since not much copy is required, your button will be higher on the page — coincidentally above the fold.
  • Uncertain prospects + an offering that requires some explanation to see the value of. These prospects will need a reasonable amount of copy that is not only clear but also very well-written to keep their interest from the headline all the way through to the CTA. Just how much copy you need will depend on how much your prospect already knows, how complicated your offering is, how much it costs, and so on — but it could easily be 500 words, or it could be 5,000 (there’s a reason you don’t see calls to action above the first third of long sales pages).

5. Keep content short and sweet

Obviously, the screens on mobile devices are smaller than PCs. Because of that, you don’t have a lot of real estates to get into lengthy product descriptions, wordy blog posts or hundreds of images cluttered on your home page.

Only provide essential content so that it’s clean and uncluttered for your visitors.

6. Simplify navigation

Unlike your website, you don’t have the space to include those menus that list all of your stores’ categories, sections and promotions. You’re going to have to condense your navigation to make it cleaner and easier for mobile users to use.

The most convenient way to do this is to include a single menu icon that opens a drop down menu whenever it’s tapped. Make sure that this consistently positioned throughout your site so that users always know where it’s at.

7. Include a viewport meta tag

W3 Schools describes the viewport as “the user’s visible area of a web page.” The site adds that the “viewport varies with the device, and will be smaller on a mobile phone than on a computer screen.”

With the introduction of HTML5 website owners could now quickly scale down their existing web pages so that they would fit onto mobile devices.

It’s suggested that you include the following

viewport element in all your web pages:


8. Accept guest checkouts

This feature makes it possible for your visitors to make a purchase from your site without having to login or signup for an account. Remember, they don’t have the patience to complete multiple steps or fill-out a number of fields. They want to complete the checkout process as quickly and painless as possible.

9. Customers who bought this also bought

Upselling and cross-selling on your product pages, site searches, and shopping carts will introduce your customers to more of your amazing products, which in turn will increase your revenue. In fact, Amazon has reported that as much as 35 percent of their revenue is from cross-selling.

10. Optimize your images

Your customers want to be able to see crystal clear images of your products. They also expect these images to load quickly. To achieve both of those goals, make sure that you use high-resolution images that have been cropped and resized so that they fit onto the screen of the mobile device.

In most cases, image sizes range from 240 x 320 to 2560 x 1440. Here is a handy guide that provides a more detailed explanation of image size based on the size of your user’s mobile screen.

11. Link your logo to the home page

According to a study conducted by Google, “Users expect to go back to the homepage when they tap the logo in the top-left of a mobile page, and they become frustrated when it isn’t available, or doesn’t work.”

To avoid this problem, link your logo to your home page so that visitors can go back to the home page whenever they want with just one tap.

12. Avoid Flash and Pop-Ups

The iPhone and Android v4.1 and higher don’t support Flash. So, rely on HTML5 to display your content.

Also, stay from including pop-up signup forms or native app advertisements. They’re distracting and hide your awesome content.

13. Consider geolocation

Geolocation can be a powerful assist since it can personalize the shopping experience for your customers. For example, if a visitor is shopping your clothing site and they reside in Alaska, then your site would display products that were more winter friendly.

14. Make contact information easy to access

Users want to be able to contact a business — whether if it’s a phone number, business hours, or the closest location to them. The easier it is for visitors to access this information, the better experience that they have. Make sure all this information is secure.

15. Keep testing

Even after you’ve designed an incredible move mobile friendly e-commerce website, test it over and over. Test it on multiple devices, such as on iPhone, Android and Windows phones, as well as various tablets to make sure that your design is properly working on all mobile devices.




Top 5 Android Mobile Application of 2016


Top 5 Android Mobile Application of 2016

The obsession of the android mobile application is increasing every day. The reason behind this is mobile application makes your life easy. In this era of   smartphone an individual download and try many mobile applications. Every day developers develop new apps with some new ideas, but to sort which sis the best mobile application in the current year is tough. To overcome this slight problem, experts at “ENGINEERBABU” have classified five most loved mobile apps of 2016.In our list of 5 best mobile applications, we have included two mobile applications developed by Google.

 Google maps and  Waze

Google navigation is the base of all the navigation app available in the market. It gets regular, week by week upgrades. Beside the very nuts and bolts, Google Maps gives you access to spots of interest, activity information, headings to things like rest stops or corner stores. Now Google map has introduced an add-on by the name waze. This add-on comes with a lot of features, which will eventually help in your navigation.

Swiftkey keyboard
Swiftkey is the smartest Keyboard ever available in the market. Swift key is so smart that sometimes it behaves like AI {artificial intelligence}. Swiftkey makes your keyboard more attractive by introducing lots of beautiful and bright colored themes for the keyboard. Swiftkeys learn’s from you and auto-fetch the words that have been used by you at regular intervals. This fantastic mobile application also puts spaces at missed places by recognizing the characters.

For performing some basic task’s TASKER can be your best pal. The tasks performed by Tasker depends on upon the date, time, location & gesture. Tasker will eventually make your smartphone more efficient. Tasker also helps the users to perform the various task with great precision. Tasker is basically an Automation mobile application that takes the advantage of the openness of the Android OS.

FITBIT is the leading android mobile application related to fitness. This mobile application tracks the daily activity of the individual. As it keeps track of all the time dedicated to Workout, sleep and office hours. Fitbit can also be paired with a wearable device which in turn give’s a detailed analysis of the daily activity performed by an individual.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a very simple and efficient way of doing video-call, it is available for both Android and iOS. It is one of the best mobile application that Google has offered till this date. Some individuals say that it’s a replica of face time (A video calling app developed by iOS). But if we compare both of them google Duo is somewhat better than the Facetime. Google Duo provide the user with the Crisp, clear images.

We at “ENGINEERBABU” have made several amazing android mobile applications, like the once I have mentioned above. Will be delighted to help with your idea and deliver you with a relevant mobile application.



Key factors that decide Mobile app development cost

Mobile App Development Cost

In the age of smartphones, mobile application is considered as one of the best tools to offer services and to exhibit ones products. And when it comes to mobile app development cost – it is taken as the main tool that takes your business to next level.

A mobile application eventually increases the reach of your brand. But as a client or a tech geek, you must have pondered about mobile application development cost.

There are various perimeter that decide the costing of a mobile application. Some of the critical points which drive the costing of a mobile application have been discussed in this blog.

The team of experts at “ENGINEERBABU” have drafted some of the most important points that will help you to get some idea regarding mobile app development cost.

1. Business Model

You should choose the appropriate business model for building a mobile application. As the mobile application should give a proper message of the dealings, it is also necessary for it to have features related to a particular domain so that mobile application development cost can be given according to the business model. These small properties will make the mobile application cost-effective and more efficient.

These small properties will make the mobile application cost-effective and more efficient.


2. Development time

Don’t go for a cheaper option to develop better mobile applications. The basic property every mobile application should have is swiftness and light weight. You should always choose the time of development between an expensive development cost in a smaller time frame and a nominal development charge in a longer period.


3. Team of android developers

The costing of the mobile application depends on the developers that you have hired. To develop the products, sometimes you have to hire a local company but hiring an in-house development team or an overseas development team is considered much cheaper.


4. Type of Functionality

Mobile app development cost solely depends on the functionality offered by the mobile application. There are numerous types of mobile applications available in the market, having different functionality. The mobile applications having basic functionality will have a very low development cost whereas a dynamic mobile application is very expensive to develop.


5. Mobile App Design

The development cost of mobile application also depends upon the design. Mobile applications having a simple design will be a lot cheaper than the mobile application having a complex design. You can always make an attractive mobile application with a simple design. some more mobile app design ideas.

The team at “ENGINEERBABU” always consider these points before engaging with a development team for a particular project. We have many happy customers in our inventory and will be very happy to serve you.


EngineerBabu- Canvassing Your Dreams

EngineerBabu- Canvassing Your Dreams

The story behind “Proud to be Engineer” to “Canvassing Your Dreams”. That day, I was deeply indulged in some serious discussion with my co-founders, suddenly I heard a round of applaud, smiling faces of our team. Out of the curiosity I inquired the reason, then I got to know, that one of our developed app got live and team received an amazing feedback from client. Since, then it became a ritual at EngineerBabu. This small celebration made us realize, what important work we are doing, “We are canvassing dreams of many”. For clients, it is his dream app or web is live, now he can flaunt the world with his idea and for our team, team efforts paid off. Since then, we have started calling, EngineerBabu- Canvassing Your Dreams”.

I wanna show here the dreams, to which we have given wings. Come on a ride with me on awesomely developed android apps at EngineerBabu:

1. On Door

An online grocery delivery startup in Bhopal (M.P).  They have more than 1 Lakh users and catering to 5000+ customers daily. Our team had discussed the project and did intensive research to develop user oriented app.


 2. Selfiesm

If you are crazy about selfies, then Selfism is for you. It allows you to share your crazy selfies with the world and also you can share others as well.  It also allows to take velfies (a video selfie).  Selfies are the coolest ways to get pictured with friends.

3. Education Finder

There are many students who dream to study abroad, but in the lack of right direction, they missed the chance or end up taking wrong institutions. Education Finder is the solution in your hands, it helps you in searching for the best suit for you out of the research based database. So, if you are planning abroad education, this is going to be your key.


4. Bingage

An app which allows user to recommend the best restaurant, lifestyle outlets and entertainment spots in the city. For every recommendation user gets certain reward points, in return, to which user will get discounts.


5. MotorBabu

MotorBabu is a platform where user can book their vehicle servicing and can also avail pick up and drop facility to their doorstep. This app has the functionality to manage all the past records about your vehicle and has a reminder facility for the next service. This is EngineerBabu’s in-house product.


The variety of work our team has been doing, made me feel proud. One by one we are serving to the various IT needs of our clients. This leads to the overwhelming feedback and love from our clients. Here are few amazing reviews of our clients, the words that kept us moving so far.

It is difficult to craft in words how beautiful is the feeling while we are chasing our dream, we are also making client’s dream true.

In the words of clients:



These are just few to mention, we got a lot of such appreciation everyday which keep us going. At EngineerBabu, it is not only website and app development project, it someone’s dream, someone’s top priority that we have to make it the best. We love our work.

We would love to work with you on your dream project. Let’s make the dreams true together.

This is how EngineerBabu- Canvassing Your Dreams.





Features of a Successful Mobile Application


Features of a successful mobile application

Without any doubt, it could be said, that mobile application is the best tool for promoting your start-up. Having a mobile application can give you many benefits. The mobile application can give your brand global reorganization.

Now most of the people globally, refer mobile phone application for commencing their lots of work. This has laid a revolution in the mobile application development industry. Currently, there are N – Numbers of companies dealing with mobile application development. But your business is not going to boom just by making a mobile application. There are some major points which will help your mobile application to gain popularity. The team at “ENGINEERBABU” is going to share some of must have points in a mobile application.

 Appropriate platform

While developing a mobile application a developer should remember to build the app in the way, that it could be used in any device with ease. The mobile application should be compatible with all the existing devices.

User Friendly

The mobile application should easy to install, easy to open and easy to close. The mobile application should also be as light as possible. The mobile application should be as simple as possible. The mobile application should be made in a way so that it has the best user experience.

Uniqueness of the Mobile application

The idea and design of the mobile application should always be unique. Unique things attract people, so if you make a unique mobile application, it will surely attract lots of users. And in the end, it will make your mobile application pretty famous.

Cost effective

The mobile application should always be free or low priced. As the mobile application should not overcharge its customers & always be cost effective. Currently, there are many nice but expensive mobile applications available in the market, but people don’t use them because they are not cost effective.

Always make mobile application Shareable

One of the most important features that makes the  successful mobile application famous is its separability. The mobile application should always be shareable. To promote sharing, the mobile application should offer rewards.

 We at “ENGINEERBABU” always consider these points while developing a mobile application for the clients. while developing a mobile application customer requirement and user experience has given the same weight in “ENGINEERBABU”.