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MDoctor: The Ultimate Doctor for your Cell Phones

1) Overview:

Every day, the technology trends change and thereby changes the way to optimize the technological advancements. The mobile phone markets are booming and so are the apps that are built in thousands of quantities for multiple purpose and agendas, may it be for your business or for your personal use. So, it’s like where there are apps, there are slow-mobile-speed. Sounds familiar, right? Of course, it’s an everyday story, to be precise, a “complaint” from our cell-phones who run out of space and memory. Whenever you try downloading an app from Apple store or Playstore, that annoying message pops out saying “You are running out of memory!”. Or say, whenever you try clicking candid moments with your friends, your phone buzzes you up with this message which says “Sorry, you are running out of space”. It drives you nuts, I’m sure.

So, to help your cell-phone out of this mess and getting it out of the “I.C.U.” mode, mDoctor app is on a rescue mission. I am sure you might have tried and tested many junk cleaning apps for these problems and it’s all in vain. But, let me tell you how is our doctor gonna help your cell-phone breathe some fresh air and function properly.

MDoctor is an app which is built dedicated to the core issues a user faces with his mobile phone i.e. cache problems, functioning of your APK files, your cell phones running slower than a snail, optimization issues, RAM issues and many more. This app will help you scan and remove all these problems in a single go. Let me introduce you to this app along with its functionalities in detail.

2) Challenge:

The main challenege that we faced while building this application was writing the code of “Listing all the applications i.e. both system apps and user apps”. Also, once the listing was done for all the applications residing in one’s mobile phone, accessing these apps and stopping them was equally challenging. This was because, there are system apps for which permissions are required to be taken from OS or the app itself in order to access them and perform any functions related to the same.

3) Designs:



1. Junk Cleaning:
mDoctor has this feature of Junk Cleaning which is basically working in two steps. The junk cleaner will help you detect all those cache data, the APK files which are obsolete, the apps which are running and also the background running processes and services. It also detects the empty files and folders created by your OS. After detection, this moves to the next step which is cleaning of all these detected junks and frees your mobile to an extent. It will also take care that no files are deleted wrongly.

2. Phone Boost:

It detects all the apps which are taking unused space in RAM and kill them to clean your RAM and boost the speed of your phone. It will significantly increase the speed and response time because these junk uses your memory space, OS and even RAM which slows down your phone and even sometimes lag in responding to the user-requests. Just a single click and you’ll improvise your phone to a greater extent. It will free the RAM’s un-necessary usage by any apps. Just a single tap and voila!

3. App Manager:

This is one of the main features as this app manages to create a list of all the installed apps and APK files too. With this feature a user can create a backup of an app, delete the APK file for the same and even can uninstall the application if not required.  Basically, it will help you remove all the unwanted and useless apps that have been feeding-off your phone memory and RAM till now, thereby freeing phone’s storage space.

4. Battery Optimization:

Battery as we all know is always on our nerves. No matter how hard we try to make an optimized usage of the battery, it always runs out of charge. The Battery optimization feature detects all those apps which are creating an excess load on RAM usage and consumes a high amount of charging and stops them right away. This helps a cell-phone to extend the battery life. It even helps your battery from being over-charged or over-heating. It will display the charging status and app’s message on the lock-screen while it is in charging mode.

5. Mobile Statistics:

It shows current battery percentage, stand-by time, temperature, RAM usage, storage status, download and upload bytes. Cools down your phone temperature and reduces CPU usage by stopping apps that cause device overheat. As well as extending your battery life!

This app also takes care of all the junk notifications you get and sweeps out of your phone. It prevents all those trash notifications from eating up your cell-phone’s efficiency and slowing down. Your phone will be free from any such annoying notifications.
So, this is all about an app which will really help your cell-phone to overcome the major issues.
This app is supported in every Android devices. It’s been published and deployed on Google Playstore.  Download

Client’s testimonial:



JOKAAMO : Services at Your Doorstep

1) Overview:

Are you one of those who wants to keep an arm’s length from the unnecessary hassle of running from one place to another to choose the best tutor? Does it seem inconvenient having to buzz end number of electricians when some appliance breaks down? Well here is a solution to all such big and small household problems. In a tech-savvy world, why travel an extra mile when you have an all time companion at home? Jokaamo is like a personal assistant who can run your errands. Not literally, but it can bring problem solvers right at your doorstep.

2) Challenge:

When the clients came to us, they wanted a source to reach out to the common man. There are hundreds of applications where a tap on the screen can solve your problem within minutes. However, the clients felt availability was limited to metro cities. Makers invested more in metro cities as compared to others.

3) User story:

Here lies the origin of Jokaamo. The client wanted to make things readily available to everyone irrespective of their location. The concept seemed intriguing to us. The idea of connecting vendors directly with the customer as per the need sounded novel. The meeting involved noting down all the requirements and prioritising accordingly.

4) The Process:

We planned to deliver an Android and iOS application to fulfil the client’s aim. The app enables people to avail day-to-day services in a few clicks.
We decided the flow of project:-


The story behind the name of this application is interesting in itself. The client wanted to connect to the Indian audience at large through the services yet stay alienated from using Indianised vocabulary. Hence, the term Jokaamo is derived from the Indian terms ‘Jo Kaam Ho’. So when reading together, it is called Jokaamo.


  • Mock Up: mockup-app
  • Web:website-design
  • App:jokaamo

Features of Jokaamo:-

  • The home screen of the application takes you through services at large provided by the application.
  • This includes business, events & weddings, personal services, health, home services, lessons, hobbies, beauty and repair & management.
  • The facilities of arranging for a dance/ yoga instructor or hiring a wedding planner can be availed at home through online booking.

For Provider:

  • Providers can register themselves and add the following description to give an overview of their product: About Me, My Services, Offers, My Gallery. Price and more.
  • Provider can post multiple services in various categories setting a relevant price.
  • The specification along with relevant pictures and discount if any lets customer book services on the go.

For Customer:

  • The customer needs to pay a minimum booking amount to avail any service.
  • Customers have the liberty to cancel the booking before the offer gets accepted by the provider. Such a cancellation stands invalid once the provider accepts the booking.
  • Appointments with people can be rescheduled.
  • In case, the customer is not satisfied by services, he can send a request for the same and USE the service again.

Posting a job:

  • Customers have the option to post a job in the portal as well. As soon as such a post is made, providers registered in the application will receive notifications.
  • The notification system widens the reach of such job posting, thus getting you prospective bidders.
  • Customer/provider can then hire one of the bidders.


-Once a person is through with booking, he is entitled to the chat option where he can exchange messages with the provider.

-The chatbox is built according to user convenience.

-Pictures, contact and other files can be sent via attachments.


-Jokaamo accepts only online payments to support cashless transactions.

-There is no cash on delivery system.

-Customers can add money to their wallets through credit/debit card, e-wallets and net banking.

You can download the app on play store.

Client’s testimonial:




Get Purohit : App to Connect Pundit Online

1) Overview:

GetPurohit is an online application to book a purohit/pandit for any needs related to religious and spiritual domains. GetPurohit is a service which was put into execution considering the current demands of getting anything and everything online may it be services related to hospitality or any religious needs of people. GetPurohit caters services where one can book pundits or purohits for any religious activities one wants to carry out for any occasion, in any part of the country.

GetPurohit is a platform where they have a crew of the best of pundits/purohits who are well versed and well trained in terms of understanding the roots of our Indian Vedas, scriptures and ethics of our dharmas. Not only is this app capable of getting you the “perfect purohit” but also it will work as a mini encyclopaedia where the information varying from Hindu scriptures, the Vedas, Upanishads, the immortal tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana, the legendary stories and morals lying beneath every spiritual and religious story of our Gods and Goddesses’, finding the best mahurat for the most important occasions of life and many more will be just a few clicks away.

2) EB Process of tackling (The Process)

a) Documentation:

b)Challenge: The challenge here while designing the UI/UX was, it was an app which needed both ethnic or say Indian touch and simultaneously needed to look like a professional online portal. The most challenging part was designing the vector of the main character i.e. A pundit/purohit who needs to look both modern and authentic. This app’s must thing was about maintaining the Indian touch while modernizing the concept of online pundits. The saffron needed to play the key role in giving the rich feels of our Indian cultures and traditions.


  1. Web:Wireframe
  • User:
  1. Signup: Any user can sign up via many options i.e. with Google+, Facebook, Mobile number or email Id.
  2. OTP verification: Once the user signs up, there will be a One-Time-Password verification for authenticity.
  3. Edit profile: Once a user’s profile is created, he/she can edit his/her profile accordingly.
  4. Search pundit: The user can start searching for any pandits/purohits based on location, type of pooja and also by any other option.
  5. Share Pundit’s profile: The user can share pundit’s profile with others.
  6. Bookings: The user can book a pundit via calendar availability.
  7. Payment: The user can make payments via payment gateway with 2 available options i.e. option to pay 100% amount or 30% of the total amount.
  8. Confirmation Process: Once the booking is done by the user, the confirmation and any other notifications will be sent to both user and Pundit via SMS and email.
  9. Booking Cancelation: The user can cancel the booking before the dead line and refund shall be awarded.
  10. Tracking: Once a user books a pundit, live tracking is enabled.
  11. History: Ever user’s profile has order history detail maintained.
  12. Ratings: The user can rate/review a pundit.
    1. Purohit:
      1. Profile Creation: Purohits will be creating their both online and offline profiles.
      2. Edit Profile: The purohit can edit only the services which they offer and nothing else.
      3. Schedule management: The purohit can update their schedule through calendar.
      4. Notifications: The purohits will be notified regularly about their past bookings and upcoming bookings along with stats like to total amount earned till current date.
      5. Bookings: Notification for new bookings will also be sent to purohits.
    2. Admin:
      1. Panel for Purohits: This panel is built in a hierarchical manner i.e. based on the reference code. Say, remove/add/hide from search results i.e. active/inactive options.
      2. User panel: It has 2 options i.e. add/remove.
      3. Payment Reports: The reports are generated in this section where one can know about the orders with information as how much amount for a particular purohit is paid and how much is remaining. Say, a purohit is paid 30% advance and rest of the 70% needs to be collected by offline mode, this report is maintained in this section and updated.
      4. Promocodes: This option is available where a user can redeem various offers.
      5. Services panel: This panel is where the pre-defined services for purohits are managed.
      6. Order management: This is for cancelation or reassignments to a different pundit
      7. Notifications: The notifications when a purohit raises a token are managed here.
      8. Email templates: This is for managing the emailers sent to the users and purohits.
  1. App:Wireframe-App
  • In the Release II there were few improvements which took place as follows:
    1. User:
      1. The way in which any user would rate or give reviews for the pundits were changed.
    2. Pundit:
      1. Even pundits get the benefits for the references he has made to any other pundit for any other predefined services.
    3. Admin:
      1. Manage cities: The cities in which there is the availability of the pundits are managed.
      2. Area Management: The area allotment is also managed in the admin section.
  • New services: In case of any new services that needs to be added is done here.

i) Master group:

ii) Category Management: There are different categories of the services that are provided and are managed here.

iii )Banners: Any graphics or updates related to the application for both users and pundits are being managed here.

  • CMS pages and menu integration process is done here.
  • Site meta tags: The tags which will help this app rank on particular keywords and searches are done here.

i)Roles: The different roles i.e. user, admin, editor and many other are a part of this section.

ii)Service Management: The services which needs to be added/removed are under this module.

iii)User credits:

  • Newsletters: The regular newsletters are sent to both Pundits and users via this section.
  • Promotional Messages: Any promotional messages for any new offers or codes are executed and managed via this module.
  • Contact Us: The queries which come via contact us are managed in this module where they are replied to on regular basis.
  • Panchang Integration: The mahurat and panchang which needs to be referred by both user and pundit are managed here.
  • Social media: The users sharing any kind of stories/reviews/promotions for this application over any social media channels like Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+ any many more are integrated here and even managed from this end.
  • Web services management: The services carrying out the request – response from server to client and vice versa are managed here.

c) User story: The user story for this application revolved around a singular but significant motive which was; what if there are users who live outside India and are in search of authentic Indian pundits/purohits who can come to their place to perform the rituals for their most important occasions of life? This was the key problem

3) The Result: The end result of this whole process was more than wonderful. In the end, we successfully executed designing the Android application within a time duration of 50 days. Also, we successfully designed the website along with admin panel and web-services within the time duration of 90 days. Trust me, it was a wonderful experience because we never had built such application focusing on Indian traditions and customs.

4) Reviews:


How we developed Healthcare app to Automate 120 Hospitals

Currently, at EngineerBabu we use Intercom for communicating with our visitors. One of such client’s visited our site and asked about having worked with any app in the Medical domain and can we build one such app for them. I am going to share step by step guide from discussion to project completion.

Note: Client name is confidential.

A) Skype Discussion:-
Client: Mayank, We have a chain of 120 hospitals which we want to automate through the mobile app.

Me: How current management works, hope you must be having an existing management ERP.
Client: Yes! We have a hospital management software that has all the functions we required. Also we are using Salesforce and few more complex integration like Inventory, Sales, etc. Let me send you the demo of our existing web app. We are looking for same kind of mobile app.

Questions :
Me: Why you want a mobile app?
Client: Client can book services through our App?
Me: What else?
Client: Our Department nurses can see where she needs to visit. We want that our collector (an agent in our hospital who manages all the collections made) can keep track of the requirements. We want to build 4-5 applications for our internal business management and One User application to get more booking.
Me: I am sure you need a client application to publish in their stores (Apple or Google) and Internal Management App download for selected candidates only.
Customer: Yes

Conclusion: He was looking for 4 Applications (Sales Management, Doctor and Patient Communication, Nursing Management, User App). He did not had any developer account i.e. neither of Android nor of Apple. Also, he wanted to integrate these apps with his existing ERP management system.
Step 1: – Requirement Gathering 


ABC home-care is an unparalleled medical service at patients own home. It brings quality home-care services at patient doorstep without the patient visiting the hospital or clinic. ABC home-care provides well-trained staff for providing personalized services. The services we provide are:

  • Attendant
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • Doctor
  • Medical Equipment
  • Physiotherapy


The primary purpose of this website & application is aimed to ease access to health care services for the patients and streamlining the operations for ABC home-care. The secondary purpose is to make this business highly autonomous.

A few guidelines to be maintained while developing ABC home-care Website & Mobile App are as follows:

Color Theme Selection:

The colour theme to be followed for the app has to be according to the ABC Hospitals brand guidelines. The following colour guidelines have to be followed for the Homecare Mobile App:

Fonts Selection: Our Fonts should represent the feeling of Care and Healing. Hence, we would like to use Aller fonts for all our brand communication. You can use the following fonts in the app:

For Headline:
Aller (Bold-Italic)

For Sub Headline/Body Copy/Content
Aller (Regular, Normal)
Aller (Light)
Aller light (Normal)
Aller light (Italic)

After The discussion document prepared building-experience-map

Building Experience Map:
Experience Map

Wireframe Design for Doctor App

Flow of Patient AppPatient-App-FlowTesting Sheet:Testing-sheet

Project Management Tool:-
Basecamp is a perfect tool for project management, It helps you to do following things.

  1. Manage your project remotely
  2. If your co-founders or partners are located in different city or country they will also know the progress of development.
  3. You can group chat with Designer, Developer or anyone who is a part of the project.
  4. It helps to keep project communication on one page. This makes it easy for everyone to keep track of the ongoing project.
  5. You will be notified when you get new features.
  6. You can also comment, add reference files if you have any suggestions for development or design.



Client’s testimonial:Testimonial-Review


Mentrio: community to Find the right Mentor

Students after finishing their schooling often gets ambiguous about which course to study, which university to pursue higher education from , what to expect in the coming years, etc. These are very relevant questions to rise in the mind of a young man who is moved out of his comfort zone to face the world. Any wrong decision can throw him several steps back with a total loss of progress and motivation. Hence, these questions and doubts need to be addressed and evaluated effectively. The choices you make now are mainly going to shape the rest of your career and consequently life. Thus, it is of extreme importance to get right information and counseling before heading anywhere. A well informed student with the organized purpose and expectations ultimately makes big.

Times like these bring into picture the worth of a mentor. A mentor is a protective guide who listens to you patiently and counsels you with his enormous experience what he thinks suits best to you. He makes sure you get what you deserve and minimizes the gap between you and your goals.

Who could be the best people to mentor young minds other than people who have already been in the shoes few years back? The alumni who have already walked the path and know the hurdles; their vast knowledge and perspectives are surely going to help heaps to this generation and more.

The big question is to connect the alumni around the world; to fall them within the reach of students and bring their valuable experiences and skills to the table. This gives birth to the idea of

Mentrio is a platform created by the team Engineerbabu with the aim to bridge gap between a mentor and mentee. It opens a great opportunity for all the mentees seeking wise words and direction to be guided by noted alumni who are few clicks away. Mentors have the opportunity to share their learning and experiences and earn some money in the process.


How to get started?

-> The experts can sign up through linkedin furnishing basic details like educational qualifications, work experience etc.
-> They mark their future availability on the calendar.
-> Students who wish to seek expert’s guidance can sign up through Google+, facebook, linkedin or mentrio homepage.
-> You can reach to your expert with the aid of various filters provided.
-> Book your date and time well in advance as per the availability of expert. You can book up to two weeks.
-> You are required to make payment in dollars.
And you are done. It’s that easy! 🙂
-> Booking can be rescheduled or cancelled, if required. The amount will be refunded if you intimate 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.
-> After the completion of call, you can rate the consultant as per your experience. Your feedback is important to us. It gives us a chance to polish up.
-> If either of the party does not show up, meeting gets forfeited.

Are you that mentor?

“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way – a mentor”Denzel Washington
You can become a mentor if you possess natural aptitude and expertise in your discipline and have willingness to share it with others. You ought to be honest and concerned with your mentee and dedicated to deliver. It is an absolute treasure to be capable of giving someone a gift of knowledge.

Being a mentor is an opportunity!

As Winston Churchill said once “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”

-> It allows you to bring change in young people’s life.
-> It benefits you with brushing up your knowledge and learning new things from people while mentoring them.
-> It is always good to be updated and refreshed in the company of young people.
-> It is an adventurous journey on its own where you meet many people and may end up having some of them your family for life.
->It is also an opportunity to earn some money 😉

Mentrio Fund:-

Mentrio fund is formed to support the underprivileged children receive at least the basic level of education. We truly believe in education as the premise of every society, every family. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to pursuit this mission.

We have partnered with make a difference (MAD) foundation and karam foundation in this endeavor. Any money contributed towards mentrio fund will be completely donated to these foundations. We are determined that no child remains out of school.mentor-fund

Keep the fire burning and spirit high!


Selfieism: A Cool New App To Post All The Click Flick Moments

When the world is getting smaller and easy-to-reach, there are major technical advancements happening in the IT sector as well. These days, the apps are changing the way they were build and the way they are built now. The apps these days are getting more and more dedicated and customized to a major functionality. When the world is on spree with clicking the selfies and posting it over various social media platforms, there is this application “Selfieism” into the markets. Yes, as the name suggests it focuses on the selfies.

Since the past 2 years, selfies have been a booming thing and has successfully created a buzz about it. How wonderful is the idea of clicking photographs of your own-self all on your own? You do not have to ask that nasty friend of yours nor request any one to click your photographs, because you do it for yourself.

Selfieism is basically a platform where all the Selfie and Velfie crazies can connect, post and share their pictures or videos with the loved ones. The best part about the application is that it has hassle-free and trendy functionalities and features to portray and show-off your fabulous profiles. The app not only allows you to post but express your views, likes, dislikes in many forms like creative, adventurous, awesome, beautiful, funny, crazy or impressive. You won’t miss out a bit of update about the hot-buzzing selfies posted by celebrities.

Let’s check out the features of Selfieism:

Free: Oh yes, Selfieism is absolutely free. All you need is to download the application without any registration fees or subscription charges.

Login Feature: Selfieism makes sure that your selfies and velfies are well secured over the internet. Thus, it has got the login feature in order to prevent it from any unauthorized access and misuse of your photographs and videos you upload.

Image Filters: There are various filters available to add that magic touch to your photographs and videos.

Caption to your pictures and Videos: A cool caption always adds upto your pictures and videos and you can do it here even while adding your post to profile.

Add new friends: You can add and follow your friends, family and all the near and dear ones to get the latest updates of their beautiful memories captured via camera.

Various reactions to express: You can react in a multiple number of ways about anyone’s post. It can vary from adventurous to crazy till impressive.

Selfieism-AppHow Selfieism works:

Register: You have to register yourself for the first time to create your own profile which is a normal drill followed while registering. The registration can also be done via Social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Login: Once you are registered successfully, you are all set to go and update your first Selfie or Velfie.

Selfie/Velfie: You can either browse from your photo gallery of your cell phone or click a fresh picture i.e. Click picture or Pick picture. Similarly, for videos it’s pick video or pick video.

Adding Filter and Caption: Once the upload of your image/video file is complete you’ll be given various image filters if you want to and also a cool caption for your upload.

Search option: There is a search option available from where you can search for your friends and family members using this app in order to follow their updates regularly.

So, it sounds cool till now? If yes, then go and you are just few clicks away from posting your first selfie or velfie through this dedicated Selfieism App. Download Now!


MateApp: Free Social Media App that allows users to Stay in Touch

What up mate?

In the hustle and bustle of the growing usage of the internet, there is a much louder noise of social media. IMs almost equally share the centre stage with social media. The world has condensed today, and everyone is on instant messaging. Perhaps one of the greatest communication revolutions of the times, instant messaging became much more popular than any other platform. And probably that is cause it integrates with the phone number. One such IM is MateApp. It adds to the mayhem of social media and IMs.

Let’s check out the features of MateApp:

  • Free:  MateApp is absolutely free. Just download the app, there is no registration fee or subscription fee you need to pay. It’s an internet based application so there is no charge for messaging.
  • Multimedia enabled:  You can share all multimedia files like images, audio files, video files documents and voice messages.
  • No extra charges for international use: You won’t be levied any extra charge for sending texts internationally.
  • No usernames, passwords or pins:  MateApp integrates with the address book of the phone. There is no need of login details or pin to log in every time. This facilitates to be always logged in.
  • Offline messages:  If a message is missed or the data or phone is switched off MateApp will save the message, and you will be able to view it once you turn the data or phone on.
  • Somethings more:  You can share your location with friends, forward contacts to anyone.

How MateApp works:


MateApp Unique Features:-

1. Timeline – MateApp gives you a timeline so that you can know what is happening in your social circle. Be updated on the activities of your friends. You can share photos and posts on the timeline. You get notified if a friend likes or shares your photo or post.

2. Profile picture – You can upload pictures to your profile grid and also edit them with inbuilt filters and other creative tools.

3. M-Shop – M-Shop enables you with the power of ‘search’. You can get information about restaurants, hospitals, spas, gyms with their photos, contact details, reviews and even directions at your fingertips. You can also tag your favourite places with Bookmarks. MateApp also provides an option to rate and write reviews of the places you visit.

4. Trending – Trending shows you a list of topics that have recently spiked in popularity on MateApp. This list is personalised and based on some factors, including your location and what’s trending across worldwide. Just like other social media platforms, you could see what is trending.

Let’s have a look at the app:


MateApp android app helps you stay connected with your friends over messaging for free. It also gives you a platform to be socially updated on the timeline. You can also search businesses on M-Shop which ends the hassle of searching and to add to that you could see the reviews and ratings which will facilitate the decision-making process. MateApp aims at eliminating cyberbullying by verifying all its users through mobile phone number registration, which is traceable.

Looks amazing. It is more than worth giving a shot, so let’s get that in our phones!

Client Review For EngineerBabu Team 


Our aim is not only to develop the end product but also to provide solutions to the future problems. Thus we believe not only in achieving but in excelling. Contact us- EngineerBabu


MaalGaadi – Intra City Logistics and Fleet Management Solutions – A true story of moving ahead.

Everything today depends on logistics. Although we live in a parallel universe of the internet, where everything transits online, the physicality aspect of transit is impossible to ignore. It also plays a very important role even in businesses of any kind today. So, what’s the fuss about logistics? Logistics has inevitable challenges – availability, negotiations, timely delivery, and pickup, etc.

How about an app which makes logistics free of all the botherations? Maalgaadi is the answer to that. A one stop solution to all the headache of transportation.

What could happen when a bored job drives you to create something unique? Something like happens. It was Anirudh Garg’s and Saurabh Raj’s brainwave. The duo from Indore identified a gap in the prevailing transportation system. A gap in terms of all the hassles one has to go through for a mere transit of goods. They decided to tackle the inconvenience and created They wished Maalgaadi to be the Ola of transportation and today it has come to hold that true.

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese proverb

Although success didn’t come that easy. Initially, Anirudh and Saurabh had to face the headwinds. The criticism was to such an extent that they had to shut down the operations within two days of the initial launch. But facing this failure induced a new motivation in the young entrepreneurs. They didn’t only came through the obstacles but also created an example by getting perfectly into the legal framework hence not bypassing any laws.

Next big thing was awaiting this success. Anirudh and Saurabh found investors for their project. Moira Group, one of the bigwigs of the city, agreed to invest in their company.

How Maalgaadi works:

maalgaadi-appMaalgaadi enables a driver to pick or dispatch a shipment by getting the information from the customer. It exactly works as Uber/Ola or Jugnoo.

The pickup and dispatch information is given by the customer either on the website or over a phone call.
This information is then used by our team to get the pickup and the drop location with customer’s name and contact.
The driver who is in or around the pick-up location gets the lead on the app.
He picks up the shipment and drops it at the destined location.

Throughout the process i.e. from pickup to despatch the team at Maalgaadi app gets the vital information of the transit like- time is taken for the dispatch, speed of the vehicle, routes chosen by the driver, any detours if taken, any delays, etc.

Whats Maalgaadi is all about:

Simple –  is simple to use. It is built keeping in mind the potential users – the drivers and the users.
Accountability – In service industry all that matters is service. is a highly dependable service. The real-time data of the rides is shared with the customers. They can track the trip all through.
Authority – The service enables the customers with the full authority of their shipment regarding – selecting the vehicle, pick-up and destination points and even the driver for the transit. This gives the full control and choice to the customer.

maalgaadi-app-playstoreTransforming lives with a small step

Maalgaadi App has stringent guidelines which changed the lives of the drivers associated with them. There is a list of donts which every driver has to follow, like – no alcohol, no tobacco, not abusing to name a few. The don’t have inculcated a sense of good habits in the drivers, and now they are free from these evils.

Maalgaadi’s story tells us the power of resilience, the power of bouncing back and then taking on the hurdle with a renewed energy and hope.

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Wagging Pal -The New Pet Finders Experience!

Just like a great business idea, the idea for a cause also evolves from a mind which wants to create a difference. The only difference between a business idea and an idea for a cause is the feeling to do something for someone not as fortunate as us. But this ‘only’ difference makes the biggest difference, and this it what makes us hail cause. Today people around the world are working for millions of causes sizing from the tiniest to as big and evident as – climate change.

Well, this story is not about a beautiful cause. Someone from a small island country in the Caribbean – Trinidad & Tobago approached us with an idea to create an app for stray dogs, an app that would help in getting homes for the homeless canines. Digging deeper we got to know that these guys were prompted to do so after the government of Trinidad & Tobago in 2014 passed a Dangerous Dog Act. This act identifies a few breeds of dogs which are aggressive and attack people resulting in fatal or serious injuries. As a result people (majorly irresponsible) started to abandon their pet dogs. This abandonment rendered a lot of dogs unsheltered and homeless and forced them to survive on the mercy of nature like many of their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

Whats it all about? came into existence after implementing all those feelings into a model. And today they are available as an app too, making the cause handy with people of Caribbean countries. WagginPal collaborates with the pet shelters and kennels and helps them promote the pets to the people. The app connects the users to these shelters, and the users choose the type of canine they want to adopt.

Let’s have a look at the app:

On the homepage, there is a list of pets that are up for adoption. There is a single profile slideshow that enables the user to browse through the profiles. A user can tap the ‘heart’ which goes red if he/she likes the pet or can tap the “X” (cross) otherwise. A button on each slideshow profile quickly brings up the full profile of the pet which would allow you to take a better decision. If the heart is tapped, it will be added to a list of favourite pets.

In the individual pet profile, there is an option “Adopt Now” tapping which the user will be directed to a page where he/she can fill out a small form with personal details like- name, email address, telephone number, mailing address. They can select a date and time they would like to be visited by the shelter by tapping another option ‘calendar’ on the same page.

The authority to approve or turn down an application is held by the super admin post which the application is sent to the shelter in case it is approved. This prevents spammers from emailing the shelters directly through the app or the website. In case multiple people like one pet, it’s up to the shelter to decide whom to select as an adapter. The shelter shall interview and personally meet them to decide the same.



In short:

  1.  A User selects a pet from the slideshow.
  2.  The liked pets would be shown in a “favourite” list.
  3.  The selected pet can be adopted by clicking “Adopt Now” on the pet’s profile.
  4.  The user would fill out his/her personal information with scheduling the preferred date and time he/she would liked to be visited by the shelter.
  5.  Once approved by the third party the user shall be notified via email about the status of the application. In case it is approved, a meeting would be scheduled.


If you find a lost animal and wish it should get its home, there is an “SOS Lost Pet” option.This feature would allow the users to take a photo and share it with their friends on the social media like- Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. A short description can be put up about the lost pet to make it easier to identify the lost animal.

Dog breeders can register as vendors and promote their dogs for sale by paying WaggingPal for a premium space. Registering process is as follows:

  1. To register as a vendor on WaggingPal (Website or App) a dog breeder has to fill out a form with personal details like- name, kennel information, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and the website.
  2. Once received by WaggingPal it shall be approved or rejected whatever the case may be. Once approved they can create dog profiles to display on the feature pet areas just as pet shelters.
  3. The vendor will be charged a flat $ rate for using the area.
  4. WaggingPal will be able to take 15 vendors for an area only on their platform.

How the app is built:

With beautiful material design, the app captures the attention of the users. It uses the latest material themes, card layouts for designing beautiful graphical interface. We not only focussed on UI, but we cared about the UX also. That makes it user-friendly. The app is developed using InstaMaterial sliding effects which make it easy and interactive for users to search pets. Users can search pets according to their preferences. The Android app was developed with Android Studio IDE and the iOS application with Swift Language. 

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