Case Studies


MDoctor: The Ultimate Doctor for your Cell Phones

1) Overview: Every day, the technology trends change and thereby changes the way to optimize the technological advancements. The mobile phone markets are booming and so are the apps that are built in thousands of quantities for multiple purpose and ...
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JOKAAMO : Services at Your Doorstep

1) Overview: Are you one of those who wants to keep an arm’s length from the unnecessary hassle of running from one place to another to choose the best tutor? Does it seem inconvenient having to buzz end number of ...
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Get Purohit : App to Connect Pundit Online

1) Overview: GetPurohit is an online application to book a purohit/pandit for any needs related to religious and spiritual domains. GetPurohit is a service which was put into execution considering the current demands of getting anything and everything online may ...
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How we developed Healthcare app to Automate 120 Hospitals

Currently, at EngineerBabu we use Intercom for communicating with our visitors. One of such client’s visited our site and asked about having worked with any app in the Medical domain and can we build one such app for them. I ...
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Mentrio: community to Find the right Mentor

Students after finishing their schooling often gets ambiguous about which course to study, which university to pursue higher education from , what to expect in the coming years, etc. These are very relevant questions to rise in the mind of ...
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Selfieism: A Cool New App To Post All The Click Flick Moments

When the world is getting smaller and easy-to-reach, there are major technical advancements happening in the IT sector as well. These days, the apps are changing the way they were build and the way they are built now. The apps ...
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MateApp: Free Social Media App that allows users to Stay in Touch

What up mate? In the hustle and bustle of the growing usage of the internet, there is a much louder noise of social media. IMs almost equally share the centre stage with social media. The world has condensed today, and ...
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MaalGaadi – Intra City Logistics and Fleet Management Solutions - A true story of moving ahead. Everything today depends on logistics. Although we live in a parallel universe of the internet, where everything transits online, the physicality aspect of transit is impossible to ignore. It also plays a ...
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