Best Mobile Application’s for UEFA Euro 2016


Best Mobile Application’s for UEFA Euro 2016

Football is the most adored game in the world and EURO 2016 is one of the most awaited events for football lovers. As if now 24 teams participated in 41 matches and scored overall 79 goals. These games were commenced in 10 different Venues. But what if you don’t have time watch these matches in your house. If you are always on the go and want to enjoy these matches, while travelling or in your office. What will you do?

Our team at “ENGINEEERBABU” suggested some of the amazing mobile applications through which you can enjoy UEFA Euro 2016. Through these mobile applications, you can enjoy UEFA matches anywhere you want to.

UEFA Euro 2016

This is an official mobile application for UEFA Euro 2016. This great mobile application gives tons of information to the user about the teams and 552 players. This mobile application gives a detail information about the fixtures and groups as well. This mobile application also generates the notification regarding the latest news related to Euro 2016.

BBC Sport

If you want to watch the game live, you should refer to this mobile application. As BBC sport helps the user to watch the game live anywhere he/she desires. In the worst case scenario, if you forget to watch the match, you can always refer to the highlights provided by BBC sport.

EURO 2016

If you don’t want lots of pic and video clips of the football matches, you just want to know about the scores and stats. This is the mobile application you want to refer. Euro 2016 is a light mobile application in which the user can view score and stats related to the match.


LIVESCORE has a direct approach as this mobile application gives you immediate match statistics wherever you want. LIVEScore generates the notifications when there is the change in score. This mobile application can also be used for viewing fixtures, team standings and also the predictions of the game.


TheScore is most unique kind of mobile application with context to the Euro2016. This mobile application generates every notification in the NEWS format. This feature gives you short and simple but important notification regarding the EURO 2016.

We at “ENGINEERBABU” have also developed some amazing mobile application related to sports. If you want to create any mobile applications related to god of games (Football) or any other game, we are here to help.

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