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Top 5 Freelance Sites to Hire Android App Developer

Hiring is not an easy task, and when it comes to  hire android app developer, you would want that the developer you hire has all the experiences. A developer who has all the qualifications, who can give you back up to any claims of Android expertise is on your priority list.

To go in search of best android app developer you need to get in touch with the right source. As you know that, the Internet is considered as the world full of possibilities. It is the place that can help you to hire any sort of developer you want. You can visit any of the freelancing sites which boast to deliver you the best of a person having Android skills. But sometimes, falling prey into their trap can leave you in the lurch.
But hey, it’s not that; there are people or sites to make you their target. There are few of the sites as well where you can find genuine people to help you out and give best of the services.
Thus, we’ve put together a list of the best sites where you can find supreme Hire Android app developer:


X-team is trusted by world’s leading brands. They have been providing high-quality developers when you need them the most. You get app developers for hiring and that also for full-time. Moreover, they will bill you on a monthly basis. Isn’t it good?
They not only save your time and money while recruiting but they also help you to get cover employment cost completely. And that, we would say, is quite flexible, right?
The developers over here are easy to work with. They often communicate with you by gladly joining your daily standups. Moreover, they proactively move the project forward, to ensure that they are adding value to you.
X-team’s Android app developers help you to create high quality, efficient and maintainable code. All developers are examined and screened for their performance superiority. Passionate leaders of X-team are even screened for dealing with diverse projects before they are taken on board. What makes them agiler is they are dedicated full-time to one project at a given period.
This makes them more focused and better equipped to deal with the issues you face.


Here, you can find the level of service that works for you. It’s an online freelance marketplace that you can turn to. You know that Android operating system controls the global marketplace, leveraging a professional specialist who is accustomed to the software and technology, right?
It is a powerful way to reach vast new markets. So, if you want to hire android app developer or are developing, distributing, or running any of the smartphone and mobile application, working with an Android app developer isn’t only a good practice; it is basically required. And Upwork is better known for the number of freelancers it provides than the overall quality.
Given the nature of mobile platforms, working with an Android specialist over here is a flexible and cost-effective way to cooperate on any mobile project supported by this near ever-present platform.
If you have more time to examine through developers by inspecting them yourself, you can certainly find some great developers on this site. Be extremely careful to avoid the failures. Don’t shell out more money down the line to fix bad work.
Whatever road you pick to take on your search to hire Android app developer, you shouldn’t forget to equip yourself with the best resources available.

 Hire Android App Developer
Hire Android App Developer


It is a smart software development service, combining top developers and designers with artificial intelligence. Apart from the fact that they scan and examine app developers that they hire to be on board with them, one shouldn’t forget to note that they are not much of a traditional freelance developer-client meeting ground. Here, you can hire android app developer and designer more easily.
The way they function is quite stimulating, and the process they apply is what makes them totally worth of. Who won’t want to work with them, isn’t it?
You can better understand them with the following example:
Get some amazing app idea and get in touch with the Gigster people to get a quote. There, a representative will give you a call. Within 10 minutes, you will get a quote in terms of estimated time and estimated development cost. If you agree, a project manager will be assigned to you, along with the number of developers to work on your project. After that, the project manager would consult you on how your thing can be developed in a more user-friendly manner.
You don’t need to manage the developers as your code is maintained by Gigster even when they are done with your project. They just take a fair amount of money and keep on upgrading the codes to make your app time proof. Cool, isn’t it?


Toptal is a worldwide talent network for the top 3% of software developers and designers, where you can hire Android app developer who specialises in Android apps. You will get one of the very best with them.

Here, they consult with their senior engineer and personally hand-pick top Android developers that fit your specific project need. Doing this, not only ensure that will find one of the best Android developers but that you will also hire a top-notch app developer who was hand-picked especially for your project.

 Hire Android App Developer
Hire Android App Developer


A community as well as a marketplace where world class mobile app developers, web developers, and client are present in a single platform to fulfil their dream!
We help you to connect with top mobile app development companies, who have developed similar kind of projects matching with your requirement.
If you have ideas and looking for perfect IT Partners, EngineerBabu is for you. We have startups or Entrepreneurs to
o Help you build wireframe by visualising your need.
o Hire perfect partner who can build your product impeccably.
o Hire best mobile app developers, web developers, a freelancer for your dream project.




And many such experts to convert your idea into an execution plan.
How we make money; we charge monthly subscription from vendors or IT service provider. We don’t charge anything from startups or clients.
Working within India gives us low-cost solutions while keeping the quality and we are happy to pass that advantage to you. For expert solutions and outstanding service, you can get in touch with us.

EngineerBabu is Freelancers community of world class web, mobile developers and SEO/SMO Experts. You can Hire Freelancers online and Find Freelancer Work.


Enhance your business with Global Freelance Talent

Enhance your business with Global Freelance Talent

Scaling can prove to be a tricky move for your business if your business or startup has just hit its first growth spot. While enhancing your business- be it through freelance work, freelance project; it is also important for you to plan your budget, finances, and marketing for larger projects and your audiences to get the best global freelance talent.

For this, you need to serve your present clients on a continuous basis while managing your fiancés accordingly. Though it’s hard to pinpoint when your startup will grow into a small business of your own, you need to ride the wave with better strategies carefully.

It doesn’t matter if you want to hire a freelancer, hire app developers or persons to work for Android app development- for all of these things you need to plan your budget keeping your goals in mind. After that, you need to decide when you are going to take a small part of your salary.

Slowly, when you realize that you are expanding your marketing strategy- ask your present clients from where they heard about you. Doing this will help you to understand what’s already working and what is the thing to get worked. When you are done with all the things above, outsource projects and expertise before you decide to hire a new employee.

Many startups do not live long, so if yours is budding you’re doing something factual. You can’t get hold of the same strategies that got you here, but you can obviously depend on that same great approach and unwavering work ethic to bring you through the next term of growth.

For many of the companies, drumming into the global freelance talent pool helps them to get clear access to the best talent and allows growth in a scalable, cost-effective way.

Below given strategies were used by a handful of companies who found success by leveraging large virtual teams to overcome challenges in their businesses. Here’s a quick look at 3 of the strategies highlighted to scale your business with Global Freelance Talent.


Take a fresh look at your budget in light of your new goals

By taking a fresh look at your budget by keeping your goals in mind can help you generate new services to upsell your present clients. And when you have a strong client base you are likely to engage more and more freelance experts to create new product offerings totally that is personalized to meet the needs of your present users. New add-on service can be created to your client base, which can change into a famous source of added ongoing revenue later.


Start expanding your marketing strategy.

You need to take some time to ask your existing clients from where they heard of you so you can know what is already working. Expanding your contacts and reaching to your clients will help you to get the most out of customer trends. It will really help you to market your ideas well and build a healthy long-lasting relationship.


Outsource projects and expertise before you hire a new employee

When you are done with a detailed fresh look at your budget with goals in mind and when marketing your ideas is well-dealt with outsourcing comes along next. Doing this will help you to hold onto the strategies explained above. It will also help you to get along all the hindrances that might come in your way. You just need to remember is – ‘Don’t ever leave anything to your competitors’. If you want to add value-added service so that you can address a problem well in front your specific clients then take fast action by engrossing the expense and hire the best freelancer.

Bringing in quality freelancers and their freelance work with the right knowledge permitted them to solve client’s problem which they couldn’t otherwise have undertaken.


How to give Happy Customer Service?

Happy Customer Service

Seeing happy faces and that also of clients is the main thing which let your business flourish more and more. Happy customer service can only be given if you really know your customer and their interests. You can make customers satisfied if you know what they like and where they are showing their interests.

1.Your customers are your selling point

Happy customer service cannot be given you being happy but it is provided understanding them in a better way. If you know to get them more, their needs and their interests, it is easier for you to grab more opportunities. You can then sell new products to them and bring them to your target by providing great as well as exciting offers.

2.Outline your customers

The first and foremost thing you need to do is outlining your customers. It will help you to find the valuable ones. You can even look for several other similar prospects and sell them your products in a related manner.

Nevertheless, you must ensure that you meet the terms with data protection guidelines for any particular information on present and budding customers that you gather, keep and bring in practice. There are precise instructions for e-commerce.

3.Keep record of customer details in an aligned way

To improve effectiveness further, you can use the information and count on your customers. It can be done by keeping record of customer details in an aligned way. Doing this will not only help you give happy customer service but it will also help to reduce errors that mostly occur in sales and transactions too will speed up in a better direction.

4.Sincerely interact with your customers

Talk to your clients/ customers as you would do in person, not like as if you are addressing a press release. You should address your customers by their name, and tell them your name when you introduce yourself to them in starting itself. Talk with your customers in a frank manner as at any second, an unhappy client can share their view with the common people by taking help of social media which can affect your business negatively.

5.Listen what your customers want to say

Respect their views. Keeping your patience is primarily important. It gives your customer the time to express their feelings and issues they have. It creates the chance for you to help resolve the issue and make them happy. The more happy and relaxed the customer is there is more possibility they will share valuable feedback.

6.Get better access to information

You can also improve customer service if you think you haven’t been able to satisfy them. Get better access to information that will help you deal with customers more swiftly. You can modify product offerings and provide tailored treatment. The precise information will make it easier for you to identify and resolve any problems that you have been facing.

7.Be transparent and honest with your customers

Tell your customers when you have made a change, done something right or when you have screwed up something. A healthy mix of conversation will give your customers a translucent look into your company that can’t be bogus. Don’t be afraid and open up with them. Doing this will help you to have healthy conversations with your customers and help you in giving happy customer service.

8.Build Trust and get Positive feedback

Forming love between your company and your customers can help you to scale positive word of mouth which is really priceless. You need to be careful in how well you communicate the changes done to your product and services. Try to find value in the feedback about your company changes.

Be as grateful as possible to your customers for taking the time to go through the process of resolving their issue. Maintain kindness in your relationship. For example: Virgin America does this extraordinarily well. They spice things up with charming in-flight security videos, fun lighting activities on their aircrafts and a top-of-the-line selection of stores in their airport terminals.

Apple’s late founder, Steve Jobs, made sure to give happy customer service from starting. The design of the business’s customer experience mirrors the hallmark of their products – user friendliness.

The best way to introduce Basecamp is a quote from their website:

“10 years from now people aren’t going to say ‘I wish Basecamp was harder to use’ or ‘I wish Basecamp was slower and less reliable’ or ‘I wish it took longer to get an answer from someone at Basecamp’, so we invest heavily in infrastructure, great design, and customer service.”

Similarly, we at EngineerBabu are trying our level best to satisfy our customers. Below example will give you more clarity.mate-app

To conclude, understanding your customers will help your planning to move in the right direction giving positive outlook. You can forecast what they will purchase, and guess how much stock you want. If you want to improve profitability, linking customer management to purchasing sector and see the difference of happy smiling faces will make you and them to maintain happy customer service fruitful forever.


Freelance Business – Know how you can start it on your own!

Freelance Business – Know how you can start it on your own!

Many of the talented individuals do not realize their potential and let their talent go into wasteland just like that. Sometimes skills aren’t used in a proper direction. It can be a rewarding task for an eager person who wants to join the freelance business.
It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have an idea how to get started with the freelance business. Many of the enthusiastic entrepreneurs go through the same problem. Here, you can utilize your skills to your best. Just remember that you shouldn’t avoid research and must know what you want to freelance in.
Once you have static mind on what you want to start freelancing in then you can sit back and find the scope of your business.
Be it anything –research is the main aspect of establishing a better business.
Keeping this in mind, simple and easy steps have been picked to help you to start your freelance business.
Let’s get you familiar about how can you start your own freelance business. There are numerous options to select from, each with their own specific features as given below:
• You need to explore what you want to pursue

Generally, if you want to go for freelancing one of the first and foremost significant decisions that a self-starting individual must make is picking the type of subject through which their business will operate.
Contact Everyone– Be it friends or friends of friends or any of your distant relative. The more contacts, references, and experience, you have when you go for freelance business, the easier the process will be of making that final work done. Discuss in front of them what you are thinking to do. If you won’t be at the benefit; you won’t be at a loss as well. Discussing your idea will help you to get references and contacts that can prove to be beneficial.

Don’t turn down the opportunity if you are offered to work for free– Many of the novices turn down the offer made to them thinking that they aren’t getting paid for the work. Don’t reject the offer even if you aren’t getting paid. Who knows- when you are going to get new contacts? Thus, keep in mind that it’s never too late to start reaching out to people and increase your circle.

Have a goal in mind– Be it emailing your contacts or asking for suggestion don’t get distracted from your goal. Doing this will help you to be in touch and build a strong network that will support you in future. And doing this will help you to know your survival limit.

Try to sail by selling your ideas in the market– Try to sell your services in every social media platform possible. Join relevant groups there and start interacting with people by putting your queries forward. Spread your ideas as far as you can. When the internet is there to help you- why to worry? Go and explore!

You need be attentive, stay targeted and talk to every new connection you make– Treat them as if they are your best friend. You need to meet them especially if you are driving your readers through social media. Make them believe that you are worth for their work and there is no need to fear.

Do proper research: Be it social media or any other platform- You need to track your competitors. At all level, there is the competition going on. Some are visible, and some are hidden. As there are observers spread around, you need to differentiate yourself from others. Make your digital presence noticed.

Create your own path and work hard on it. Work your ass off to fulfill your dream.