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6 Things to keep in mind before developing a product

Companies having a focused approach, function better financially. To make both ends meet, I make customer satisfaction my topmost priority because it is his acceptance that will help in furnishing an outstanding product. The knack of this trade lies in the critical ability in finding out what the user really wants. Making the product user-friendly does half the work.

I keep the distance from giving a bulk of options to the client since web developing shares the drawback of shopping. As you get confused after seeing some options to choose from, so does the client. Henceforth, I make a user experience the nucleus of my interest to fulfil his expectations.

 You too can strive to provide refine work by following these easy tips:-

1. Ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t-

Someone asked me, “Why UI and UX are important?” I questioned, “Why boys follow pretty girls in college?” This exactly summarises the importance of UI and UX. Boys linger after girls who are comparatively prettier than the rest. Don’t take me wrong; I’m not a racist. I truly believe in inner beauty. But honestly, we end up judging a book by its cover. That is the first thing that drives us to pick up that book in first place and start flipping through its pages. So the visual impact created by the website is most important. How viewers get surrealistic images while easily browsing through the web pages matter. A picture can speak a thousand words while staying mum at the same time. User interface and user experience have the capability to make or break your creation. The visuals should create such an impact on the eyes of the beholder that he gets lost in its beauty and even recommend your work to others.

2. Clients may not tell you what they want, but they can always tell you what’s wrong-

Sounds like being a hypocrite, right? This confusion arises solely due to lack of communication. When we can be so expressive in confiding with our loved ones, why can’t we clear things face-to-face with clients too? My point is that we should be verbal and professional while dealing with clients instead of giving them the leverage to question my work. Overseas clients may often be heard grumbling about dissatisfactory work done by Indians, but perhaps it has got nothing to do with labelling a particular country’s workforce inadequate. We need to make efforts to communicate mutual needs with transparency. Allocating work to the suitable person too helps to fight such ugly situations.

3. Task of a leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been-

This quote by Henry A Kissinger sheds light on work of a true leader who knows his team in and out. He can identify their qualities, expertise or flaws and then try to churn out the best from available resources by delegating work equally. I use this technique to analyse the potential and demerits of my employees and distribute work accordingly to get quality output.
If I know someone is good at developing a gaming application, I will give him a similar project instead of trying to pile him with the headache of designing a music application. This will not only spare us both from disagreements but also give him the confidence and scope of creativity to make the best use of his talent. It is important that the employee master a particular domain to deliver fine work.

4. How we spend our time defines who we are-

How often do we get chided for late work? But still, we continue to procrastinate. We often tend to ignore the fact that such practice bears direct consequences on our relations with the client. He might have expected us to complete the project in a given time limit. The moment we skip that deadline and make excuses to cover it up, we are disregarding work ethics at the cost of company image. Clients value companies who stay true to their word. So it is better to decide a finite period and clarify with the prospect. Set a minimum and maximum time frame you’ll take to deliver work and most importantly keep your word.

5. We build too many walls and not enough bridges-

I often hear clients complaining about the developer’s inefficiency while the developer complaints of clients making too many changes. Such a dead lock situation arises when the two parties do not set ground rules before proceeding. To avoid this state, I meet my clients along with the designated developer before we tread on a new path. It is then that we set a framework, discuss the most intricate details about each and every tab. This way I don’t need to be in a position where we have to make further changes after the product is ready. It is up to us either to raise walls or build bridges. We unnecessarily invite untoward situations and then indulge in blame game. Let’s not get into such a practice again, make things simpler and deliver work effectively.

6. Knowing the answers help in school while knowing how to question will help in life-

Warren Berger unleashes the power of questioning the right way. Raising an impactful team is like raising a baby. You have to nurture employees with care and affection. They should be given the liberty to ask questions otherwise their growth would be hampered. I set-up a base camp and let employees find their way through remote lanes to enable them to solve even nerve wrecking issues. When kids ask weirdest of questions, parents are bound to answer. So be a parent to your ever growing developer. Most companies do not establish a link between employees and client as they fear the developer would start taking up work directly from the client. We work contrary to this notion by engaging the two so that developer has a thorough knowledge about the client’s need. Involving developers in the association makes them feel valued and let’s not forget they are an asset to your firm.

EngineerBabu is a platform which curates the top talent in the IT sector and provides entrepreneurs with easy access to IT professionals who can help in the growth of their companies.

8 Amazing Ways To Ace a Networking Event

Your network is your networth.

Networking events are a perfect chance to learn from eminent personalities and foster a good relationship with them. They should not only be looked at as a source of generating revenue for your company. Maintaining congenial relations, making the other remember you among hundreds and standing alone from the crowd counts in the long run.
Are you done with clicking selfies with Speaker? And counting likes on Facebook.
Have you collected more than 4000 cards in events and still didn’t get a single business?

I am going to share step by step guide how we made $53,000 from One event.

Do not be hasty in accepting RSVP to the next event that props up. Make sure if it is the right thing to build your network. Your aim should be to work on potential clients. You need to indulge in value driven strategizing to get a favourable outcome.

Do a ground work before attending any workshop, seminar or networking event. I make a list of prospective clients who are going to participate in an event. I connect with these people through a social network or email and welcome them even before attending the event. This really helps me to personalise more with my prospects in the event and get more business leads.

Networking events offer end number of potentially fruitful interactions. The investment of time and money can bear important outcome in future.

Here is an easy guide growing your network.

Do not waste time in attending seminars that have no connection with your trade. Like I only accept events where I can find my favourable clients.
A good way to go about it is to use social media, relevant hashtags and tweets to understand who all are attending the upcoming seminar.


Accordingly, send them an e-mail fixing up a meeting.
Email: Let’s explore India together
Hi John,
I welcome you in India, I am also coming to that event, I need your 10 min time to have a coffee together and expecting to know more about you, your company and your country.
If you free and want to explore India, share your travel plan, I would be happy to help.
Your Friend Mayank
This is crucial since you need to figure out the right kind of people who can help you in generating business.

You will always cherish the time spend in background research because it forms the foundation of your impending meet.
If there is a particular person on the guest list, you’ve meaning to engage with, do an in-depth research about him because this comes in handy at the hour of need.
Scavenge their social media profiles, keep their interests and hobbies on your finger tips and learn what intrigues them most. This includes knowing about their favourite movie, novel, actor or cuisine.
I use for meeting research.

Charlie App

Such background knowledge provides a good fodder to kick start a conversation without being clueless about the other. This will help in laying down a common ground where you can have a two-way conversation without having to get bored. The common topic can prolong your discussion and predispose the prospective client in your favour. The idea is to keep their interest before yours.

It is imperative that your focus is to build connections but in addition to this, try to be a mediator yourself. Look for people who require some sort of help from the speaker. You can then swoop in and introduce the two parties.

When some popular panellist is the keynote speaker, The audience often wants to capture moments with them. But instead of bridging the gap between people and speaker, you start taking pictures with the artist. A better way to develop friendly relations is to do exactly the opposite. Take pictures of your prospects with the speaker. This gives you a common topic of discussion to engage in future.
It is an easy way to exchange contact number. You can send them their pictures after the seminar gets over.


This will not only put a smile on their face but also develop an inclination towards working with your firm.

You cannot be a know it all, but strive to familiarise few more people other than the guests. Well, sponsors can be good for starters. The theory of researching and finding out similarities applies here too. Who knows a pep talk may turn into a deal?

The correct way to freeze such a deal is to leave your mark in minimum time. Sponsors won’t have all the time in the world to have a long discussion. So, it is important to leave an everlasting impression on their minds in whatever limited time you’ve got.

5. Show Sincerity and Interest

Have a few good questions in your back pocket. Asking the other person about her background and work will show her that you’re interested in more than just your own job opportunities. The best questions are ones that can’t be answered by just “yes” or “no,” such as:

  • How do you like working for your company?
  • What’s your primary role at your company?
  • What projects are you working on right now?
  • How did you get involved in your field?

In following the mad pursuit to get assignments, you often go on talking about your own firm. This is considered a malpractice. How you make others feel is more important. Instead of blabbering about yourself, take a time to appreciate their success story.

Abstain from being carried away in marketing your product. Your genuine interest in knowing their side of the story by asking relevant questions is crucial at this instance. It is always better to occupy yourself with few people leading to a meaningful conversation. Always strive for quality, not quantity.

Around 70% clients procure business if you take a follow-up. This doesn’t mean you go on stalking them day and night. Take your time and make an honest approach. If they are impressed by your concept, they will surely take the deal forward.

All you need to do is make efforts and keep in touch with those whom you feel you were able to establish a purposeful bond.


Connect with people whom you met at the conference online and share your personal experience of having met them. You can make an acquaintance feel valued by writing a blog on what life lessons you learned from him.
People make social media sound too cliché. However, if you know how to put it to good use, your mere presence at a networking event and sincere interactions can fetch long term rewards for your company.


EngineerBabu is a platform which curates the top talent in the IT sector and provides entrepreneurs with easy access to IT professionals who can help in the growth of their companies.

MateApp: Free Social Media App that allows users to Stay in Touch

What up mate?

In the hustle and bustle of the growing usage of the internet, there is a much louder noise of social media. IMs almost equally share the centre stage with social media. The world has condensed today, and everyone is on instant messaging. Perhaps one of the greatest communication revolutions of the times, instant messaging became much more popular than any other platform. And probably that is cause it integrates with the phone number. One such IM is MateApp. It adds to the mayhem of social media and IMs.

Let’s check out the features of MateApp:

  • Free:  MateApp is absolutely free. Just download the app, there is no registration fee or subscription fee you need to pay. It’s an internet based application so there is no charge for messaging.
  • Multimedia enabled:  You can share all multimedia files like images, audio files, video files documents and voice messages.
  • No extra charges for international use: You won’t be levied any extra charge for sending texts internationally.
  • No usernames, passwords or pins:  MateApp integrates with the address book of the phone. There is no need of login details or pin to log in every time. This facilitates to be always logged in.
  • Offline messages:  If a message is missed or the data or phone is switched off MateApp will save the message, and you will be able to view it once you turn the data or phone on.
  • Somethings more:  You can share your location with friends, forward contacts to anyone.

How MateApp works:


MateApp Unique Features:-

1. Timeline – MateApp gives you a timeline so that you can know what is happening in your social circle. Be updated on the activities of your friends. You can share photos and posts on the timeline. You get notified if a friend likes or shares your photo or post.

2. Profile picture – You can upload pictures to your profile grid and also edit them with inbuilt filters and other creative tools.

3. M-Shop – M-Shop enables you with the power of ‘search’. You can get information about restaurants, hospitals, spas, gyms with their photos, contact details, reviews and even directions at your fingertips. You can also tag your favourite places with Bookmarks. MateApp also provides an option to rate and write reviews of the places you visit.

4. Trending – Trending shows you a list of topics that have recently spiked in popularity on MateApp. This list is personalised and based on some factors, including your location and what’s trending across worldwide. Just like other social media platforms, you could see what is trending.

Let’s have a look at the app:


MateApp android app helps you stay connected with your friends over messaging for free. It also gives you a platform to be socially updated on the timeline. You can also search businesses on M-Shop which ends the hassle of searching and to add to that you could see the reviews and ratings which will facilitate the decision-making process. MateApp aims at eliminating cyberbullying by verifying all its users through mobile phone number registration, which is traceable.

Looks amazing. It is more than worth giving a shot, so let’s get that in our phones!

Client Review For EngineerBabu Team 


Our aim is not only to develop the end product but also to provide solutions to the future problems. Thus we believe not only in achieving but in excelling. Contact us- EngineerBabu

Valentine week, Agile way to propose a Client

Hi to all the geeky fellas, quirky personalities and insane coders and each one of those who lives, eats and dreams the world of IT. Today, I am not going to deluge my insight identified with this industry but instead give you a set of advice. All things considered, at present some you are caught up with wanting to take care of your valentine’s week and buck-up your confidence to chase down a lovely young lady whom you adore a lot. Are you the one whose mind stops processing, the system gets hung, and system crashes out of the blue just because of a beautiful face with a set of dark eyes? Geeks like us often face the problems of “Dude, are we going to be single again this Valentine?”. At that point my companion, your framework needs to get an antivirus asap. No stresses, I am here.

We as a whole know about the way that nowadays the Waterfall method for a Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is getting obsolete and AGILE framework is the new in. Yes, the conventional method for executing the activities of our customers are obsolete, and the industry is setting up new upgraded benchmarks by fusing AGILE system for SDLC.

All in all, you may ponder that why the hell am I discussing the differences between these two methods and what it needs to do with Valentine’s week? Indeed, I have some AGILE approaches to approach this current Valentine’s week and help you win a war over your relationship goals.

Along these lines, here are a couple of analogies you should consider on the genuine note.

1. PLANNING – The ROSE DAY (7th February):

It’s customary and undeniable that a boy or a girl thinks about this day. There is nothing superior, to begin with, flowers, and if it’s a rose, gosh you don’t need to think further. So, always start with baby steps. It is all about “Detailed Planning”, where you do have a prior idea about how to approach your crush. And as they say, ‘The first impression is the last impression’. Well, have you heard about the famous childhood romantic duo, where the guy gifted his girl a bouquet of ‘chicken nuggets’ instead of flowers? Deliciously romantic, isn’t it?

2. ANALYSIS – PROPOSE DAY (8th February):

I don’t have the foggiest idea about how numerous hearts soften up during this 24 hour period and how many of them turn into sadness. So, here what you would do is “Detailed Analysis”. You have to be a spy (try being Sherlock, because he is the best in terms of deducing and sexy too) to the person you want to propose. Don’t be biased or jump over to conclusions, after all, it’s not a case to solve, it’s just an approach. Oh yes and once you would propose to your would-be girlfriend/boyfriend, then begins the after-math. You will have to analyse the possibilities of a YES or a NO, (as your engineering brain will work 100 times faster than it had while you were appearing for your engineering exams. All of a sudden Einstein’s spirit enters your body to calculate every minor detail). Look straight into their eyes and tell them honestly about your feelings for them. Okay, as-of-now you can stop staring into the mirror like that.

3. DESIGN – Chocolate Day (9th February):

Uhuuuu, young ladies simply adore chocolates. They go gaga about chocolates. In any case, believe me, there are young ladies who cherish books, espressos and a comfortable place to sit. Chocolates are the ultimate weapon to win them over. There are pizzas and panipuris as well. You could have a go at it by gifting them with a box of pizza straight from the wood-fire stoves, hot-n-fresh. So, this third step will help you design your project. Once analysed you’ll get to know each other much better. Till now you thought that “She loved chocolates”, but now you know that “She loves panipuris too”. In this way, you can be the Michelangelo of your own relationship. Sculpt it the way you want. Trust me; it’ll reflect that appeal in your relationship.

4. DEVELOPMENT – Teddy Day (10th February):

Who doesn’t love to embrace, hope and respect that soft and delicate as-plume stuffed bear? Girls value their excellent recollections of their awesome childhood spent with this toy. Well, I am not asking you to be her “TEDDY BEAR” on which she can jump upon, rather I am asking you to gift her one. But, the idea of you being her teddy is fascinating enough, isn’t it? Imagine the way she’ll cuddle you, pull your cheeks, hug you and probably jump over (Uh, did the last one hurt you?). Hence, what I am trying to say is gifting her the world’s most desired toy i.e. a Teddy Bear, at least she’ll take you out for a dinner-date. You never know.

5. TESTING – Promise Day (11th February):

What better way to knock out the possibilities of odds in your relationship with a trustworthy promise? No, dude not the “I will bring the stars and the moon for you” promise. Even, Christopher Nolan couldn’t do it in his film (Interstellar). So, make promises that you can abide yourself with for a lifetime with her. “Promises are meant to be broken” is just a pun we share with our friends, don’t get serious. Win the trust of your partner. Mean every promise you ever made since you met her. Follow your promises of change whenever and wherever your relationship requires it.

6. RELEASE – HUG Day (12th February):

There are circumstances and conditions that are created or happen between any kind of relationships. “Jadoo Ki happy” ie: after all tight hug, is the best healing agent on this planet. Doesn’t mean you go and hug your hot-looking professor because she is annoyed with your late submissions. You are an Engineering, after all; you know the after-effects of this, don’t you? In some cases, just a hug is all that could be needed to clarify the matter. Furthermore, believe me, nothing is more consoling than a hug.

7. MAINTENANCE – Kiss Day (13th February):

Predictably, this is the most famous day of this entire week. Stop pouting at the moment and focus on what am I saying. You can practise the type of kiss later. This day is not about going over to your girl, meeting her and making out. It’s something more than that. So, don’t be in a hurry, give time to your partner to feel comfortable and more secured with you and then try to take this step. She is not a bait; she is your life-partner. After-all, it’s a festival of love and affection. Try not to over-think it.

8. The Valentine’s Day (14th February):

So, this is basically the moment-of-truth day. The only day when guys have their confidence level more than the temperature of an erupting volcano. You feel as if you are in an ‘IRONMAN’ suit. But, it is a special day too. You should be your best and perfect to her. Essentially, this current valentine’s day doesn’t take after the customary ways, go your own specific manner. Discover yourself and in particular be familiar and unpretentious in whatever you need to do to win her heart. Try not to make stories, express it in a reasonable dialect. Not everybody comprehends poetry and ballads, in fact they suck a big deal when you don’t get even a word outta it. In this way, this time, don’t go formal, go AGILE.

So pals, just be that badass-hero and win her heart over.

We have Startups and Entrepreneurs to help you build wireframe by visualizing your need. You may get in touch with us at EngineerBabu.


Entrepreneurship – It’s all about Caring & Daring

Since my childhood, I had faith in the reasoning of being-on-time. I believed in being a perfectionist. I never missed school nor my school bus and was dependably on time. The only thing which I always depended upon was TIME. I digested the hard fact TIME IS MONEY since the day I learned the functioning of the world. I had this good habit of waking up early, then drawing out a plan for the day and getting set to work. I believed in ‘Early to bed, Early to rise keeps a person healthy and wise,’ it was more than just a kindergarten rhyme to me.  It was important for me to have a discipline to follow because I certainly knew that if I wouldn’t have then somebody else’s discipline would be the thing to follow which I would despise.

When I began working on establishing my organization, I anticipated that my colleagues would acquire a similar rationality. I needed everybody to be on time and, ideally, even before the time they were due. At first, when my group was limited to a few people, I didn’t face many issues with people not showing up on time. But slowly and gradually when the team grew the issue penetrated the working culture, and as a result, I used to get furious with those who didn’t show up on-time. It bothered me and made me feel awful to do so yet they generally conveyed a generous smile in return since they were enthusiastic, had faith in the organization and shared the same vision with which I started this company. So, we all were trying to achieve the same thing but in our own ways.

I am proud of the ethics which I inherited from my parents; they have always taught me to follow the passion but not at the cost of family time. I inculcated the same thing in my company’s work culture. I used to get enraged, yet never needed them to work after the available time since family time is equally vital and I needed them to not bargain on that. I regularly constrained them to close down their tablet and leave the workplace, regardless of the possibility that it was just around 5 minutes of additional time to finish the work.

Amid the early phases of my start-up, I was energized and energetic about everything may it be planned or increasing the staff. But, within a year of aggressive work, I was drained out completely. My passion to achieve success somewhere incepted the plant of anger deep within me, and thus my energy was supplanted by anger. Thankfully I realized it before it went out of control and decided to beat this. I changed few propensities which got colossal thus changing my life as a business visionary.

1. It’s alright if the group come a few minutes late:

When your employees are faithful to their work and you, finishes their work on time, follows the deadlines and timelines, and accepts calls or communicates with your clients even on Sundays then YES, it is totally fine, regardless of the possibility that the colleague gets late. Time is not a constraint until and unless your work is not hampered or delayed. There is no point of your employees being on time if they do not delay any procedures or work. At the point when there is a culture of obligation and responsibility to work, the elements like BEING-ON-TIME seems little.

2. A subtle smile- that’s all you need: 

There was a time when my office work begun with this question “Who was late today?” but then I realized the inappropriateness of this question. This question drove away all the morning excitement in my office, and as a result, I stopped doing this. I keep on saying this wherever I go that with time and experience I have not only evolved my way of doing business but also myself. I am the “NEWER” version with each passing day. In the end, I changed this propensity. Presently I ensure that individuals around me smile and I even blurt some terrible jokes, on which even Siddhu paaji wouldn’t snicker, yet my colleagues would enjoy every bit of it. “Smile away the blues” is, in fact, a reality. It does not solve your problem but always helps you to find the solution. Presently, they are more than just employees. They are my companions more and resources to my company less. And trust me, I mean it.  

There was a time when my office work begun with this question “Who was late today?” but then I realized the inappropriateness of this question. This question drove away all the morning excitement in my office, and as a result, I stopped doing this. I keep on saying this wherever I go that with time and experience I have not only evolved my way of doing business but also myself. I am the “NEWER” version with each passing day. In the end, I changed this propensity. Presently I ensure that individuals around me smile and I even blurt some terrible jokes, on which even Siddhu paaji wouldn’t snicker, yet my colleagues would enjoy every bit of it. “Smile away the blues” is, in fact, a reality. It does not solve your problem but always helps you to find the solution. Presently, they are more than just employees. They are my companions more and resources to my company less. And trust me, I mean it.  

3. It’s not a Game-Of-Thrones:

Of course, every GOT lover would not agree with the title but don’t worry it’s not that Throne I am talking about. I am talking about the chair where bosses prefer to sit. We are a bunch of 3 crazy founders of EngineerBabu who never believe in acquiring the “HOT SEAT”. All three organizers sit with the group, none of us sit on purported Boss’s Throne, which helps us in building a neighborly association with the fellow members in the room. These seats are only utilized for meetings. In actuality, the “Royal position” is utilized by the assistants, partners and even the workplace kid according to their need.

4. Being successful doesn’t mean wearing all the fancy and exclusiveness:

During the initial days of EngineerBabu, we could pull off a great deal of money by cracking projects and finishing them winning our client’s trust. I was born and brought up in a middle-class family and thus never got a chance to try out expensive things. Once I started earning, I used to spend a great deal on extravagance. Like others, I wanted to wear an expensive range of garments and shoes, what is referred to as “BRANDED”. Before long I understood that it is making a discernible difference between my colleagues and me. I realized that that this had created a line between my employees and me and I didn’t want that to affect the friendly work culture. Thus, I pressed all costly garments, even stuffed my shoes, and returned to my regular dress-up. This line soon vanished, and we were back being great companions. These little things make a huge difference. You won’t believe the difference until and unless you practice it yourself.

5. Presently I am lethargic; I rest more, eat progressively and reflect day by day:

Earlier I used to work like a machine, considerations about “how to take the organization to the next level,” “How to increase the value of my associate’s life?”, “How to make them free?” used to keep me involved without stopping for even a minute. When you are new to this entrepreneur’s life, you try to do each and everything for everyone all at once, and this is quite natural. It’s the madness and passion that drives you to pull off such decisions simultaneously. When you work insane, you anticipate that others will do likewise, however that is not going to happen, and at last you will feel pushed. There was a time where I was so concerned that I could afford to miss my breakfast, lunch or potentially supper but never miss a customer’s call. Be that as it may, now I consider time, reflect, and go for everyday strolls and therefore, I am more lively and loaded with satisfaction. I have assigned the undertakings to my subordinates and given them full privileges. This helped me remain quiet, take better choices and focus on main problems.

6. Make communications and not just calls:

Let me elaborate it. Working with our clients, I am constantly required to contact my employees in case of any requirements or help or to get follow-ups. So, basically, I called them whenever I needed their help, nothing more – nothing less. Suddenly at one point, I realized that there is a shrouded thought process behind my call and that business and work was all that I spoke. I learned that occasionally it’s alright to talk something else (apart from your work) and spend extra time babbling with loved ones. Work is never going to leave you and vice versa. With regards to saving a little time, turn off your wifi and enjoy every bit of this present reality around you. It won’t only enhance your working capacity but fills you with new energy to work upon your thought process and take better decisions. The efficiency increases.

7. It’s about being social and not social media:

Everyone loves to kill their time over Facebook, don’t they? All you need to do is post some pictures, do some check-ins, post a status, leave comments and have fun. But, is that the best you can do with such a powerful tool like Facebook? Even I used to do the same when I got my hands-on with Facebook for the first time. I used to update about twice a day and kept updating my wall on a regular basis. I had this dependency thing. But later on I realized, it is the experience and aptitudes which mattered not the selfies. Facebook is much more profitable when utilized in a correct way. Individuals kill additional time in calculating the likes and approaching others for comments. We nowadays spend more time on clients since now we invest energy in conveying esteem and not on advertising.

8. Roles change, not people:

I began my vocation as a nerd. EngineerBabu needed me to administer deals, subsequently I learned deals. Things continued changing, contributions to my company continued changing, and now I am pleased to grab fancy names in our company’s portfolio. I believe that I began my vocation as a nerd. EngineerBabu needed me to administer deals. Subsequently, I learned deals. Things continued changing, contributions to my company continued changing, and now I am pleased to grab fancy names in our company’s portfolio. I believe that “Satisfaction is a myth, my dreams are way too big to get satisfied.” Because that’s the thing that keeps us struggling and keeps us on toes.  Next was development hacking, my organization needed me to be a good writer, and now I am pleased to be the contributor over some well-known online publishing medias. Same is the tale of My prime supporter “Aditi Chaurasia,” she began as an educator, later became a top women entrepreneur in India. She is one of the best website designers but then handles accounts at EngineerBabu. Thus, we have got numerous roles to play and have played it well.

Down the line, I don’t fancy unnecessarily about making and creating a major group of people and incubating them in my start-up. I believe in taking baby stepsI am content with the little group. I chose my clients wisely. My approach to growing business is not merely earning or making billion dollars just for myself, but I dream to fulfill the dreams of each and every person working with me. The people who believe in my dream are the greatest assets to my company. I want to see a cheerful smile on my client’s face whenever I finish their work. I believe in delivering satisfaction and gaining trust. No one is impeccable nor was I. We committed numerous errors and learned from them. We gained from different oversights and insights as well. We have grown together, and I want to continue this journey towards success in the same manner. When everyone is happy, there is no possibility of anything going wrong. You have to trust your decisions. Your gut feeling has to play at the front-foot.

We have Startups and Entrepreneurs to help you build wireframe by visualizing your need. You may get in touch with us at EngineerBabu.


10 Essential Tools every Freelancer needs

A man and his tools make a man and his trade” – Vita Sackville-West
The saying goes without a doubt. Today we live in a world of complexities and to simplify, breakdown and ease the problems we require tools. Be it the physical or in the virtual world, tools are irreplaceable.

Being a freelancer, you need to have the right set of tools. With the right tools, a freelancer can work with ease and can scale to newer heights. So, what are all the TOOLS you would require to have as a freelancer to get it easy and precise? Let’s have a look.

freelancers-tool1. Google Keep

– It is an online tool which enables us to make notes, lists and even images or audios. The following can be done on Google Keep:
a. Formats – Not only notes and lists can be created but also audio and video files can be uploaded.
b. Labels – Putting a label on a list makes it easy to search. Also, you can categorize lists into different labels. There are default categories of labels to choose from, or you can create your own category.
c. Color options – There is a wide variety of choice of colors available for list templates. You can also categorize the lists based on color.
d. Reminder – Just like setting your alarm; you can set a reminder for a list which would remind you just on time.
e. Filters – You can search a file by putting filters like- ‘audio’, ‘images’, ‘reminders’ and even ‘shared’.
f. Sharing -Just like Docs you can share a list or audio file or an image file with people.

2. SlideShare

Slideshare is a presentation sharing tool by Linkedin. It empowers to you share your presentations over the internet with people sitting anywhere around the world. PDF files and PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to it. Presentations can be more interactive by integrating audio and video files. Social media like Twitter and Facebook can also be fused with slide share.

3. Hootsuite

It’s omnipresent, and it has seeped into the ground”. – Tom Piazza.
Is it possible to be omnipresent? Probably not yet but what about being omnipresent on social media? Yes, you can be omnipresent on social media. Hootsuite is a platform for managing social media. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and much more can be integrated with Hootsuite. From just one place you can control everything that’s going on, on your various social media platforms.

4. Mailchimp

Email never was late to be identified as a great tool for marketing. Today email marketing is widely used across all industries. Mailchimp facilitates sending bulk mails of a campaign across all your email database. A few features:

a. Receiver’s behavior – Mailchimp helps you in gauging the precise behavior of the recipient by providing you with the analysis of – how many people read your campaign, how many people clicked on the link or the call to action button in the campaign, time of opening the mail, frequency of opening the mail in the case when the same mail is opened several times.
b. Built-in templates – It also provides with built-in templates which can be used for your campaigns. You can upload your own templates too.
c. Schedules campaigns – Mailchimp helps in scheduling the campaigns too. If you are unavailable yet the campaign needs to shoot, you just need to schedule it to when you want it to shoot off.
b. Auto responses and Welcome messages – It also facilitates you with auto responses and welcome messages to be sent to your contacts in case you are unavailable, or your clients are based overseas.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management tool which helps teams work together. There are various tools in Basecamp – Campfire, Message Board, To-dos, Schedule, Automatic Check-ins and Docs & Files.

a. Campfire -It is a group messenger facilitating communication within a team for sharing links and files.
b. Message Board-It is for more permanent conversations.
c. To-dos – This helps in keeping track of the tasks which are needed to be done.
d. Schedule -Schedule helps in marking important dates, events, meetings, appointments, etc
e. Check-ins -This is a tool which asks short questions to the teams on a regular basis. All the answers and feedbacks are collected and stored on check-ins.
f. Docs & Files -Docs & Files helps in keeping longer documents and upload files.

6. Google G Suite

G Suite is a collaborative software which was developed by Google. It helps in easing the tasks where some people are involved. It has Gmail (email), hangouts (IM), calender G+ (social media). Apart from the communication tools, it provides docs, sheets, forms and slides also. Today G Suits is extensively used across businesses.

7. Zoho

Today every business needs a stronger customer relationship, even more than a stronger customer base. Zoho is a subscription-based CRM software which helps you out with all the hassles of CRM.

8. Skype

Skype is the alternative to all the expensive voice calls and video conferencing. It is a free tool to communicate long distances. To use Skype the caller and receiver both need to have Skype at both ends. Much of the services are free on Skype, although it charges if calls are made to a mobile-phone or a landline number. Initially, it was restricted to desktops and laptops, but today you can get Skype on your mobile phones too by downloading the mobile app.

9. Sanebox

Now we have a tool which can manage our MAILS too. We get tons and tons of emails daily and it is very distracting to see so many mails also prioritizing them becomes difficult too. How about a tool which tells you what should be addressed first and so on? Sanebox helps in identifying the important mails and keeping them in the inbox. The other unimportant mails are kept aside in another folder for future references.

10. Bidsketch

Bidsketch is an online proposal tool which helps in creating proposals. Every business today require making proposals and doing that is a time-consuming affair. Now you can make and send proposals in no time. Bidsketch helps in making precise and uniform proposals making them look more professional.
These are some amazing tools which can be used by freelancers. No buying expensive licensed software, no long download durations, no installations, just get on internet and there you are.

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8 Steps to Hire Best a Freelance App Developer

Today a Phone is like oxygen; People can live without food but not without a phone.

App developers have become invaluable to entrepreneurs and business owners. Fortunately, there are many app developers in the market and finding one to hire isn’t hard these days. However, the problem is to find the right fit for your business need. The entire process requires careful thought and consideration. So how to find the one who’ll add value to your idea?

Here are 8 useful steps to assist you:

 1.  A Trainee Barber can cut your Ear: Don’t hire New

When looking for app developers for hire, you should look for a professional. Someone who takes care of the development and also gives an input to make a product better. Ask whether he has worked on a similar domain? any previous experience. If he is new to the development industry then don’t take risk. Old is Gold and New is silver.

2. Nothing comes easy in life, even Santa comes with clauses: Get a NDA Signed

It is important to choose someone you can trust and build a long-term business relationship. Get a NDA signed before sharing your ideas; you can find a NDA format in Google or Ask the developer to share his NDA Template.

NDA terms are;

  1. Not to share your code,
  2. Reuse your code,
  3. Can’t work on similar domain or idea for two years,
  4. Can’t work with your competitor,
  5. Company or his employees cannot start a company using your idea, or it’s piece.

3. Customer is King and Kings choose the best: Don’t look for cheap

All companies have a development budget, and it is understandable to work within that budget. However, you should never let price alone drive your choice for an app developer. Let the product and the quality of the developer’s work determine who you hire. In some cases, the cheaper option may turn out to be a waste of money, and they could become more expensive in the long run. The extra costs may apply if the app does not turn out the way you expected it to, and you have to pay another developer to build a new one for you.

4. Geeks don’t lie; Show me your portfolio

There are many talented developers out there, but their style may be different from what you want for your app. It is important to ask for their portfolio before hiring him. When going through his samples, check out the type of user interfaces and their expertise. The portfolio can always help you to determine who is the best according to your need.

5. When I write a code, only God and I can understand it

Ask the developer to give you the contact information of some of his past clients. Contact his previous customers to get feedback on the quality of his work. Talking to former customers can help you understand the app developer’s work ethics, his time management skills, and his communication skills. Tell him your future plans like weather you would be setting an in-house team after funding or doing in-house development later. Does he write a proper comment and weather he had helped previous clients to hand over the code?

6. If you do it right, it will last forever; A poor Design doesn’t last

While the functionality of an app is critical, businesses should not ignore the design. It is important for the app to serve its purpose while being easy to use.

Work with developers who put an effort in making the app more interactive and easy to use. It is also important to hire a designer or a team with the designer who considers the whole package and not just the coding aspect of the app development.

  1. Write your idea in doc, use “Requirement Docs” sample format
  2. Do a few rough designs; it’s ok to have just a pencil sketch rather then nothing
  3. Share samples of designs or look for a competitive or similar app
  4. Do a bit of research and share the links of websites and Apps that you like. So that your designers can have a better understanding of your likes and dislikes.

7. Communication is key

How well the developer communicates with you during the hiring process can give you a glimpse of the future. If they do not return your emails on time or respond to your calls or messages, look for someone else. It is important for the developers to give you a weekly work progress report. You should have frequent calls initially; later weekly meetings are enough.

8. Multitasking improves productivity and slows Delivery

Some app developers are very talented in what they do, but they may have many orders on their plate. Such developers may not be able to deliver your work on time. They may also not have the time to update or tweak your app in the future. Before hiring the developer, have an honest conversation with him about your expectations. Ask them about their schedule, the number of projects they are currently working on, and how available they are to concentrate on your project. Give them your timeline and deadlines, and ask them whether they can be able to deliver within the set time. No one can give you the exact time, but approximate estimates are ok.


It is easy to find and hire different app developers for different domains. However, it is important that you should have a clear vision of what you want, and then choose an app designer who can help you build your dream.

This Article is originally published at Entrepreneur Magazine written by Mr. Mayank Pratap Singh.

5 Twitter Marketing Tips for your Startup

StartUps and Twitter, sounds weird? Ofcourse it does, but it is infact quiet complementary to each other. Whenever there are questions and doubts regarding taking your StartUp or business to the next level, someone or the other sitting in that boardroom meeting is going to pop up with the idea of Social Media engagements. We are well aware of the influence it leaves on the online audience over a period.  Considering platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on, we have got a lot more options to thrive upon.

Twitter, as we know, is more of a micro-blogging web app and has gained popularity for various kinds of businesses over the time. You have to make sure that every tweet you do is just confined to 140 characters and that’s what game is all about. You have to win your customer or client by 140 characters. Social media is more of a taboo these days because it is a platform where people connect and communicate in both a professional and a personal way. In fact, Social Media Marketing is considered to be a key element when it comes to marketing your business.

So, the question is how you will incorporate your business with your consumer domain? First things first, business in not merely a professional relationship through which you can sell your services and products. Business is where your services and products actually revolve around a customer’s psychology and their emotions. You don’t sell merely a product; you sell a solution to their problems. You do not deal with just a person but their emotions too. Following are Twitter marketing tips for your startup-

  1. Promote other Twitter members:

Dude, that’s one hell of advice, isn’t it? Well, it might sound like a big-deal but it isn’t. Promoting others doesn’t mean you go on re-tweeting other peoples tweets just for the sake of getting retweeted. You have to be honest about whatever you promote. Say, for example, you follow a twitter account of famous star and often retweet their postings, that means you believe and agree to what that person believes in.  You have to make sure that whatever you share of your fellow Twitterati, it must add some value to your followers.

The key here is to grow your network via following and retweeting others. So, bringing someone’s tweet in the limelight will ultimately lead you towards the limelight. The retweets that you do can be in any possible form. Your retweet may be any gesture, an appreciation or any kind of Thanksgiving. Whatever form it takes, you have to make sure that you mean every word you mention. You have to retweet the posts which you believe would entertain and add value to your followers/niche.

  1. Be Consistent to Build Trust

To build your audience, it is very necessary that you be consistent. Once you establish a Twitter account and gain some followers, it is very important that you do not discontinue the frequency of your tweets. People over the web follow you because they think and believe that you have something new to say and share on a daily basis. If you break this trust, you’ll be doomed. You see, the point is that the people over the web have got many options over this huge WEB, if not you than someone else. There is a cut throat competition going on, and you can’t imagine how badly your competitors are willing to pull your leg down and smack you down.

It is possible that over the time you have work that’s piled up and are unfinished priorities. So, to not-miss managing your Twitter account, you can schedule your tweets well in advance, or you can have a manager to manage your social media accounts (if you can afford it). It is not that time consuming because tweets are maxed at 140 characters. There are many tools available to schedule your tweets.

  1. Be active:

There is no point of having a social media account if you hardly stay updated and update people simultaneously. If you are not active, you’re dead. The thing about social media sites and applications are that you have your own community. You build your own community over the time. And when it’s about business, you have your assets attached to such social cultures on the web – your customers. If you just build a community and aren’t active enough, you’ll lose everything you have built.

You should update your features, plus points and every little detail about your services and products in the most effective manner possible. Twitter is the best place to find the right nerve and hit directly over there. Your clients which lie in various parts of the world will get to know your company and company ethics in the most entertaining and techie way possible.

  1. Don’t loose focus from your niche

So, how does this term fit into this article? Confused? Okay, so niche here means the niche of your products or services. You have to make sure that whatever you post, it must be in some or the other way related to your products. Social media posts can be done in many categories and in many ways. They are direct promotion, indirect promotion and so on. So, if you sell earphones and headsets and are tweeting something about ADELE’s new song “HELLO”, there must be some inter-linking element to both the ends.

You cannot blindly go on tweeting about anything, because that might in some case add value to your customers but not your business. Try interlinking your products and launch a campaign which can last for a week or two. It is easy to get noticed when you have a generic tweet related to your product. This is a part of social media marketing.

  1. Your tweets are supposed to be BANG-ON:

So, when you are done with the above steps but still lag behind, what could be the possible reason? It might be possible that your tweets are too numb and lame. What is the point of tweeting on a regular basis even when there are no engagements on your tweets or no-one retweets? It hurts, right?

See, there can be multiple ways to win your customer, and your job is to find out that via different experiments. Even Edison had to try a thousand times to get the bulb working. No, the point here is not  about trying out for thousands of times but rather innovating your tweets. Arrange some quiz, giveaways, contests, awards, tweet-a-thon, etc. which would engage your followers. Share some facts or try reaching out for new ideas via your customers.

The best and worst part about Twitter is that it’s only 140 characters. It’s upon you to choose wisely and work smartly with your twitter handle. Don’t just push it to headlines, bring it in an all new form to say the same thing. You could turn a quote related to your devices into the headline of your tweet . Cool, isn’t it? You have got the spice, so start sprinkling.

I really hope that these tips might help you change your startup/business for the better. I hope it helps you out build a great Twitter community.

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MaalGaadi – Intra City Logistics and Fleet Management Solutions – A true story of moving ahead.

Everything today depends on logistics. Although we live in a parallel universe of the internet, where everything transits online, the physicality aspect of transit is impossible to ignore. It also plays a very important role even in businesses of any kind today. So, what’s the fuss about logistics? Logistics has inevitable challenges – availability, negotiations, timely delivery, and pickup, etc.

How about an app which makes logistics free of all the botherations? Maalgaadi is the answer to that. A one stop solution to all the headache of transportation.

What could happen when a bored job drives you to create something unique? Something like happens. It was Anirudh Garg’s and Saurabh Raj’s brainwave. The duo from Indore identified a gap in the prevailing transportation system. A gap in terms of all the hassles one has to go through for a mere transit of goods. They decided to tackle the inconvenience and created They wished Maalgaadi to be the Ola of transportation and today it has come to hold that true.

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese proverb

Although success didn’t come that easy. Initially, Anirudh and Saurabh had to face the headwinds. The criticism was to such an extent that they had to shut down the operations within two days of the initial launch. But facing this failure induced a new motivation in the young entrepreneurs. They didn’t only came through the obstacles but also created an example by getting perfectly into the legal framework hence not bypassing any laws.

Next big thing was awaiting this success. Anirudh and Saurabh found investors for their project. Moira Group, one of the bigwigs of the city, agreed to invest in their company.

How Maalgaadi works:

maalgaadi-appMaalgaadi enables a driver to pick or dispatch a shipment by getting the information from the customer. It exactly works as Uber/Ola or Jugnoo.

The pickup and dispatch information is given by the customer either on the website or over a phone call.
This information is then used by our team to get the pickup and the drop location with customer’s name and contact.
The driver who is in or around the pick-up location gets the lead on the app.
He picks up the shipment and drops it at the destined location.

Throughout the process i.e. from pickup to despatch the team at Maalgaadi app gets the vital information of the transit like- time is taken for the dispatch, speed of the vehicle, routes chosen by the driver, any detours if taken, any delays, etc.

Whats Maalgaadi is all about:

Simple –  is simple to use. It is built keeping in mind the potential users – the drivers and the users.
Accountability – In service industry all that matters is service. is a highly dependable service. The real-time data of the rides is shared with the customers. They can track the trip all through.
Authority – The service enables the customers with the full authority of their shipment regarding – selecting the vehicle, pick-up and destination points and even the driver for the transit. This gives the full control and choice to the customer.

maalgaadi-app-playstoreTransforming lives with a small step

Maalgaadi App has stringent guidelines which changed the lives of the drivers associated with them. There is a list of donts which every driver has to follow, like – no alcohol, no tobacco, not abusing to name a few. The don’t have inculcated a sense of good habits in the drivers, and now they are free from these evils.

Maalgaadi’s story tells us the power of resilience, the power of bouncing back and then taking on the hurdle with a renewed energy and hope.

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