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How we developed Healthcare app to Automate 120 Hospitals

Currently, at EngineerBabu we use Intercom for communicating with our visitors. One of such client’s visited our site and asked about having worked with any app in the Medical domain and can we build one such app for them. I am going to share step by step guide from discussion to project completion.

Note: Client name is confidential.

A) Skype Discussion:-
Client: Mayank, We have a chain of 120 hospitals which we want to automate through the mobile app.

Me: How current management works, hope you must be having an existing management ERP.
Client: Yes! We have a hospital management software that has all the functions we required. Also we are using Salesforce and few more complex integration like Inventory, Sales, etc. Let me send you the demo of our existing web app. We are looking for same kind of mobile app.

Questions :
Me: Why you want a mobile app?
Client: Client can book services through our App?
Me: What else?
Client: Our Department nurses can see where she needs to visit. We want that our collector (an agent in our hospital who manages all the collections made) can keep track of the requirements. We want to build 4-5 applications for our internal business management and One User application to get more booking.
Me: I am sure you need a client application to publish in their stores (Apple or Google) and Internal Management App download for selected candidates only.
Customer: Yes

Conclusion: He was looking for 4 Applications (Sales Management, Doctor and Patient Communication, Nursing Management, User App). He did not had any developer account i.e. neither of Android nor of Apple. Also, he wanted to integrate these apps with his existing ERP management system.
Step 1: – Requirement Gathering 


ABC home-care is an unparalleled medical service at patients own home. It brings quality home-care services at patient doorstep without the patient visiting the hospital or clinic. ABC home-care provides well-trained staff for providing personalized services. The services we provide are:

  • Attendant
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • Doctor
  • Medical Equipment
  • Physiotherapy


The primary purpose of this website & application is aimed to ease access to health care services for the patients and streamlining the operations for ABC home-care. The secondary purpose is to make this business highly autonomous.

A few guidelines to be maintained while developing ABC home-care Website & Mobile App are as follows:

Color Theme Selection:

The colour theme to be followed for the app has to be according to the ABC Hospitals brand guidelines. The following colour guidelines have to be followed for the Homecare Mobile App:

Fonts Selection: Our Fonts should represent the feeling of Care and Healing. Hence, we would like to use Aller fonts for all our brand communication. You can use the following fonts in the app:

For Headline:
Aller (Bold-Italic)

For Sub Headline/Body Copy/Content
Aller (Regular, Normal)
Aller (Light)
Aller light (Normal)
Aller light (Italic)

After The discussion document prepared building-experience-map

Building Experience Map:
Experience Map

Wireframe Design for Doctor App

Flow of Patient AppPatient-App-FlowTesting Sheet:Testing-sheet

Project Management Tool:-
Basecamp is a perfect tool for project management, It helps you to do following things.

  1. Manage your project remotely
  2. If your co-founders or partners are located in different city or country they will also know the progress of development.
  3. You can group chat with Designer, Developer or anyone who is a part of the project.
  4. It helps to keep project communication on one page. This makes it easy for everyone to keep track of the ongoing project.
  5. You will be notified when you get new features.
  6. You can also comment, add reference files if you have any suggestions for development or design.


 How it Works:

Client’s testimonial:Testimonial-Review

Mentrio: A global community of alumni! Find the right Mentor

Students after finishing their schooling often gets ambiguous about which course to study, which university to pursue higher education from , what to expect in the coming years, etc. These are very relevant questions to rise in the mind of a young man who is moved out of his comfort zone to face the world. Any wrong decision can throw him several steps back with a total loss of progress and motivation. Hence, these questions and doubts need to be addressed and evaluated effectively. The choices you make now are mainly going to shape the rest of your career and consequently life. Thus, it is of extreme importance to get right information and counseling before heading anywhere. A well informed student with the organized purpose and expectations ultimately makes big.

Times like these bring into picture the worth of a mentor. A mentor is a protective guide who listens to you patiently and counsels you with his enormous experience what he thinks suits best to you. He makes sure you get what you deserve and minimizes the gap between you and your goals.

Who could be the best people to mentor young minds other than people who have already been in the shoes few years back? The alumni who have already walked the path and know the hurdles; their vast knowledge and perspectives are surely going to help heaps to this generation and more.

The big question is to connect the alumni around the world; to fall them within the reach of students and bring their valuable experiences and skills to the table. This gives birth to the idea of

Mentrio is a platform created by the team Engineerbabu with the aim to bridge gap between a mentor and mentee. It opens a great opportunity for all the mentees seeking wise words and direction to be guided by noted alumni who are few clicks away. Mentors have the opportunity to share their learning and experiences and earn some money in the process.


How to get started?

-> The experts can sign up through linkedin furnishing basic details like educational qualifications, work experience etc.
-> They mark their future availability on the calendar.
-> Students who wish to seek expert’s guidance can sign up through Google+, facebook, linkedin or mentrio homepage.
-> You can reach to your expert with the aid of various filters provided.
-> Book your date and time well in advance as per the availability of expert. You can book up to two weeks.
-> You are required to make payment in dollars.
And you are done. It’s that easy! 🙂
-> Booking can be rescheduled or cancelled, if required. The amount will be refunded if you intimate 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.
-> After the completion of call, you can rate the consultant as per your experience. Your feedback is important to us. It gives us a chance to polish up.
-> If either of the party does not show up, meeting gets forfeited.

Are you that mentor?

“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way – a mentor”Denzel Washington
You can become a mentor if you possess natural aptitude and expertise in your discipline and have willingness to share it with others. You ought to be honest and concerned with your mentee and dedicated to deliver. It is an absolute treasure to be capable of giving someone a gift of knowledge.

Being a mentor is an opportunity!

As Winston Churchill said once “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”

-> It allows you to bring change in young people’s life.
-> It benefits you with brushing up your knowledge and learning new things from people while mentoring them.
-> It is always good to be updated and refreshed in the company of young people.
-> It is an adventurous journey on its own where you meet many people and may end up having some of them your family for life.
->It is also an opportunity to earn some money 😉

Mentrio Fund:-

Mentrio fund is formed to support the underprivileged children receive at least the basic level of education. We truly believe in education as the premise of every society, every family. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to pursuit this mission.

We have partnered with make a difference (MAD) foundation and karam foundation in this endeavor. Any money contributed towards mentrio fund will be completely donated to these foundations. We are determined that no child remains out of school.mentor-fund

Keep the fire burning and spirit high!

6 Keys To Build Trust With Your New Client

Building trust does not entail pretension. You just have to be yourself and treat the person with respect and dignity. A genuine interest in their business, a focused approach and a cordial demeanour can work wonders. Here are some essential keys which can help in building the client’s trust in you:-


Body language plays an important role in creating first impression with a potential client. This will support any convincing conversations you make any further. Be confident about yourself and have faith in your abilities. If you don’t trust yourself, why anyone else will?

Do not sit with drooping shoulders or look distracted. It can make the other person feel uneasy around you. Rather sit straight and make frequent eye-contact. Neither be overdressed nor underdressed. That doesn’t mean you head in casuals. This will make the client will as if you are not serious about working for him. Wear easy breezy formals. If you are peace, you will feel in control too.


You have already fixed up meeting with the client. But, if his business is unbeknown to you, how will you event proceed? So you need to be well prepared beforehand. You’ve got to read his business strategies in the past and any broken links with competitors.

Even though you might be unaware being from a different field, but that cannot serve as an excuse if you are looking for a client. However, a thorough research can do the trick. You will have enough information about his strategies over which you can hold discussions whenever you fix the meeting.

Your interest in his business can act as a driving force which can hand you that project. The more facts, framework and knowledge you will serve the client, the easier it will be for him to trust your analytical abilities.


Obviously you are focused to not only make the client trust you but also hire you. But do not commit the mistake of considering him mere potential business opportunity. He is much more than that. Before you get down to agreeing to the terms and conditions, make sure you make him feel comfortable. He is a human before a client so make him feel like one.

Make small talk, be it about their favourite restaurant or holiday destination. Don’t just remember the name of person but also some personal traits. You cannot always expect the client to be as cordial so don’t wait for him. This is a chance for you to show how you can be trusted and these little things will act as building blocks of your relationship with the client.

Keeping warm relations in the beginning lays groundwork for long term association. A person at ease with you will begin to trust you. Don’t work as customer and expert but as two human beings.


The value of planning can be easily inferred from these golden words of Napolean Hill. He promptly correlates work and planning.

The interdependence of the two shows one cannot exist without the other. Since you have already derived necessary information about the client’s business, it is time to put that thinking cap on. Find creative ways to take his business to greater heights. You might have found some loopholes in the business plan while rummaging through its history, so try to work around it and don’t be afraid to confront the client about it. Rather, he will be happy to have a person who knows how to bend such situation for the company’s benefit.

Spend time in talking to your colleagues or friends from the same professional background, seek their advice and accordingly work on the strategy. Go to the client with an open mind, let him see your planning and always leave scope for the changes he makes. A full proof scheme makes him want to trust you with his business.


Client relationships author of Power Questions, Andrew Sobel emphasises on the power of effective questioning. Mere exchange of ideas is not going to help unless you are ready to question. Of course the client will be interested in knowing about you first. So it’s time to turn round the table by putting questions to him.

Do not be afraid to ask whenever needed or it will have a negative impression on your work since you would not be meeting his needs. Questioning is important for it gives you an insight into the client’s mind, his goals and expectations. Unless you know what he wants, you won’t be able to deliver quality work. Be it the first meeting or the second, remember his priority list. You need to put yourself in his shoes and then be able to commit quality services that he deserves.


The biggest illusion is remembering whatever the client mentioned. But who will be answerable if you miss on some important detail? The client trusted you but you left the necessary part.

If you want to escape such untoward situations, be sure of carrying a notebook and pen whenever you go to see the client. Taking notes of the conversation will make you recollect the client’s plan which you need to closely follow while delivering the project.

This also gives him the assurance that you will not forget anything you were communicated during the meeting. Jotting down will also create an impression that you are a focused person who does not take his words lightly.

Additionally, you can also repeat the client’s words to confirm whatever he said is being correctly written by you. You got to be on the same page if you want to build trust. Taking time to echo those words back to him will exactly help you in doing so.

Source of content:

What are the best alternatives to find freelancers?

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”
                                                                                                                               – Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

In this fast moving world, websites and mobile applications hold the top most pitch in the business growth. They help in conveying products and services of the companies to their prospective clients in the most effective way. They are the face of any business and more often the heart. You cannot go about thinking to accost the best sales, users or clients without having the sound portfolio in the form of excellent mobile application or website.


Similarly, the content plays a very crucial role in business expansion. You need to inform about your work to the right people in a persuasive way wherever they are. The content in your professional blogs, websites or any guest posts should convey your thoughts, ideas, insight and knowledge in a simple yet compelling manner. Good content presented in readable format does wonders.


But what if you have a highly sophisticated website designed and developed by the incredibly talented people and yet out of reach of targeted readers? Even with the innovative product, how do you justify no traffic?

What’s wrong here?

Can you guess?

Yes! The digital marketing is the ‘heroine’ of any growing business in the present scenario. It knows how to attract people. There is no chance a business can grow in a fully fledged manner without exploiting the complete potential of digital marketing tools. You have to have the access to the world class SEOs and SMMs to bring the reach of your product to the larger crowd.

Otherwise you know the fate of documentary movies. No matter how great the director, screenplay, actors are, it cannot come at par with commercial cinema in business because it lacks massive launching, promotions, teasers, marketing and other such tact.

It is need of the hour. Even the conventional businesses are now adapting to these new mediums to keep up with the cut-throat competition.


Thus, it becomes highly important to ensure that your websites and apps are designed and developed on the right platform using appropriate technologies with superior talents to pour ideas and market it.


Businesses and individuals often approach freelancers to outsource their IT needs.

Outsourcing projects help companies in many ways:

1) Cost Saving: Getting projects developed from freelancer/remote team is effectively cost saving than getting them designed by in-house team as then you have to provide them fully functional office looking after their refreshments, taxes, cash-on-leaves etc or via agency where huge commissions are involved with apparently more fees, lesser transparency and no direct involvement with the developer.

2) World Class Talent: You can easily access the top talent around the world without much effort and movement.

3) Flexibility: It is an easy and relieving experience to give charge of the work to the experts and forget about it as they will take care of the rest. Unlike in-house team where you need to keep them motivated and busy, freelancers keep themselves self motivated and active.

Upwork is one big name in the freelance market that has been around for 10+ years. Even if you are naïve in this domain, you still have heard the name at some point. With the growing irrelevant crowd on the website and ever increasing unacknowledged issues, the site has recently lost its credibility both towards clients and developers. As they say, you need to keep updating your product if you want to survive in the IT industry else you gradually disappear from the game.

Filtering desirable freelancers from websites like Upwork is a laborious job and highly unreliable way of getting work done. Here the success rate is not 100%. You may succeed in finding the right developer for your idea but there are high chances you end up getting bluffed and betrayed. This often results in handing over your project to some other freelancer and having to pay extra charges thereafter.

Let us understand this problem in a more fundamental way:

1) Let’s say you post a project.

2) Some 30+ freelancers apply for it. Some of them do not even check the essentials required like skills, qualifications etc

3) The best freelancers still did not apply as they are already over-packed with the existing work.

4) People displaying false experiences and skills is a well known phenomenon.

5) After 10 days of analysis to find the best developer, you select the one with the best score (someone who has better ranking, good rates and good reviews).

6) What if it is an agency which takes the work from you and again outsource to someone else? You would not be able to interact with the developer directly.

7) Most of the freelancers work full time in other companies. They take up extra work as a freelancer to earn some quick money.

They would never spend enough time checking the environment, understanding the client’s requirement and guiding them through the best customized approach to get work done.

8) Finally, what if the developer does not pick your call or leave the project incomplete?

Yes, Upwork do have a rating system but there is no real way to confirm if the developer you hire is trustworthy and dedicated towards the work and also it does not assure the communication ease of the freelancer.

Even on investing 10-12 days in selecting the right candidate to accomplish your task, you could still choose the wrong person, not deliberately but by mere less awareness and transparency.

Websites like upwork are often criticized for this big downside. People become victims to these fraud profiles and end up spending more money than their initial budget.

What’s the solution?                

In the midst of this chaos, few companies worked hard to rectify issues faced with upwork and came up with the outstanding products.


How about if you have someone who does all the analysis of your project and guides you find the expert developer to meet all the requirements and get the work done in the best possible way?

That’s EngineerBabu!


EngineerBabu is an Indian company that helps in connecting the perfect partner for all your IT needs with the aid of domain experts. It basically reduces your days of efforts required in filtering the right candidate. It curates highly skilled people from all over the places and get you handpicked experts to work for your dream.  Removing the wheat from the chaff is a work in itself.

Businesses opting to this website are often startups or SME’s looking to grow flexibly by hiring freelancers to handle projects rather than in-house or via agencies. They operate as part of what has become “talent cloud” with hundreds of freelancers offering a range of skills in a flexible and efficient basis. They also promote the benefits of freelancing and remote team as a means to allow people to work more freely in the environment that suits them best.

It provides resources for new and growing businesses and for those who are looking to build career as freelancer.

How EngineerBabu helps you to find the perfect IT partner

For the Freelancers or IT Company:

  1. Create profile and go through verification.
  2. After you are verified, choose projects matching your skills.
  3. If you are a paid plan user, you can directly apply and client will get notification.
  4. We help clients choose developer and connect them over email.
  5. You can also work in-house.

For the client:

1) Engineerbabu team discusses idea with the client taking down their requirements. (Technology, scope, budget etc)

2) It connects the developer with client over email for further developments.

There is no bidding system as we provide the best options appropriate for the project. We avoid unnecessary time consumption with bidding process where large numbers of people send proposals and most of them are not even eligible.

3) The team take follow ups both from the client and developer time to time to know the progress.

4) The client can keep the check on development and progress of the project through our free project management tool “BaseCamp”.

5) Engineerbabu experts spend a lot of time in testing the product and further plan strategies for its promotion.

6) People seem happy and satisfied with the process.



Based in the US, is yet another global freelancing marketplace for freelance workers and employers to partner on a contract basis. It is fairly easy to use with around 1.5 million members worldwide.

How helps you:

1) Guru offers a vast network of freelancers to help you accomplish your creative, technical or business projects.

2) Here you are allowed as a freelancer to bid for the certain number of projects for free. After a while you will have to switch to paid membership.

3) It is free for employer, thus in favor of clients.

4) The portal charges fee from freelancers in the form of transaction fee and membership fee which are quite hefty.

5) Like many other sites with plenty of freelancers, clients have to take pain to filter the suitable candidate from a large number of proposals.

6) You select a freelancer by evaluating their profile on the basis of reviews, recommendations, testimonials etc.

7)  Guru has an inbuilt project management tool called “Work Room” where you can assign work to the freelancer, keep a check on the progress, share files, define milestones etc.

8) Another good part of this site is it uses the system called “SafePay” which makes sure that you do any payment only after you approve of the project.



PeoplePerHour is UK based company that provides platform for thousands of freelance experts in hundreds of different fields. As a leading market place to find freelancers, jobs can be availed on hourly basis and can be ramped up as needed to build the whole team online, thus this model is scalable up to global enterprise.

How PeoplePerHour helps you:

1) Here you get a choice to select from entry level experience to expert level freelancer.

The prices are fairly reasonable. It is advisable to pick expert freelancer every time as you would find quality skills set only with the experts here.

2) You have to use filters here to opt according to your parameters such as country, experience level, project type etc

It is advisable to wait for the good proposal to arrive. Due to the availability of plenty of freelancers, it happens that many of them apply without checking the details. Thus, it is advantageous to wait and get completely satisfied before handing your project.

3) It offers various options to be in touch with a freelancer including an in-built video calling feature.

4) It has a little complicated interface which might trouble you in the beginning.

5) Payment needs to be deposited in PeoplePerHour account right when you accept the proposal. Money is held in the escrow and is released as soon as you approve the project.

6) If for any reason, client cancels the deal, he will be charged 10% of the fee.



How Fiverr helps you:

1) Fiverr got its name from “five dollar” where every service and task accounts for $5 as their base price.

2) It is the global online market for freelancers and companies to provide their services at much cheaper prices.

3) As the prices are low, so is the quality. You can still get the simple tasks like business card designing, HTML website designing and others done.

4) It is good when you want the product to be developed without much complexity, innovation and quality.

5) It is suitable for very small businesses where work is required to be done very quickly without much detailing.

I hope you find a suitable freelancer according to the need of your project. Some tips that may come handy while taking your decision.


“The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried”
                                                                                                              – Stephen McCranie

1) Always choose experienced people over newbie, it definitely helps in the long term relationship.


“Quality is the best business plan” – John Lasseter

2) All companies have a development budget, and it is understandable to work within that budget. However, you should never let price alone drive your choices. Let the product and the quality of the developer’s work determine who you hire. Quality product is a brand in itself and branding comes with a price.

3) Get NDA signed before sharing your idea. The NDA form is available in Google or you can ask your developer to share his NDA template.

NDA terms are;

  • Not to share your code
  • Reuse your code
  • Can’t work on similar domain or idea for 2 years
  • Can’t work with your competitor
  • Company or the employees cannot start another company using your idea or its piece.

4) Ask for the portfolio before hiring anyone. In the samples provided, check for the user interface and evaluate the expertise of the developer and team.

5) You can also ask the contact numbers of previous clients of the concerned freelancer/developer. It will help you to know about the quality of work delivered, work ethics, time management etc.


A reliable and an intelligent freelancer is the ultimate requirement of any project.  I hope you find your desirable one keeping these points in mind.

45 Days : 84 Projects : 1147 Freelancers : Product Update 1.01

I am Mayank, Cofounder of EngineerBabu. I just want to say thank you for trusting a common Entrepreneur; who has chosen a team of Dreamers not the Engineers.

What was the problem and Why we started ?

Freelancing is fundamentally wrong way to get work done, It’s there must be a smarter way to find one.

2. Let me explain it to you

  1. You post your project
  2. 30+ Freelancers apply without checking details of your project.
  3. Best freelancer still didn’t apply to your project because he is already overpacked with existing work.
  4. After 10 days of analysis to find the best developer, you select the one with the best score (Someone who has better ranking, good rates and good feedbacks).
  5. What if that freelancer take work from you and outsource to someone else?
  6. Most of freelancers works full-time in other companies.
  7. Freelancers don’t spent enough time checking your requirement, understanding the doc and guiding what is the right approach to get work done.
  8. Have you ever seen any freelancers, Helping you write user stories, sending grunt chats and Creating mockups.
  9. Entrepreneur spent lot of time taking followups, testing the product, taking suggestions from other apps or friends than planning strategies to promote app.
  10. After all this what if freelancer didn’t pickup your call or left the project incomplete.

How EngineerBabu helps you to find perfect partner (Clients or Developer)

For the Freelancers or Team :-

Step 1 : Create your profile
Step 2 : See if you find any projects matching with your need
Step 3 : If you are paid plan user, you can directly apply and client will get notification.
Step 4 : We are also helping clients, and Developers to connect with each others but with following criteria.

  1. We discuss with clients, taking their requirement (Scope and Budget).

2. Then we are connecting them over email from nowE-mail

3. We take followups from clients and Developers to know the progress. We get both positive and negative feedbacks from our clients.Email-2

People are happy with our Process:


Developers are getting Paid without focusing on SalesWhatsapp-Screenshot

Here is His review for Server work


These are the list of deals we cracked recently. Payments

Thanks for suggestions.

This coming week, we are trying to focus and improvise few things:

  1. Customer Support, This week we have 4 Days holidays Due to Holi, our employees were on leave for 4 days.
  2. More projects

We have written following Article that reached almost 9,000 Likes over Linkedin

Indian Developers are Not Good in India but When they reach USA they become Google & Microsoft CEO.

Your friend Mayank at EngineerBabu.

Indian Developers V/S International Developers: A Debate that Needed Kickass Solutions

There is these very unusual and hot buzzing topic people seem to debate upon i.e. “Indian Developers v/s International Developers”. It has this same intensity of aggression as it is with “Android v/s iPhone” thing. People never get tired or bored after millions or zillions of discussions.

Well, being an entrepreneur and a CEO of a successful start-up, I’ve heard and got feedbacks from tons of people, mostly good ones. But, there were few clients who raised some impending questions against our Indian developers and the overall system which nurtures our IT domain. There was this client from the USA who bluntly once said, “Indian Developers are not at all Good”. That hurts, right? A lot! I replied him saying that “These are the same developers who once move to the USA and are managing the CEOs designation with pride, may it be Google or Microsoft”.

Meanwhile, I asked him out of curiosity, “What all challenges were being faced by him while working with the remote teams and hiring freelancing teams?”. The replies were quiet suitable, “Lack of professionalism, miss the timelines, no deadlines managed, incompetency and so on.”

Thinking about all of the things mentioned above, the problem is not with the developers but in the system under which they are raised and nurtured to work upon projects. The problem is the process that fails to take right decisions because you can’t expect a graphic designer to code and expect 100% efficiency in return. There is no damn way it is possible, it’s sheer stupidity you commit while recruitments are going on.

Right candidates are not about the competency of a person to be sound technically, but the competency of a person to suit perfectly for the job designation. One must compliment the ethics, morals and working culture of a company in order to deliver the results. Training a right person for a job is possible, but vice-versa is a waste of time and money.

Start-Ups here are all about skills and performing a given task where off-shore companies make sure that the skills of the employees are aligned to company’s culture and environment form a strong foundation. But if, the foundation itself is weak, how could you aim for sustainability for such a plan? Airbnb sets one great example before us when it comes to culture.

So, how would you help your company/start-up eradicate such problems? Well, let me guide you for the same:

Problem 1. It’s people’s first and then company’s:

There is no doubt about it that your company is your brand name and has got a brand value which in turn brings ROI for the company. But, actually it is not the company that builds projects, it’s the people that do. Confused? Let me explain. Say, few employees holding 15 years of work experience plans to start a business/start-up. The efficiency of these 10 employees working in a small firm will be more than the efficiency of 10 employees from a big company. Thus, it’s the employees that matter the most and are prior to the company and not vice-versa. They are the company’s richest assets. 

Problem 2. Don’t thrive on retaining your potential client if you can’t do it: 

This is the most common and widely made mistakes which can cost a company a loss, a giant loss. Say, you managed to build an iOS app for one of your clients. Your work highly impressed that client and became your one-of-the happy customers. Now say, one day that client comes over to you with an inquiry for Digital Media Marketing service, if your company doesn’t provide such services, say NO. Don’t give a nod or YES if you can’t because if you fail to deliver it, your client is gone forever. It is perfectly alright to say NO to the services you don’t offer. Concentrate on delivering quality than quantity.

Problem 3. You are merely a drop in an ocean full of employees:

I remember an instance of my life where once I worked in an MNC. I was a part of a giant project like 700 other developers. Working in MNCs and under such a crucial environment, you get to work upon a minor part of the project. You’re not even aware of what your fellow team is dealing with or in-fact what are you dealing with. You have bloody no idea of what is the project about. Down the line, you are in a lost world working 9-5 confined to a monotonous task. You don’t get to explore or learn anything beyond the fence that is created around you. The essence is lost.

But, with smaller or establishing companies, developers are the ones who handle more than 70% of the project making it very easy for them to associate with the project. Execution becomes subtle.


Problem 4.  Because Alfredo and Potato are not the same:

Give your developing team to develop a dating app besides knowing the fact that they are into developing chatting apps. How far would they go in terms of developing the app successfully? Yes exactly, they won’t be able to do justice. Domains matter a lot when it comes to app development. The team which holds an expertise in developing social media websites cannot deliver the same results for developing an e-commerce portal. Domain speciality increases the success rate exponentially. This is what we personally implement at EngineerBabu!

Working for past 7 years with our Golden team at EngineerBabu, we are associated with more than 1000 freelancers and remote teams nationally and internationally both. So far it has been a spellbound journey of ups and downs. Recently, at an award function, EngineerBabu was honoured with a 100 Emerging StartUp award. Trust me, it is a journey worth every effort.

Moral of the story is the way you nurture your development team. If you’ll not let them explore the opportunities and problems, they’d never learn anything and never be able to contribute to your company’s growth and development. Thus, change the environment and working culture, rest will follow automatically.

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Selfieism: A Cool New App To Post All The Click Flick Moments

When the world is getting smaller and easy-to-reach, there are major technical advancements happening in the IT sector as well. These days, the apps are changing the way they were build and the way they are built now. The apps these days are getting more and more dedicated and customized to a major functionality. When the world is on spree with clicking the selfies and posting it over various social media platforms, there is this application “Selfieism” into the markets. Yes, as the name suggests it focuses on the selfies.

Since the past 2 years, selfies have been a booming thing and has successfully created a buzz about it. How wonderful is the idea of clicking photographs of your own-self all on your own? You do not have to ask that nasty friend of yours nor request any one to click your photographs, because you do it for yourself.

Selfieism is basically a platform where all the Selfie and Velfie crazies can connect, post and share their pictures or videos with the loved ones. The best part about the application is that it has hassle-free and trendy functionalities and features to portray and show-off your fabulous profiles. The app not only allows you to post but express your views, likes, dislikes in many forms like creative, adventurous, awesome, beautiful, funny, crazy or impressive. You won’t miss out a bit of update about the hot-buzzing selfies posted by celebrities.

Let’s check out the features of Selfieism:

Free: Oh yes, Selfieism is absolutely free. All you need is to download the application without any registration fees or subscription charges.

Login Feature: Selfieism makes sure that your selfies and velfies are well secured over the internet. Thus, it has got the login feature in order to prevent it from any unauthorized access and misuse of your photographs and videos you upload.

Image Filters: There are various filters available to add that magic touch to your photographs and videos.

Caption to your pictures and Videos: A cool caption always adds upto your pictures and videos and you can do it here even while adding your post to profile.

Add new friends: You can add and follow your friends, family and all the near and dear ones to get the latest updates of their beautiful memories captured via camera.

Various reactions to express: You can react in a multiple number of ways about anyone’s post. It can vary from adventurous to crazy till impressive.

Selfieism-AppHow Selfieism works:

Register: You have to register yourself for the first time to create your own profile which is a normal drill followed while registering. The registration can also be done via Social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Login: Once you are registered successfully, you are all set to go and update your first Selfie or Velfie.

Selfie/Velfie: You can either browse from your photo gallery of your cell phone or click a fresh picture i.e. Click picture or Pick picture. Similarly, for videos it’s pick video or pick video.

Adding Filter and Caption: Once the upload of your image/video file is complete you’ll be given various image filters if you want to and also a cool caption for your upload.

Search option: There is a search option available from where you can search for your friends and family members using this app in order to follow their updates regularly.

So, it sounds cool till now? If yes, then go and you are just few clicks away from posting your first selfie or velfie through this dedicated Selfieism App. Download Now!

5 Steps to Pursue a Career in Freelancing

Are you bored of going to the office every day and irritated sitting for long hours in tiny cubicles? Many of us face similar crisis and think of leaving our job at some point in life. However, very few can take such a bold step.

What if I tell you there is a way to run your family without having to even step in the office? Why not start working as a freelancer? Leaving a full-time job sounds scary at first, but if you want to get valued for your potential, then you need to think out of the box.

All you need to keep in mind is that you stay up-to-date with daily events, understand employer’s vision, deliver quality work on time, take regular feedbacks from the client and stay motivated. At this moment I’m listing some ways that can help you pursue a career in freelance:-

1.  A goal without solid plan is just a wish

All of us have certain goals in life, but only some of us have the courage to make efforts to achieve them. A hollow aim is as good as a spineless person who only builds castles in the air and seeks pleasure in his imaginary world. It is time to break the bubble of illusion and meet reality, however, harsh it may be. If you’re thinking of leaving 9 to 5 job to take up freelancing, you need to work your ass off to make it happen. A fairy is not going to land you that dream job.


According to Alan Lakein, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”

We surely cannot change our future, but we are in power to determine our present course of actions because they govern future consequences.

It is highly uncertain that you will earn a permanent employment opportunity in one go. It takes the time to click the right thing through perseverance. So keep your savings in place before leaving the job. Spend time in deciding your brand name and logo for they are most important in showing your work to clients.

2. Choose clients as you would friends

The next step to taking up freelancing is to target potential clients. Probably, you don’t even know that you already have some of them? Don’t understand what I am getting at? Well, let me clear things up a bit.

Why not approach people you have already worked within your company? Some of them would have appreciated you. Do not be shy in telling your colleagues, ex-clients or even boss that you are thinking to freelance. You can even talk to your family and friends to see if some of their contacts can provide you work. Update your social media profiles about your current work status. All you need to do is be receptive to your environment.

3. Your value doesn’t decrease based on somebody’s inability to see your worth

This may be one of the trickiest aspects of freelancing. Your aim might be to get a handsome salary, but then you don’t even want to overcharge, making the client think you are too ambitious to be talented.

Calculate your per day salary and paid leaves to see if you can make both ends meet. Freelancing may not give you the liberty for paid leaves, after all, so you need to find out a way to sustain.

You can talk to other freelancers and discuss the current status. This will give you a clear picture as to what is the actual value of your services. Do not over commit for it estranges your relationship with the client. Also do not be in a position to get underpaid. Know your market value and negotiate accordingly.

4. The nature of a portfolio is that it’s always a work in progress

Do not take a dive impulsively. Even before stepping into the shoes of a freelancer, accumulate all your work in one place to see your progress. A portfolio can be your escape.

Clients may often ask for your sample work so make an effort to write some samples in your free time. If you’re good at designing, present posters or templates designed by you. If you’re a writer, embed links to your blog or wherever you have been published. Instead of showing a diverse set of work, always pitch in the idea of your expertise in a particular discipline.  

A sound portfolio has the power to market your product effectively as actions speak louder than words. The visual impact lasts longer than any verbal communication so is diligent in making a portfolio that accentuates your abilities.

5. The opposite of networking is not working

You heard me right. If you are not networking then what are doing? Being an introvert is not going to help. You have to come out of your comfort zone if you want something better in life.


Networking is perhaps the most efficient tool which can act as a catalyser in your venture. If you get the hang of it, you would be unstoppable. Meet new people both in a real and virtual world, start conversations and cultivate good relations. Networking is less of hunting and more of farming. You need to carefully look after your field to get a good produce.

Social media can be one of the most prominent influencers in connecting you with potential clients. Look for people from the field you are looking to work in. Showcase your skills by writing engaging stuff on your Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media handles. Some Amazing Ways To Ace a Networking Event.

You can even attend seminars and conferences which offer a variety of options to choose from. They are a treasure chest of opportunities. Even a pep-talk at such events can bear fruits. Startups are always on the lookout for extraordinary people. This will provide you abundant chances to connect with people who may be hiring freelancers online.

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How to start a side business without leaving your current job

Have you lately realized how dull a 9 to 5 job is, how you push yourself to work every day and long to get back home as soon as possible? Have you started feeling disconnected from work and often feel the need to test different waters? Well, in that case, you may long to explore one of your interests. So here I am with some handy tips to help you in taking up a side business while managing it with your present job.

1. Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in had left you

I am not talking about commitment to work here as it comes after commitment to yourself. Now that you have decided to start a venture irrespective of the current job, you need to stay true to your aim.

There will come moments when you would think of dropping the idea altogether and keep pursuing your job. But do not forget it is something which could make you actually happy. Your present job might be enough for sustenance, but that would not necessarily make you happy.

The new business is not going to be an easy task, so you need to promise yourself that you won’t abandon it midway but give in your hundred percent. Motivation may get you started, but commitment is what keeps you going.

A good way to start finding time for the new work is to letting go of unyielding activities such as hours spent in playing video games, social media or watching TV.

 2. Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one thing why it will

Do not get demotivated even before starting the business. List down the reasons why you want it in the first place. People may give you all sorts of advice but at the end do what your inner voice tells you. Have the courage to stand for what you believe in.  

You may have a variety of reasons including learning new skills, working on your interest, multiple income sources, becoming financially stable or building a strong foundation to back your loved ones in the hour of need. Be rational enough to take on something because you would be required to invest your time and resources in it.

3. Life is never boring, but some people chose to be bored

Wayne Dyer very bluntly puts reality in front of us. However bitter it may sound, but it the truth. It is completely up to us how to create a friendly atmosphere at workplace or home.


Situations may not have gone your way when you started working, but now that you are experienced enough, you can finally give a thought of doing what you like. For this, you need to focus on your interest areas along with the required skills.

You may also take out time to learn new skills which your work requires. Learning never stops until you die and the more you learn, the more you grow. If you are good at designing despite being involved in a corporate job, give it a try. Sometimes taking risk fuels your passion.

4. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.

These lines from the popular Hollywood flick ‘Inception’ lays emphasis on the power that a new idea holds. It should be able to communicate efficiently with your target audience, employer or client. You are starting something, so obviously you need to be good at it.

Along with your way, you would me meeting businessmen with similar idea or aims. But how you make your endeavour stand out is up to you. An in-depth study about your venture is crucial to how it will turn out in the near future. And half knowledge is always dangerous. So research as much as possible meets people who can help you determine the course of actions and set on the journey.

5. Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer where you want to be tomorrow

Consider if your words are complimenting your actions. If not, then you really need to set realistic goals. Since you have decided a particular course of action, allot specific time duration to it and try to stick to the deadline.
Without allocating a finite period, you will not only end up exhausting yourself but also be incapable of managing two jobs. Begin by setting daily, weekly or monthly goals. Once you start ticking your to-do list, you will be confident enough to face bigger challenges. This personal motivation is essential to your growth.

6. Most successful freelancers are those surrounded by strong supportive networks 

You can go for freelancing as an option too. In that case, there is absolutely no need to stress about doing two jobs. Time management is important along with maintaining quality.


Work location becomes no more a headache since you don’t really have to go anywhere but work comfortably sitting on your couch from home. However, this is not an easy task considering you are used to an all day job. You will need to practice self-discipline to fulfil your commitments.

Freelancing as a designer, web developer, content writer or others help in brushing your skills. It also felicitates a chain reaction where you end up meeting new people. This is how your network grows. You can easily keep in touch with everything that is trending.

7. Feedback is a free education to excellence

According to Ann Marie Houghtailing, feedback helps you aim for excellence. Even if it is bitter, it can always help you improve your work. An unbiased feedback shows you the mirror. It determines if your work is providing any value to the client.

Instead of getting disheartened by criticism, look for people who are not afraid of giving an honest opinion. It is only after listening to endless reproaches that you outshine everyone by enhancing your work.

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