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7 Creative Ways to Organize Your Mobile Apps


Try to find the Notes app on your phone.
If you’ve spent more than a minute hunting for this across your home screens, you may want to consider organizing your smartphone for easy access.

With thousands of apps at our fingertips, they can quickly overcrowd our screens. Apps are designed to improve our lives and make us more efficient, but trying to find them in a mishmash collection of colorful icons can be time-consuming.

Solve this problem by taking 15 minutes to clean out the jumble of app clutter, and find an organizational structure that works for you. After all, no one wants to be an app hoarder.
Here are seven creative ways to arrange your smartphone apps.

1. Verb-based folders


A screenshot of app folders categorized by actions on an iPhone.

For some people, default category names such as “Productivity,” “Reference” and “Utilities” are too vague.
Instead, take a second to think about what you use your phone for. Do you watch videos onYouTube? Listen to music? Read the news? Labeling folders with verbs such as “watch,” “play” and “learn” can help you jump to the app you’re looking for infinitely faster.

2. Color coding

A screenshot of apps arranged by color on an iPhone.

Color coding isn’t just for notes, emails and closets.An app icon’s visual elements are specifically designed to be easily identified and memorable. Your mind associates colors much quicker than black and white name labels, and colors can help you navigate your phone faster.
The end result may be a smartphone with a rainbow color scheme, but you’ll see that color filing may make your life run a little more smoothly.

3. Alphabetical order


A screenshot of apps arranged in alphabetical order on an iPhone.

If you find comfort in an A-to-Z world, this method may be for you. Instead of manually alphabetizing your apps, here’s an easier way to sort them on the iPhone:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap “General.”
  • Scroll down and tap “Reset.”
  • Tap “Reset Home Screen Layout.”

The icons that came with your Apple phone will be placed into their default locations, and your other apps will be sorted alphabetically.
If you like placing your apps in bins, another option is to create an “A” folder, “B” folder, etc.

4. How you hold your phone

Determining how you hold your phone can help you place apps in easy-to-reach spots.

Think about how you hold your phone. If it’s easier for you to open an app on the perimeter of your phone, then it may be best to place your frequently used apps strategically around the phone’s edges.However, if you like to file away apps in folders, this may not be the ideal method for you.

5. Themed rows


A screenshot of apps sorted by themed rows on an iPhone.

If you aren’t a fan of using folders, you can use the themed row method to place related apps together.Assign a specific genre or theme to each row, like “day planning.” By grouping similar apps, you can easily identify which row to navigate toward.For example, your first row can be dedicated to day planning apps such as your calendars, to-do lists and reminders. The second row could be dedicated to your favorite reading apps, and so on.

6. Frequency of app usage


A screenshot of three iPhone home screen pages arranged by frequency of usage.

Arrange apps on different home screen pages in order of how often you use them. To keep your phone clean and easily accessible, the goal is to have no more than three home screens.
Place the apps you use most on the first page of the home screen. This is also a great section to include apps you need to get to quickly, like your camera.
On the second home screen page, you can organize folders by categories and subjects. This can be home to apps that you don’t access as regularly as the apps on your dock or home screen.
The third screen can consist of apps you use the least. You can also put apps that distract you (like games) or apps that you’re trying to use less in this space.

7. Emoji Folders


A screenshot of apps sorted by Emoji folder names.

You don’t have to label your app folders with just text. Instead, dazzle up your folders withemoji-themed labels.
For example, use the music note symbol for your music apps like Spotify and Pandora.
If you don’t want your emojis to stand alone, an alternative is to mix emoji pictures with words. The possibilities here are endless.
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Source Mashable

Guide for Technical IT Startups for Non-Technical Founders


You have an idea that’s totally going to the hit mark and yet you are hitting the wall because you don’t have the technical expertise?

Welcome to the world of non-technical founders (the ones who have the ideas) who break out of their comfort shell and enter the world of technical startup that’s totally alien to them. Though getting ideas is never a problem for you, it’s understandable that you feel the sting of not being skilled into the technical aspects. However, all is not as bad as it seems to be.

Did you know? Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines) is actually non-technical founder. Steve Jobs was an ideas guy and later on, he gained knowledge of the technical know-how. Michael Dell is the non-technical founder of a technical startup ‘Digg’.

Of course, being non-technical founder means there are lots of questions coming up in your mind like –

Does this affect the way my venture will
How can I ascertain whether I am going in the right direction or
What are the ways to close the gap?
All these questions and more will be covered if you keep certain guidelines in mind.

  1. Get a 360⁰ view of your idea – Your idea may not be technical initially but if your venture is in the technical domain you need to have all the technical and non-technical aspects laid down in the idea stage. This makes your idea well sounded and better suited for people to take an interest.
  2. Be the ideas guy – You know your idea best. So keep that idea close to your vision and fine-tune it along the way. Ensure that your belief in your idea gets communicated to the team or the people around you. Be passionate and enthusiastic about your idea; your team too shall feel connected to the purpose of the venture
  3. Don’t leave them hanging – While you may have the idea, it doesn’t mean that you leave the technical team and others to tackle the problem. Even if the problem is technical in nature, remember that the idea is yours and the venture will crumble if you don’t take interest in all the matters dealing with it. So if you are confronted with a technical problem, sit with the technical team and try to understand it and get it resolved. Being a pro-active visionary helps in long term sustainability of your venture.
  4. Build a business plan – A business plan is extremely important and an invaluable asset that helps you keep track with what you want to achieve and also communicates the same to your team. Since a business plan has to have both technical and non-technical aspects; this is the best way to get more knowledgeable about the technicalities.
  5. Do the SWOT – SWOT (Strengths/Weakness/Opportunities/Threats) is a great tool that helps in understanding what you are good at and not good at. This helps you in planning your venture based on yours’ as well as your co-founders’ strong/weak points and balancing out on the skills area.
  6. SWOT in the Team – Based on your SWOT analysis, you can recruit, train and manage your team. SWOT helps a lot in coordinating different skill sets and making a smooth flow of work possible for your venture.
  7. Don’t have a team? Worry not! Outsourcing is the greatest boon for startups which yet have to assemble their teams. Outsource all the technical aspects to the designers, programmers, and coders. Bear in mind that without these 3 people your ideas can’t materialize. Moreover, the best branding practices with 360⁰ input of marketing make the best first impression.
  8. Have a co-founder who is CTO – The co-founder can take up the responsibility of the whole technical aspect of the venture and keep the technical team running smoothly, thereby leaving you with other areas to handle. You can be assured of freely dealing with the marketing, communication, sales, customer services, and related areas.
  9. Keeping them close – Keep the technical person close and the programmers/coders/designers even closer. They are the ones who will translate your vision into visual reality.
  10. Learn everything as you go – Build your vision with confidence and trust the IT company to do their jobs well. However, do learn a few basic concepts to know and understand where your product/service is heading and how it shall impact the customer experience.
  11. The Package that you need – Of great importance is the role of Website Development, App Development, Online marketing and desktop applications for your venture to connect internally and also with the clients/customers. Be focused on your expectations from each of these.
  12. Nurture a passion for learning and updates – The ideas person always has to be turned into the now and based on this gauge the future role of the venture success. In respect to this understanding of the technical aspects of the venture helps a lot in making your ideas foolproof and sustainable 

Try as we might, technical know-how may not be an enjoyable aspect for you. In fact, it is recommended that you need not get into the depth of it at the beginning of your venture since this time ideally you should be devoting to develop your idea and make your venture’s presence felt.

Once the foundation is laid and you are ready to scale up, you can get into the detailed concepts of the technical knowledge.  This ensures that your venture keeps growing steadily every year.  Eventually, you must be able to create a prototype of your product with the help of the technically skilled aide. While the prototype made may not be great, it gives the founders an intuitive idea of the process that takes place in making it. This proves to be a great learning experience in terms of time and money.

Life of An IT Engineer


In 5 years of experience, my life was similar to the Life of An IT Engineer mentioned;
College ->  My Startup –> Job Seeker —> Employee of IT Service Company –> Big Brand company –> My Own Startup –> Now.  It’s always very easy to complete one step after another.
When you are going to start your career in any startup / MNC remember you are going to do following. Sometimes it may happen you wanna leave the job but you can’t, sometimes you think this is the end of your career, and your life seems to be the worst and boring.
A few reasons could be:

  1. Monotonous work
  2. Long working hours
  3. Constant pressure to meet deadlines
  4. Continuous competition, to perform
  5. Lack challenges and creativity
  6. How to balance family with work
  7. Inherent urge to earn more

This is how we work at EngineerBabu, where work and life are FUN.

What is it like after working as an Engineer/ Programmer for 5 years at an Indian Services Company?
In the thread some points are already discussed. Here is my take.
1. You are not FIT to be a Chai-Wallah. A Good Chai-wallah can make and demonstrate the “one meter Tea” with alacrity, with out spilling the Tea on the floor and serving you a hot cup of tea. That is a result of his training, learning and skills & expertise gained on the job. I think you get the idea!
2. You are not fit to work in the branch of your specialization – Electrical, Mechanical etc as an Engineer. Because you have forgotten all that you have learned. You are a blank slate.
3. You can not call your-self a specialist. Because if you are a Good programmer – you are likely to be promoted as a “Lead” or a Junior Manager in 3-4 years. So you are now a man-manager chasing Time sheets & Milestones and have no time for practicing your specialty. After 10 years – you are a Senior Manager/ AVP who is at best a manager- part of the IAND – International Association of Name Droppers! You are at ease dropping Customer names, success stories, Greatness of your company, 3/4/5/6 letter acronyms that nobody understand, have a huge following in FB/LinkedIn and write blogs that nobody reads! After 15 years – you are an SVP – you are now a big-shot…a Honcho. You have no demonstrable skills but now preside over a huge army of Engineers – you freely dish out advises ( because you are the Boss!), Vision, Mission and Strategy. You know you are obsolete and useless and you are scared of being pink-slipped. But you specialize in a different domain – The Art of Sucking, kow-towing and part of YMC – Yes Man club.
Who is at Fault?
1. Not you. You were a kid out of the college lured by Slick HR pep talks, HR Melas and Campus placement circus.
2. Not the Company that hired you? No! They are very clear and have no other option. They need Warm Bodies to fill the Benches and Trenches. They are either Coding Factories or Tech. Call centers. They know that their projects ( Multi-Millions Multi -Year contracts) require IT Clerks who can do what they are told to do 27/7/365. Its very simple. They are not working on launching Rockets, speaking to Genomes or designing the next BIG thing!. These companies are outsourced with mundane, repetitive no-brainer Processes and IT systems to manage. Its a Cost Optimization Game.
Why Blame? You got a better starting pay, enjoyed the Fun etc. So no one needs to be blamed.
So what to Do?
1. Work for 3-6 years. SAVE. SAVE.SAVE. But Do a Good Job at Work.
2. Have a Vision of Your Future, Clarity on your strengths/Weaknesses and what you want to do – the rest of your life. ( you only have one!)
3. Go and Do that!
It can be higher studies, learning a new technology, a start-up, or even a Barber shop – sorry – a Boutique or a Tea Shop with a difference. Remember Starbucks is nothing but a good old Coffee shop with a difference! Flipkart is nothing more than a Billion Dollar Kirana/Book shop.
Make your work as funn.
You  just need to follow simple steps to make your career hot and happening,

  1. Have a Girl friend . It has two logic; One you have guts to impress a girl . Second, she will help you to make you look human. Singles are not stupid though, even they are more happy for their own reasons.
  2. Learn 33% Rule :- Spend 33% of your time in your work, 33% to take help from those who you want to be, and 33% with them who want to be like you.
  3. Real books(Motivational) at-least once in a month. But please don’t read Savita Bhabhi on other days .
  4. Believe in sharing knowledge. Don’t believe in the hypocracy, if he learns, you loose.
  5. Play games, go for Yoga, keep yourself fit in any ways.

If you are working in any startup , work like it’s yours company . You will earn money, power and value.

How to get a job in a startup company?


Many people looking for job, all are asking same question How to get job in a startup company?
I know, The have dream, they want to give their 200% but still not selected why ?
There are many possible reasons and how you can get job in a startup company.
Let me share my experience :-Daily i am getting many resumes , facebook requests, friends call , college is asking for campus drive etc.
Coming back to point when there are MORE than 1 Lac Students hunting for job , why you will get a job in  startup company?

What all problems startup company facing :-
We all have many openings , But we can’t hire donkeys . Students coming out from colleges, considering themselves as damm fucking genius .
Once he opens his mouth in interview
“1. Sir hindi medium school me tha to thodi english week hai.
2. Sir salary mat dena bas kaam par rakhlo.
3. Sir avi nahi aata , kar karke sikh lunga fresher hu na.
4. World famous college me teacher ne kuch nahi sikhaya ” you can’t believe one person said this to his teacher, use khud nahi aata tha chutiye ko, sessional ke chakkar me sir meri jindgi kharab kardi. 
IF you have these kind of bullshit excuses, don’t apply in any startup company. 90% cases you won’t get job and 10% cases you could not survive.
Why you should join startup company :-
” To be part of something that can probably change the world “.


  1. Get to learn lot of stuff : Usually you get to learn many things while working in startups which is generally not the case while working with bigger companies.
  2. Learn to take responsibilities : Even early in your career(if you join startup company early), you will hold lots of responsibility to get stuff done. It will help yougrow as a person overall.
  3. Learn to be confident : Working with startups are always challenging and when you handle those and come out as a winner, you will feel confident and of course this will give you strength to handle more challenges in your life.
  4. Equity (if offered) : If you join as early member in startups, they usually offer some equity or stock options ( which can later be converted into equity). You can possibly end up hitting a jackpot ( You can see many stories like Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp where startup employees made good money)
  5. Learn working under uncertainty: You learn to work under uncertainty which is a very valuable life skill.
  6. More purpose in you work : Being close to the business, you will feel more achievement when you see your code shipped and millions of people using it or a big company using your product. This sense of achievement is usually difficult in employees of big companies, primarily because of lesser flow of information.


  1. Lesser structure in day-to-day work : You may face chaotic situations while working in startups. There are lot of new experiments which happen at startups, which may end of in trash.
  2. Job stability : While comparing with big companies, startups usually have less predictable future and hence lesser job security (if you perceive it that way)
  3. Difficult to Boast about your company(till the time it doesn’t make its mark) : It may be difficult for you to tell your relatives about your company because they will compare you with your cousin who is well settled with a big company.
    Source :-

See the pictures and you will get clear understanding what kind of work startup usually do and than think, do you really want to get job in Any startup
so if you want to enjoy this life, you are welcome …
Now how to get into these companies or get job in Any startup.
All companies are having their own interview criteria like

  1. We need people who has right attitude. 
  2. We need people who has burning desire to do something right {not to watch sunny video }. 
  3. We need people who can open his mouth { to participate new ideas execution }.
  4. We need people who keeps his ifs and buts outside his mind.
  5. We need people who values new ideas, care, respect, culture, friendship more than money.

If I summarize in one word “We need girl with beauty with mind and boy with common sense ”

How to get job in any startup , hint :- after 11.20 min watch this video

This video has all, what we need and how to achieve.
How we hire freshers ?
1. If you are the person who read this post and agree you are ready to get job in Any startup.
2. We select candidates 5 in a batch for FREE training.
3. If you survive till 2 months, you will get offer letter from EngineerBabu
4. I will love to invite you, to join spartans 🙂 .
5. Come, learn, Work, Enjoy and live life 🙂 .
Contact us on  Youtube Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Linkedin Mobile App

0 is mobile app which is leading car repairing shop provider nearby your location. Using Mobile App mobile application what we are trying to achieve

  1. Search in Specific area
  2. Enable your GPS and get Service centre nearby
  3. Click on Store to get more info
  4. Get navigation from your current location to store.
  5. Call Service provider
  6. Check rates / Offers / Timing required
  7. Map view of Mechanic and Service centre
  8. Admin panel to manage all listing.

You can check more details here
As per Article of YourStory

How is creating entrepreneurs in 1000 cities across India

Car servicing industry in India is highly fragmented and to an extent inconvenient from the consumer point of view. NCR-based marketplace of car workshops and auto repair shops, is expanding its operations across all over India. The venture was founded in 2008 by Rakesh Sidana, and helps car owners search the right car servicing and repair center locally.
Project – My Dream, My City
One of the recent endeavors of is their new project, ‘My dream, My city’ with which they aim to make their presence in every city.
According to Rakesh Sidana, Founder of, “I want to see MeriCAR running in every city. This project can create huge job opportunities in India. We are looking for entrepreneurs from all walks of life, including housewives, retired persons, unemployed and anybody who likes to work and earn at home, can join We plan to run this India project with minimum admin interference as all the training material and videos will be available online.”

The company is inviting applications from entrepreneurs to become partners to enroll 10,000 member car repair centers from 1000 cities. The partners would help the company to sell its services in other cities by establishing a car workshop network in their cities. They will get a share in the revenues generated from their area.
The ideal partners would be a person who wants to work for himself/ herself or self-employed professionals like car insurance agents or people who have taken a break in their careers or who are already working from home and looking to supplement their income. No prior auto industry experience is required. will provide their proprietary customer relationship management software which will help partners to manage and grow the business in their region.
More details about this you can check here
If you need mobile application / web application you can contact us

How to motivate Employees Part1


Ohh Shit, I tried everything to make this shit to make superhit. If you are a motivational speaker or Professor or  Looking for good theoretical content. Please stopppppppp now…

I am not a professional writer, You will find so many semicolon mistakes, If you can tolerate that Thank you:).
I am Mayank, Founder of EngineerBabu I write my blog on my way, Come to point, I started EngineerBabu with 2 person team. I did almost everything to make them happy, * Everything not means i have lot money to pay big numbers salary.
Method 1  :- When i started company, Team was new and frankly saying i have no trust on them . When i was checking their screen , sometimes they was either doing facebook or something that was not productive . I was looking some automated process to track them. Earlier i had wrong believe   In india no one do the work by their choice, they either do the work what their parent say to do, or what their friends are doing or what other person are doing.
**India is only country where people sit together to do shit.
All decisions are influenced by others from childhood to Oldage. You might have watched PK movie that will give u glimpse of what people think .
So How to motivate Employees big question for every company ? .
I have used some team tracking tools like ,
Nothing worked well , I got their snapshot of every 5 min but could made improve revenue. This idea seems bullshit.
I was trying to control people rather than guiding them to do right.
Freedom  :- I watched wolf of wall street movie  It is awesome movie for those who can implement it well. Do not focus on SEXY part, i am talking about self-motivation, quality training, Auto driven business model and leadership quality etc. .

I tried to make working environment as fun place. The best place to work, Our HR was always busy to do something crazy, innovative. We were always looking what best could be planned (new). Idea could be silly, your team member can consider you stupid, but by end of the day when they are  part of it, they should love it.
How to get your employees well dressed 
As given we tried this awesome idea suggested by Avdhesh  . These small – small ideas / things matters a lot . You don’t need be extra ordinary. These things are not costly, But you can make someone smile.

There is only one secret to make it happen ” Love , Care and Trust ” . If you believe hiring and firing model you can never ever become top leader.

There are lot of ideas we tried to make this happen and i will share shortly on next post.. You can always reach me at

How to create chat apps for android

chatting app

How to create chat apps for Android

When we talk about chat apps for Android images comes in mind Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, Line, Hike.
In this blog I will talk about chatting features only, Video calling and file sharing I will write on another post.
Text Chatting:-
1. We need to use own server shared hosting would be sufficient to make this done, that you can take from HostGator or GoDaddy.
2. You need to configure GCM for push notifications/messages.  Here is linked to doing this, or you can also add me on skype id:- and I will help you to make this done.
3. Now  GCM will send a message corresponding to each device id. We must have one database that will have details of each user mapping with device id.
4. Now we have all device id that made by (device + application id).
5. Using GCM, we can chat from any other user.
You can also follow this link
I am sharing code with you that you can import in your eclipse, Don’t use Netbeans or Android Studio this won’t work there.
You also need the help of one PHP person, who can configure backend and manage your server.
We have created application using same things Add me on skype:-
Current version chat apps for Android is having
a) Text Chatting (One to one, Group Chat)
b) File sharing (Image, Video, Audio, Contact, Sticker)
c)  Emoji icons
d) Voice Calling (App to App)
e) Voice Calling (App to Mobile Phone)
f)  Video Calling

How we design logo?


Best Logo Design Company 
It is not easy being a designer and design logo. We have to imagine and think of so many things before delivering the final piece of art to the client. Sometimes the pressure is so much that chaos takes place. But a true artist always create something new and unique from it no matter it is task to design logo, because chaos has its own theory,and a true artist never allows the pressure and chaos to damage his creativity. We bring out the design to match up to the shades of your brand. Many of our clients ask for what makes us unique from the others?Our answer is very simple,we always cover the basics before creating something new and this is what makes us stand out from the rest.
Briefing: Our process starts with your query, what do you want? What do you want it for? How do you want it to be? and more of these types of questions we ask our clients before start working. Understanding our client’s goals is critical. A logo is the shadow of any company’s work culture, people and values. We gather as much information as possible from our client at first hand. It is important to learn where the design logo is going to be used.
Research:  As a creative artist, we have to know what our client does and how we can make it better. By knowing about their brand, we allow ourselves to think outside of our domain of work and to establish a common line between the client and the design.By knowing the right details, we keep our selves away from many complications. By keeping up to date on client’s requirement and the recent updates on colors, design formats and typos, we save a lot of precious time for our client’s and for ourselves.
Brainstorming: We never stick to one single idea. We always open ourselves up to multiple iterations and concepts. We always keep our minds open to all options. Brainstorming is the one element that always makes a difference in our final product.Identifying keywords related to the client’s business is the most important practice at this point in our creative process. We use them to inspire ourselves for possible visual representations. Sketching these ideas on paper is the one step of the process which encourages us to slow down and consider all possible angles and directions.
Conceptual Drafting: Once we spent sufficient time on research and sketching, the conceptual begins. We use various tools for digital implementation of sketches, like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw etc. At this point we recreate the most successful idea son the computer developed during the sketching. They will starting to come to life with the addition of colors and details, and they will be nudged and tweaked until they satisfy the client’s wishes.
Feedback: After we create enough options, the most compelling choices are presented to the client for review. We encourage our clients to consider the ideas and respond with their feedback notes. Then we take the feedback into consideration, and make changes accordingly. The revised logo is again presented to the client. Generally there are many rounds of revisions and considerations before the client is fully satisfied with the final product.
Final Delivery: Once the client gives us thumbs up, we create a logo standards package for them. Including important file types like EPS, JPEG, PNG,TIF etc. Some of our clients also asked us for a black and white version of the final logo design. This provides our clients with everything they need to make the most of the new logo in all of the promotional stuff.
Although a logo seems so small and simple but the creative process behind it is very time consuming and needs concentration and creativity. Visual representation of the brand can make established image of it for its potential customers.

How to make 100 people IT Startup Company


The day when I started a company, I never thought we are going to make our company next TCS or Infosys or any Other Big company. I was neither having any idea to make my IT startup company big enough. I started with one employee. He was my student, I was training him in one institute where I was getting Rs 4000 per lecture.
The training institute owner was fraud and he ran away with money of students and the promise that he had to provide them job in IT startup.
Students were nice , hardworking they were not knowing what to do. Some took money on rent and invested to get job. It was not first case of any fraud institute but yes it was first step of something big.
I told them(Students) “You all know situations, institutions was fraud and now you are your own. even i didn’t get my salary “.
When i saw one student with tear in his eyes. I though something is wrong, I know i can get job anywhere because i had previous exp but these people are not going to get anywhere.
Yet i have not decided to create and IT startup Company but i made a mind to help them getting into job.
I asked them if i can find one place where i can teach you than i can start training institute but you need to help me get one. As i was having no money and no connections in this new city, I started calling everyone in my contact to help me share their place.
Luckily i got one place where an IT startup company was working and he was having only 2 developers. Place was good enough to teach 25 students their .
I started training people FREE , and i got 2 students joined my class. We did handwork to make them java expert.
Now problem started in Indore no one want java fresher, the need java expert of 3+ years .
continue tomorrow..

Best Work Culture in Indore


Best work culture in Indore

I mean, what are the odds? For a person like me to land up in what I consider as the best work culture company in Indore .By best,I mean the coolest, craziest and kind of a place where people have transcended themselves from the banal
in habitats of a dingy office to exuberant beings of a striking workplace. I work at EngineerBabu IT Services Pvt. Ltd. where vivacity shimmers and flows like a river, falling onto each of our brains and causing our brain cells to
vibrate like crazy . It feels as though it’s not merely an office but a place where we fellow colleagues come to nurture and outshine our inner selves .
Let me unfurl our joyous story. The Homo sapiens who work at EB don’t restrict themselves to the quotidian formalities
of any typical office but rather feel free to call each other by some fit-inducing names.
We don’t need any occasion for turning an evening into a sparkling jamboree. This is how we look when we party.
Merlin’s Beard! We also know how to work our brains out!
There’s some kind of manic and frenzied streak in each one of us which keeps pushing us to click some mad snaps
of each other. Have a quick look at these
Sometimes, we wait in the office for longer than usual. But given some phenomenal working conditions, we cannot
obviously complain. Whenever we are needed to work in the late hours we crawl up at our CEO’s house for work cum
night out. Needless to say, this work is coupled with lots and lots of food, music, pranks, mischief’s and fervor. Fair enough?
Snacks and drinks are constant and super awaited visitors at our office. After all, we are True Indori’s by heart and thus
understandably passionate foodie’s , Hey sometime we worked at night , we sleep but we called as sleepless night 🙂
By now you must have gotten a tiny idea that we do spend a significant amount of time together. This goes without saying that so many people cannot co-exist under one roof for so many hours if there is no mutual respect for each other.Yes, we do have a remarkable amount of reverence towards each other which helps us leave our meagre
amount of arrogance right on the doorstep.
Yoga Classes 
For those of you who want to join and be a part of this enthusiastic company and take yourself to a pro level,
Leave us a mail at along with your resume and a few links to your public profiles.