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How to Build a Successful IT Startup


Hello folks, hope you all doing good. I am back with a new article, this time it’s for a startup. Well say yes or no but once in a lifetime everyone things of having a startup of his own and believe me most of them succeed too. But after a good start also many of them lack the flow of continuing it. While the number of new business startups in the India is difficult to pin down (it has been estimated an average of 6000 annually), it is safe to say that the country’s economic crisis situation has led to a surge in entrepreneurship. Statistics show: 50% of businesses fail within their first 3 years and only 5% see their 10th Anniversary. What are the 5 definite clues that a startup business will succeed? Below I have shared few points which I came to know that effects the growth of an startup:
1. Startups who have followed this trend have proven clients. They not only know who their market / client is and what products as well as services their customer wants but they have a proven method or system in place to ensure satisfaction at every interaction. Truly remarkable services is absolutely essential to a long term success and will make it a stellar stand out in their industry.
2. Startups who plan deliberately. A successful startup has a solid 1-5 year plan with benchmarks in place to meet serious target points and objectives. With set goals and checkpoints for accountability, a startup can prepare for and repair any weak points that might have otherwise put at risk their daily operations.
3. Startups who are fiscally cautious. While this is a great time for Startup opportunities, it has never been a more challenging time to obtain startup credit or funding. Trim management of operations is crucial for a new business. Money management – the ability to stretch funds and store resources early business credit and funding is an important sign that points towards a Startups success.
4. Startups who retain an effective Marketing Firm. While many new businesses initially are willing to spend a large part of their budget on marketing (i.e. pamphlets, flyers, business cards, door hangers etc.)…it is often a complete waste of money if the marketing has an ineffective outcome. Hiring a proven and cutting edge Marketing Firm gives Startups a marketing roadmap to make each marketing product or campaign a decisive direction to build their business upon.
5. Startups who have a successful business mentor and/or successful business model to pattern themselves after. While Startups may have many innovative ideas to create a successful business -a wise Startup knows that to learn from the mistakes and successes of another company may save them from making severe and detrimental mistakes of their own.
6. Startups who run their business with direct openness. The easiest way for a business to avoid bad publicity is to act and function each day as if someone were watching— The real character of a business is no different than that of ourselves and is a direct reflection of the Startup.
7. Startups who know how to effectively communicate -not just with their customers and the public but with their most valuable marketing assets (their employees). Effective leadership is only as strong as the leader. And a strong leader must not only have a clear vision for the company but must be able to communicate the implementation of that vision as well. click here

The Ideal Custom Logo Design Company



The Ideal Custom Logo Design Company

EngineerBabu is an Ideal Custom Logo Design Company its provide high quality logo designs and best way for the businesses to promote their brand. If you are new to the dimension of global business marketing and you are desperately in search of a custom logo fix designer that can give you the best logos and web design around, you have to be smart, open-minded and vigilant when doing this. It turns out that there are several custom logo and web design companies out there that are looking to make a name for themselves by saying that they are offering inexpensive and good-looking custom logo designs when it actuality not only do they not provide such great logo designs but they also squander their clients trust and desires. The designs made by these “other” custom online design companies do not appropriately reflect upon what the company stands and strives for and at times they can be very expensive.
You will find thousands of logo design websites on the internet which is quite confusing for one does not know which logo design service would be better for them. Perhaps, this is the most difficult process for a small business owner; there are certain criteria for selecting the best logo design company, which are as follows
1- Does the logo design help which you are going for have the relevant experience or not? To find out this, you should ask about it from the friends who have their logo designed by them or visit forums and see if there is anything there about them, you can also check the testimonials and call the clients to check if the testimonials are real, you can give them call and ask if they were satisfied with their work.
2- Check to see if they have uploaded their portfolio on their logo design websites, if yes then see their client list and the work they did for them. Do not go for the quantity but prefer quality here. If the logos are of good quality and you like them then you can consider them for your logo design.
3- Call them and see how customer support representative gives you a response, if they take you for granted and do not talk seriously then how would they take your order seriously.
When a logo design company makes a company brand logo, it must represent the company’s values, morals, ambitions, services and management. These logos must be designed in a way that it strikes the right chords within that particular target individual or/and audience that they are able to relate to the company in everything that they are. If none of these factors correlate with the company’s custom logo fix, then that design would be considered a definite failure.
That is why EngineerBabu is the ideal custom logo design company that your business requires. EngineerBabu has recruited and band together only the most clever, well-rounded, proficient and knowledgeable individuals that coerce majestically and systematically to construct the most accurate and quality-driven custom logo designs that you, your company and your customers will truly feel proud of and satisfied as time goes by.
EngineerBabu’s customer services department is daily active for 24 hours straight with consultants catering to and addressing every single one of their clients needs and issues without a fret or even waiting in queues. Our designers work round the clock spending most of their time researching for authentic new designs, patterns while also possessing advanced knowledge about other rivaling companies.
EngineerBabu strives for nothing less than assuring clients a 100% customer satisfaction, services and original designs. Doing so would severely damage our humble and respected reputation of being the best custom logo design company today. If our customers are not satisfied with our initial design concepts, all of their hard earned money is entitled to a complete refund.
If our clients want to tweak their custom logo design company, then they have complete freedom to do so thanks to our unlimited revisions policy. Your happiness is our success.

Mobile App Advertising – Best Advertising Mode


Mobile app advertising is the fastest emerging concept in the advertising arena. Many apps are developed and launched each and every day. The number of users downloading and using the apps is increasing manifold. It is creating a revolution in the advertising segment.
A major chunk of the entire population seems to have a mobile phone as necessity and the economical smartphones are abundant in the market. Therefore, mobile app advertising is being increasingly tapped as a marketing medium. The best advantage of this method is that the matter will reach the mobile users instantaneously. Also, when a viewer watches one channel, an advertisement in another channel may not reach him. But, since mobile, nowadays, have become an extension of the hand, the advertisement will immediately land on the mobile phones of the prospective customers.
The advantages of mobile app advertising are enumerated as follows:
#Effective targeting of the audience – One can choose, the relevant industry related mobile apps out of many, to target customers. By this way, one can reach the audience who is interested in the advertisement subject.
#Highly Responsive – Compared to e-mail marketing or other forms of advertising, ads for mobile sites gets a high response. As a result, it boosts the return on investment.
#Follow-up/Tracking – It is always easier to track how many clicks have been received and what action the users have taken upon the ad with the modern advancement in the e-advertisement field. This is not possible in normal newspaper ads.
#Unique and Innovative – For promoting products, services and other deals, this unique way of advertising can be considered. As this is a new advertising method, one has to think and explore possible avenues to tap the maximum potential out of this.
#Personal touch – Since the messages are getting delivered into the inbox of customers, it gives a personal touch to customers and gives a good feeling. This may lead them to think and buy the product or subscribe to a service, where lies the ultimate success.
Like any other businesses, mobile app developers can also make use of ads for mobile sites to promote their app and make people download it. However, one has to be careful in selecting the mobile app in which they are going to advertise. One has to make sure that the app is long endured with a good track record in the market and has a good number of real people in it. Nowadays, many are bots and fake in many apps. Make sure that the advertisement is shown once in a while with moderate time gap and frequent pop out ads will make the user get irritated. By placing an ad in a popular mobile app, you increase the chances of people noticing your brand and some might also click on the link and visit your website. While they visit, interested parties might share contact details and thus give you leads and direct customers. Having read about all these advantages, gear up and jump into the world of mobile app advertising.This would be the catalyst you needed to rapidly increase your sales and promote your brand.
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Best Mobile App for Vehicles | Maalgaadi


Maalgaadi – Ola for Goods vehicles

We design a custom solution for your business to improve your operations and reduce costs. With our unique handheld communications devices, we offer complete security and safety for all your packages, parcels, documents.
This App is specially built for drivers to get the information about the parcel which they have to deliver. The work of this application is very simple, the customer has to just give the details of the parcel to the team through the website or phone call. With that information, our team generates a booking admin panel in which they enter pick-up and destination points for each parcel, details of the customer (name, contact) and assigns to drivers. The drivers have this app installed on their phone, and the nearest driver will be assigned the task of delivery. The driver will then start the task, go to the picking point collect the parcel and deliver it to the target. The Maalgaadi team receives a complete record of the driver’s behavior, time is taken to reach and deliver, the route was taken, the detours and the delays and even low battery notifications. This is very simple and handy app for service providers. This app contains both pre and post payment features.
Features of the mobile App for vehicles:
1). Easy to use.
This App is very east to use, as it designed for the drivers and the customers both.By following simple 3 to 4 steps a user can complete his transaction.
2). Secure Bookings.
This app offers the user a very secure platform for delivering their products, as this app offer’s live tracking 24X7.
3). Reliable Service.
The service provided by MAALGAADI is very reliable, as the data of the driver and the vehicle is shared by with the customers.
4). Keep Total Control.
Customers can control the Pickup and delivery time plus the customer can also select the vehicle and driver for the delivery of his project.
EngineerBabu works with premium clients and provides impressive quality in Mobile app development, Quick support and 100% satisfaction.
Here is post about How we make apps
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Alia Al Farsi App


Who is Alia

Omani painter, Alia Al Farsi is an ardent lover of French poetry, especially metaphors that are harmonious to the ears. Her talent using mixed media, acrylic, Cambodian letters and even recycled paper during the early stages of her career and expressing her spirituality through paintings make her an artist with strong concepts and ideas.

Going against the contemporary definition of beauty, she prefers to create loveliness out of what is discarded and rejected. Nobody is perfect; flaws tend to make one unique – is a philosophy Alia applies to her works of art. Concentrating on the abstract, she looks to her Omani heritage to produce unity through diversity upon her canvas. Be it through the usage of various fabrics or specific numerals and letters, the artist in Alia seeks to establish a direct connection with her audience. Not relying on a specific medium of expression, Alia writes poetry that later transcends into mixed media on canvas.

How she is creating impact on Art culture

Concentrating on the abstract form of fine art, Alia looks to her Omani culture to produce unity through diversity upon her canvas. Be it through the usage of various materials of clothes, or specific numerals and letters; the artist in Alia seeks to establish a direct connection with her audience.

Not relying on a specific medium of expression, Alia writes poetry which later transcends into mixed media on canvas. Having come a long way from being a simple high-school girl interested in playing with colours and forms, to becoming an innovator of new-age Omani art, Alia Alfarsi intends to continue in her path of creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

As one of Oman’s most prolific artists, Alia continues to push the boundaries of art rooted in her love for all things Omani. She has exhibited internationally with solo shows in Tokyo, Paris, and Brussels. Having established her credibility as a serious artist with a clear message, she has also exhibited with similar minded artists in Stockholm, Berlin, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, and Geneva amongst many exhibitions over the past 20 years.

Her works are exhibited in museums including the Arab World Institute in Paris and in prestigious hotels in the region. Her recent foray into furniture and object painting allows her to showcase and express her talent beyond two-dimensional settings of the canvas. An active participant in social media, she sees the potential of using these new media frontiers

Features of App
1). Art Gallery: You can search over a wide range of her collection in the application.
 Biography: User can go through the detailed description of her life. It involves more than just the basic facts of her and also portrays her experience.
Press Release: Browse the latest press release in news and media, her statements and interviews.
Event listing: Get the information about event listings.
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How to Start Mobile App Business


Mobile App Business becomes very popular in today’s world. There are many mobile devices that are accessible on the market nowadays. People can also find many different mobile apps that can be used to improve the functionality of their smartphone. This business is very promising for the next couple years. A number of mobile users is increasing from time to time. Keep reading this post to learn how to start a mobile apps business that can survive these days.

 There are numerous tips for some business owners who want to have this Mobile app business. 


1. Do Market Research of Mobile Application-

This is the first important step that all mobile app business owners should do. They have to do market research to find some opportunities in the market. Most apps are usually created based on the demand from the market. This market research becomes very important, especially for all business owners who want to be successful in this business. During this step, people need to choose the right target market. Creating a new trend is the most efficient way for all business owners, especially if they want to be successful in this mobile app business.


2. Develop a Great Mobile Application –

After finding the best idea, people need to start developing their mobile application. There are some easy-to-use tools that are available on the Internet. There are paid and free version of these app creators. It is also a good idea to hire professional app developers that have a lot of experiences in creating some high-quality apps. A great mobile app should be able to meet everyone’s needs without any issues. This is the most important step that all business owners have to do when they are interested in mobile apps business. It may take some period and money for developing a successful.
The number of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has exceeded the number of desktops being used for both professional and personal work. Therefore, the necessity of mobile apps has also increased over time. As a software designer, it is not very difficult to formulate a good app idea. However, in an ambitious mobile market of today’s, only a unique idea is not enough to ensure the success of the app. A mobile application is declared successful only if its download rate is high and it fulfills the app interests of the customer. While originality and variety are the key to app success, I list for you additional simple tips for ensuring the building of successful mobile app business:

a). Mobile App Design must be Simple.
b). Involvement of target audience is important.
c). Mobile Application should not be Static.
d). Use a Well-Planned Promotion Technique.


3. Marketing of your App:-

This is another important step that all people should do before they can reach all customers. Promoting apps can be the toughest part in making mobile apps business. There are many challenges and obstacles that people may face during this marketing campaign. The app should be introduced to some mobile_app stores for different operating systems, such as Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry, and many other systems. Social media can be great tools for promoting apps. There are many mobile users who also use social media in their daily life.
Those are useful tips for all people who want to create a successful mobile app business. This type of business is predicted to grow exponentially in the next five years. There will be a lot of modern gadgets that are going to be launched soon. This business is very promising for some people who want to be successful in this tech industry. There are many people who are able to gain their success because they work in this industry. Creating an appealing mobile app can be an interesting job for some people in this mobile app business. It is important to create the best mobile app that can meet everyone’s needs and purposes.

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How to increase the number of Android App Downloaders?


What Android App Downloaders normally look for? Quality and review free Android apps from verified developers, isn’t it? The things that fascinate developers most is-easy access to e-books, games, music and several other utility app.
Android app developers fall in love with the Android’s experience. If you too are willing to experience the world of Android, create a Google Play account. There you will get the highest degree of freedom. It is the most popular App market with ruling technology.
Studies have shown that the number of mobile devices with an installed Android OS has crossed 230 million worldwide.  It means that 80% of the Smartphone global market.  This staggering figure makes the android app downloaders go crazy.
 Android App Downloaders download the app seeing its popularity. They normally seek below given tips from the developers to get the most popular apps:

1.Great Translated Descriptions

Android app developers make sure you get a nice, long description of the app. To put it up in the marketplace they translate the descriptions. This is for the clients and app’s ranking. For this, you need to invest the credit and do it right.

2.CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Burst Campaigns

Most of the traffic that comes from Google Play and the App Store will go only as far as the 50th app in the list. Unsurprisingly, app developers try to make their app reach the great spot as possible.
Developers use CPI (Cost-Per-Install) operation via different promoters. To make the Android App Downloaders fall in love with the app, it’s done.  
You’ll pay a certain amount of money for each installation. The idea is not to make a concrete return on your business, but to drive yourself in the list of Top 50 apps in your niche. If you reach that spot, the consequence will last long enough for you to get your money’s worth.

3.Limited Discounts

You can offer your app for free or at half price for a limited time. Giving limited discount along with CPI (Cost-Per-Install) operations can create a medium-sized user base. The outcome can be amazing with it already being in place. There are also apps that can help boost the app, alike to the way deal sites work.

4.Keep your eyes on the user

Having analytics is a must. You being a developer would want to keep your active device numbers as high as achievable. That’s the major factor to make the android app downloaders to download more apps.
A good app analytics should offer multi-application options as well as experience.
Analytics lets developers see user’s response, from download till app uninstalls. It’s done as developers wants to set up key trigger points inside the app to run A/B testing.

5.Professional real-life screenshots

The screenshots of the app should be as sharp, and professional as workable. If you can, take some high-quality pictures of a real person with the help of the app. If the app is for young children, developers will show a kid in the picture. If it is a business related app, they will replace it with a businessman. As an android app developer, make sure the app is visible.

Know what an App developer does to increase the number of Android App Downloaders:

To popularize their products, some app developers hire people to give them good reviews. To make their apps non-underground, they apply this technique. The authorized user gets a separate account on a daily basis. The hired person then writes a feedback using different devices.
If they continue to conduct review in the same pattern, android app downloaders may take the reviews as false.
For starters, even this simple strategy can bring money, not much, but some to get you going even further.
There are many ways to get the app noticed through various forms of marketing — some paid and some unpaid. Building the app is just 30 percent of the entire process of your startup. It is all about getting a user to use the app on a regular basis.
If you have read the article and want to develop Android application of your own, we EngineerBabu team are here to help you.
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Mez App


Stay connected with your family and friends with new Mez App. Instantly meet people near you or around the world with Mez-App. Discover new friends. Use exciting in-app features to increase your chances of friending or chatting!

Expand your social network with the tap of a button with Mez App. It’s so much fun, you won’t be able to stop. Start Scouting and find your party, make new friends, or meet new people, anytime, anywhere. We are going to development the mobile app which is having following specifications:


1. Create Account.
2. Add/Search Friends.
3. Friends Feeds
4. Like/comment
5. Chatting/ Group chats
6. Insert Audio Clip/ Images
7. Video upload
8. Photo editing
9. Notifications
10. Choose a page to browse (Business, Public Figure, Entertainment).

Follow this link for having the UI experience of Mez App:

Mobile apps are the order of the day and after they have are made; they are inevitably brought to undergo the suitable testing stages. It ensures great value and is promoted well it to ensure it reaches the acme of success sooner or later.
These latest messaging apps come integrated with a lot of cutting-edge features to add excitement to the user’s experience. The features that typically come with these apps include image uploads games, video & voice recordings, stickers and group chats. The iPhone app developers alongside developing the apps are weighed down under the additional onus of figuring out fresh opportunities in the mobile communication. In a very short time, social apps have created a great revolution among the worldwide users to facilitate improved level of communication. Whatever it is, a mobile chat application has become a hit among most users. Instant messaging is especially useful in the workspace as a way of reducing long distance telephone bills when you have to communicate with colleagues who are geographically remote but whom you must work closely.

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Project Thrillophilia Mobile App


Who are they and how they started off
Thrillophilia mobile app  was founded in 2009 by Abhishek Daga, an alumnus of the IIT BHU and Chitra Gurnani alumnus of the Indian School of Business Initially they used word of mouth and Digital marketing to popularize their company. A few months later, the company sold its trip to Ladakh on Today, as per Alexa traffic rankings, Thrillophilia is among the top 20 Travel Websites and has been credited with India’s largest adventure travel website with more than 400 tours on the website. Thrillophilia claims to have had at least 70% growth every quarter since its founding. The company started with eco tours and experiential tours in 2011 branched out to selling corporate tours, activity honeymoon trips and weekend getaways. Further in 2012, Thrillophilia added wildlife getaways. As of today, Thrillophilia employs over 30 people.
The team initially started with the idea of building an adventure and activity portal where each and every possible activity trip of India would be listed and become a one stop destination for adventure travel. Even though there was measured success, the company decided to focus more on particular regions and then scale up.
How Thrillophilia is Creating Entrepreneurs across India
Thrillophilia is an Indian Adventure Travel company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was founded by Chitra Gurnani and Abhishek Daga in 2009. In its initial years, it focused on online sales of adventure tours but later expanded to ground operations and now conducts a variety of tours, experiences, adventure activities and things to do in the Indian subcontinent. The company started out with their passion for travel and their belief in India as a good market for adventure tours. The company has been in the space for a few years and has now added activities and things to do in their portfolio. Thrillophilia is now a marketplace for tours, activities and to-do things with the site having undergone a major revamp as well.
Today, as per Alexa traffic rankings, Thrillophilia is among the top 20 Travel Websites. And It has been credited with India’s largest adventure travel website with more than 400 tours on the website and soon we are launching Thrillophilia Mobile App also. Thrillophilia claims to have had at least 70% growth every quarter since its founding.
Features of Mobile App
1). Booking tours
2). Listing of tours
3). Profile
4). Messages
5). Plan a trip
6). Recent Trending spots
7). Feedbacks & Comments
8). Testimonials
9). Social media linking
What the co-founder says-
It’s been a rollercoaster ride. We celebrated every success, every moment of joy and pushed ourselves harder during tough days. Yes there were lots of tough days, days when we did not do any sales for 45 days, days when the website was under malware attack and then blacklisted by Google, month on month negative cash flows, but persistence was the key. Like every start-up, there were problems faced concerning getting good deals from vendors.”
When we started a lot of service providers out rightly rejected us based on our size. We came out stronger and then came the plan of having corporate tours. An entirely managed experience where we had built our own outdoor and training team and started doing an activity and experiential learning programs. These services turned the table for us and gave the thrust we needed, and we now have served more than 14000 people and counting.”
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Best website designing and development company


Within the next five years, Millennials will make up roughly half of the work force. What is this means for businesses is that our current means of marketing, selling and online businesses are going to collide drastically with how Millennials respond and convert as online consumers.
Millennials, those currently aged between 14 and 35, have distinctively different standards and guidelines for marketing than the generations before them. For this reason alone, companies must  begin to transition their websites out of the old habits and into the new, Millennial-friendly tactics sooner than later.
So what can you do to help drive your online business into the future by pleasing the Millennials? We offer some of our favorite tips and tricks below!

1. Optimize Your Mobile-Friendly Website

Last year, roughly 83% of Millennials had a cellular telephone. This statistic is only expected to rise over the coming years. And Millennials are using their phones for more than just making phone calls. Smart phones have become the mecca for social interaction and gathering information for Millennials. They are also used as a common tool for purchasing goods and services.
As a business owner, it is essential that your website be mobile friendly so that Millennials can easily access you. If your site is not compatible with smart phones, you risk the business of the Millennial population, who will easily become disgruntled and simply find the next website that is mobile-friendly.
If you’re still wavering about the importance of having a mobile-friendly site, I encourage you to check out Top 7 Advantages of a Mobile Friendly Site blog post for more information on why every site should be mobile-friendly.

2. Simpler is Better

Because most Millennials will be accessing your website from their phones, it’s important that you create and design content that is targeted towards mobile phone use. In particular, keep in mind the size of the screen people will be looking at. It’s small, right? And so, as a result, there isn’t a ton of space to put all of your content front and center. Instead, prioritize your information, putting pressing information on the homepage and letting secondary information be accessed from other webpages on your site.
The danger of over-sharing on a mobile site is obvious: your browsers will experience an information overload, and rather than buy from you, they will become disinterested in you. Additionally, the separation of information from webpage to webpage will help guide browsers easily through your site.

3. Make Your Content Easy to Scan

Millennials also have a different way of browsing webpages than previous generations. Millennials read through web pages intentionally. Chances are, if they are on a webpage, it is because they are seeking information. They don’t care about all of the fluff and stuff.
Because they are information-seeking, they tend to scan webpages. Scanning web pages allows them to determine quickly whether or not the information on the page directly relates to their problem. If through scanning, Millennials do locate their answer they will slow their pace and read the content. But, if they cannot find their answer through scanning, they will reroute their search on a new website.
Knowing the Millennials style of reading should affect the way that you write your web copy. There are certain methods you can employ to make your copy more scannable. When writing, try:

  • Using bold headlines that define each paragraph
  • Using bullet points in your paragraphs
  • Writing shorter paragraphs, and
  • Writing your first paragraph sentence in bold type

By doing these simple things, you will have more scannable and reader-friendly content, converting more browser into buyers.

4. Focus on the User-Experience

Among other things, Millennials appreciate the experience that comes from browsing a website. They like to feel like each website is original and meaningful to them. They also want to feel entertained by the website.
It’s important to remember that the main difference between Millennials and other generations is that Millennials don’t have any technology-free memories. They grow up in the boom of the internet. To them, the internet is as standard as microwaves to warm your food. They don’t know any different, and because of that, they have high expectations for the positive impact that the internet can have on their life.
Buying goods and services online, in turn, is something that is both natural and anticipated by them. They’re able to maneuver websites so easily that they believe these websites should have the ability to transform their buying experience from mundane to exceptional.
When you are optimizing your website, be sure that you take design and experience seriously. It matters to the Millennials, and so it should matter to you.