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Outsourcing: Get The Perfect Catch In An Ocean of Opportunities

Ever been on a fishing spree? Late hours in the saline waters. Fishing out too long shores, in the quest for a perfect catch. Similarly, talent is like a vast spread ocean of opportunities and hiring the perfect match for the profile can be a mammoth task. Then what is the answer to it? Outsourcing
Outsourcing might be an alien term to many today. Go out and try and explain about outsourcing, “Huh? What’s that?” would be the reaction. Outsourcing is the smartest and most efficient way to manage IT industries today. It has many benefits to accrue. Gone are the days where the key to building a vibrant outsourcing relationship was to select a service provider with a good strategic fit rather than the lowest bidder. Now, with an ocean full of freelancers and IT vendors available to choose from, who provide equally good services and strategy for business development, it’s easy to get the correct catch!

The much-celebrated boom in the service sector paved the way for new players in town. Visionaries, with a keen acumen for business, ventured into this ever growing agglomeration. The game point of the business came when there was a merger between fresh talent and vendor satisfaction.

By hook or crook, get the job done.
What has made the role of freelancers and vendors critical has primarily been the demand for the services, but more importantly the ways in which they have handled and delivered the job to be done. There has been a general misconception regarding the small-scale teams, that they aren’t valued for money. Today these small and medium scaled teams have risen up because of their ingenious talents. There is no cookbook to success, just some basic ingredients that should be used judiciously.

1. Harvard- #1 in Quality ALWAYS!

Let us consider the example of Harvard, Yale or Ivy League Universities. They are termed as the best among the best universities. The intake never increases but they hold their head high when it comes to quality. Similarly, there exists a perfectly competitive market in freelancing, thus the quality of work keeps on increasing. They work with a high sense of professionalism. Of course, there are exceptions to the same, as all the students are not same in a class.

2. When work is your first love

Freelancers are highly motivated to reach the top and achieve what they always wanted to. They will mix their blood and sweat to get the job done right. They Love their job and can spend hours with this sweet darling 😛

3. Saving big bucks! Because you always wanted those crisp banknotes

Freelancers are heads up to face and take up challenges. The pricing talks are always in the negotiation region when a worthy and challenging project is pitched to them.

4. Adjusting the focus of the lenses called job

Their insatiable hunger for growth always keeps them within the loop. These professionals never second guess the idea of working a little extra if it is the need of the hour.

5. A powerhouse of knowledge

A new book always wears out the old one. Freelancers are the new books of the industry. They are well equipped with the services they provide. They know the problems encountered or will be encountered in the future and the solutions to those problems like the back of their hand.

6. Click! Click! It’s all about clicking with the client

Building client relationships are at the fore in their minds. They realise the value of maintaining good relations with their clients and work in that direction tirelessly.

7. Jugaad is the brother of innovation!!!

Englishmen call it innovation we call it jugaad. The real genius of mind lies in finding alternate technologies and methods. Freelancers do not shy away from trying new things. They can find alternatives for anything and everything.

8. Fancy huge building, Luxurious travel, and expensive business suits

Costs of a fancy office building, extra staff, etc. are not considered by these professionals while giving a pricing quotation. So, the proposed cost is automatically less. Moreover, in a pool of service providers, one can find a service provider which suits his/her budget.
I would here highlight the fact that Freelancers and IT service providers have made IT accessible to everyone, today anyone may it be a shopkeeper or a small business owner everyone can seek IT services today in their budget. In the present scenario, anyone can get their logos designed professionally, get their websites build, get promoted on social media, get content writers and even get software developed.
Knights in shining Armour
Freelancers have made IT media management a reality. They are the knights in shining armours. For finding and to hire these amazing superheroes that come to our rescue when no one does visit the faster and the smarter way of hiring the perfect outsourcing partner for all your IT needs. 😉

Have a Happy Day!


Entrepreneur Wives: Caring meets Daring

A few decades ago, there was a time when women meant to be in kitchens or doing the household chores, managing the home and kids and leading a properly balanced life with kids and family. But, when we are talking about today’s women, they are on spree. They are going places. Women are taking the world by them and ruling different sectors of business in a fascinating way possible. Times have changed.The women which were found cooking a perfect dinner, appreciated and remembered for the taste they put into their foods are now appreciated for cracking business deals and strategizing perfect plots for a business empire to run.

The journey of evolution i.e. from Kitchens to Companies is amusing and trust me you have no idea about it.
The point which I will be trying to make today won’t be based on the burning topics of Women Empowerment, but rather on the positive edge of how women have indulged and successfully moulded themselves into the hush-and-bush of the Corporate world. I will be writing about my experiences -why women are equally great at business.

While the world’s one-third of the women entrepreneurs are leading the world by leadership lessons and setting an example for the “Gen-next”, it’s very important to know that what makes this puzzling fact more explanatory.

Today, women occupy just 4% of CEO spots at Fortune 500 companies, and fewer than one in five corporate board seats is held by a woman.

Kitchen Queens turning into Management Gurus!
They are the best management gurus in the world: There is no argument to be made in this statement. Because the best example of a management lies right inside our homes- MOTHERS. No matter, what the situation is, she always comes up with the solution. She keeps the track record of each and every resource utilised in our home. Groceries to Veggies- Women are a hardcore analyst. Management is incomplete without adding that personal touch to it. A woman is an epitome of love, empathy, and best problem solver. Never underestimate the gut feeling or intuition of a woman.

Best at HR (House/human resource) management:
If she can manage a staff of 45 she can easily manage a family. If she can understand and manage 45 different minds then trust me family is an easy game to play. Her vision is broad. She is an Ace recruiter, securing your family’s future would be a mere task for her. A woman knows the importance of love and care which a family must be nurtured under.

Dairy Bills to daily Bills:
Finances: A woman if can deal with the badass number of transactions in her company, can’t she cope up with a family finances? Don’t you think, it would be an understatement if we doubt a woman who deals with a thousand-dollar business?

A better emotional backbone:
A woman which confides both business and personal care is a great combination in itself. Sharing the best and worst experiences, leading her through your achievements and failure, she’ll always be at your back. She’ll always be the one to count on. She has seen both the sides of the coin, will be a better person to understand you rather than judging you.
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Wonder women in the business suit:
A solid workplace balance: A company cannot work until and unless it has got the balances right. If there is some or the other element missing or say too much or too less, it’s going to crumble down. She is the one who manages the homely affairs, may it be sending kids to school, attending the kids’ annual day function. And she can be that same badass persona who cracks the deals in the boardroom. She knows that very element that is required to balance these 2 totally different equations. She’ll be able to add the coefficients in the exact number into her workplace and personal life equation. Right from empowering teams, playing on the front foot, aligning and managing the roles both as-a-spouse and a business woman, keeping up with the expectations of both family and business requires a hell lot of patience, power and guts. And all these qualities make her no less than a real life “Wonder Woman”.

Women can significantly contribute to any workforce: Women have the abilities to handle the critical aspects of any decisions in a workplace. So, when she can handle a deal worth millions, dare not judge her poorly when it comes to handling a business empire as a whole. A woman’s intuition can drive that balance and lead a greater impact on local, national and global levels of economies. She has that perception required to sustain it.

Being the only female co-founder of my company Aditi Chaurasia is often encountered with this question in possibly every interview or talks that “Are you guys married?”. Even I have been encountered with the same question on various occasions. So, basically marrying a woman businessman won’t shatter your male ego. In fact, she’ll be the one who’ll understand both personal and professional aspects of your life. She’ll not only encourage you to deal with your failure but will be happy to be a part of your journey.

Merely giving a talk and sharing views regarding women empowerment or debating topics like “Men and Women are equal” is not enough. I have seen a number of guys giving such big-shot talks when in public but when it comes to a question of marrying one, he is shattered by the idea itself. No wife in the world will ever judge you, no matter how good or bad you are in your life. Because she has been under that hood and knows what it feels to be like under one. Down the line, man must prefer marrying to a woman entrepreneur because she is both caring and daring in every sense possible.

How to Manage Project Without Project Manager

Since the inception of my start up EngineerBabu, quality and accountability have been our prime focus. To chase big dreams without being accountable and responsible for them is a rather vague idea. Cooperation and team building have been the keys to smooth project management for us. But this wasn’t the case since the beginning; it was a rather bumpy ride full of frustrating setbacks and huge hurdles.

1. Zero on accountability!
Some years back when things were taking a time to roll. I faced a certain challenge among my employees, all were a gem among people but just after 9-7, these gems of mine lost their brilliant shine. I had hired the best of minds in the town with honed skills yet they failed to be accountable for their work after 7? This was nagging me at a new level, the hot head that I was back then; I used to yell at them. I scolded them. I tried every possible way out. Then a brilliant idea struck me out of nowhere. Before we move on to that big idea. Let me just sail you through the unique challenges that a project manager faces.

EngineerBabu is a place where you find the perfect match for all your IT needs, Of course, we had a huge bulk of clients to manage- their changing requirements, new additions to features and payments to make.
How to Manage Project Without Project Manager via @engineerbabuinc
2. Requirement Gathering:
This is where it all starts. Client requirements can be abstract challenging and fresh for you. To note all minor aspects of what the client needs, to understand his very basic requirements and convey its core meaning without getting shaken to the team was the task. But just like a Chinese whisperer, these requirements lost their essence till they reached the development team. The result was eerie, unsynchronised and clumsy software. A clear explanation was what we required. Well nobody was ready to be answerable to the client!

3. Division of tasks: Finding the correct fit for every task
You just cannot ask a pauper to rule a kingdom and vice versa. Assigning the correct role to the deserving is essential. To explore the real talent of an individual he/she needs to have a keen calling towards the work assigned. Making a developer do a sales job is not the wisest decision.

4. Milestone delivery
A client needs results. Just not overall final results, but updates about how you are moving ahead every day to accomplish the task. With every passing milestone achieved you build trust between you and the client.

5. 24/7 availability
Employees tend to run away after their 7 o’clock deadline. The client gets worried because there is no response from this end. It can make you lose valuable investors and clients.
How to Manage Project Without Project Manager via @engineerbabuinc

6. Rewarding the good work

I realised after all these years that incentives always work. It is human to get lured to an incentive, from early ages an extra candy/lollipop has always motivated us to work on that irksome homework. So why not at work?

We came out with an easy solution- every employee was assigned, one client. He was overall answerable for that client. For each five star rating, a five per cent bonus was offered. For a four star rating a 4%. For three star 3%.It worked reverse for 1 or 2-star rating a certain percentage was deducted from their bonus.

Suddenly there was 100% accountability. It worked miraculously. This policy did wonders. The sales hiked up. The number of happy clients increased significantly. Employees were enthusiastic to work and saw each day as a new challenge.
Since then work has been a bed of roses. A skilled team, enthusiastic and understanding co-founders and smiling clients! Every entrepreneur’s dream come true!

9 Vital Characteristics of Successful Freelancers

Get to be your own boss. What else do you need? There are many perks of being a successful freelancer! Yet there is something that might bother your client.  These tips can work miraculously. They might give you refreshing vibes and change your entire work schedule. I have worked with freelancers for a long time now.  What puts them on most blacklists is unprofessionalism. I hope you pick up some value in these tips to steer your career straight. Let me help add value to your profile!

1. Let’s make a Deal!
Do you need contracts even for the small jobs? It can be a huge task to figure out the details behind every deal so do you have to run away? Many freelancers get caught up in heavy paperwork and drain their time in it. All you need to do is cover the basics on which you and the client have to agree upon. Your contract should have these basic things:
• The work produced isn’t plagiarised.
• The client’s proprietary information should stay confidential.
• The Payment terms. The payment mode the time and conditions of payments.
Having few basic terms in place for every project will always protect you, importantly, will help inform about your work. Once you have your contract, your client then can print, sign, and return.

2. Don’t be afraid to say “no”
Don’t add too much to your plate.
Saying no is hard, but you can avoid all the strenuous work. When in a dilemma, stick to your limits and abilities.
No matter what you do, you are eventually going to disappoint someone. It can be the client because you were not able to deliver your 100%.So turn down features opinions and add on when you aren’t available or ready for them.
The worst thing about taking on everything that comes your way is that your plate may end up full. You make wrong commitments. You’re stressed, anxious, and the worst part, now you’re left with no time to make use of that golden opportunity.
Next time you get a project; don’t just reply with an instant yes. Just consider the opportunity, ask yourself.

3. Focus your freelance business
By focusing your brand identity and the type of projects you take on, it’ll make everything much easier for you—from marketing to doing the actual design work.
Pick one or two services to specialise in, and only take on work that falls into those categories. Then turn down the rest.
Once you’ve decided on the services you now specialise in, be sure to translate that in your brand. Only allow that feather on your hat to show and creep in your profile. Some keywords and content can help you big time. All of this is a by-product of marketing, which in turn will steer traffic and new projects on your way.

4. Showcase not show off
This is a repetitive but much relatable topic. Many freelancers make the error of filling their resume with work just to show that they have some sort of skill in design. Keep it simple showcase your previous works.
There’s a difference between a freelance business CV and a school profile. A freelance portfolio should only contain the work you expertise in via client work.

5. Transparency the clearer picture
As a freelancer, truthfulness is an upmost necessity. That’s something you must be proud of, so don’t hide behind a veil. Be the face of your business be proud of your work.
From a client’s point of view, if I were to hire you to provide a service, I would want to know a reliable guy. So be sure to inject who yourself are into your brand. Personalise your product.
Also, when a client is interested in working with you brief him up regularly, If he wants to give opinions suggestions take them.

6. Make a schedule
Freelancers often have a flexible schedule. It is a huge mistake many people would take advantage of that flexibility. The best way to avoid getting used is to make a schedule for you.
The dirty little secret here is that much of the time where you do not do actual work can be turned into precious minutes to enhance your abilities and learn more.
But, even if you’re working on a project basis, and can make your own hours, it’s in your best interests to make them regular. Plan your work at specific, slotted times makes it convenient to get in the zone when you need to be – relaxed and enjoy your life.

7. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!
Speaking of enjoying life, many people overlook this point and end up overburdening themselves.
Taking time for you isn’t just fun and games; it’s a primal part of work-life balance. In order to be really productive, you need time to rest and recharge your batteries.
Take holidays breaks and off days.
When deadlines haunt, you’ll have to burn the midnight oil and get things done. Just make sure you touch your deadlines by burning that midnight oil.

8. Know your numbers
Your freelancing is a serious business, and as a business, you need to know your numbers. Such as:
• Business revenue (How much do you need to make per month to live?)
• Site traffic (Where are the clients coming from? What’s your most popular thing?)

Knowing these stats will shed light on the regions that are working for you and what areas need improvement. To see where the most traffic is coming for is the most archival technique.

9. Make every rupee count
If you are serious then you need to save up on taxes. That is how you can make every rupee count. Read all the government policies regarding tax TDS and rebates. Now the GST. Try to maximise your income bar. Manage your expenses and income judiciously.

Firing will not solve Indian IT companies’ problem, Shoot them

Every founder has a dream, the dream that can’t be completed without a rock-star team. My Facebook wall is flooded with MNCs firing news, and this has afraid the Employees and the Government. Most of the companies increase earnings of their employees and fucked their earning potential.


1. Hiring for Dating not for marriage

When you go to the pub, you look for the hot girl or boy, not the right one. Most of the MNCs are making this mistake, they are spending huge money in hiring bulk from top colleges.


Can you judge a right person in 20 minutes of the interview? Absolutely Not. It totally depends on your mood, his mood, the question that you asked, and was this guy able to explain it well. Recruitment team picks up hot people instead of the right ones.

2. You hired Sachin Tendulkar and asked to do Wicketkeeping: the Wrong Role Assigned

Like Girish Sir, founder of Freshdesk said beautifully, you hired Sachin Tendulkar and asked him to do wicket keeping, then it’s whose mistake? It’s not just about hiring right people, it’s also about giving them the right role.Role-Assignment3.Daddy, I’m a fighter- I don’t want to play Table Tennis:

There is interesting concept called Bench, MNCs hire the best talent from the best colleges, They spend money in hiring them, providing best onboarding training, teaching them dining antiquates etc., But there is no enough work for them, these guys come in, punch the card, have breakfast, play TT, watch girls, again play TT, then they have lunch,  go to GYM, do gossips, punch card again and leave. There is no enough work to utilise and enhance their potential.

4. Wow! New credit card with XXXXX limit, and My New iPhone:

Who would love to work when he gets paid for playing TT. Very first day of joining all the banks start hunting for new hires, as Gabbar was waiting for holi. Employees follow same, they pick the credit card wit a maximum limit. Now thanks to Flipkart and Amazon. The day the firstt salary hits the bank most of them order iPhone with 6 months EMI. Jeff Bezos knows well you got your salary on 1st.

5. I am doing POC on fucking Big Data:

When Employees ask for work they got Lollipop, let’s work on POCs. Working on proof of concept is state of a software engineer
that gives him excitement. Employees got unused MacBook or unbreakable IBM ThinkPad. Now they can say to their friends that I am working on big data, I am data science engineers or I got work in R&D. I don’t know who is a fucking customer and why we are building it, but I know how to open Facebook through a proxy.

6. I am thirsty, May I drink water. No! write an email and take approval

Process sucks, I still remember when I was working with an MNC company, someone asked me to send requirement document in MS-Word. I did not have the required software installed, I tried to download but firewall blocked me, I asked my team member on how to get it done. He said to go to support desk portal, select specific category, place request by filling a form your desk number, your project name and why you need that software. This will go to team leader if he will approve, it goes to Manager, then ODC head, then IT head and then to the Networking Department, then come back to who handle software installation at your wing, that guy will take your system in remote and finally software will be installed. This fucking process took 8 days of my time because either people were on leave or they have another important email to reply then to my software installation request. Next time when there was need of Photoshop, I went home at lunch time, did my work and saved my 8 days.


7. Mom, I can’t call you, I have meetings and then I need to send MOM:

Meeting, meeting, meeting! Then minutes of the meeting. I saw many companies wasting so much time in the meeting, it’s not just an hour call or meeting daily. If there are 15 people in that call or meetings it’s 15 hours call/meeting daily. If the lowest salary is 25,000 bucks, you would be losing minimum 2000 per meeting.


In the meeting, most of the people are not even aware of the agenda of the meeting or the outcome, there are discussions and not conclusions.

There are more reasons for how the earnings are increasing but not the earning potential, and then there comes a time when these people are laid off.

And that is why I think there is a need for us to improve and innovate our process, so as to help the employees to utilise and enhance their full potential, I say let’s be lazy and smart again and do things quickly and precisely. Instead of wasting hours on unproductive meetings let’s sit together and make innovative processes and products.

To employees, I say don’t just sit inside your cubical and wait for 7 pm, instead walk up and take initiatives, see what is everyone up to, think about the real problems around and come up with a solution. Stop working in your cubical and start working for your company and grow along with it.

Employees are not diapers, please don’t use and throw.

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Why iOS App Development Is the Future?

Why iOS App Development Is the Future?

Android users haven’t forgiven Google yet for that very late release of Clash of Clans. They got a taste of it only after the iPhoners had got tired of it. And remember how Instagram launched on android store more than a year after its iOS release. Just look at a large number of apps coming out on iOS first or on it exclusively.

While for users, this is just a general wondering, for mobile app developers it poses a big professional call to make! Should you follow the flock and join the iOS app development race? If reasons are what you need to inspire yourself, this post can give you plenty.


Coding is the king, queen and the entire royal family. If they go down, the entire mobile app development goes down with it. While android developers use Java, iOS developers have warmly welcomed the newly launched Swift.

Java is said to be a very verbose programming language and requires almost 40% more codes than Swift. And with bigger lines of codes comes a bigger possibility of bugs.

Swift, on the other hand, comes with the promise of better results with fewer codes. It acts as an excellent translator between the coder and the computer and helps convey to the computer exactly what you want it to do.


Android emulators are no match for iOS simulators in terms of both speed and support. It slows down the overall mobile app development and makes it a tougher life for android developers. iOS app development is unquestionably the clear winner here.


It is only basic math that android app development with its longer codes and slow emulators would be more time consuming for developers. While it can be advocated that some of the codes are auto-generated, it still has to be read and debugged.


Apple shows some great commitment to its developers. XCode being better than Android Development Studio is a classic example for this.


Not convinced with all the above reasons? Well, this one should do the trick then.

Android app development poses the challenge of developing for tons of brands, screen sizes and platforms. You could do a perfect job but still be showered with emails about undetected bugs spotted on some phone with that unpronounceable Chinese brand name.

Also, you have to develop apps that suit three year old Lollypop versions too as 15% of the android users still use that.

iOS app development pretty much uniforms this out with limited devices and versions.


iOS users being more conducive to spending on apps might be a stereotypical myth but is still well supported by some good stats. Apple has paid out billions to its developers and android isn’t that close a second.

The Bottom Line:

iOS apps earn more revenue and are easier and less time-consuming to build. iOS users spend more on apps and also readily upgrade to higher versions of OS. You can stop working on older versions soon.

Switching to iOS app development is thus definitely worth considering. Do it early enough and beat the rush hour traffic.


MDoctor: The Ultimate Doctor for your Cell Phones

1) Overview:

Every day, the technology trends change and thereby changes the way to optimize the technological advancements. The mobile phone markets are booming and so are the apps that are built in thousands of quantities for multiple purpose and agendas, may it be for your business or for your personal use. So, it’s like where there are apps, there are slow-mobile-speed. Sounds familiar, right? Of course, it’s an everyday story, to be precise, a “complaint” from our cell-phones who run out of space and memory. Whenever you try downloading an app from Apple store or Playstore, that annoying message pops out saying “You are running out of memory!”. Or say, whenever you try clicking candid moments with your friends, your phone buzzes you up with this message which says “Sorry, you are running out of space”. It drives you nuts, I’m sure.

So, to help your cell-phone out of this mess and getting it out of the “I.C.U.” mode, mDoctor app is on a rescue mission. I am sure you might have tried and tested many junk cleaning apps for these problems and it’s all in vain. But, let me tell you how is our doctor gonna help your cell-phone breathe some fresh air and function properly.

MDoctor is an app which is built dedicated to the core issues a user faces with his mobile phone i.e. cache problems, functioning of your APK files, your cell phones running slower than a snail, optimization issues, RAM issues and many more. This app will help you scan and remove all these problems in a single go. Let me introduce you to this app along with its functionalities in detail.

2) Challenge:

The main challenege that we faced while building this application was writing the code of “Listing all the applications i.e. both system apps and user apps”. Also, once the listing was done for all the applications residing in one’s mobile phone, accessing these apps and stopping them was equally challenging. This was because, there are system apps for which permissions are required to be taken from OS or the app itself in order to access them and perform any functions related to the same.

3) Designs:



1. Junk Cleaning:
mDoctor has this feature of Junk Cleaning which is basically working in two steps. The junk cleaner will help you detect all those cache data, the APK files which are obsolete, the apps which are running and also the background running processes and services. It also detects the empty files and folders created by your OS. After detection, this moves to the next step which is cleaning of all these detected junks and frees your mobile to an extent. It will also take care that no files are deleted wrongly.

2. Phone Boost:

It detects all the apps which are taking unused space in RAM and kill them to clean your RAM and boost the speed of your phone. It will significantly increase the speed and response time because these junk uses your memory space, OS and even RAM which slows down your phone and even sometimes lag in responding to the user-requests. Just a single click and you’ll improvise your phone to a greater extent. It will free the RAM’s un-necessary usage by any apps. Just a single tap and voila!

3. App Manager:

This is one of the main features as this app manages to create a list of all the installed apps and APK files too. With this feature a user can create a backup of an app, delete the APK file for the same and even can uninstall the application if not required.  Basically, it will help you remove all the unwanted and useless apps that have been feeding-off your phone memory and RAM till now, thereby freeing phone’s storage space.

4. Battery Optimization:

Battery as we all know is always on our nerves. No matter how hard we try to make an optimized usage of the battery, it always runs out of charge. The Battery optimization feature detects all those apps which are creating an excess load on RAM usage and consumes a high amount of charging and stops them right away. This helps a cell-phone to extend the battery life. It even helps your battery from being over-charged or over-heating. It will display the charging status and app’s message on the lock-screen while it is in charging mode.

5. Mobile Statistics:

It shows current battery percentage, stand-by time, temperature, RAM usage, storage status, download and upload bytes. Cools down your phone temperature and reduces CPU usage by stopping apps that cause device overheat. As well as extending your battery life!

This app also takes care of all the junk notifications you get and sweeps out of your phone. It prevents all those trash notifications from eating up your cell-phone’s efficiency and slowing down. Your phone will be free from any such annoying notifications.
So, this is all about an app which will really help your cell-phone to overcome the major issues.
This app is supported in every Android devices. It’s been published and deployed on Google Playstore.  Download

Client’s testimonial:


JOKAAMO: Services at Your Doorstep

1) Overview:

Are you one of those who wants to keep an arm’s length from the unnecessary hassle of running from one place to another to choose the best tutor? Does it seem inconvenient having to buzz end number of electricians when some appliance breaks down? Well here is a solution to all such big and small household problems. In a tech-savvy world, why travel an extra mile when you have an all time companion at home? Jokaamo is like a personal assistant who can run your errands. Not literally, but it can bring problem solvers right at your doorstep.

2) Challenge:

When the clients came to us, they wanted a source to reach out to the common man. There are hundreds of applications where a tap on the screen can solve your problem within minutes. However, the clients felt availability was limited to metro cities. Makers invested more in metro cities as compared to others.

3) User story:

Here lies the origin of Jokaamo. The client wanted to make things readily available to everyone irrespective of their location. The concept seemed intriguing to us. The idea of connecting vendors directly with the customer as per the need sounded novel. The meeting involved noting down all the requirements and prioritising accordingly.

4) The Process:

We planned to deliver an Android and iOS application to fulfil the client’s aim. The app enables people to avail day-to-day services in a few clicks.
We decided the flow of project:-


The story behind the name of this application is interesting in itself. The client wanted to connect to the Indian audience at large through the services yet stay alienated from using Indianised vocabulary. Hence, the term Jokaamo is derived from the Indian terms ‘Jo Kaam Ho’. So when reading together, it is called Jokaamo.


  • Mock Up: mockup-app
  • Web:website-design
  • App:jokaamo

Features of Jokaamo:-

  • The home screen of the application takes you through services at large provided by the application.
  • This includes business, events & weddings, personal services, health, home services, lessons, hobbies, beauty and repair & management.
  • The facilities of arranging for a dance/ yoga instructor or hiring a wedding planner can be availed at home through online booking.

For Provider:

  • Providers can register themselves and add the following description to give an overview of their product: About Me, My Services, Offers, My Gallery. Price and more.
  • Provider can post multiple services in various categories setting a relevant price.
  • The specification along with relevant pictures and discount if any lets customer book services on the go.

For Customer:

  • The customer needs to pay a minimum booking amount to avail any service.
  • Customers have the liberty to cancel the booking before the offer gets accepted by the provider. Such a cancellation stands invalid once the provider accepts the booking.
  • Appointments with people can be rescheduled.
  • In case, the customer is not satisfied by services, he can send a request for the same and USE the service again.

Posting a job:

  • Customers have the option to post a job in the portal as well. As soon as such a post is made, providers registered in the application will receive notifications.
  • The notification system widens the reach of such job posting, thus getting you prospective bidders.
  • Customer/provider can then hire one of the bidders.


-Once a person is through with booking, he is entitled to the chat option where he can exchange messages with the provider.

-The chatbox is built according to user convenience.

-Pictures, contact and other files can be sent via attachments.


-Jokaamo accepts only online payments to support cashless transactions.

-There is no cash on delivery system.

-Customers can add money to their wallets through credit/debit card, e-wallets and net banking.

You can download the app on play store.

Client’s testimonial:



Get Purohit : App to Connect Pundit Online

1) Overview:

GetPurohit is an online application to book a purohit/pandit for any needs related to religious and spiritual domains. GetPurohit is a service which was put into execution considering the current demands of getting anything and everything online may it be services related to hospitality or any religious needs of people. GetPurohit caters services where one can book pundits or purohits for any religious activities one wants to carry out for any occasion, in any part of the country.

GetPurohit is a platform where they have a crew of the best of pundits/purohits who are well versed and well trained in terms of understanding the roots of our Indian Vedas, scriptures and ethics of our dharmas. Not only is this app capable of getting you the “perfect purohit” but also it will work as a mini encyclopaedia where the information varying from Hindu scriptures, the Vedas, Upanishads, the immortal tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana, the legendary stories and morals lying beneath every spiritual and religious story of our Gods and Goddesses’, finding the best mahurat for the most important occasions of life and many more will be just a few clicks away.

2) EB Process of tackling (The Process)

a) Documentation:

b)Challenge: The challenge here while designing the UI/UX was, it was an app which needed both ethnic or say Indian touch and simultaneously needed to look like a professional online portal. The most challenging part was designing the vector of the main character i.e. A pundit/purohit who needs to look both modern and authentic. This app’s must thing was about maintaining the Indian touch while modernizing the concept of online pundits. The saffron needed to play the key role in giving the rich feels of our Indian cultures and traditions.


  1. Web:Wireframe
  • User:
  1. Signup: Any user can sign up via many options i.e. with Google+, Facebook, Mobile number or email Id.
  2. OTP verification: Once the user signs up, there will be a One-Time-Password verification for authenticity.
  3. Edit profile: Once a user’s profile is created, he/she can edit his/her profile accordingly.
  4. Search pundit: The user can start searching for any pandits/purohits based on location, type of pooja and also by any other option.
  5. Share Pundit’s profile: The user can share pundit’s profile with others.
  6. Bookings: The user can book a pundit via calendar availability.
  7. Payment: The user can make payments via payment gateway with 2 available options i.e. option to pay 100% amount or 30% of the total amount.
  8. Confirmation Process: Once the booking is done by the user, the confirmation and any other notifications will be sent to both user and Pundit via SMS and email.
  9. Booking Cancelation: The user can cancel the booking before the dead line and refund shall be awarded.
  10. Tracking: Once a user books a pundit, live tracking is enabled.
  11. History: Ever user’s profile has order history detail maintained.
  12. Ratings: The user can rate/review a pundit.
    1. Purohit:
      1. Profile Creation: Purohits will be creating their both online and offline profiles.
      2. Edit Profile: The purohit can edit only the services which they offer and nothing else.
      3. Schedule management: The purohit can update their schedule through calendar.
      4. Notifications: The purohits will be notified regularly about their past bookings and upcoming bookings along with stats like to total amount earned till current date.
      5. Bookings: Notification for new bookings will also be sent to purohits.
    2. Admin:
      1. Panel for Purohits: This panel is built in a hierarchical manner i.e. based on the reference code. Say, remove/add/hide from search results i.e. active/inactive options.
      2. User panel: It has 2 options i.e. add/remove.
      3. Payment Reports: The reports are generated in this section where one can know about the orders with information as how much amount for a particular purohit is paid and how much is remaining. Say, a purohit is paid 30% advance and rest of the 70% needs to be collected by offline mode, this report is maintained in this section and updated.
      4. Promocodes: This option is available where a user can redeem various offers.
      5. Services panel: This panel is where the pre-defined services for purohits are managed.
      6. Order management: This is for cancelation or reassignments to a different pundit
      7. Notifications: The notifications when a purohit raises a token are managed here.
      8. Email templates: This is for managing the emailers sent to the users and purohits.
  1. App:Wireframe-App
  • In the Release II there were few improvements which took place as follows:
    1. User:
      1. The way in which any user would rate or give reviews for the pundits were changed.
    2. Pundit:
      1. Even pundits get the benefits for the references he has made to any other pundit for any other predefined services.
    3. Admin:
      1. Manage cities: The cities in which there is the availability of the pundits are managed.
      2. Area Management: The area allotment is also managed in the admin section.
  • New services: In case of any new services that needs to be added is done here.

i) Master group:

ii) Category Management: There are different categories of the services that are provided and are managed here.

iii )Banners: Any graphics or updates related to the application for both users and pundits are being managed here.

  • CMS pages and menu integration process is done here.
  • Site meta tags: The tags which will help this app rank on particular keywords and searches are done here.

i)Roles: The different roles i.e. user, admin, editor and many other are a part of this section.

ii)Service Management: The services which needs to be added/removed are under this module.

iii)User credits:

  • Newsletters: The regular newsletters are sent to both Pundits and users via this section.
  • Promotional Messages: Any promotional messages for any new offers or codes are executed and managed via this module.
  • Contact Us: The queries which come via contact us are managed in this module where they are replied to on regular basis.
  • Panchang Integration: The mahurat and panchang which needs to be referred by both user and pundit are managed here.
  • Social media: The users sharing any kind of stories/reviews/promotions for this application over any social media channels like Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+ any many more are integrated here and even managed from this end.
  • Web services management: The services carrying out the request – response from server to client and vice versa are managed here.

c) User story: The user story for this application revolved around a singular but significant motive which was; what if there are users who live outside India and are in search of authentic Indian pundits/purohits who can come to their place to perform the rituals for their most important occasions of life? This was the key problem

3) The Result: The end result of this whole process was more than wonderful. In the end, we successfully executed designing the Android application within a time duration of 50 days. Also, we successfully designed the website along with admin panel and web-services within the time duration of 90 days. Trust me, it was a wonderful experience because we never had built such application focusing on Indian traditions and customs.

4) Reviews: