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Anyone can Spend, but Honey can you make Money?

Have you ever bought a pair of socks? Pretty easy right?
I am sure, everyone does that. But, can you sell the same pair, even at half of its original price? Difficult? Right?
Startup without sales is a hobby , Stelli
If you are one of my customers, then RED ALERT this post is not for you. Because, if you read this, you may not buy from me later, CAUTION: please don’t move ahead.BUT If you are an entrepreneur who has built a product or has plans to do so, and therefore is looking for some “useful Gyan on sales”, then this one is surely written for you. I will share all the things that helped me to create a $50,000 monthly growing business.

I started my career in a hotshot corporate as a techie, but with an ambition to be an entrepreneur someday. Soon, I decided to live my dream and then faced a lot of hurdles in reality. When you decide to become an entrepreneur you don’t have to do just one thing, let us say, programming. Whether you like it or not you have to undertake more than just one job. I decided to be a salesman. People become entrepreneurs because they want to change the conventional ways, they want to break the standards and establish newer ones. If they just wanted to earn money, I am sure they have other ways to do so.

1. It’s not you who sells, it’s the people who buy:
People hire salespersons, they give them targets and incentives. They forget basic things, it’s not you who sell, it’s the people who buy. Ask a question- if you were the customer would you buy your product or services?
Be honest, if you answer is no! Change product or services convert it to a yes. That yes should be loud and clear. Apple knows people are going to buy iPhone, Do you?

2. Investor look for Valuation:
Are you looking to raise funds Investors look for traction, they want you to acquire more and more customers. All the freaking startups closed down because they have given heavy discounts which attract greedy customers. If you spend 100K dollars in Goa, man you are going to be a charmer among the girl, but empty pockets seldom fetch the catch, the party gets over as soon as your cash drains out!

3. Sales is like a marriage; people do it with whom they trust:
Customer look for value, not valuation. When customers pay you the money, they trusted you or your product /services. You become trustworthy, don’t fuckup with your customers. Give them real value. Once they are happy, they are going to tell their friend this product or their services is great. Bingo! You now have a wide and positive network of mouth to mouth publicity. When your customer does sales for you, you will make real money because those customers won’t go anywhere, they will hardly negotiate the price as well.

4. Write like a human being- People hate templates:
When I add someone on LinkedIn, I get long chat, boastful messages about them, their company, their sales. It sounds so fake, that I don’t trust them anymore! I just added you on LinkedIn, does this means I am hungry or that you can flood my mail with narcissist mails. Gone are the days when cold calls and spam emails worked. Now Gmail is going to find that you are a jerk and will put your email in spam!

I have written few fruitful emails and I was fortunate enough to get great replies from:

Girish, Founder, FreshWork (Formerly FreshDesk)
Ankur Warikoo , cofounder & ceo, Nearby
Vinay Singhal, Cofounder & CEO, Wittyfeed
Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Cofounder & CEO, Paytm
Amit Grover, co-Founder, AHA Taxis
Jason Fried, founder & CEO, Basecamp
Subrat Kar, Cofounder, and CEO, Vidooly
Gireesh Challa, Founder, Notary Mama.
Vivek Durai, Founder at TermSheet /
Able Joseph, Founder & CEO at Aisle
Joby, CEO & Founder Freshersworld
Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder, CashKaro
Santosh Panda, Founder, Explara
Nemesh Singh, Founder, Appointy

I would be more than happy to share email templates and also I’ll guide you to correct yours, Comment your email template and whom you want to approach for which purpose?

5. How to get sales?
Don’t take silence for a rejection! It is not the handsome guy who gets the girl, but the most persistent one. The best way to get more customers around your product or services is to be useful again, and again, and again, and again. We are not Steve Jobs. And things take time to be perfect. Move fast, take feedback and constantly improve. Strive for excellence.
Finding customers is easy, but finding the right customer is difficult. A right customer is someone who believes in you, who takes you up. Not the one who makes you work, in exchange for money.

20% of your customers are responsible for your 80% growth. People attend networking events, they look for customers, once they get them, they complain that the customer is not great.

6. Support is a language that blinds can see and deaf can hear:
Have you got your first cheque, it’s not the end. People ask how to close lead, don’t close leads, open a relationship. First cheque or first signup tells you that your marketing and brand perception is great but once you get another cheque or recurring payment, that shows you are giving desired, dream value.

Your internet is not working, your services provider asked you to install their app and raise a ticket by selecting the right category. Then after 48 hours someone will call and understand your issue(s). What you are going to do, of course, you are going to change the company, I don’t care whether the founder is my friend or not.
Thumb Rule: Today’s customers are smart.They don’t take bullshit.

Provide great customers service, Employees learn from founders like children learn from their parents. If you are a lazy boss, don’t expect that your people will work hard.

We don’t have to do great things to show that we care. For instance, I have put up my personal number on my website. Both of the founders are available on live chat at my website. It’s ok to have ordinary services. In my city, there are 2,000 IT companies, and in India, there are more than 1 Mn small tech services companies.
It’s been 20 years, my father and I have been buying groceries from the same grocery store. Why? Because they care. So, support your clients. Show people that you care. Not everyone wants to do business with Steve Jobs.

About Author:
Mayank Pratap, Co-founder of EngineerBabu | Writer at Entrepreneur, YS, HuffingtonPost | Growth Advisor:
1. IntelliTicks: IntelliTicks is an AI-powered marketing and sales platform that engages your website visitors using personalized 1-1 conversations, identifies hot prospects among them and connects your best salesperson reps with them in REAL TIME.

2. Socket: This is a wow product for every founder. This solves your most of the tech problems.
eg: You want to connect your sales CRM to your chat, you can do in second without asking your developer.

3. MSG91: Helping MSG91 to reach every Corporates & Indian entrepreneur’s heart.
1/3 ( 7000+ ) Indian Startups including MakeMyTrip, Mahindra, MahaOnline, NTPC, Policybazaar, Barbeque, Ladoo (Airloyal), Reckitt Benckiser, True balance and GrabOnrent uses MSG91. Sending 100M+ Transactional messages & 5Mn+ OTP per months.

How we build an awesome Travel App : tooreest

How we build an awesome Travel App : tooreest

Travel App

One of the best travel apps that we develop for a Singapore company, Link is there at the bottom.

Idea: How to reduce 70% travel cost and get best memories using this travel app

1. Don’t book ticket, find a travel guide –
Tooreest is a must-have travel app to have on your phone when you are planning to travel abroad. Rather than booking a hotel at a triple price you can get a homely booking at lowest rates if you take proper consultation. When I wanted to go Dubai, I was looking for places, I found one place nearby my destination. I contacted the host. He was also an engineer, going the same event. I was really happy to get a company in unknown place. He not only directed me how to get that place, he also suggested how should plan my travel to get most of the things from Dubai.

He suggested me following things.

  1. You should get a new driving license from India, which will allow you to take a car for rent. You not only will enjoy luxury travel car but also cost is lower than a taxi you will take.
  2. He suggested where I can get 70% discount on shoes.
  3. He suggested how to get coupons of, We bought 2 Lakh price latest MacBook at 30% off.
  4. He suggested if you buy laptops from the gitex after 7 PM you will get 30% min discounts, also lot many accessories
  5. He told me that you should remove packing of all the items else you will get caught in customs.
  6. Don’t buy a sim from Dubai airport you will waste $100 while inside you can get same at free.
  7. He suggested the place where I can get Veg tasty food.
  8. He told me to try referring some of your friends and you can stay at my place for the free. We 35 were going there and So I made $1500 and How much I spent $300
  9. Rather than booking in one Go, Discuss with host, I am sure he can provide you some discount if you request.

1. Tooreest App

An integrated platform where locals become a host during your trip to provide insider tips and complete local experience. Book any of the local experts as your guide on the go and start chatting with our in-app messaging feature to get instant suggestion & answers. Explore your next destination like how locals do. Locals become your host to show you the best of the world they live in. They will guide you on how to avoid travel scams while taking a taxi, shopping, clubbing or how to get discounted sight-seeing tickets. With our in-app messaging service you can instantly chat with your choice of a guide who will help you to answer all your travel related questions inside travel app.

Tooreest App

Application Vendor App
1. Create Profile in travel app
2. Register as virtual or physical guide or both
3. Upload Documents
4. Apply in Categories
5. Check calendar of jobs assigned (for e.g. 10th March – Streetfood trip scheduled with Alex 6pm – 8pm)
6. Edit Calendar or Cancel booking (for cancellation he need to provide valid reason)
7. Vendor can update what all services he provides
8. Pricing is must for physical guide based on the services they offering / for virtual guides no pricing required.
9. Physical guide claim the payment of the jobs completed using OTP he got from the user (card payments)

User App: Tooreest travel app
1. Create profile – register credit / debit card for payments (optional if they do not wish to use virtual guide service)
2. User can search Guide based on Date, City & Interest and whether they need virtual or physical guide
3. User select payment mode (registered card/cash) – if cash then they can only book physical guide
4. If user selects the option of virtual there will be flat fees of US$10 and it will show virtual Guides profiles
5. If user selects the option of physical guide then it will show the physical Guide profiles with pricing
6. User can check Guides profiles & click on booking for that particular guide
7. After user clicks on Booking, a pop-up message on vendor screen will come asking him to accept or reject
8. Once guide accepts the booking it will automatically add to his and user calendar (payment will be deducted from card if card option selected) and both get a pop up showing booking confirmed
9. If user opted for cash then must make the payment to physical guide when they meet and service is completed
10.If user opted for card payment during physical guide booking – User gets an OTP (by email or SMS) and handover the same to guide once service is completed If guide rejects or cancel the booking then user gets a pop up stating – requested guide is not available and lands the user back to search page to select another guide


There would be basically Two type of user for the travel app:
1. User- This application allows the user to create a profile and browse services. The user will be able to search the nearby guide and see the detail of services provider. There will be many features. The user will be able to view the list of the profiles based on the available parameters in the app and view the profile of the user in the app.

Another type of users on the app: Guide: Guide will register on the app by updating their services information. After successful verification, Our supplier (service provider) will be the common person who is living in that particular city and having good knowledge about the city. These suppliers can sign in as different expert categories like – Nightlife, Amusement Parks, shopping, street food etc. Once a user wants to know anything about the city he will just make a search of people available in that city to guide. Once they are connected, a guide will help them on the queries or just join them physically to guide. We will give an option to a user to ask queries either over phone/message or book person to meet them personally and guide. Payment will be charged based on the option they are selecting.

2. Admin- Administrator/Admin user will have full control over the application. She/he shall manage users, notifications; manage payment, email triggers and content management system, etc.

Platform for Mobile Application Native Application:
 iOS Using Objective C (Existing Language)
 Android Using Java language Device:
 For iOS-iPhone For Android – Android Phones OS Version:
 For iOS- iOS 10.0-Latest and min. 9.0 version
 For Android – Android 6.0 Latest and min 5.0 version
 Software Requirements Specification 1.11.

Operating Environment Platforms iPhone Development Technology we’ll use Estimated for  Xcode version 6.2 iPhone
 Minimum OS version supported: iOS 7 and iOS 8+ (Latest 10.2.1)
 Device Support: iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6+, 6S, 7, 7Plus
 Objective Language
 Core Data local database
 Portrait Mode
 Third-party Libraries like JSON, ASIHTTP, Reachability, iRate, and more Note: OS version support shall only be applicable on the available latest OS version at the date of signing the contract. All future OS versions during the execution/ completion of the project shall be treated as an Add-on and shall follow the Change Management Process.

Customer app Function
 Splash
 Login for customer
 Signup
 Forgot password
 OTP Verification
 Email verification
 Homepage for customer
 Update profile
 Customer home(Location & date selection)
 Category Selection
 Booking Details page
 View provider’s profile
 Bookings list
 Book Now
 Service details page
 Filter providers
 Apply filter and show data according
 Search
 Add payment gateway
 Make payment
 Give review and rating
 History page
 My booking
 Confirm booking
 Complete booking
 Open booking
 Cancel booking
 List of providers by category
 Categories list
 Notification
 Notification for confirm booking
 Notification for cancel booking
 Notification for complete job
 Help & Support
 Logout
 Privacy Policy
 Terms & Conditions

 About Service provider functions
 Splash
 Login
 Forgot password for provider
 OTP Verification
 Guide registration
 Email verification
 Homepage for provider
 Update profile
 Customer home(Location & date selection)
 Category Selection
 Service details page
 History page
 My booking
 Confirm booking
 Complete booking
 Open booking
 Cancel booking
 Categories list
 Booking Details page
 Accept/Reject booking
 Bookings list
 My Services
 Total Earning
 Manage availability
 Update profile.
 Weekly Earning
 Add documents
 Notification
 Notification for confirm booking
 Notification for cancel booking
 Notification for complete job
 Add google places API on provider sign up
 Help & Support
 Logout
 Privacy Policy
 Terms & Conditions
 About(Provider)
 Terms & Conditions
 Delete Service

(Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Designing)
– Logo design App Wireframe UI designing
– Complete flow Invision –

Milestone-2 (Android App Development)
– Splash – Guide registration – Guide login
– SMS API integration Email verification
– Forgot password
– Category Selection
– Add documents
– Provider home page
– Manage availability
– Update categories Update profile(Provider)
– About(Provider) Terms & Conditions(Provider) Privacy Policy(Provider)
– Logout(Provider) –

Milestone-3 (Android App Development)
– Customer home(Location & date selection)
Update profile(Customer)
Terms & Conditions(Customer)
Privacy Policy(Customer)
Categories list – List of providers by category
Filter providers Service details page –
– Settings(Provider)
– Book Now –

Milestone-4 (Android App Development, Admin panel, Final testing Bookings list(Customer)
– Bookings list(Provider)
– Accept/Reject booking
– Cancel booking
– Give rating-review to guide
– Reviews list on provider profile –
Chat – AppLozic
– Support Chat – Helpshift
– Total Earning – Weekly Earning
– Push Notifications Recent Notifications List
– Payment gateway –

Milestone-5 (Android App Development, Admin panel, Final testing Promo code)
– Refer a friend
– Admin Panel Payment to Guide on Complete booking Final Testing & Bug fixing Admin panel
 Dashboard
 User
 Subcategory
 Rating and Review
 Customer Booking
 Promo Code
 Provider Payment
 Refer User
 Update User Dashboard: will have
 Total customer.
 Total service provider
 Total sub-category.

User:- will have
 Provider
 Customer. Subcategory: will have
 Serial number
 Subcategory name
 Operation
 Status. Rating and review: will have
 Serial number
 Username
 Provider name
 Review
 Rating Booking
 Serial number
 Provider name
 Subcategory name
 Username
 Booking status
 Booking type
 Tourist charge
 Services
 Status

Promo code:- will have following things
 Serial number
 Add promo code
 Select Category
*  Title
*  Enter Title
 Promo Code
*  Enter 6 digits Promo Code
 Start Date
*  End Date
*  Discount
*  Enter Discount (in %)
 Max Discount Show promo code
 Subcategory ID
 Title
 Coupon.
 Start date
 End date
 Discount
 Max discount
 Edit
 Delete Provider payment
 Serial number
 Provider name
 Complete job count.
 Total amount
 Job detail
 Pay. Refer user
 Serial number
 Refer username
 Refer user email id
 Refer code
 Refer to use
 Email.

UML Digram Travel App
UML Digram Travel App

Tooreest travel app Android Version:
User App :
Guide App:

Toorest travel app iPhone Version
User App
Guide App

The freelancer and the entrepreneur, Which are you? Are you sure?

A freelancer is someone who gets paid for her work. She charges by the hour or perhaps by the project. Freelancers write, design, consult, advise, do taxes and hang wallpaper. Freelancing is the single easiest way to start a new business.

Entrepreneurs use money (preferably someone else’s money) to build a business bigger than themselves. Entrepreneurs make money when they sleep. Entrepreneurs focus on growth and on scaling the systems that they build. The more, the better.

The goal of a freelancer is to have a steady job with no boss, to do great work, to gradually increase demand so that the hourly wage goes up and the quality of gigs goes up too.

The goal of the entrepreneur is to sell out for a lot of money, or to build a long-term profit machine that is steady, stable and not particularly risky to run. The entrepreneur builds an organization that creates change.

The trap is simple: Sometime freelancers get entrepreneur-envy and start hiring other freelancers to work for them. This doesn’t scale. Managing freelancers is different from being a freelancer. Managing freelancers and saving the best projects for yourself gets you into trouble. The cash flow gets you into trouble. Investors don’t want to invest in you because you can’t sell out if you’re a freelancer at heart.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it is impossible to succeed by using your own labor to fill the gaps. That’s because your labor is finite. It doesn’t scale. If it’s a job only you can do, you’re not building a system, you’re just hiring yourself (and probably not paying enough either).

This problem has been around for awhile, and it’s tempting to think that more effort can let us solve it — that we can be both. New tools give freelancers more leverage than ever before, and our culture continues to push us to get big, right now.

The thing is, more effort can’t solve this dilemma for you. Sooner or later, more effort doesn’t scale. Travis doesn’t drive the Uber that picks you up, Sheryl doesn’t do any coding and Jacqueline can’t work with every investment, every day.

The solution is surprisingly easy.

If you’re a freelancer, freelance. Figure out how to do the best work in your field, the best work for the right clients. Don’t fret about turning away work, and don’t fret about occasional downtime. You’re a freelance for hire, and you need to focus on your reputation and the flow of business. Find leverage in the form of assistants and outsource the commodities if you can, but your work is always going to be your work.

Freelancers get ahead by becoming more in demand, by charging more (and being worth it). They get ahead by being more connected, smarter, more effective.

If you’re an entrepreneur, don’t hire yourself. Build a business that works, that thrives with or without you. It might not be good for your ego, but it will be good for your bank account.

It’s possible to switch hats, to have side projects, to have two ‘jobs’. But we can’t wear both hats at the same time, can’t freelance our way to entrepreneurial success.

This is Article is written by Seth Godin
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101 Points to keep in mind during product development

  1. Verify all pages and resources by default require authentication except those specifically intended to be public (Principle of complete mediation).
  2. Verify that all password fields do not echo the user’s password when it is entered
  3. Verify all authentication controls are enforced on the server side.
  4. Verify all authentication controls fail securely to ensure attackers cannot log in.
  5. Verify password entry fields allow, or encourage, the use of passphrases, and do not prevent long passphrases/highly complex passwords being entered.
  6. Verify all account identity authentication functions (such as update profile, forgot password, disabled / lost token, help desk or IVR) that might regain access to the account are at least as resistant to attack as the primary authentication mechanism.
  7. Verify that the changing password functionality includes the old password, the new password, and a password confirmation.
  8. Verify that all suspicious authentication decisions are logged. This should include requests with relevant metadata needed for security investigations.
  9. Verify that account passwords make use of a sufficient strength encryption routine and that it withstands brute force attack against the encryption routine.
  10. Verify that credentials are transported using a suitable encrypted link and that all pages/functions that require a user to enter credentials are done so using an encrypted link.
  11. Verify that the forgotten password function and other recovery paths do not reveal the current password and that the new password is not sent in clear text to the user
  12. Verify that information enumeration is not possible via login, password reset, or forgot account functionality.
  13. Verify there are no default passwords in use for the application framework or any components used by the application (such as “admin/password”).
  14. Verify that request throttling is in place to prevent automated attacks against common authentication attacks such as brute force attacks or denial of service attacks.
  15. Verify that all authentication credentials for accessing services external to the application are encrypted and stored in a protected location
  16. Verify that forgotten password and other recovery paths use a soft token, mobile push, or an offline recovery mechanism.
  17. Verify that accountlockoutis divided into soft and hard lock status, and these are not mutually exclusive. If an account is temporarily soft locked out due to a brute force attack, this should not reset the hard lock status.
  18. Verify that if knowledge based questions (also known as “secret questions”) are required, the questions should be strong enough to protect the application.
  19. Verify that the system can be configured to disallow the use of a configurable number of previous passwords.
  20. Verify re-authentication, step up or adaptive authentication, two-factor authentication, or transaction signing is required before any application-specific sensitive operations are permitted as per the risk profile of the application
  21. Verify that measures are in place to block the use of commonly chosen passwords and weak passphrases.
  22. Verify that all authentication challenges, whether successful or failed, should respond in the same average response time.
  23. Verify that secrets, API keys, and passwords are not included in the source code, or online source code repositories.
  24. Verify that if an application allows users to authenticate, they use a proven secure authentication mechanism.
  25. Verify that if an application allows users to authenticate, they can authenticate using two-factor authentication or other strong authentication, or any similar scheme that provides protection against username + password disclosure.
  26. Verify that administrative interfaces are not accessible to untrusted parties
  27. Verify that sessions are invalidated when the user logs out.
  28. Verify that sessions timeout after a specified period of inactivity.
  29. Verify that sessions timeout after an administratively-configurable maximum time period regardless of activity (an absolute timeout).
  30. Verify that all pages that require authentication have easy and visible access to logout functionality
  31. Verify that the session id is never disclosed in URLs, error messages, or logs. This includes verifying that the application does not support URL rewriting of session cookies.
  32. Verify that all successful authentication and re-authentication generates a new session and session id.
  33. Verify that only session ids generated by the application framework are recognized as active by the application.
  34. Verify that session ids are sufficiently long, random and unique across the correct active session base.
  35. Verify that session id stored in cookies have their path set to an appropriately restrictive value for the application, and authentication session tokens additionally set the “HttpOnly” and “secure” attributes
  36. Verify that the application limits the number of active concurrent sessions.
  37. Verify that an active session list is displayed in the account profile or similar of each user. The user should be able to terminate any active session.
  38. Verify the user is prompted with the option to terminate all other active sessions after a successful change password process.
  39. Verify that the principle of least privilege exists — user should only be able to access functions, data files, URLs, controllers, services, and other resources, for which they possess specific authorization. This implies protection against spoofing and elevation of privilege.
  40. Verify that access to sensitive records is protected, such that only authorized objects or data is accessible to each user (for example, protect against users tampering with a parameter to see or alter another user’s account).
  41. Verify that directory browsing is disabled unless deliberately desired. Additionally, applications should not allow discovery or disclosure of file or directory metadata, such as Thumbs.db,DS_Store, .git or .svn folders.
  42. Verify that access controls fail securely.
  43. Verify that the same access control rules implied by the presentation layer are enforced on the server side.
  44. Verify that all user and data attributes and policy information used by access controls cannot be manipulated by end users unless specifically authorized.
  45. Verify that there is a centralized mechanism (including libraries that call external authorization services) for protecting access to each type of protected resource.
  46. Verify that all access control decisions can be logged and all failed decisions are logged.
  47. Verify that the application or framework uses strong random anti-CSRF tokens or has another transaction protection mechanism.
  48. Verify the system can protect against aggregate or continuous access of secured functions, resources, or data. For example, consider the use of a resource governor to limit the number of edits per hour or to prevent the entire database from being scraped by an individual user.
  49. Verify the application has additional authorization (such as step up or adaptive authentication) for lower value systems, and / or segregation of duties for high-value applications to enforce anti-fraud controls as per the risk of application and past fraud.
  50. Verify that the application correctly enforces context-sensitive authorization so asto not allow unauthorized manipulation by means of parameter tampering.
  51. Verify that the runtime environment is not susceptible to buffer overflows, or that security controls prevent buffer overflows.
  52. Verify that server side input validation failures result in request rejection and are logged.
  53. Verify that input validation routines are enforced on the server side.
  54. Verify that a single input validation control is used by the application for each type of data that is accepted.
  55. Verify that all SQL queries, HQL, OSQL, NOSQL and stored procedures, calling of stored procedures are protected by the use of prepared statements or query parameterization, and thus not susceptible to SQL injection
  56. Verify that the application is not susceptible to LDAP Injection, or that security controls prevent LDAP Injection.
  57. Verify that the application is not susceptible to OS Command Injection, or that security controls prevent OS Command Injection.
  58. Verify that the application is not susceptible to Remote File Inclusion (RFI) or Local File Inclusion (LFI) when content is used that is a path to a file.
  59. Verify that the application is not susceptible to common XML attacks, such as XPath query tampering, XML External Entity attacks, and XML injection attacks.
  60. If the application framework allows automatic mass parameter assignment (also called automatic variable binding) from the inbound request to a model, verify that security-sensitive fields such as “account balance”, “role” or “password” are protected from malicious automatic binding
  61. Verify that the application has defenses against HTTP parameter pollution attacks, particularly if the application framework makes no distinction about the source of request parameters (GET, POST, cookies, headers, environment, etc.)
  62. Verify that client-side validation is used as a second line of defense, in addition to server-side validation.
  63. Verify that all input data is validated, not only HTML form fields but all sources of input such as REST calls, query parameters, HTTP headers, cookies, batch files, RSS feeds, etc; using positive validation (whitelisting),then lesser forms of validation such as greylisting (eliminating known bad strings), or rejecting bad inputs (blacklisting).
  64. Verify that data transferred from one DOM context to another, uses safe JavaScript methods, such as using .innerText and .val.
  65. Verify when parsing JSON in browsers, that JSON.parse is used to parse JSONon the client. Do not use eval() to parse JSON on the client.
  66. Verify that authenticated data is cleared from client storage, such as the browser DOM after the session is terminated.
  67. Verify that all cryptographic modules fail securely, and errors are handled in a way that does not enable oracle padding.
  68. Verify that cryptographic modules operate in their approved mode according to their published security policies.
  69. Verify that where possible, keys and secrets are zeroed when destroyed.
  70. Verify that all keys and passwords are replaceable, and are generated or replaced at installation time.
  71. Verify that the application does not output error messages or stack traces containing sensitive data that could assist an attacker, including session id, software/framework versions, and personal information
  72. Verify that error handling logic in security controls denies access by default.
  73. Verify security logging controls provide the ability to log success and particularly failure events that are identified as security-relevant.
  74. Verify that each log event includes necessary information that would allow for a detailed investigation of the timeline when an event happens.
  75. Verify that the application does not log sensitive data as defined under local privacy laws or regulations, organizational sensitive data as defined by a risk assessment, or sensitive authentication data that could assist an attacker, including user’s session identifiers, passwords, hashes, or API tokens.
  76. Verify that all non-printable symbols and field separators are properly encoded in log entries, to prevent log injection.
  77. Verify that log fields from trusted and untrusted sources are distinguishable in log entries.
  78. Verify that security logs have some form of integrity checking or control to prevent unauthorized modification.
  79. Verify that the logs are stored on a different partition than the application is running with proper log rotation.
  80. Verify that all forms containing sensitive information have disabled client-side caching, including autocomplete features.
  81. Verify that the list of sensitive data processed by the application is identified and that there is an explicit policy for how access to this data must be controlled, encrypted and enforced under relevant data protection directives.
  82. Verify that all sensitive data is sent to the server in the HTTP message body or headers (i.e., URL parameters are never used to send sensitive data).
  83. Verify that there is a method to remove each type of sensitive data from the application at the end of the required retention policy.
  84. Verify the application minimizes the number of parameters in a request, such as hidden fields, Ajax variables, cookies and header values.
  85. Verify the application has the ability to detect and alert on abnormal numbers of requests for data harvesting for an example screen scraping.
  86. Verify that data stored in client-side storage — such as HTML5 local storage, session storage, IndexedDB, regular cookies or Flash cookies — does not contain sensitive or PII).
  87. Verify accessing sensitive data is logged, if the data is collected under relevant data protection directives or where logging of accesses is required.
  88. Verify that sensitive data is rapidly sanitized from memory as soon as itis no longer needed and handled in accordance to functions and techniques supported by the framework/library/operating system.
  89. Verify that certificate paths are built and verified for all client certificates using configured trust anchors and revocation information.
  90. Verify that production website URL has been submitted to a preloaded list of Strict Transport Security domains maintained by web browser vendors. Please see the references below.
  91. Verify that only strong algorithms, ciphers, and protocols are used, through all the certificate hierarchy, including root and intermediary certificates of your selected certifying authority.
  92. Verify that the application accepts only a defined set of required HTTP request methods, such asGET and POST are accepted, and unused methods(e.g. TRACE, PUT, and DELETE) are explicitly blocked.
  93. Verify that the HTTP headers or any part of the HTTP response do not expose detailed version information of system components.
  94. Verify all malicious activity is adequately sandboxed, containerized or isolated to delay and deter attackers from attacking other applications.
  95. Verify that a code review looks for malicious code, back doors, Easter eggs, and logic flaws.
  96. Verify the application will only process business logic flows in sequential step order, with all steps being processed in realistic human time, and not process out of order, skipped steps, process steps from another user, or too quickly submitted transactions.
  97. Verify the application has business limits and correctly enforces on a per-user basis, with configurable alerting and automated reactions to automated or unusual attack.
  98. Verify that URL redirects and forwards only allow whitelisted destinations, or show a warning when redirecting to potentially untrusted content.
  99. Verify the application code does not execute uploaded data obtained from untrusted sources.
  100. Do not use Flash, Active-X, Silverlight, NACL, client-side Java or other client-side technologies not supported natively via W3C browser standards.
  101. Verify that untrusted data is not used within inclusion, class loader, or reflection capabilities to prevent remote/local file inclusion vulnerabilities.

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Tu beer nahi Bisleri hai BC

Life is beautiful but if you want to know how to f**k yourself be an “Entrepreneur.”

Recently I met Ritesh Malik, Founder of Innov8 (Beautiful coworking space in India). He shared a great story, I am sure that is going to change your life.

1. Bisleri vs. Coke :

Take an example; There are two trucks one is loaded with Bisleri and another one with Coke bottles. Then truck sets on a voyage of hundreds of kilometer to take the bottle to there destinations. After hours of tumultuous journey, when you stop the truck and check the bottles what will you see?

Bisleri: Calm and peaceful, you can just open the cap and drink it.
Coke: Gases trying to ooze out and about to bust the bottles.

What we have learned from this, life is like this tumultuous road. You can’t set your roads, you can only choose a destination. At times roads are good and next moment bad., but we all have a choice of how to act or react.

Bisleri people enjoy pleasure and pain, and they keep themselves calm. When you are an entrepreneur most of the times, you are going to fuckup with so many problems but how to handle them will define your destiny and success.

Coke people are filled with ego, and they burst when something terrible happens. They have the tendency to react with the power they have rather than acting.

2. What is the basic problem?

You know the reason the reason of all problem; PEOPLE.
You know the solution to all the problem; PEOPLE

3. Your network is not your net-worth

It’s wrong. You, your knowledge, your capability to help your network is your worth. If you are useless, unskilled your network can’t help you grow. No matter your daddy is Bollywood King, as Mr. Jr Bachhan hardly get any movies. Since then, I started investing time in myself, my knowledge rather than focusing on my network.

4. Be the best, for finding 1 diamond people dig tons of coal.

We are surrounded by people, we can right to choose the right client, right employee, right co-founder, right mentor, right investor. If we have right people around us, they will pull you out of a challenging situation.
But when you made the wrong choice these people will f**k your life.

5. How to take the first step

Whatever we see around us is being created by humans. Essentially we have first manifested all this in our mind, then the creation in real life.
Same thing goes with the relations and life’s situations. If we understand basic how to create right thoughts inside our mind, we can avoid a lot many troubles. If we don’t understand and learn this, it leads to an accidental life without any control.   

6. Final Steps

Most of us know Yoga or morning walk is good for health but how many of us seriously do; So thinking about something is good but doing it, in reality, is altogether is a different ball game.

  1. Don’t plan your day, plan your night so that you know what to do next day.
  2. Remove unnecessary apps, most of the successful people are not even on facebook.
  3. We all have right people connected to us over social media, take time and meet. Everyone share good things over social media, when you meet them in person, you will know how they got fucked and how they saved their ass.
  4. You always need right people around, choose carefully, once chosen help them, trust them. Give them the freedom to take a decision, they may fail, tell them you are there don’t worry!
  5. Stay away from negativity and negative people. They are a dead rat, they always smell bad even in Leela Palace.
  6. Don’t start anything new, if you start to make sure you finish.   
  7. Take a step daily, you can’t become Sachin Tendulkar in one day.
  8. Your body needs exercise, healthy food. Your mind needs inspiration, your heart needs gratitude and care. Do it daily.
  9. Don’t take silence for rejection! It is not the handsome guy that gets the girl, but the most persistent one.
  10. The best way to get more customers around your product or services is to be used again, and again, and again, and again

Life is not beautiful, it’s what we make it.

Freelance website : Where you can make more money

freelance website

Freedom” is a word which contains lots of different meaning for lots of people but in a digital world, it is a synonym to Freelance.

Freelancing/Freelance means to do your work on your time and a freelancer is a person who works as a writer, designer, performer or the like selling work or services by the hour, day, job etc. If you want to be king of your kingdom then freelancing is the job for you. If you don’t want to be captured in the same monotonous routine then freelancing is perfect for you and if don’t like to be a slave of 9 to 5 criteria then certainly freelancing is your kind of job. And the big question is that if you are an Engineer then it is definitely your field cos everybody knows that engineer think that they are a lion and don’t want to cage. So it gives you total independence and flexibility to be your own king.

Now if you looking for freelancing site or a person or who can do that kind of work for you then the issue arises where to find them and if there is a prospect to work as a freelancer then where to approach such platform to showcase your talent. It is such a booming field that not only you can earn high income for your livelihood but also on your own term. Isn’t it great to be your own boss!!

Being a professional freelancer is ain’t child’s play. It requires lots of determination, hard-work, and single-mindedness. You can’t awake one day and become INDIANA JONES and dig it out. Similarly, your works need the best platform for showcasing it. So to gain more credibility in your work you have to test yourself and increase your reach. And for that matter -here I present you 10 best freelance website to find work as freelancer:-


Formerly known as Elance-oDesk is a global platform for the freelancer. With 12 million registered freelancers and 5 million registered clients provides almost everything to its user and makes it a world’s largest freelancer website. Upwork handle all kind of projects whether it is short term or long term, hourly based or per-project based, expert-level or entry-level etc.. Wherever you are in your career, Upwork got something for you in their pockets. So if you enhance your career I suggest you go for Upwork.


Founded by two students from Princeton University, Toptal has a totally different business plan on conducting their business with over 2000 clientele. Toptal is only for experienced and skilled freelancer website. If you once get screened by Toptal then you have greater access to larger Sharks in the sea as your client (like Airbnb, JPMorgan Chase, IDEO, Axel Springer SE, Pfizer, and Rand McNally). SUPER COOL ISN’T ISN’T!!!! It was rank no. #1 fastest growing talent marketplace in North America in 2015. Toptal has no particular offices because their team works remotely throughout the world.


Though open as a classified advertisement freelance website for housing, personals, for sale, items wanted, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums, it actually is a very good platform for a freelance job. Which was started as a help for the local to feel less isolated in the community now became the successful business to provide jobs for a freelancer? Who would have thought that the company started with a small group of people locally in San Francisco now covers 70 countries? It is a very good platform for local offerings as well as for other countries. It serves more than 20 billion view pages views per month, putting it in 72nd place overall among web sites worldwide and 11th place overall among freelance website in the United States.


Walt Disney once said “If you can dream it, you can do it” and success comes to them who are persevering in their work. It is very true for this start-up company based in Indore and for their founders. It is a fastest growing IT company, providing a great opportunity to freelancers. They are the dedicated group of people who believe in growth in all dimension. They provide internship programmes to mentor the young generation and subscription-based platforms for the client. EngineerBabu is a community as well as a marketplace where developers whether web or mobile and clients come together to fulfill their dreams.

It is tag as the most start-up friendly IT-company. Isn’t it good to get everything under the same roof just like some multi-specialty mall?

  1. GURU

It is the marketplace for freelancers where they can showcase their past work experiences and daily job-matching features. It provides companies to hire a freelancer on commissioned basis work. A company started by two brothers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as soon became a well-known company in other parts of America. It serves as a clearinghouse for high skill freelancers to work on short-term contracts and plus point to the fact is they can directly negotiate with their prospective employers. Guru has a very accessible workroom. Who doesn’t like to work in this kind of workplace?

  1. 99DESIGNS

It is an online marketplace for freelancing graphic designer, which was started in Melbourne, Australia. Soon it branched out in several cities of Europe and America. In 99designs, designers compete with each other and get their feedback from the client. The best freelancer gets hired by clients. By this kind of platform, several freelancers have the opportunity to showcase their talent worldwide. 99designs awarded with Webby People’s Voice award for Best freelance Website Service and Application in the year 2010. So designers, if you looking for a right platform to show your talent, then 99designs is for you!!!!

  1. X-TEAM

It is a reliable and trusted company by world’s leading brand which provides high-skilled and quality freelance developers on a full-time basis. One of the plus point of their business plan is, they billed their client on monthly basis. Isn’t it great!!No chaos. By recruiting freelancers themselves they not only save the time and money of the clients but also cover the employment cost completely. It makes them flexible.

Developers are screened and examined on the superiority of their performances. The high agility of X-Team is due to their single-minded concentration on one project at given period of time so if any problem arises they can tackle them carefully and completely. Just like Arjun with a bow and an arrow.


One plus one not always equal to two. Sometimes it’s equal to eleven and with an engineer and a developer on board, it’s always the case. It goes well with Gigster. Started by two young developers, it soon becomes famous for its approach. Its USP is that the freelancers are heavily screened. Then the screened freelancers and highly skilled developers, combine to work on projects for non-tech clients. Gigster only accepts 1% of applicants who apply for them. Their clientele includes IBM and MasterCard. They provide services combine with top developers and AI.

You can better understand them with the following example:
Get some amazing app idea and get in touch with the Gigster people to get a quote. There, a representative will give you a call. Within 10 minutes, you will get a quote in terms of estimated time and estimated development cost. If you agree, a project manager will be assigned to you, along with the number of developers to work on your project. After that, the project manager would consult you on how your thing can be developed in a more user-friendly manner.
You don’t need to manage the developers as your code is maintained by Gigster even when they are done with your project. They just take a fair amount of money and keep on upgrading the codes to make your app time proof. Cool, isn’t it????


This UK-based company function as an online platform for thousands of skilled freelancer from several fields. They focused on freelancing web-based projects. If you are a Start-ups or SMEs then this company is your cup of tea because hiring a freelancer to handle the project gives you more flexibility than in-house hiring or hiring via agencies. PeoplePerHour maintains a “talent cloud” in which thousands of freelancers with different skill sets work together. The company promotes the benefits of freelancing and aware people about the importance of self-employment by providing several freelancing jobs in the market. They help the retirees to get employment to boost the economy of the country.

It was named as one of the “Europe’s 100 Hottest Start-ups 2012” by the Science and Technology magazine, Wired UK.


It works usually the same way the other sites work i.e by hiring freelancers of various fields but twists in the tail are that it includes freelance marketers also. Yup freelance marketers are also the game player here.

They have a unique system of working. They work on “bidding” process. Once the project was posted on the site, then freelancer bid for the project by naming the price which they feel they are comfortable to do it. To convince their future employers they can also post the best work to read a.k.a COVER LETTER or different types of work as their portfolios. But this bidding of freelancers are charged and once the employers and freelancers get matched just like the match made in heaven then, the freelancers can keep 100% of their earnings.

So these are the Top TEN freelance website from my point of view and my side. Being a freelancer has its pros and cons like any other jobs have but it certainly has more perks than drawbacks.

Freelancers are the master of their universe. They can choose their work according to their choices and needs. You don’t have to answer anybody and work according to your mood. You don’t have to manage employees and bare their costs. You don’t have to maintain an office as you can work from your bedroom, during bus drive, while sitting in café sipping your mocha and enjoying sunset etc.

You just have to be patient and determined in your work and you have to be innovative in your work process and ideas. Freelancing is the very booming field. All you have to recognize your inner talent and reckon nobody can touch you in your chosen area. Being a fighter, not a quitter can make you lots of money.

And by taking help of these prescribed freelancing sites you can not only enhance your earnings but also your career. Not all of us can become Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs overnight, though they do have their own share of hard work that’s not unattainable for anybody. A right nudge in the right direction can flourish you in all dimension.

So with the right guidance and right kind of motivation we can achieve our goal. Try these freelance website to improve your chances. Good luck

Reasons Not To Freelance

Freedom means “Being you without anyone’s permission” i.e why freelancing and freedom go hand in hand. We may say that freelancing and freedom are complementary synonyms to each other in the world of IT. Being freelancer means we are independent of every obligation and we are our own boss. It’s a total freedom for our workplace and our work style.

In Broadway English freelance also has a fancy name such as Independent contractor which itself suggest as freedom of doing whatever work you want to do without taking anyone’s permission. But every freedom has a price to pay and sometimes a price is very huge. From that point, it is quite impossible to turn back the clock.

So before considering the freelancing job for yourself here are some points which have to be taken into consideration and the consequences of going HAN SOLO for future preferences coz it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

We can put this occupational hazards consequences into two different sets which are related to our professional and personal life.

A. Professional Related
Whilst choosing to freelance as your chosen profession you must consider these subsequent consequences develop while working.

1. No safety net to fall back:-
“Rome doesn’t build in one day” and businesses don’t return your investment quickly. They take time to set up. So you have to be financially very strong if you are thinking about going solo coz you have to support you when yourself in dire need of money. There won’t be any benefits and allowances, that you were availing as an employee to any firm. You have to bear all the expenses yourself.

Plus you have no peers to help you when got creatively stuck. No one to help you when your imagination doesn’t go beyond reach and your clients need more variation. So think before you leap.

2. Irregularity in your lifestyle:-
As you are king of your own kingdom you work as you please. There are no foundations of any kind which lead to flexible hours of work. Due to this kind of working hours you can develop irregularities which ultimately leads to many personal, medical and professional crisis.

3. Overlapping in personal and professional life:-
As you became a freelancer you can work from wherever you are whether you are at home or in café. The gap between your private life and your professional life overlaps each other. You can’t decide when you are in professional shoes and when in your shoes. It leads to many family crisis and increment in the bank balance of a family counsellor.

4. Always on a schedule:-
Due to the above-mentioned point, you never going to decide when you are in a break and when you are in a call. As a freelancer, you have to be available for your client 24*7 and the schedule becomes All work no play. It’s lead to many kinds of mental and health issues. You will find yourself struggling for some personal time, but you won’t get it. It’s all personal and it’s all professional.

5. No going back to yourself:-
Once you invest yourself fully to your freelancing business then there is no going back to old self. You have to fully concentrate on your work. You have to fully committed to it which results into no personal life. To become your own boss you have to sacrifice a great deal of your personal and financial worth. You are accountable to your work and clients. You must be working and developing someone’s dream, you can’t delay it or leave it in between.

6. Don’t like to be chained:-
Once you became your own boss you generate a tendency to work as your mind and time pleases and work from wherever you like. So it’s very difficult for anyone or even yourself to create a professional and regular schedule like an 9 to 5 employee has. You don’t like to be told how to do a work or when to do it. So create a very solitary environment for work. So you have to constantly reassure and explain them about your work. And a constant motivation to yourself as well that you need to keep going.

B. Personal related
As we see from above points that freelancing can cause much professional haphazard in anyone’s life, there is also some personal crisis which is generated this line of work.

1. Diverse yourself to every aspect:-
As you are the sole owner of our business you have to diversify yourself into every aspect of your business like PRO, caller, marketing etc. which divert you from your own work. This diversification causes you great trouble in delivering your projects on time and can also lower your quality. This will result in loss of trust between you and your client. It just a question of a minute client will sense it.

2. You have to be marketer, accountant and developer at the same time:-
To start your business one should market themselves, get your presence registered. To stay in business one should have to use marketing skill and to gain the niche from your competitor you have to market yourself. So ultimately it’s all about marketing. And in this cutting edge world, you have to be updated. This will put extra pressure on freelancers and their pockets. Sometimes it leads mental frustrations and rivalries.

3. Keep analyzing yourself and your worth:-
To stay in the market you have to constantly analyze yourself and stay up-to-date in your ideas, technology, process, logistics etc. For not getting exploited by a client and your fellow competitor you have to know yourself and your work’s worth. Otherwise, you cannot survive this cut throat world. It is a added headache of this freelancing business. Always on toes. As the time passes you become so detached with your work that you do it for the sake of income or become only duty bound. And that point only your mind would be involved in work, not the heart. It affects your creativity and production. So the profession which was chosen because you want to follow your heart, it left with brain and business only. This needs constant check and analysis.

4. Inconsistency in your income:-
One of the biggest problems in freelancing business is the uncertainty of income. It’s never predictable. Sometimes you can earn cash you can only imagine and sometimes it’s none. The success of your business depends on its cash flow. But in freelancing it is unpredictable. Sometimes you can get good business and sometimes you have to be dependent on your savings (if you have only).

5. Can’t be smug about your work:-
In order to sustain in your freelancing business, you can’t afford to be complacent about your work. You have to be grounded. You do have to listen to your clients very carefully and politely. You don’t let your success or your disappointment goes to your head. If you became smug about your work then your downfall started. You can only afford to be rigid and irrational with your thought and process if you want to lose your business. You may be thought that what you think is correct, what you do is correct and what you say is correct. In this process, you completely ignore the preferences of the clients which ultimately makes him/her seek other choices in the market.

6. Lacks of inspiration:-
As you are the sole driver of your freelancing car and no one there to guide you then you may face the problem of writer’s block or suffer from lack of inspiration. At some point you may go through with this kind of problem and coz there is no one to help you out, your business will suffer. Through perseverance is the key to success but due to lack of guidance, you just want to quit the show. After all the brainstorming and checking the do’s and don’ts list it’s clear that if you don’t possess strength and safety then don’t opt the freelancing business. It’s true that every business has its risk but if you just want to be your own boss and answerable to no one then it’s a very wrong profession for you. Which makes me question your motive and purpose to be a FREELANCER. Do want to be a good businessman or just want to explore this field. Think about it.

These are the eye-opening things that will help you in taking the better decision about being a freelancer.
Freedom is the word that people can do anything to pursue it in their life. And freelancing offers you this freedom in bulk. It gives you:

1. Freedom to choose your work style
You can work in night or day whatever time you would like too. You can work early in the morning along with coffee or may be in the night when there is no bug to disturb you. Isn’t it cool?

2. Freedom to choose your workplace
You can work from home or while travelling in the plane, may be sometime at the beach or may be in the mountains. This freedom is huge. The quote “If travelling is free, you won’t see me again” is true in that case. “If I can earn while travelling You won’t see me again”. I can do anything to have that life. My favourite workplace would be mountains.

3. You can choose your work
I can work on the ideas which I love to. Freelancing gives you the freedom to work on the work that you love to work upon. The freedom to choose the work of your type is huge. No repetitive work and no project manager to force you to work on the unwanted work.

4. You can be your own boss
Above all “You will be your own boss”. And believe me, I just imagine it. Freelancing allows being your boss, no need to apply for leave, no need to take permissions from project manager before going on a vacation with family and I can work according to me the comfort of time and place.

When so much is there in the bucket of freelancing, most importantly we can live the way we want along with good earning making a few sacrifices is worth. You just to need to disciplined with your work, accountable to your clients so that you will have more and more work. Freelancing gives you the freedom that others can only dream about. And if you put your heart in your work along with this freedom, that’s like icing on the cake. You will get more work may be from the same client again and again. Every client wants a team or freelancer that take the work responsibility and accountability. If you give these two things to him, he is not going anywhere.

Freelancing deserves all the above-mentioned discipline because the freedom it gives is priceless.

5 Tips You Should Follow While Creating Your Professional Network

Networking is all about connecting to the right set of people and being able to use those connections when you want to. In other words, it is a deliberate activity to build, reinforce and maintain relationships of trust with other people to further your goals. It simply is focused on professional goals.

A strong network is where you have connections in all of your areas of interest with people who know ‘who you are and what you want’ and can help in fulfilling the interest.

So you build a strong tree by getting to know more people, building trust with them and telling them what you are looking for.

But before we talk more about professional networking let’s set some ground rules to ensure that we do it the right way.

1. It’s Networking not dating 😉
Remember, while connecting with people they are judging your every move and unlike dating setting up the first impression will not help, you must keep up that first impression every time you meet or talk you cannot afford to lose that impression, you should be punctual every time, maintain your personality, talk sense, be precise and do everything you do the impress your date as every meeting is like your first date every time because good networking is about setting an impression that last long preferably forever.

2. Don’t forget Networking out of Networking Lunch
Networking lunches are one of the great sources of meeting likeminded and important people, it’s the whole bunch of people who are related to you or your business under one roof. But most of the people forget the motto that is making a tree and concentrate on the lunch. Remember that good food will satisfy your need for once, a good lead will do that for a thousand times more. So instead of taking the plate and looking at what stall to go first, start looking at people and decide which hand to shake first.

3. It’s LinkedIn and not Orkut
So, when Orkut was there, people use to count popularity from a number of scraps one has received or a number of friends and that is exactly why you don’t use Orkut anymore. Thousands of useless connections in your LinkedIn profile will not help, nor the unnecessary, irrelevant posts. What will help is few good connections and sensible posts that give an insight into your knowledge and personality.

4. Events, Meetings, Lunch and LinkedIn

Isn’t that what pretty much everyone is doing, so how-to stand out, networking in real life has always been a huge part of professional life. But with people relying on the digital world for more and more business and personal tasks, it’s no wonder that networking has moved online too.

A professional network is some sort of connected community of people with similar areas of interest, whether it’s an online community like LinkedIn or Women for Hire or simply your local Chamber of Commerce. I guess for some folks, even things like their local golf club (the group not the stick) can function as a professional network if it has business people they can connect with.

Traditionally professional networking is for Jobs, Business Networking, Lead Generation, Meetings/Events, Recruitment Solutions but today there is way more to it: –
Some other examples of WHY people engage in Professional Networking includes:

i) To gain access to information and tacit knowledge

ii) To be perceived as the ‘top-of-mind’ expert in a field of business

iii) To establish new professional relationships and to strengthen existing relationships.

iv) To increase others, trust in you and your trust in others.

v) To have a good time. Let’s be honest, this is an important reason too

vi) To make sure other people know who you are, what you do, how you do it and what you want to achieve by doing it and how can they help each other.

vii) Self-promotion, the establishment of oneself as an authority

5. Don’t like vanilla there is orange, mango and of course chocolate:
If Linked is not working for you, then something else will, there are a heck lot of options out there. Be part of communities to expand your network, for global reach join international groups and organisations. Being a part of NGO’s is always a plus.
We love doing business with, “People that we know, like and trust.” Another great resource is Toastmasters International. They have clubs just about everywhere on the planet. There is a club for almost everything look for the ones which interest you and join them.
Also, explore the web, there are Word Press, Mozilla, Microsoft, communities. You name it and there is a community for it.

Some other insights from THE INTERNET:
A.  Stand out by offering something valuable:
Write a blog, contribute to an Event or guest post, Submit or share columns to newspapers, magazines, and trade journals.
B.  Make more professional connections on these social networks:
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, AngelList, Quora.
While you know most of all the above platforms AngelList is the perfect place to connect with start-up founders, freelancers, investors, and talented folks looking for work.
C.  Get recommendations or References from people you know. See to it, If you can Find a mentor.
D.  10% of networking is showing up. 90% is following up.

Keep networking, keep growing.

The Top 10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Great Website Design

When you are unable to speak to your users, clients that’s when the role of the website comes in. And the role becomes more prominent when your business is small. At that point of time losing a single potential lead is like losing an opportunity. A single client can change the picture of your business. “Good design is good business,” the second president of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, famously told Wharton students in 1973.

Imagine a situation when your user is visiting your website, but it becomes difficult for him to understand about your business and he is having a terrible experience instead. You will lose him and all of his references forever.  And when it will keep happening, it will cost you 100s of users daily. And mind it that’s a big loss.

You might be thinking, what went wrong SEO is perfect, marketing is perfect, the product is perfect and the team is perfect. Then what’s wrong with the business?

Well, that’s your website. Yes, because your website is global speaker of your business. That’s the first place where your user is interacting with you and when this experience is bad, it doesn’t  matter how good is your product and services, you gonna lose that user and ultimately business.

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Here, are few things to consider while designing your website:

1.  A Good website design means

example-of-good-web-design and Bloomberg is example of good web design

For me, a website means ‘Business’. And most of us, good website design is one “which is looking good”. But that’s just a small part of it. A website which is looking good not necessarily helps you in getting good business. A good website design means, simplicity, visibility (UI), usability and user-friendly (UX). It should have simplicity in terms of color combination and placement of elements, all the important elements need to be easy-to-use, hassle free flow, call-to-action at all necessary places. Avoid all sort of redundancy, whether it’s text, images, characters, colors, it should be balanced. The most updated version of website design is ‘Material UI’. Most of the website designers and freelancers follow material UI defined principles.

2. UX is the twin brother of UI.

For a website design, both UI and UX are equally important when it comes to a good website design. The term “UX” is relatively new, the concept of user-friendly design has been there for generations. UX may cost you some money now, but it definitely gonna pay you back in no time. UX leads to the customer satisfaction in very first interaction with your users.UI-UX

When your first interaction is so satisfactory, it reduces the cost of customer acquisition, customer support, instead, increases retention. Even if your UI is good but you kept UX secondary, you will get secondary results.

3. Invest now, reap forever

During the first year of Amazon, Jeff Bezos invested much more in user experience (UX) than in advertising the product. Currently, the way Amazon is leading over their competitors we all have witnessed ourselves. That was an investment in the product, not the cost. Similarly, we have to invest in making our website UX best, later it will itself start making money for making it better by the time. We have multiple examples available, like Facebook, Apple, Google, Airbnb, these company outperformed because of the better user experience even when the similar products were already existing. Hire website designer who has expertise in UI and UX, and understands your product and users well. Remember it’s an investment.     

4. The first impression is the last impression

We all must have heard that phase at some point of time in life. And we know how true it stands. So, same is with your website. Your products website is your first interaction with your users, and it should be able to leave the best impression.

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The message should be very loud and clear. Your homepage must have all the ingredients to answer all the questions of the user. If any of the answers are missing, and your website design fails to convey the right message, you will lose your potential buyer.  Right from the logo, to tagline, to colors, placement of elements, call to action all counts in when it comes to good website design. The dimension, color, and position of each element should work together and creates a clear path to understand your interface. All these things have a great impact in driving users and sales by way of SEO.

5. Good website design means good business

Airbnb provide the best user experience of their host.

A good website design, increase the rate of conversion from user to your customer. This is what most important for an entrepreneur or a businessman. A website should have a very clear message and call to actions placed beautifully where user have maximum tendency to buy your product. A good website designer, have this expertise but you are the one who should know what to be placed. If you don’t have the web designer and web developer with you, you can hire freelancers. A freelancer is a good choice for small business, as they are much more pocket-friendly than having your own team.

6. Give the first preference to users

We often see website good in UI but underperforms business expectation. It happened when the end user is ignored. We should not forget that we are designing a website for the users not for us. So, we need to anticipate the users choice and habits, not ours. Users try to stick to the one which is easy for them to use and understand. One needs to do research about customer preferences and choices, and need to invest time in understanding the customers need before moving ahead with the design. The best website design considers all.

7. Website Design, SEO, Business walk hand-in-hand

A good UI and UX is an add-on for the SEO, which ultimately derives business. SEO works on certain principles, it brings users to the website but imagines if user skips the website without making any clicks or going through your product and services. Then all the hard work and efforts go in vain. While designing website considers the elements required for SEO and place them in a way that it will help users in going through the website and buy your product. For eg. Call-to-action, it should be at all the places where users have maximum tendency to click.

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8. Competition? A good design has winning edge over competition

Guess what, a good design helps in winning over competitors. Many of the business shy away from trying something good and new, they prefer to take the risk to go with the existing available designs while the one who tries to do something new yet simple and attractive earns the customers attention. A good UI and UX earns customers loyalty and stickiness, one user finds your website easy to use, they won’t go anywhere for the next time. In fact, they will refer to others about the good aspects of your website. A good website design turns users their brand ambassador. Simple changes in the flow can make a website easy to use and the other one too complex to understand. We all wanna go with the easy one always.

9. Saves Money

A good website with an easy flow, makes the user understand it quickly which will save your support cost indirectly. A good design doesn’t let the user realize the time consumed in reaching the goal he is looking for.

10. Content is important

Design without a content is like coffee without sugar. A good website needs equally good content. A good content, like the headline, tagline, about us, helps a user in understanding about the product and services in detail. A good content placed rightly adds value to your website.  Content helps in SEO also. So, while designing website consider the content and give it proper place.

As I mentioned earlier your website is your global speaker. It’s a way to communicate with your customer. When you are in business we all know the customer is king. Then it becomes mandatory to consider customer choices, preferences and ease of using it. Don’t forget, you are making a website for customers, not for yourself. And customers means business.

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