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How to select the Best Mobile App Developer


Best Mobile App Developer for your organization

 IT industry is booming currently and with it, mobile application development industry is also booming. Currently, there are lots of mobile app developer and Engineers who are willing to work in a software company. But there are the certain set of skills and working attitude a recruiter should seek in an applicant before recruiting him/her.

Our team at “ENGINEERBABU” has made certain guidelines to select the suitable candidates as a developer in their organisation.

 Perception of the developer towards your business
This is the most important thing to be considered while hiring an IT professional.As what the candidate thinks about your Company is very important. The candidate you hired should have some vision regarding your Company. As it’s the vision that takes your company places.
Set of Skills
Always verify the set of skill that you seek for the development of your company. As the candidate should have expertise in a particular set of skills that he is going to utilize in his upcoming projects. The candidate should have some knowledge of the skills that is related to his skills.

 Simplicity of Codes
The coder or developer should always write codes that are very easy to understand and modify. Hence the code written by the coder should always very flexible.

 Interpersonal skills
The candidate should have a nice level of Interpersonal skills. As application development is a long term work. The developer has to upgrade that app several times and while in developing phase he has to talk to the customers several times.

Design skills
The Candidate should have an artistic approach towards the design. As the design of the project should be very attractive. Along with the artistic approach, the candidate should also be well equipped with the skill’s that are needed to design something. As there is a famous quote “Seeing is believing”

Lots of people around the world think that an experience personal will always deliver the product with a far great quality than a fresher. But at times they are wrong. As sometime a fresher can beat an experienced personal.
90% times the fresher’s are far energetic and enthusiastic than an experienced personal and a fresher can be always hired in a very small salary bracket.

The commitment of a mobile app developer does not complete only with the commencement of his project. But it extends until all the bugs and interruptions are fixed, hence a good developer should also be a good tester.
The developers and designer’s at “ENGINEERBABU” are very skilled and can handle any kind of project related to the web and mobile application development.

Important Elements of E-commerce Website Development



Important Elements of E-commerce Website Development

In this Era E-commerce is a booming business, and it has been here from a long time. There are many types of E- Commerce websites development available in the market now a day. These website varies from their utility to its development. There are tons of things which has be analysed before developing an  E Commerce Website, but from a developer’s point of view e-commerce platform is a basic thing.

For deciding the E-Commerce platform there are few things that a developer should consider. Our team of “ENGINEERBABU” has done some research for choosing a suitable platform for Building an E-Commerce website. Some of these points has been discussed below-:

  • Programming Language

Programming Language is the basic thing that an IT engineer needs while commencing a project. So a developer should always consider the platform according to the knowledge of his Language.

  • Compatibility

There are some platforms for some particular kind of E-Commerce business, so before selecting a Platform a developer should analyse the compatibility of the platform with the business model.

  • Payment Gateways

There are numerous types of payment gateways currently available in the market and different kind of platform supports different type of payment gateways. So before fixing the platform one must consider the type of gateway he/she is going to use.

  • Customization

The platform you are working on should have lots of options for customization. The platform should also have a ease of customization, as every time a user wants to customize it he may not stuck with the codes.

  • Platform’s Cost

The cost of developing an E-Commerce website greatly depends upon the cost of the platform. There are many platforms currently available in the market for free. So by using a free platform a developer can develop a website at a lesser price.
ENGINEERBABU” developed a substantial number of E-Commerce website’s in the past and proved its proficiency for the same.

SEO Friendly Mobile Application for iPhone


Best SEO Mobile Application for Your iPhone
To promote and expand business, search engine optimization (SEO) is a common practice. To achieve their goals SEO marketing Consultants are rather found out stacked to their chair, in front of their desktops. There are numerous tools available in the market for doing SEO and by which you can do SEO through laptops and desktops. People using tablets and Laptops for doing SEO can roam around to an extent, but what if you can do your SEO through applications on your iPhone?
Google-AnalyticsiPhone is a brilliant device itself and what if you get a chance to do your SEO through your iPhone. There are various Mobile Application Development companies around the world, which have expertise in app development related to SEO. Here I am going to share some of the best known SEO app developed in the market.

  • SEO Automatic

As the name suggests this application has been developed for the doing automatic SEO. This app does everything on page search engine optimization, Ranging from code analysis, page analysis to content analysis. This app finishes the analysis in maximum period of 1 minute which is quiet impressive. SEO automatic is offered in both free and paid version. As the free version is very light it is recommended to buy a full version at $10.

  • Evernote

Sometimes we came up with an idea which can help to improve our SEO tactics, and we jot down that thought or Idea on a note pad or in a piece of paper. But with EVERNOTE we can also capture an image, which we think can help in our SEO. The saved image can also be searched very simply by a small key word.

  • HubSpot

As the name suggests HubSpot makes a Hub of your social network platforms and analyse the contents and blogs that you have posted in the past. This mobile application provides the user with the analytics and SEO. This mobile application also provides the user with the training for writing blogs. This mobile application has a free as well as a paid version.

  • SEO pro

The developers of this mobile application are very much focussed on the monitoring of the SEO and marketing. SEO pro allows the user to keep track of the essential things like Alexa rank, rank, Yahoo in links and Google Page Rank. This mobile application also helps to keep track on meta data ranking. SEO pro has a special feature through which it generates notification whenever there is a change in rank of the website.

  • Analytics Pro

Analytics Pro is a best app for informatics at it provide user with the information by google analytics. This mobile application provides with the essential information like visitor information and statistics related to the traffic. Analytics Pro is known for providing clean and meaningful data.
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Mobile phone in the Hands of Super power


Mobile phone in the Hands of Super power
Phone is a necessity now a day, the basic functions of a phone is calling and texting. Apart from that many people use their device for fulfilling their hobbies like photography and music. Some people also use their mobile phone devices for doing business. But do you know what mobiles do world leaders use?
It’s an unknown fact why these leaders use different kind of mobile phone devices, may be it depends upon there will. I did some research work on the gadgets used by world leader’s and in this article I will share some of my research work with you guys.
Mobile phone devices used by 5 world leaders around the world.

  • United States of America

Barack Obama has all the power in this world. He can own any gadget that he desired for but he has his own love for his Blackberry and iPad. Barack Obama has a Black berry 8300 and Apple IPad 3. Although the Security experts of white house advise him not to use Black berry for security reason but still, after all he is the president of states.

  • Germany

The whole world Knows about Angela Merkel’s phone, when it made the NEWS that NSA is monitoring it. Anyways Angela Markel owns a Nokia 6260 slider phone and for state affairs she uses Blackberry Z10.Angela Merkel’s Z10 has an encryption chip by Secusmart.

  • India  

Everybody Knows Mr. Narendra Modi and his obsession for technology. As if now it Seems like nobody ever talked about the Prime minister of India before Mr Narendra Modi came to power. Mr Modi is obsessed by iPhone as he owns iPhone 6 & 6s and before that he used to own iPhone 5s.

  • Russia

The President of Russia Mr Putin always denied to have a phone at his inventory, he always said that he doesn’t have time to use mobile phone’s. But in several occasions’ he found out to be using a Russian phone MTS-Glonass 945 and other times people spotted Vladimir Putin using an iPhone.

  • France

The existence of iPhone in French president Francois Hollande’s came to picture, when some media people caught him chatting with his girlfriend by an iPhone 5s. It seems like this French minister has a love for iPhone along with his girlfriend.
I was about to add Mr. Donald Triumph in this list of leaders, but as we all know he is not a leader yet. And in my research work I was only able to find his contact number.

Our team at ENGINEERBABU” is also well equipped to develop mobile application for these global super power. We already have a strong portfolio which supports our claim.

Ultra-Utility Phones You don’t Know About |EngineerBabu


Ultra-Utility Phones You don’t  Know About
We all know about the Android, iOS and windows phone available in the market. But there are many phones with amazing and stand aside features which are also available in the market, but many of us probably don’t know about them. These stunning phones signpost the forthcoming technology of mobile phone. Henceforth I have decided to have a look at the forthcoming technology of Phones on the basis of these phones. In this blog I would like to discuss about the recent technological advancements incorporated in these 5 phones. These phones have some ultra-unique features.

  • Yotaphone

It’s a Russian phone designed for book worms. It has amazing features like other android phones like 32 GB of Memory, 2 GB or RAM and it is also aesthetically amazing. But the main reason why I added this phone in my list is that, it has a dual screen. The front is ordinary screen with 4.3 inch of screen and 720X1280 pixels at 342 ppi. The rear screen or the secondary screen is always-on grayscale capacitive touch screen having 4.3 inch of screen and 360X640 pixels at 170 ppi.

  • Black Phone

This phone is considered world’s most secure phone. The OS of this phone is android based and developed with the full focus on the privacy of the device. As in today’s world the privacy of the mobile phones is compromised and to overcome this problem black phone has been invented. This phone is free from Bloatware, leaky data and hooks carrier. By the use of this phone a user will always be confident about his/her privacy.

  • Vertu Mobile

Vertu mobiles can be termed as the pinnacle of the luxury phones, as Vertu mobile offers the user to customise their phone in as exotic way as possible. The Vertu phone gives you an option to carve your phone with Gold, platinum and diamond. Other than these stuffs you can also carve your phone with Precious Gems and metal’s.

  • CAT S60

Everyone has a desire to have the toughest phone available in the market and now you can full fill your desire by buying this phone.CAT S6O has some amazing features as it is water resistant, dust resistant and also shock proof. It can survive a fall on a concrete from 1.8 m. If we talk about performance, this phone is packed with Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor. This phone also has one Thermal Micro camera that sense heat.

  • Project Ara

Google’s Project Ara can be termed as most customization phone available in the market. It’s a modular device, as the shell of the phone is covered by modules, which allows the user to put the attachment to the phone according to the requirement. In this phone you can replace certain things with other devices, for example if the user does not want a Camera in his/her phone he/she can put extra battery slot in it. If you are a music freak you can put extra set of speakers in your device.
Do know what?

Our team at “ENGINEERBABU” can develop application for these phones as well.We have a great portfolio’s which also includes a glimpse of our past commitment’s.

The Birth of an Amazing device “The iPhone”


The Birth of an Amazing device “The iPhone”
A famous speech at the launch of  iPhone – “iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone. We are all born with the ultimate pointing device—our fingers—and iPhone uses them to create the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse.”

The above statement gives a glimpse of the Vision of “Steve Jobs” regarding iPhone. Everyone in this planet knows about Steve jobs and his legendary products. But did you know the idea behind the development of iPhone and what revolutionized touchscreen phone? In this blog I am going to share some of the details related to the Jesus Phone “The iPhone”.

Steve jobs was not satisfied with his computer range, as they were not that efficient and very difficult to use. For the improvement of Apple’s computer device “Macintosh” Steve jobs made a research team for the development of touch screen. But accidentally the Engineers at Apple Corp. end up inventing iPad, during that Era iPad was not a practical device as it’s functionality and features are very futuristic.

So the Steve jobs planned to develop an iPhone. The vision behind the invention of the iPhone is to put the features like music and professional apps in a smart mobile phone. Along all these features the phone should also be very user-friendly.
It all started with the launch of 1st iPhone “Jesus phone”, The 1st iPhone launched in the year 2007. let’s have a look at the features of the all the iPhone starting with the 1st generation iPhone.

  • The iPhone

The 1st iPhone was s GSM phone. It was developed in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB models. The 1st generation iPhone has a 3.5-inch Diagonal display with 320×480 pixels at 163 PPi. It was also equipped with 2-megapixel camera.

  • iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G was launched in the year 2008 with the key features like compatibility with 3G network and built in GPS device and increase storage.

  • iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS was launched in the year 2009.This iPhone was twice as faster than the previous version and also having cost lower than the previous version.

  • iPhone 4

iPhone 4 was launched in the year 2010, with some chief features like face time video chat and high resolution retina display having a display of 640×960 pixels at 326 PPi.

  • iPhone 4s

The iPhone 4s has a similar design as the iPhone 4, but performance wise it was much more effective than the iPhone 4. It was launched in the year 2011 having a dual core processor. With this launch iPhone also increased its memory capacity twice.

  • iPhone 5

iPhone 5 was launched in the year 2012.It was slimmer and faster than the previous model having a 4-inch diagonal display with 640×1136 pixels at 326 PPi.

  • iPhone 5s

This iPhone was launched in the year 2013 with a faster processor of 64-bit A7 SoC. It also has a touch ID and a new motion data processor.

  • iPhone 6/6 Plus

By iPhone 6 Apple revamped the whole design of its mobile phone’s. Launched in 2014 it has a display of 4.7 inch to 5.5 inch.

  • iPhone 6s

If we talk about the design iPhone 6s it was similar to iPhone 6. But iPhone 6S has a much improved hardware with a A9 chip set and Advanced touch ID security. It has a faster LTE/Wi-Fi. If we talk about the Camera, it has a 12 mp rear and 5mp front camera with a retina flash.

We at “ENGINEERBABU” has a reputation of making awesome iOS apps according to the customer need. We are a start-up but we sky rocked in just 2.5 years, with crisp quality and evident functional products.

Key Highlights of E3 2016 | EngineerBabu


Key Highlights of E3 2016

From 14th to 16th June Los-Angeles (USA) will be the Mecca for gamer as well as game console developers. From 14th June to 16th 2016 the Los Angeles convention center will be engaged with Electronic Entertainment expo. We all know about the E3 event but many of us don’t know when and why is this event commenced every year.
Every year E3 has been commenced by Entertainment Software Association in Los Angeles convention centre. This event is the world’s greatest event for promoting games and gaming consoles. Before this event, gamer and developers used to promote their business in the events like CES (Consumer Electronics show) and European Computer trade show.

In 80s only few companies were engaged in developing games and gaming console but in early 90’s this number increased by a substantially. The 1st ever event of E3 was commenced in the year 1995 by IDG’S infotainment world and cofounded by ESA (Interactive Digital Software Association). It was one of the largest trade show debuted at that time with 48,900 visitors in 65,000-meter square. From May 1995 E3 took place in Los Angeles to till this date.

E3 has a reputation of giving most exciting launch of games and game console every year. This year E3 has many amazing things in its magic box. Some of the exciting launch of this year’s Key Highlights of E3 2016 has been discussed below in this blog.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox one S console which is 40% smaller than the 1st generation model and also equipped with HDR and 4K video capabilities with a refined console. It will also have a storage capacity from 500gb to 2TB. The console will have a base price of $299.Microsoft also worked with its Xbox play anywhere service through which the user can play the game anywhere he wants, by simply downloading it for free. The downloaded games can be played on both Xbox one and windows 10. Other than that it has also revealed project Scorpio which would be the most powerful gaming console unveiled by Microsoft ever.

  • Sony

Sony revealed its new God of War by a grand ceremony. Other than that it also unveiled Zombie infested World, Days Gone and Biker Roams an apocalyptic. The only announcement that has been made by the Sony with respect to its hardware is the price of its VR devices.

  • Nintendo

Nintendo is a renowned manufacturer of Games and Gaming console but this year Nintendo focused on Zelda. It unveiled the trailer of the game along with the name “Breath of the Wild”. Nintendo also allowed visitors to play the game as trail for around half an hour.

  • EA

EA unveiled number of popular legacy games like FIFA 17, Battlefield 1 and star-war games with a teaser of PlayStation VR.

  • Ubisoft

Ubisoft came as an exception, there is nothing much under its umbrella this time. It unveiled watch dog 2 a week ago. The greater part of Ubisoft’s real title games we had already seen in 2015, which are about finish, with any semblance of South Park: The Fractured but Whole and Ghost Recon: Wildlands hitting the racks in 2016.

Got an idea and game to develop in android and iOS? Team of “ENGINEERBABU” is also into engineering and development of games and apps for smart phones users.

Windows + LinkedIn= Pinnacle of Professionalism


Windows + LinkedIn= Pinnacle of Professionalism
As every living being on the planet knows about the current acquisition of LinkedIn, to give a better understanding of the acquisition I am going to share some of my findings of the deal. On 13th June 2016 Microsoft breaks the internet by its largest acquisition in the history, Microsoft acquired world’s biggest professional social network website LinkedIn Corp. for $26.2 billion dollars. The Idea behind the deal is both the Microsoft and LinkedIn is in the saturation state and this acquisition can open serval new aspects for both of them.

With this deal, Mr. Nadella wants to connect office tools with the professionals who works on them so that they can have a direct approach towards their work. For example, if the Microsoft office is directly connected to the LinkedIn, the professionals who are attending that meeting could learn more about the fellow members. The sales person who is using the Microsoft tools for managing their clients can get some details about their client as their sheets will be directly connected to LinkedIn via the internet.

With the acquisition of LinkedIn, also belonged to is a portal for training videos provided by the LinkedIn to make its user smarter and more efficient. With the help of Linda, Microsoft can offer tutorial videos of Linda in its native software’s like Excel and spreadsheets.

Mr. Nadella is also planning to share its Cortana digital assistant access to the data provided by the LinkedIn. The LinkedIn is hoping to take its business on track with this acquisition as the shares of LinkedIn has been decelerated by 50% in a year. It seems Microsoft has a trend of acquiring businesses with their every new CEO, as with Steve Ballmer acquired Nokia handset in $9.4 billion and now Mr. Nadella acquired LinkedIn at a much greater price.

With this new acquisition, Microsoft can link LinkedIn with skype and its email, this move could act as the connective tissue for enterprises. The acquisition made by Microsoft is very precious as LinkedIn is the most important platform for Freelancers and recruiters. Now Microsoft has a content company which is world’s most specialised, influential and highly updated platform.

LinkedIn is a platform not only for Recruiter’s and employers but can also serve as an advertising media for companies where they can get relevant leads. If we talk about the potential of LinkedIn, it has 433 million members’ and in every second 2 new members joins LinkedIn. In 2016 it has 45 billion page views which are 8 billion more than the previous year. LinkedIn publishes some of the most valuable content available on the internet.

By this new acquisition, Microsoft has become a more powerful brand and reached the pinnacle of the professional world.

An App which can save a Life |EngineerBabu


An App which can save a Life | EngineerBabu
Save Lives, Donate Blood
Everybody knows about blood transfusion and blood donation, but here I am going to Blood transfusion is a common practice nowadays, but every one once in a while must have thought that when this practice started and how it become so developed to the be the common practise. Blood transfusion date backs to 17th century when William Harvey a British physician made the scientists and doctors aware about the Blood circulation and its properties.

The 1st successful Blood transfusion was recorded when Dr. Richard Lower performed a successful blood transfusion in a dog and after that several successful experiment has been performed. In the year 1818 Dr James Blundell successfully performed blood transfusion to a patient. After this several other developments has been made in the research work of the human blood.

In 1901 Dr. Karl Landsteiner from Austria discovered Human blood groups.
It’s a known fact that blood transfusion is very good for health and also responsible for saving many lives. During 2nd world war blood transfusion has served a very important procedure and saved many lives. Many patients around the world does not have proper access to blood and in the end they die due to the unavailability of the blood.

The need of blood transfusion is not certain, as anybody can have a requirement of blood at any place and any time, for that purpose the provision of blood bank has been made. For filling these blood banks’ there are many campaign’s running around the world which require Regular, Voluntary and unpaid blood donors.

According to report published by WHO it there are 108 million blood donations collected around the world, out of 50% of these donations are collected in developed countries having 20% of the world’s population, which gives a simple stat that only donation of only 1% of population can fulfil the basic need of the world. Around 62 countries in the world collect 100% of their blood requirement by the voluntary blood donation.

To increase the awareness for blood donation world health organisation (WHO) has dedicated a day 14th June on 2004 as a world Blood donor day. On this day the govt. of different countries around the world organised various campaigns to promote blood donations.

We at “ENGINEERBABU” always indulge in the things which could be used for social cause. In the year 2015 we made an app “Share blood India” for a client in a nominal price so as it could be utilized by the people for better good.



Apple is always known for its cutting edge technology in its every new upgrade. On the 27th annual worldwide developers conference Apple launched iOS 10. Apple says that it is one of the biggest release of its iOS ever. With every launch of the apple it unveils some of its very exciting features. Along with iOS 10 Apple unveils many features and the best of them have been mentioned here.

  • SIRI– This iOS 10 gives the freedom to the developers to develop the SIRI according to the need, as API has been opened for them, which in turn made it possible for the developers to integrate the voice assistant functionality into 3rd party apps. Now SIRI can be used for sending text massages in the platforms like Slack, Vonage voice calls and can also initiate skype.
  • NEWS– SIRI 10 has an exciting news app, which was much awaited by the news lovers. This new app integrates the NEWS from all the News publisher and filter it according to relevance of the reader. It also enables a regular ping for the breaking NEWS.
  • Keyboard– Apple developed a keyboard which is smarter than the previous versions. This keyboard has an ability to give smart suggestions and if needed can consult SIRI as well. The voice assistant can access everything from your current location, reminder’s and calendar. The new keyboard of the iOS 10 also support multilingual typing without switching keyboard.
  • Lock screen– The latest update of iOS added many amazing feature to its lock screen, now iPhone will wake up at the instant user picks it up. Now the notification of the phone’s lock screen will be interactive with real time updates and instant direct replies. The control centre of the IPhone is redesigned with a dedicated music widget, that can be accessed just by a slide. Apple’s new iOS is also equipped with a 3D touch.
  • Voice mail–  The Phone Voice Mail App has been updated, now the voice mail includes features like transcription and also includes extra functionalities like recognizing
  • Messages– The messaging with the iPhone has become more exciting by supporting rich hyperlinks and smart previews. It has some added features like animated text bubbles, quick replies and also with emoji predictions. Now with iPhone messaging user can share videos as well.
  • Apple Maps–  Now apple maps has become more interactive and user friendly, Now the user can slide from the bottom iOS device screen and can get suggestion for everything nearby like fuel station’s, restaurants, Bars and Movie theatres. The new update app will also give the stats. Related to traffic. The new iOS 10 opens the platform for the developers to create extensions in the Map.
  • Home– With the iOS 10 apple created an App named “HOME”. This app gives a personalised experience to the user as it shows all your connected devices and all these devices can be connected and excessed by this app. This functionality can also be used through apple watch. With this app all the devices which is connected by the single apple ID can be adjusted and operated.
  • Music App– The music app of the APPLE has been revamped, the app has a new design and in addition to standard sections like artist and playlist, it now has an option of downloaded Music. The new app can show lyrics and also help the user the follow their preferred artists.
  • Photo App-The Photo App on the iPhone is powered by the advanced machine learning technology which enables the app to have enhanced facial re-organisation. The machine learning technology will also help the device to sense objects. The photo App of the iPhone also help the user to create video out of the images automatically.

With this new update from the iPhone as iOS 10 it could be said that, now apple is opening its platform for the 3rd party developers.