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Mr. Sundar Pichai : Another Indian to take over Google’s new Company!

Google has announced a new company on Monday which would be subsumed within a new parent company named ‘Alphabet’ which had a bonus for people of Indian ­origin world over.

Sundar Pichai was the company’s head of Product and engineering, who has now been appointed as the CEO of the company “slimmed down” google. The google’s then CEO, Larry Page said who has restructured this company with his Co-­founder Sergey Brin, that “Chennai-born Sundar Sundararajan(43), is a key part of this company” Mr. Pichai, is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur and Stanford University “came out from the canvas in October last year, when he took and handled the product and engineering responsibility for their internet business”. Mr. Page said in a blog post that “ I and Mr. Brin are super excited about his progress and dedication to the company”.

Obviously they have a valid reason to feel fortunate that Mr. Pichal is the man to head their $16 billion revenue and by most accounts, he combines a deep passion for engineering excellence with a rare managerial quality of attracting the best talent into the team he works with. Mr. Pichai started as “low­key manager at google in 2004. He worked on google toolbars and then led to the launch of super successful Chrome Browser in 2008. Then he never ever turned back.

He rose on an increasing meteoric tenor and soon became the Vice President, Senior Vise President and then supervised all the Google Apps, including Gmail and Google drive and finally he was given control of Android itself. Another apparent talent of Google’s new CEO – his thinking seems to be ahead of the curve.

Although, Mr. Pichai is trained in metallurgy and material science at IIT Kharagpur and then Stanford University also an MBA from Wharton, he is already deeply interested in the world of electronics. According to one of his college professors “ he was doing work in this field of electronics when no separate course in this subject existed”. The Google CEO’s believe that he is a man with a vision and will push the boundaries in the field of technology.

Mr. Pichai outlined his mission when he quoted “For me, it matters that we drive technology as an equalizing force, as an enabler for everyone around the world. Which is why I do want Google to see, push, and invest more in making sure computing is more accessible, connectivity is more accessible”.

The technology sector has been the biggest platform for Indians to showcase their talent and capabilities. What do you think inspires them to reach at the great levels? Lets us know your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, feedback in comments.

outsourcing a project

Outsourcing a Project Effectively

Managing a project in-house and outsourcing a project it to the other companies are very different as the managerial roles of a manager vary in both the aspects. If you haven’t outsourced your project anytime before or learning or starting up the first advice would be to start with outsourcing small portions instead of outsourcing a project in order to analyse the issues that you might face. Experiment with outsourcing each area one after the other is taken care of properly.


Differences from the management perspective:

While outsourcing, a manager has to guard as well as keep sharp eyes in the entire process right from selecting the proper vendor till the final handling of the project.

The manager may or may not control over the operations of the project as per the terms of the company he/she is outsourcing the project to, although reporting is always to be taken. Before jumping into outsourcing decision, these are the questions you are required to ask:

  • What terms should be included in the agreement in accordance with the component of the project you are outsourcing?
  • What are the maintenance terms after work delivery?
  • Who should be held responsible if in case any defects arise after the project is delivered?
  • In any kind of the project, will my company be able to handle the entire project on my own once it is delivered?

Hence, effective outsourcing a project  becomes all more important.


Steps to effective outsourcing a project :

  • Firstly, decide whether the entire project has to be outsourced or a component/ part of the project.
  • Secondly, do a great research on which company/ professional you have access to can take up your project and manage it very effectively.
  • The selected vendor should have an expertise and experience in that particular technology/ category. As people say “Well begun is half done” most of the effectiveness of handling the project (or project component/ part) outsource successfully can be determined in this step.
  • All your specifications should be very clearly written and submitted to the vendor. Remember, you have equal right when it comes to budgeting and timeline related issues. The job description should not be generic rather it should contain all minor specifications also like budget, deadline, targets, contents, highlights and so on.
  • Make sure you get all the updates timely and keep a check on the progress of the project. Keep on checking all the advancements and the bottlenecks in the project from time to time. Regular maintenance and work updates should be continuously taken.

So this is an idea of how you can outsource your projects effectively especially in the IT field. Hope this article has been resourceful for you. Share your experiences, ideas and suggestions with us in comments.

my tips of happiness

My tips for happiness

I’m often asked: What is the key to success? My answer is always simple: happiness. Happiness should be everyone’s goal, but I understand that it can seem out of reach for many people, with one in four affected by mental health problems that alter their outlook on life.

I hope that my words can help others find the true happiness they deserve.

Dear Stranger,

You don’t know me but I hear you are going through a tough time, and I would like to help you. I want to be open and honest with you, and let you know that happiness isn’t something just afforded to a special few. It can be yours, if you take the time to let it grow.

It’s OK to be stressed, scared and sad, I certainly have been throughout my 65 years. I’ve confronted my biggest fears time and time again. I’ve cheated death on many adventures, seen loved ones pass away, failed in business, minced my words in front of tough audiences, and had my heart broken.

I know I’m fortunate to live an extraordinary life, and that most people would assume my business success, and the wealth that comes with it, have brought me happiness. But they haven’t; in fact it’s the reverse. I am successful, wealthy and connected because I am happy. 

So many people get caught up in doing what they think will make them happy but, in my opinion, this is where they fail. Happiness is not about doing, it’s about being. In order to be happy, you need to think consciously about it. Don’t forget the to-do list, but remember to write a to-be list too.

Kids are often asked: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ The world expects grandiose aspirations: ‘I want to be a writer, a doctor, the prime minister.’ They’re told: go to school, go to college, get a job, get married, and then you’ll be happy. But that’s all about doing, not being – and while doing will bring you moments of joy, it won’t necessarily reward you with lasting happiness.

Stop and breathe. Be healthy. Be around your friends and family. Be there for someone, and let someone be there for you. Be bold. Just be for a minute.

 If you allow yourself to be in the moment, and appreciate the moment, happiness will follow. I speak from experience. We’ve built a business empire, joined conversations about the future of our planet, attended many memorable parties and met many unforgettable people. And while these things have brought me great joy, it’s the moments that I stopped just to be, rather than do, that have given me true happiness. Why? Because allowing yourself just to be, puts things into perspective. Try it. Be still. Be present.

For me, it’s watching the flamingos fly across Necker Island at dusk. It’s holding my new grandchildren’s tiny hands. It’s looking up at the stars and dreaming of seeing them up close one day. It’s listening to my family’s dinner-time debates. It’s the smile on a stranger’s face, the smell of rain, the ripple of a wave, the wind across the sand. It’s the first snow fall of winter, and the last storm of summer.

There’s a reason we’re called human beings and not human doings. As human beings we have the ability to think, move and communicate in a heightened way. We can cooperate, understand, reconcile and love, that’s what sets us apart from most other species. 

Don’t waste your human talents by stressing about nominal things, or that which you cannot change. If you take the time simply to be and appreciate the fruits of life, your stresses will begin to dissolve, and you will be happier.

But don’t just seek happiness when you’re down. Happiness shouldn’t be a goal, it should be a habit. Take the focus off doing, and start being every day. Be loving, be grateful, be helpful, and be a spectator to your own thoughts.

Allow yourself to be in the moment, and appreciate the moment. Take the focus off everything you think you need to do, and start being I promise you, happiness will follow.

Happy regards,

Richard Branson


Friendship Day at Work

Someone has very beautifully defined  friendship as “Friendship is what makes it easier to live the pranks of God.” And ironically, in this highly competitive world today, our job is what actually makes us realize the tricks of God.Conflicts with employees, firing from a senior, deadline pressure and what not! Blink up people – EngineerBabu has a different story.This friendship day they have actually given an evidence of the much talked-about “work culture” that they boast of.
Much to the surprise of the employees at Engineerbabu, there were three events organized specially to celebrate the corporate relationship that they have been having over here.Just imagine if the bosses of the organization were so spirited to acknowledge every employee of their company as their friend, what level of trust and bonding they might be having?Had this concept been incorporated in every corporation where employees are willingly emotionally bounded, so to say, there had been so much less work pressure and higher productivity at work!
In one of the events, every employee was made to pick up a  chit and was supposed to be called by the same chit-name the entire day by everyone else.The employee who would fail to do this  would be charged with a penalty of giving a chocolate to the wrongly pronounced one!


Isn’t that real fun?In the second round, the employee had to pick up the chit again and had to make a cartoon character of the employee whose name was on the chit.


In the final  round, again chits had to be picked up. The employee picking up the chit had to mimic the employee whose name was on the chit.


The entire chapter of three rounds was loaded with  euphoria. At the end of these event-celebrations,they had something more to give to the employees. Everyone of them was given a gift with a chocolate to mark the important and influential role that they played in the personal as well as professional lives of every other employee.

Who said you cannot make friends while into a corporate job? A totally different concept has been perceived at Engineerbabu this friendship day. Had the same or maybe similar kind of spirit been at McKinsey,the largest consulting firm,they would not have been called as the “Organization that gives the special delivery:Of people to startups!”.
Bang on @Engineerbabu ! A very happy friendship day to all!


How to earn money from mobile App or Web

How to earn money from  mobile App or Web

Recognize a problem that society has, and build a solution for it. Best of all, a problem that’s personal to you.
I recommend building a tool. A simple tool. Not a platform, not a marketplace, not an O2O idea. Because these ideas have higher operating costs and they need a team to execute.

But a simple tool? You can hack it together yourself.
What are somethings you that takes you a while to achieve online? Why does booking an airfare still feels inefficient? Why is scheduling a time with friends or business meetings inefficient? What else is time-consuming on the web or on your phone?

If you build something that solves a real problem, people will pay for it.
Watch out for  mobile apps that are high in operating cost, In another words, some ideas take more labor to maintain than others. Try to avoid ideas that requires human intervention such as screening, 1:1, etc…

In my opinion, a lot of the widgets and plugins developers create can be monetized. Don’t be afraid to charge. It doesn’t hurt to try charging for what you made. Run an a/b test and see what happens. You might be surprised.

That’s why I love tools, because you build it once and let people use it. Then charge subscription fees where users pay you monthly. If your solution is good, more and more people will come and will continue paying you. So your passive income grows monthly.

But what I’ve learned is that there’s no real “passive income.” It still takes some time to maintain. But at least you’re not at a corporate job where 10 units of labor = 3 units of pay. But instead 3 unit of labor = 10 units of pay.

There are actually lots of ways to generate recurring revenues – some obvious, some less obvious! Here are a few;
1. Client Retainers
2. Sell your services as products
3. Create your own software products
4. Hosting services
5. Monthly Marketing Strategy
6. Monthly Content Strategy
7. Content Production
8. SEO services
9. Conversion services
10. Social Media Management
11. Start charging for Technical Support
12. Premium technical support
13. Customer support
14. Think outside the box


How to Build a Successful IT Startup


Hello folks, hope you all doing good. I am back with a new article, this time it’s for a startup. Well say yes or no but once in a lifetime everyone things of having a startup of his own and believe me most of them succeed too. But after a good start also many of them lack the flow of continuing it. While the number of new business startups in the India is difficult to pin down (it has been estimated an average of 6000 annually), it is safe to say that the country’s economic crisis situation has led to a surge in entrepreneurship. Statistics show: 50% of businesses fail within their first 3 years and only 5% see their 10th Anniversary. What are the 5 definite clues that a startup business will succeed? Below I have shared few points which I came to know that effects the growth of an startup:
1. Startups who have followed this trend have proven clients. They not only know who their market / client is and what products as well as services their customer wants but they have a proven method or system in place to ensure satisfaction at every interaction. Truly remarkable services is absolutely essential to a long term success and will make it a stellar stand out in their industry.
2. Startups who plan deliberately. A successful startup has a solid 1-5 year plan with benchmarks in place to meet serious target points and objectives. With set goals and checkpoints for accountability, a startup can prepare for and repair any weak points that might have otherwise put at risk their daily operations.
3. Startups who are fiscally cautious. While this is a great time for Startup opportunities, it has never been a more challenging time to obtain startup credit or funding. Trim management of operations is crucial for a new business. Money management – the ability to stretch funds and store resources early business credit and funding is an important sign that points towards a Startups success.
4. Startups who retain an effective Marketing Firm. While many new businesses initially are willing to spend a large part of their budget on marketing (i.e. pamphlets, flyers, business cards, door hangers etc.)…it is often a complete waste of money if the marketing has an ineffective outcome. Hiring a proven and cutting edge Marketing Firm gives Startups a marketing roadmap to make each marketing product or campaign a decisive direction to build their business upon.
5. Startups who have a successful business mentor and/or successful business model to pattern themselves after. While Startups may have many innovative ideas to create a successful business -a wise Startup knows that to learn from the mistakes and successes of another company may save them from making severe and detrimental mistakes of their own.
6. Startups who run their business with direct openness. The easiest way for a business to avoid bad publicity is to act and function each day as if someone were watching— The real character of a business is no different than that of ourselves and is a direct reflection of the Startup.
7. Startups who know how to effectively communicate -not just with their customers and the public but with their most valuable marketing assets (their employees). Effective leadership is only as strong as the leader. And a strong leader must not only have a clear vision for the company but must be able to communicate the implementation of that vision as well. click here


The Ideal Custom Logo Design Company


The Ideal Custom Logo Design Company

EngineerBabu is an Ideal Custom Logo Design Company its provide high quality logo designs and best way for the businesses to promote their brand. If you are new to the dimension of global business marketing and you are desperately in search of a custom logo fix designer that can give you the best logos and web design around, you have to be smart, open-minded and vigilant when doing this. It turns out that there are several custom logo and web design companies out there that are looking to make a name for themselves by saying that they are offering inexpensive and good-looking custom logo designs when it actuality not only do they not provide such great logo designs but they also squander their clients trust and desires. The designs made by these “other” custom online design companies do not appropriately reflect upon what the company stands and strives for and at times they can be very expensive.
You will find thousands of logo design websites on the internet which is quite confusing for one does not know which logo design service would be better for them. Perhaps, this is the most difficult process for a small business owner; there are certain criteria for selecting the best logo design company, which are as follows

1- Does the logo design help which you are going for have the relevant experience or not? To find out this, you should ask about it from the friends who have their logo designed by them or visit forums and see if there is anything there about them, you can also check the testimonials and call the clients to check if the testimonials are real, you can give them call and ask if they were satisfied with their work.

2- Check to see if they have uploaded their portfolio on their logo design websites, if yes then see their client list and the work they did for them. Do not go for the quantity but prefer quality here. If the logos are of good quality and you like them then you can consider them for your logo design.

3- Call them and see how customer support representative gives you a response, if they take you for granted and do not talk seriously then how would they take your order seriously.

When a logo design company makes a company brand logo, it must represent the company’s values, morals, ambitions, services and management. These logos must be designed in a way that it strikes the right chords within that particular target individual or/and audience that they are able to relate to the company in everything that they are. If none of these factors correlate with the company’s custom logo fix, then that design would be considered a definite failure.

That is why EngineerBabu is the ideal custom logo design company that your business requires. EngineerBabu has recruited and band together only the most clever, well-rounded, proficient and knowledgeable individuals that coerce majestically and systematically to construct the most accurate and quality-driven custom logo designs that you, your company and your customers will truly feel proud of and satisfied as time goes by.
EngineerBabu’s customer services department is daily active for 24 hours straight with consultants catering to and addressing every single one of their clients needs and issues without a fret or even waiting in queues. Our designers work round the clock spending most of their time researching for authentic new designs, patterns while also possessing advanced knowledge about other rivaling companies.

EngineerBabu strives for nothing less than assuring clients a 100% customer satisfaction, services and original designs. Doing so would severely damage our humble and respected reputation of being the best custom logo design company today. If our customers are not satisfied with our initial design concepts, all of their hard earned money is entitled to a complete refund.

If our clients want to tweak their custom logo design company, then they have complete freedom to do so thanks to our unlimited revisions policy. Your happiness is our success.


Mobile app advertising

Mobile App Advertising – Best Advertising Mode

Mobile app advertising is the fastest emerging concept in the advertising arena. Many apps are developed and launched each and every day. The number of users downloading and using the apps is increasing manifold. It is creating a revolution in the advertising segment.

A major chunk of the entire population seems to have a mobile phone as necessity and the economical smartphones are abundant in the market. Therefore, mobile app advertising is being increasingly tapped as a marketing medium. The best advantage of this method is that the matter will reach the mobile users instantaneously. Also, when a viewer watches one channel, an advertisement in another channel may not reach him. But, since mobile, nowadays, have become an extension of the hand, the advertisement will immediately land on the mobile phones of the prospective customers.

The advantages of mobile app advertising are enumerated as follows:

#Effective targeting of the audience – One can choose, the relevant industry related mobile apps out of many, to target customers. By this way, one can reach the audience who is interested in the advertisement subject.

#Highly Responsive – Compared to e-mail marketing or other forms of advertising, ads for mobile sites gets a high response. As a result, it boosts the return on investment.

#Follow-up/Tracking – It is always easier to track how many clicks have been received and what action the users have taken upon the ad with the modern advancement in the e-advertisement field. This is not possible in normal newspaper ads.

#Unique and Innovative – For promoting products, services and other deals, this unique way of advertising can be considered. As this is a new advertising method, one has to think and explore possible avenues to tap the maximum potential out of this.

#Personal touch – Since the messages are getting delivered into the inbox of customers, it gives a personal touch to customers and gives a good feeling. This may lead them to think and buy the product or subscribe to a service, where lies the ultimate success.

Like any other businesses, mobile app developers can also make use of ads for mobile sites to promote their app and make people download it. However, one has to be careful in selecting the mobile app in which they are going to advertise. One has to make sure that the app is long endured with a good track record in the market and has a good number of real people in it. Nowadays, many are bots and fake in many apps. Make sure that the advertisement is shown once in a while with moderate time gap and frequent pop out ads will make the user get irritated. By placing an ad in a popular mobile app, you increase the chances of people noticing your brand and some might also click on the link and visit your website. While they visit, interested parties might share contact details and thus give you leads and direct customers. Having read about all these advantages, gear up and jump into the world of mobile app advertising.This would be the catalyst you needed to rapidly increase your sales and promote your brand.

For having an app of your own contact us at


Best Mobile App for Vehicles| Maalgaadi

Maalgaadi – Ola for Goods vehicles

We design a custom solution for your business to improve your operations and reduce costs. With our unique handheld communications devices, we offer complete security and safety for all your packages, parcels, documents.
This App is specially built for drivers to get the information about the parcel which they have to deliver. The work of this application is very simple, the customer has to just give the details of the parcel to the team through the website or phone call. With that information, our team generates a booking admin panel in which they enter pick-up and destination points for each parcel, details of the customer (name, contact) and assigns to drivers. The drivers have this app installed on their phone, and the nearest driver will be assigned the task of delivery. The driver will then start the task, go to the picking point collect the parcel and deliver it to the target. The Maalgaadi team receives a complete record of the driver’s behavior, time is taken to reach and deliver, the route was taken, the detours and the delays and even low battery notifications. This is very simple and handy app for service providers. This app contains both pre and post payment features.

Features of the mobile App for vehicles:
1). Easy to use.

This App is very east to use, as it designed for the drivers and the customers both.By following simple 3 to 4 steps a user can complete his transaction.

2). Secure Bookings.

This app offers the user a very secure platform for delivering their products, as this app offer’s live tracking 24X7.

3). Reliable Service.

The service provided by MAALGAADI is very reliable, as the data of the driver and the vehicle is shared by with the customers.

4). Keep Total Control.

Customers can control the Pickup and delivery time plus the customer can also select the vehicle and driver for the delivery of his project.

EngineerBabu works with premium clients and provides impressive quality in Mobile app development, Quick support and 100% satisfaction.

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