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When I had trouble I solved it in three ways

How I solved my business problem in three ways
  1. Focus on Customers
  2. Serve your employees
  3. Learn from the competitors

1. Focus on Customers

Today everybody is talking about Investors number one, and I hate that. I think it’s always customer number one.It’s the clients who give you money, It’s the customer that gives to innovation, It’s the customer that makes you happy.When I face trouble my clients and friends were there to tell, Hey “Mayank keep going, You are doing a great thing, You can’t die like this? “When you think about the investor, you only think about revenues, more transaction, and you only think how you can get next level of investment.

It’s hard to make your investor as your customer, and I hardly found that. I don’t believe Sachin / Kohli drove that bike or car, and I don’t think Mr. Amitabh Bachhan Sir use navaratan oil.

Customer goes up with you, He gives you money, he gives you hope, he gives you support.

2. Serve your employees
It’s your employee, Your team that makes the difference. It’s your team that makes the dream happen. If you listen to your employees’ innovation, happen, You get the ideas, love to solve their problems, to solve their family problems. They feel it’s not your company; It’s their business. They feel happy with you, and They feel glad to work with you. When you believe your people everybody start performing extraordinary, they love their job.

Try to find right people, not the best people. 
Why we are successful
  1. We don’t have an MBA, IITs or any high experience people.
  2. We are not smart enough, and I could not crack IIT.
  3. We are not hard working; Rickshaw wala do more hard work than us.
We are successful because we have the dream, We have a dream to do something great. We have hope that we can achieve anything that we want to do. All the people that we hire from All big brands are gone because they can only be Team leaders, they can only drive process; They can’t drive passion.
When you are small, Don’t hire talent, Hire people. Because he is not here for the job. He is here for a dream to share.

3. Learn from the competitors
Love competitors, Learn from competitors. If you don’t have competitors, you can never grow that fast. Respect your competitors, learn as much as you can. Competitors are the best laboratory for you, Don’t copy from them; learn from them.

I love my competitors, every time, and I look at them; I admire. Competitors are not meant for fighting, find the examples, the models, why they are successful.
Most interesting part of the business is competition. When your competitors are using the money to compete, they start loosing.
Business is about the wisdom, Business is about hope, Business is about courage.
 Last and important things, never, ever, ever keep your dream die; If you don’t know how to survive. Ping me, Call me, and I can’t invest in your company, But I can tell the ways how you can push yourself to feed your mind and body.



How I got 2.3 million app downloads (without spending a cent on marketing)

Creating A Story

Rewind back to May 2013 and I was co-founder of a music app startup called Discovr. We had managed to achieve over 4 million downloads, raised over $1m and were perceived as ‘successful’ (unfortunately things didn’t end up that way) in our home town of Perth, Australia.

It was very common for people to come up to me and ask what the magic was to make a successful app. We’d fudged our way through and somehow made something people wanted to download, but could I recreate it?

I was lucky enough to be reading an advance copy of the amazing book The Fortune Cookie Principle which really opened my eyes to storytelling and products.

I was also inspired by reading this advice from the One More Thing conference about how to write a press release. Surely it’s impossible to stand out with a press release like that?

Hatching An Idea

I wanted to build an app in one night, not tell a single person about it and run some experiments on it to see if I could get it to some level of success. I thought maybe I could get a few thousand downloads and make a couple of hundred bucks.

I wanted an idea that I had no domain advantage in at all, so what better for a chair-bound developer than a fitness app. The 7 Minute Workout was getting a lot of press (and buzz) at the time on sites like the New York Times and Hacker News, so I already had some customer validation around the idea.

There were a couple of key goals for the app:

  • Explaining the 12 exercises (I had been digging around in Google, I had no idea what a plank was).
  • Adding a voice prompted timer for when it was time to swap exercises and to tell you and what was up next.

Many other ideas and features ran through my head, including:

  • iPad support.
  • Adjustable durations.
  • Randomise exercises.
  • Adjustable repeats / sets.
  • Log book.
  • Social sharing.

Given a short time frame all this had to be cut (for now).

The Build

Five hours later I emerged with a couple of screens (dynamically filled with different data) and some text to speech. I’m no designer so there were no graphics, all flat views.

Version 1.0

Another hour (yep I went over) was spent throwing together an icon (again a flat colour with the number 7, as my design skills are limited) taking some screenshots and writing up a basic description.

I was amazed that the name “7 Minute Workout” was still available, I assumed there were other apps waiting for review, I was right.

Built and submitted in 6 hours. The wait begins.

Version 1.0 Approval

After 6 days and a couple of minutes review time it was approved. Nobody else knew I had made it (I didn’t even tell my wife).

By this time there were several other 7 Minute Workout apps in the store. So the aim in the first week was to just let it run without telling anyone and to make no attempt to get press.

I was expecting very little, but was surprised to see that it actually sold a few copies with a steady rank.


Nothing world changing, but still not bad when relying 100% on people discovering it via the App Store.

Version 1.1 — Marketing

So version 1.1 was all about marketing. I added social sharing when a workout was completed (Twitter, Facebook & Email) and a review nag on the third completed workout.

Following the guide for the perfect press release above (except I attached 4 promo codes each) I sent emails out to ten of the biggest app review sites.

Guess what happened? Absolutely nothing, not one reply, one site gave away their 4 promo codes on Twitter, the only 4 promo codes used. So it appears none of them even installed it with the promo code.

So for the next week sales basically ticked along pretty flat.


That was 3 hours wasted! What I learned from that confirmed what I already believed — you need to sell your app with a story, preferably to people you have built up a relationship with previously to get noticed.

Version 1.2 — Universal

The next stage of the experiment was to expand the market size by adding iPad support.

Again keeping it really simple exactly the same views were used within a split view. So this only took about 2 hours, another 30 minutes to create some screenshots and submit the update.

Again it made almost no difference to sales, if anything it went backwards.


Going Free

It was time to go free. I’d had some experience with price changes before and knew how effective they could be.

Late one night (I am in Australia), while the US was waking up I set it to free and went to bed. Wow did things get interesting!

I think the chart says it all.


I was floored. 216,718 downloads in 3 days, an average of 72,000 per day, up from an average of 28 per day at paid, or over 2500x.

It became the #1 fitness iPad app in 68 countries. The #1 fitness iPhone app in 49 countries.

And top 10 overall in 12 countries. It even made top 5 overall in countries like Netherlands, here it is on the front page:


In the US (where the majority of downloads came from) it made the top 25 overall on iPad.


It also lead to some amazing reviews (tracked thanks to my service Appbot).


This lead to many, many emails from ‘free app of the day’ sites as well as companies trying to sell paid installs. One of my work mates came up with agood response).

I’ll admit at this point I couldn’t keep it quiet any longer, four people knew about the experiment and promised to keep it quiet.

Now I was staring at the stats not knowing what to think. I still have no idea why it has done so well at free. It definitely wasn’t me promoting it and it wasn’t the press covering it.

The Blog Post

Now came the first part of the blog post, everything that had happened up to this point. The blog post did reasonably well, almost 20k page views, 220+ Tweets, 50 Facebook shares and number 2 on the front page of Hacker News.


And everyone knows the front page of Hacker News is instant success for any product, right?

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

When the downloads began to fall, they kept falling in a very neat curve. As you can see the front page of Hacker News didn’t have any noticeable impact.


In App Purchase

I have a love-hate relationship with in app purchases. They are the best way currently to provide a trial, but in my opinion are abused by many developers (Kids games are often the worst offenders).

I had many requests to make the workouts a bit more flexible in time and sets, so thought this was the perfect opportunity to add a pro upgrade.

Pretty simple, some extra functionality for a few bucks.


How does In App Purchase (IAP) stack up against a paid download? For this app it was an increase of over 3x from around $22 per day to around $65 per day. The IAP converts at approximate 2–3% of the downloads per day.


Translating App Store Descriptions

More than 50% of the downloads have always been from the US, with countries like Canada, Netherlands, Philippines and the UK all being about 1/10th of the US.

Something I have seen work well in the past is local App Store description translations. So based on a few recommendations I translated to Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German, French and Chinese (Simplified). Using this cost approximately $100.

Overall this part of the experiment was a total fail having almost no effect on the number of downloads from any of those countries.

Listening To Users

One thing that was continuously asked for in reviews from Appbot and from support emails was a workout log. So I added one as part of the IAP:


This lifted the IAP sales to around $75 per day:


Flat Design

Flat design has been an interesting one, two major issues repeated themselves consistently, both around what is tap-able.

First one is the actual rows being tap-able, which I seemed to solve by adding a little disclosure indicator.

The other is the workout log button, people don’t realise this is tap-able (and why would they?).



For the rest of 2013 the downloads didn’t achieve the levels of the early days:


But if we look past the early craziness, downloads are still strong and flat, in the vicinity of 2,500 per day.


Note, that all these downloads were achieved by either App Store discovery or word of mouth. I didn’t do any other promotion.


So with steady downloads you’d expect steady sales numbers, right?


Sales were in steady decline over 2013, which can be seen even more easily with a cumulative graph.


Almost 70% of the profit was from the US.

In App Purchase Price

I experimented with the in app purchase at 99c, $1.99 and $2.99. I ran each of them for one week and as you can see from the profit charts above it was very flat. Any increase (or decrease) in price was offset be the number of purchases.

Australian Feature

Apple were kind enough to feature the app on the front page in Australia, which isn’t the biggest store but this still had a very positive impact on sales and downloads. The app even reach number two overall on the free charts, just behind Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts.


Christmas and New Year — Resolutions

Christmas saw the millionth download and some significant spikes in both sales and downloads. The new year took it to a new level. Profits were steady through most of November and December at $50 a day. During the first half of January that figure quadrupled to $200 a day. New year resolutions are definitely a positive for fitness apps.


More IAPs

I submitted an update with some extra workouts as in app purchases, an alternative 7 Minute Workout and Pilates workout.

By March everyone was over their new years resolutions (Unfortunately mine finished on January 1).


Ignoring the spikes (I’ll explain them in a bit), downloads returned to where they were leading up to the silly season, between 2k and 2.5k a day.

Adding the new IAPs had almost zero impact on the original Pro upgrade (staying around $50–60 profit a day), but they did help to lift daily revenue to around $70 — $80 profit a day. Around a 40% increase in profits compared to late last year with similar download numbers, not bad.


If we break it down individually you can see the Pro upgrade was still the major income stream, but the workouts help supplement it.


Educational Downloads

The big spikes you saw above were educational downloads, 25k, 25k and 5k. I believe it is part of Apple’s education program. I love the thought of entire schools out there doing the 7 Minute Workout.

Reviews & Feedback

One problem I’ve always had is after an update is the reviews reset and I am stuck back at square one.

I had recently launched AppbotX to help developers get app better app reviews and communicate with their customers.

I put in the FAQs, Feedback, Notifications and Review Prompt from the service.

Thanks to the FAQs general support has dropped from ~2 a day to 1 in a week.


I put the review prompt after a positive interaction, in this case when they finish a workout.


If they like the app it asks them to leave a review:


Otherwise it asks for feedback:


The results were awesome, here’s where the reviews on the US App Store a few days later:


And here is an example of some of the reviews Appbot sent through in it’s daily digest.


I’ve also received great feedback, 80% of which can be grouped into two things:

  • Lots of people want an abs workout.
  • They want an easier way to review how to do each exercise during the workout.

I may be a little (a lot) biased, but you should check out AppbotX.

All The Things

As the next step in trying to increase revenue I added ‘All The Things’ as an in app purchase option. This allowed people to purchase the Pro upgrade and all the workouts for a fixed fee.


This resulted in an overall increase in revenue compared to before ‘All The Things’ was introduced and it also became the major revenue stream.


I’d call that experiment a success, and I highly recommend you consider adding an option to bundle in app purchases to your own apps.


As Apple describes it : “HealthKit allows apps that provide health and fitness services to share their data with the new Health app and with each other. A user’s health information is stored in a centralized and secure location and the user decides which data should be shared with your app.” — Sounds like something that would work in 7 Minute Workout.

I wanted the app to offer HealthKit support as soon as Apple released it, so I made sure I added iOS 8, HealthKit and iPhone 6/6 Plus support well before launch and submitted to the App Store.

iOS 8 rolled out during the night in Australia and I woke up to this:


I also had a missed call from a U.S. number. After some frantic Googling I found some headlines like this one suggesting “Apple reportedly has pulled HealthKit-compatible apps from the App Store” and that “Apple appears to have discovered a significant last-minute issue with its HealthKit services”. Phew, at least it wasn’t just me.

Apple were actually amazing during the process, constant calls keeping me up to date and getting my app (sans HealthKit) approved and back on the store within 36 hours with no loss of rank or search position.

I had a bunch of confused users who had the app update with HealthKit, only to have it removed soon after. Luckily being able to add a FAQ remotely via (shameless plug!) AppbotX dried up the support requests.

App Preview

Even though HealthKit didn’t come through for me on the iOS 8 launch I did manage to get my App Preview live and Apple Australia were kind enough to feature it.


A big shout out to fellow Perth app dev Adam Shaw who helped me create the App Preview. You should checked out his app called Dressed, it’s very cool.

HealthKit Take 2

With iOS 8.0.2 came the actual launch of HealthKit.

I was away speaking at a conference in Melbourne (and then for two weeks of travelling with my family) when the app was featured in a special ‘Apps For Health’ promo on the App Store home page in the US:


Which resulted in the following sales:


The best ever days for the app, bigger than even the New Years.

It also generated a bunch of press over the next few days like this, this, thisand many more.

Getting Featured

A big lesson from both adding HealthKit early and the App Preview was that you need to give Apple every opportunity to feature your app. Believe it or not Apple are on the lookout for apps to feature.

What better way to stand out than being one of the first to get behind a feature that Apple is about to launch.

How is your WatchKit integration going?

Acquired By Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness produce great app-connected sensors and were featured at the 2014 WWDC Keynote. Their new TICKR X sensor is a heart rate monitor and it can also track exercise repetition movement.


So when Mike at Wahoo emailed me back in May about 7 minute workout, and how it might integrate with their suite of products, I was intrigued.

Over the next two months we had a few discussions, but it stalled as I didn’t feel finished with the app, and they weren’t quite ready with their device.

Fast forward to November and things changed. I’d been head-down working on Appbot and Wahoo came back with an offer to buy 7 Minute Workout. The timing was right and I was confident it would be in good hands

Everyone I have dealt with at Wahoo has been amazing. From Chip and Mike early on, JP and then Dave and Ben during the handover, thank you.

They have big plans for the app: there are already multiple custom workouts, new videos and integration with TICKR X to count repetitions.


I can’t wait to see it develop over the next year.

Final Stats

2.3 million Downloads


7.7 million Updates

$72k Profit


Dozens of amazing emails, Tweets and messages from people who were in part inspired to start developing apps thanks to these blog posts. Thank you to everyone that sent feedback or read the posts.


What’s Next For Me?

I am now concentrating on Appbot full time, which is something I’ve wanted to do for some time. We have so many exciting features coming soon, many of which have been inspired by this experiment like the new Sentiment Dashboard. The excitement of an early stage startup, the highs of adding and serving a new paying customer, talking to customers and building what they want is amazing. It’s pretty addictive.

Final Words

One thing that Chip (the CEO of Wahoo) said to me on the first call we had will stick with me for a long time … “We probably wouldn’t have considered buying your app if we hadn’t read the story”.

I was just looking back at the first point in the first paragraph of part 1 of the experiment

“How important is it to create a story around your product?”

I think I’ll call that a ‘very important’.

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Future Of Mobile App Development | EngineerBabu

Future of Mobile App Development – As Time Passes, Every Person feels the necessity of a smart phone as now it is not the device who only use for communicating but much more. The Mobile app development is an energizing region to watch out for. It has become enormously in the course of the most recent decade, and it is likely that it’ll keep on doing as such. Nowadays people use mobile phones, tablets or other mobile devices they have all the information they need, and so the importance of mobile app has increased a lot in last few years.

No matter, what business you want to do, you need to keep in mind that you need a mobile app development too which can help you to get and retain the customers and will help your market bigger day by day.

So, here we have pointed out benefits of using mobile app development  for your businesses:

  1. Build Loyalty

  2. Improve your brand

  3. Increase your visibility

  4. Increase your Accessibility

  5. Increase Sell Through

  6. Increase exposure across mobile devices

  7. Connect you with on the go consumer

There are many more reasons not only which benefit the owner of the business but also their customers. They can,

  • Easily access what they need.

  • Get notification of special events and launches, etc.

  • Have one-touch access to your contact information.

  • Get directions to your location from wherever they are.

  • Make fast seamless appointment scheduling.

So It is now very important to reach to your customer’s mobile devices for future growth of your business. Mobile Applications are presently necessary piece of each business, independent of their size and industry. A few little Commercial ventures too have benefited from creating mobile applications. While most of the organizations have their own particular Website, It is without a doubt more beneficial for them to likewise add to a versatile application.

Here are reasons why you should develop a mobile app for your small business:

Apps as a business advancement-

While a Website is a key instrument for you to advance your items and benefits and goes about as an one-stop look for your clients, the quantity of mobile clients is always expanding. A large portion of these versatile clients additionally get to the Internet on their cell phones and other cell phones. Today, everything including business, exchanging and installment is taken care of on mobile devices. Adding to a versatile application and advancing it among your clients is thus to a great degree helpful to encourage your business.

Customer Service and Support-

Making it less difficult and more proficient for your clients to contact your organization and offering them devices to make their life less demanding while utilizing your items, or administrations can be an incredible motivation to add to a mobile application.

Earning with Your App-

Numerous enterprises attempt to abstain from creating mobile apps for their business, as they apprehension that the expenses of application maintenance would far surpass their financial plan. While without a doubt versatile application advancement can end up being a costly issue, it doesn’t generally should be the situation. Going in for an essential application, evading the pointless additional ruffles, will cut down your expenses.

Enlarging your market-

Adding to an application for your business offers you some assistance with reaching numerous more clients, than with a conventional Website. Versatile pursuit has turned out to be exceptionally prominent today, particularly with the more youthful crowd. While your ebb and flow clients could get the message out by discussing you to their companions, new clients could discover you by means of a nonexclusive hunt. Also, incorporating significant informal organizations with your application facilitates the degree and scope of your business.

Final Thought:

With the mobile business blasting like it is at this time, it is most fitting for any and each business to create versatile applications to advance their products and administrations. Mobile Applications, without a doubt going to give you the right result for your business.


Top 5 Tools For Building Android App Development

Best Android app development tools

The android app development  industry is increasing day by day and the android devices are leading the mobile phone operating system market with the great designs and innovations that are being introduced in the market every day. Most of the mobile and smart phones being used in the industry are android based and use the best technology that can be used to make things easier, convenient and simples for users. For people who are interested in working with android app development industry, there are 5 tools that they must know about and learn to use. They can make great advancements in this field with help of these 5 tools and take android app development industry to a higher level without any problem.
5 tools which the android app development industry should use are:

1.AppMaker: App-maker is a do-it-yourself app creation platform that lets anyone make your own iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile formatted websites — with no coding required. The main focus of App-maker is on helping artists, musicians, creative, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.  It provides basic features and enables the users to accomplish their goals the right way. It has helped many recognized and reputable online companies to build their applications, but also to monetize their content.

2.ShoutEm: it is the mobile  app development platform that enables design, publishing and management of native iPhone, iPad and Android apps to long tail market of small and medium businesses. The process to build apps here is very convenient and the users get to use a separate interface that enables them to work how they chose.  It is without any doubt one of the oldest companies and because of this, it has the right experience to provide world class developing help to its users.

3.MobBase: For musicians looking forward to promote themselves and make their presence known among their fans, It is the right choice as it serves artists and musicians with the best tools and features to build apps where people can listen to their music and keep updated with the latest news too. You get features like ability to integrate a blog, or have an actual store available within your app – sell your newest records wherever you are.

4.MobiCart: It is a startup that is taking m-commerce to a new level of personalization by enabling anyone to quickly deploy a native storefront application on iOS and Android devices as well as HTML5. The best thing is that MobiCart brings together a customized application platform with an online ecosystem for sharing extensions that make things really easy.

5.Infinite Monkeys: It is perhaps the world’s largest DIY mobile app too that enables common man to create mobile apps without any coding. With more than 1 million niche app publishers in 100+ countries, the self-service platform that enables ordinary people to create their own app.

The above mentioned 5 tools everyone in the android development industry should be using are a great help for those who are stepping into the vast world of android and need a guiding hand.



A startup- Of the People, By the People, For the People

A startup- Of the People, By the People, For the People

When we discuss about startup, remember it’s not merely a startup. It is a founder’s dream and a visionto change the life of people. People around him, people in his life, people working for his vision, people who believe in him. When he takes care of all this, gives birth to the startups like EngineerBabu.


With the vision to change our working life, others corporate life and to bring work-life balance in working people, EngineerBabu started getting its real shape. A place which is as lively as blossoming flowers in the morning and shredding fragrance whole day in our lives as well others live.

We are giving love to the people, and people started giving back love and blessings to us. Then happened this miracle of super awesome growth in the very first year that even I didn’t imagine.

And the secret mantra behind this is – “Believe in People”. They are humans, who deserves love, care and respect. That’s what we did.


People behind EngineerBabu, is a family of 40 passionate members having the same vision. So, when the need comes to add new member to this family, it becomes important that he/she should be a ‘Family’ rather than ‘Employee’. And, when you are a startup, always be in scarcity of good resources, we often make this mistake “We Compromise”. We get employees more than the people with real vision. And it will bring in only skills not attitude. It happened with me too many-a-times.

Then for saving EngineerBabu from this, I only did one thing “Give Freedom” to commit mistakes, to learn, to take decisions wrong or right, to play with work and to get recognition. And to my surprise the team of 40 employees turned out to be the passionate family of 40. And we took off.


A family that works together, that enjoys together, that partying together and above all that grows together. This is how I can define EngineerBabu.



Believe me, start believing in your people, it really works. Make them the visionary of your start-up, it will multiply the growth.Bring out the leader in them. And enjoy working


IDEA to solve Indian Farmers Suicide problem, 700 people Recommended

I am from the small town where most of the people are farmers, today many people came to meet me.
And their words “Dau sahab, Yaha fasal ka Kuch Nahi ho raha, pani Nahi gir raha. Bhuke mar jayenge, apni factory me laga lo hame” .
I cried and was not knowing people don’t have money to eat, and I donated 10,000 Rs, but this is not a permanent solution.
The problem was significant, and I can’t leave them this way.
I met the local politician, discussed the issue, as the election is over and none of them seems interested.
I got an idea to solve the problem.
People have their farm, and they are a very hard worker, they know how to do farming.

The problem is: – they don’t know what to cultivate to make it profitable, they can’t buy great machines that can improve their return, it’s more over Bhagwan bharose now.
Solution: – If veg / retails ecommece like reliance, Patanjali, Bigasket can invest in the production plant. It will give you bulk quality and quality grains and pulses at very low cost.
You (Investment Companies) can get all the veg and grains direct from farm and fresh veg and cheap transport.
All farmers are ready to give their land for few years, if there is monthly pay, let’s take 5,000 – 10,000 Rs a month. The farm still belongs to them but they have to work there with fix salary and variable depends on profit.

How would we manage cost:-
As we have many farms, We can buy only one water pump, tractor, other machines, I contacted Few people they can train what and how to farm for better productivity.
If you can help poor farmers would be great, I will ensure the project is way more profitable than other sourcing method because we will remove all middlemen as well as complete production is at our end.
Cheap and Reliable labours, No more holidays not even Sundays and Diwali as they are at their home only.
Very less transport cost because all veg and pulse are coming from one place.
I posted the idea in facebook to validate and Results are great,



I got message from government bodies and some social influencers that this idea can solve farmers suicide problem


Best Dating Apps

Dating someone online is not a new trend anymore. There are a huge amount of websites and mobile apps are available that help you to easily find a date. In this article, we will discuss some most popular and useful smartphone dating apps and their features as well. Some of dating apps in this section include Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Hitch, How About We and OkCupid etc.

Tinder: Tinder is the most popular dating app and has attracted lots of attention because of its ease of use and set-up. A user only needs to log-in with a Facebook account, and this app will update user’s first name, last name, interests, photos and age etc. to create a Tinder profile. Now you are ready to search your date anonymously near you and easily accept or reject any suggested person by simple swipe action.

OkCupid: OkCupid is another most popular smartphone dating app as being the most popular data-driven website. Their smartphone app basically contains all the features available on the website. These features include creating user’s profile, exploring and rating other person’s profile, chatting with potential dates and answering quizzes.

Hinge: Hinge only provides you to people that you share mutual Facebook friends and take out the awkward situation of meeting people online. The app tries to make sure that you date with people who has common interest and experience as yours. The user simply log-in with their Facebook account, enter preference, location, age and sexual orientation.
How About We: How About We, dating app will you help to find out an ideal first date for you. The app has you describing the kind of date you want to go out on, no matter whether it’s coffee time, pub crawling, jogging or karaoke. A user can explore through other people’s date ideas, messages and profile, and then forward to meet them offline as well.

Coffee Meets Begel: The app is for iOS users only and has a different dating experience approach for users. The app works together with Facebook to set up users profile and send them their potential match everyday noon. The app only sends one potential match in a day, rendering it the perfect mobile connection for a person who doesn’t want to regularly maintain their profile.

Grindr: The app is available for both Android and iOS users. The app is dedicated for gay men to hook up with each other efficiently and quickly. The main page of this app features a lot of photos of men who are in your vicinity and display their online status as well. The app has a chat function inside, so you don’t have to provide your phone numbers right away.
These are the most popular and recommended dating apps trending right now. It can help you to find your potential date with ease.
How much time and cost require to develop an app you can check here


10 Reasons Why You Should Work In A Start-Up At Least Once In Your Life

10 Reasons Why You Should Work In A Start-Up At Least Once In Your Life

It is, no doubt, a great opportunity to be placed in a reputed corporate job, but what no one tells you about corporate jobs is that they are uncomfortably quiet and have a restrictive scope of work. Moreover, if you a clumsy night owl, showing up at work at 9 AM in shiny formals is next to impossible. So if any of these problems bother you as well, maybe you should consider working for a startup. Here are a few reasons why you must work in a startup at least once in your life:

1. Great Responsibility, Greater Opportunities


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With great power comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes great opportunities. As there are lesser people in a startup, there are greater responsibilities on each one of them, and while you might have to work really hard, the result will totally be worth it.

2. No Office Politics



One of the biggest problems in the corporate world is the office politics. It is a waste of time and energy; not to forget various instances when the credit is taken away from those who deserve it. However, you’ll encounter no such problem in a startup, for everyone knows each other’s work.

3. Wider Spectrum Of Work


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Again, since there are lesser people, there are no specific departments of work. Anybody could be doing any job. There is a large variety of things that go into building an enterprise, and you could be a part of any of those and learn a lot more than you would in a corporate job.

4. Learn Resource Management


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Since there is so much work to be done, chances are that you wouldn’t have enough funds to be extravagant with your resources. There is a possibility that an employee would end up washing the dishes and there wouldn’t be a proper place to have your lunch in, but this frugality will teach you to adjust and build stronger bonds with your colleagues.

5. Trustworthy Colleagues



Speaking of colleagues, one of the many good things about being in a startup is that you tend to build a very strong bond with your colleagues. While co-workers at a corporate job tend to be competitive and self-centered, people at a startup spend more time together and because they are less in number, form closer bonds.

6. Faster Growth



Startups might not pay you well initially, but there is a lot of scope for growth. There is obviously a risk involved regarding whether the startup will work well or not, but that can be overcome by sheer hard work. Once your startup begins to do well, sky is the limit.

7. Exponential Increase In Confidence



As you learn so much by being a part of an entrepreneurial venture, it adds to your confidence and capability like nothing else. You are not only skilled at own your job, but you now know how everything else works as well. Earlier you would have just known how the cog in a machine moves, but now, you know the working of the entire machine.

8. No Unnecessary Rules



Like mentioned above, you could be a night owl, a messy slob or someone who likes to work with loud music on. Startups have no problems with such things, as long as you can deliver what is expected of you.

9. Increased Passion For Your Work


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The more you learn, the more you grow, and the more passionate you become. When you work for a startup, you get attached to your job. The more passionate you become about your work, the more is your ability to do your job well and utilize your potential.

10. Learning From The Best


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When you work closely with entrepreneurs, you learn a lot more than just the technical aspect of your own job. You learn how to solve problems using an innovative approach and to believe in your dreams, no matter what.  Working with such professionals contributes infinitely to your growth both professionally and personally.


15 Mobile App Development Trends To Look Out For In 2015

The mobile app development industry is thriving and continuing to evolve year after year. In 2014, we saw mobile app market maturing from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet of Things. There was also an increased focus on app analytics and mobile app marketing. Now that 2015 is around us, we decided to list down the top 15 mobile development trends to expect in the New Year.


1. Rapid Mobile Development

Enterprises are having a tough time keeping up with the demand for mobile apps. With these growing demands, businesses are expecting to launch their product faster than ever. The main focus of mobile app developers in 2015 would be to shorten the development lifecycles and reduce the timeframe between Ideation to launch. We can expect to see some more rapid app development tools and frameworks in the market. Recently, we launched a solution to meet our customers’ expectations to launch their apps faster. This mobile development solution was conceived under the philosophy of delivering continuous value to customers, at every stage of building their app with main ingredients being Quick to Market and Rapid Iterations. The response from the market and our customers has been fantastic.

2. Cloud-Driven

The cloud technology will play a key role in mobile app development in 2015. With the upsurge in the usage of multiple mobile devices and wearable tech, app developers will have to focus on the ability to integrate and sync their apps on multiple devices. The cloud approach will enable developers to build their applications that can be accessed on multiple devices with same functions, features, and data. At July, we have an award-winning cloud-based app development platform to help our customers build mobile apps that can be accessed on multiple devices with same functionality and content. The platform helps them create apps rapidly without any technical knowledge.

3. App Security

There were numerous reports related to hacking and information leaks in 2014. As per Gartner’s prediction, 75% of mobile applications will fail basic security tests in 2015. The hackers will continue to exploit security gaps in mobile applications to crack sensitive information. Security remains a big challenge on mobile devices. Key point, mobile app security is something developers need to seriously act upon in 2015.

4. Beacon and Location-Based Wi-Fi Services

Beacon technology is starting to blur the boundaries between online and offline in the retail and advertising sector. Apple has already integrated this technology in iOS that communicates with their network of iBeacons and Android is expected to follow them on the same lines in 2015. In the coming years, Wifi will provide a lot more services than just the internet access. The primary benefit is that most businesses have already invested in WiFi and the market continues to show the trend of cellular plans becoming costlier due to a splurge in data consumption by users with smarter phones. WiFi works seamlessly for indoor experiences where cellular connectivity can be edgy and based on the access point location, businesses can know where their customers are and that will allow them to provide specific content right on their mobile phones. At July, we have a platform called Wi-Fi MX that enables businesses to engage consumers on their mobile devices through WiFi and provide access to locally relevant services and content. We’ll be reading a lot more about Beacon and Location Based Wifi Services in 2015 with more businesses and app developers adopting these technologies to create smart details and offer right information at right place as consumers walk by.

5. Wearable Tech

Thanks to Apple Watch, wearable Technology was one of the most hottest topic in tech and consumer electronics industries in 2014. Until now apps for wearable devices were mostly focussed on fitness and health care industry. But, with the onset of 2015 Wearable devices are expected to be used by enterprises to improve their productivity and efficiency. There are also a lot of noise around fashion and textile industries adopting wearable technology. Bottom line, mobile app developers will be moving their focus from smartphones to more on wearable device applications for enterprises and various industries in 2015.

6. M-commerce, Banking and Mobile Payments

According to eMarketer, 19% of retail e-commerce sales in 2014 will be made on a smartphone or tablet. Various analysts believe this positive trend will continue over the next 4 years as more and more consumers adapt to m-commerce. Using a mobile phone to pay or purchase instead of debit or credit cards will also become more common in 2015 with Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This will allow developers to build mobile apps that can process transactions without the need of physical debit/credit cards or cash.

7. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is growing exponentially with more and more people connecting via multiple devices. Apps will further mature as they get integrated on multiple connected devices. It will inspire app developers to focus more on user experience on various devices. With IoT, the customer engagement management platforms based on WiFi or Beacon technology will also get a breakthrough to help businesses reach consumers via apps at the right time and right place.

8. Big Data and App Analytics

As Internet of Things and Wearable market grows, the need of app performance tracking and analysis will grow among the decision makers in various enterprises. There will be more focus on big data and analytics in 2015. Mobile app developers will continue to focus on adding new data collection methods in their apps to get more insights and actionable items to meet their client’s expectations and make more engaging and successful apps.

9. The Growth of Enterprise Apps

According to IDC predictions, 35% of large enterprises will leverage mobile application development platforms to develop and deploy mobile apps across their organizations in 2015. IoT for Enterprises (Enterprise of Things) is expected to get a major boost. Enterprise app stores are also expected to emerge this year allowing B2B application exchanges. Enterprise mobile management is also expected to grow in 2015. There will be a tremendous opportunity for app developers to work on building and managing applications for Enterprise market.

10. In- App Advertising and Purchasing

According to a new study from research firm Juniper Research, in-app advertising spend across all mobile devices will reach $7.1 billion by 2015. Mobile Ad networks will go beyond banners and integrate and experiment with various ad formats. Mobile app advertising and in-app purchases will be a primary focus of monetization and a key to success as more and more app developers are shifting away from the paid download model.

11. User Experience First

User experience will lead technology in 2015. With the increasing number of smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, the app user experience will be more critical than ever. With more focus on in-app advertising and purchasing mobile app user experience will be more challenging. Analytics data will play a major role in helping app developers create better user experiences.

12. App Marketing

Mobile App marketing techniques continue to evolve each year. In 2014, the app marketers were more focussed on user engagement than user acquisition. With user engagement in focus, more and more marketers and developers have started to realize the importance of organic users as these users were more loyal and engaged than the users acquired through other paid channels. App Store Optimization will continue to be a key factor in making an app successful in 2015. With Beacon and Location based wifi services, marketers will now have ease to be more targeted based on the user’s location and promote their apps with other offers.

13. HTML 5

HTML 5 and its development tools have been gaining popularity in 2014. As this technology mature, more and more businesses will adopt it to create hybrid mobile apps that work on multiple platforms with ease. In 2015, the focus on native apps is expected to decrease with the rise of hybrid apps based on HTML 5.

14. Mobile Gaming

In 2014, the mobile games have gradually started to move from single player to multiplayer. With the rise of multiplayer games the social interaction and social media integration within the mobile games will become more important than ever. In 2015, the mobile games are also expected to be more cloud driven due to the demand of frequent and regular updates in the games. This will require ongoing management by the game developers.

15. Smart Cities, Homes and Offices

With the rising popularity of IoT, Beacon and location based Wifi services, governments around the world will have ease to manage city infrastructure via these technologies. These technologies can provide a wide range of solutions including traffic monitoring and management, citizens safety and networked parking solutions. These technologies would also help the real estate companies to create smart homes and office spaces that can be connected and managed via smartphones. All these solutions require app developers help to create mobile experiences.

As one of the leading mobile app developers, we’re all prepped and excited for what’s coming in the New Year. We will be taking a deep dive into all these trends in our blog posts in the coming year.