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10 Reasons Why Women Make The Best Co-Founders


Running a business is fun and motivating, however, it can be a bit demoralising especially when it comes to startups. Are you planning to start a new business? If so, have you considered having a woman co-founder? While trust, synergy and diligence are fundamental in every business, gender diversity within the principal teams also plays a crucial role in coming up with a successful business. Women co-founders serve as an incredible asset when it comes to business startup. This is simply because they bring with them experience, diversity of views as well as a clear thought process into the boardroom.

When it comes to choosing a co-founder, there are several important factors that come into play. First, you are likely to ask yourself, is your he/she faithful, trustworthy, smart or diligent? You wouldn’t work with someone who is less than the best. That said and done, you would like to have a woman in your panel because of certain vibrant characteristics. What advantage would you gain by having a woman co-founder in your company compared to a man? What unique qualities do they have?

1. Approach to problem-solving
When a man is confronted by a tricky situation, what is their approach to solving the problem? When faced with a difficult problem at home or work, women come up with a fresh approach to problem-solving coupled with exceptional leadership styles that bring a different perspective to a certain problem, task or activity. This encourages diversity in different situations which are vital to better decision making and ultimately the success of an organisation.
2. Superior role
Female are very influential in some businesses such as education, healthcare or a welfare company. Therefore, it’s essential to have a female viewpoint in some industries since they have a better understanding and feel of what goes on and what is supposed to be done. Having a woman as a partner in a health care centre or food production enterprise can help understand issues and problems in fine detail. This not only improves the final product but also provides the company with new and brilliant ideas which make it stronger and more successful.
3. Calm
In a start-up a company, there are high chances that conflicting situations will arise which need to be dealt with when there is utmost sanity. Women are better at handling such situations since they are more sensitive than men and have less fragile ego issues. In addition, they look at a problem much deeper than men and try to work it out end-to-end until they come up with a solution. Research has found that companies under the leadership of a woman are more civilised and people friendly.
4. Gender equality
Have you ever wondered how gender diversity affects the general success of an organisation? The truth is that, numbers do not lie. Several studies have shown that gender diversity is directly proportional to the financial success of an organisation. When you have a woman co-founder, there are high chances of experiencing immense success in your company.
5. Emotionally stronger
Do you know that women are emotionally stronger than men? Having an emotionally strong woman protects the image of the company at times of weaknesses. Even when things are crumbling, they hold things up just like they do in their homes and families.
6. Multitasking
If you are good at multi-tasking, it means that you will do multiple things at a go perfectly. Having a woman business partner will give your company more power when it comes to creating an edge in the market.
7. Discipline
They say that discipline is key to success. Women are naturally disciplined, an important asset in every organisation. This makes them the better counterparts when it comes to dealing with startup chaos and mishaps efficiently.
8. Communication skills
Have you heard that women are better at listening, communicating and responding to verbal, emotional and visual factors than men? Women have better communication and networking skills which they can use to encourage collaborations and group work in an organisation. Having a female partner is a plus especially when you are starting up your company. They are more likely to listen to the team members attentively, encourage teamwork and share ideas while maintaining utmost professionalism.
9. Intuition and sensitivity
Women have the power to interpret unspoken cues and body language, unlike men. When the power of intuition is balanced with emotional intelligence, women get the ability to enforce well-rounded personnel. The ability to bring forth a cooperative workforce and to interpret emotions before any conflict crops up among co-workers creates the main building blocks for any startup. Women make the best team leaders, bosses and co-founders. This is because, they are intrinsic to success since they promote stability, dedication and bring a wealth of experience at all levels of the organisation.
10. Success
An organisation where there are effective communication and collaboration among co-workers, strong relationships exist both inside and outside the company. Ultimately, this leads to an extremely successful business with a commendable reputation. With the combined effort from the women and men, such organisations are unstoppable. If you are starting a business, get a woman as a co-founder, it will never be the same. Your business will break records and success will be yours.
Do you believe that a woman is the best partner when it comes to a startup business? They are better in soft skills which give them an edge when it comes to relating to people. If you have her as a co-founder, chances are delays associated with decision making will be avoided since they are fast at making decisions. Just like they run their families, they do not have time to waste. They will bring balance to every perspective of business while paying a keen eye to every detail. They ensure that the best is delivered since their main aim is a success in the future. Women want the best for their children, co-workers and the organisation. It’s true that in most circumstances, companies that have a woman as a boss have happier and cooperative coworkers. Have a woman co-founder; you will never be disappointed!

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The Secret Guide to Hire Freelance Mobile App Developer


Hiring is Finding or employing the best-qualified candidates for any particular service. And when it comes to hire freelance mobile app developer- it results in the decrease in costs whereas an increase in risk is more. Risks may comprise miscommunication, unproductive work ethics and habits, and a lack of sincere efforts and accessibility. Unless you catch a timely break, hiring a freelancer will most probably lead towards an end product without matching the original foot mark.

If you are thinking of building an app as you would think of filming a movie- you need to start from scratch.

What it takes to hire freelance mobile app developer?

  • The secret guide to hire freelance mobile app developer includes Budget and motivation. They are the key components, and your commitment to the duty at hand will be of supreme importance. You need to put as much strength into a one-dimensional app as you would when making a film together.
  • While, on the other hand, if you’re working to bring next app that is all set to change the world, the period and supremacy invested in the invention will bear a resemblance to the required blockbuster.

When using all these resources and vitality into the product, wouldn’t you need to bank on a corporation who commit his entire day for you as conflicting to a service provider (freelancer) who continuously deals with other customers as well?

An app appropriately built by the freelance mobile app developer is sort of similar to a successful team that should comprise:

  • A designer who makes all the graphic content coded into the assignment.
  • A product manager who implements the tasks of a director by supervising the app.
  • An account manager who acts as a connection for customers and works along with product managers and producers to bring together the finishing point of various jobs.

In the long run, to hire freelance mobile app developer, what is the success of your app and where is it based?

By now, you must be aware that development of an App is a science, grounded on test and inaccuracy. The secret to ultimate success includes moderated prospects. The most shared success stories are set up on a ‘proof-of-concept’ that is grand enough to produce an additional round of backing.

Most of the freelance mobile app developer has big thoughts for their impressive product before even they enter the scene. But, you should not forget that journey of thousand miles, begins with a single step.

You just need to come up with a beautiful idea, have a belief in yourself, and only then take the assistance of professional app developers who can turn your dream into a reality changing both the lives of the clients and the mobile app industry.

Grace Hopper- The First Lady of Software


Grace Hopper- The First Lady of Software

Behind every successful person there lies some sort of story. It’s high time to celebrate United States Navy Admiral Grace Hopper achievements and remember her contribution done towards the world. It’s the birthday of the ‘First Lady of Software’.

Grace Hopper (December 9, 1906 – January 1, 1992) was known as the First Lady of Software. For being called the Software Lady, she did a lot of inventions since the age of 7. At the age of 7, when a normal child thinks of playing cricket and dolls, Hopper dismantled her alarm clock to figure out how it works. Such curious and analytical mind she had.

She was one of the first programmers in the history of computers. She helped develop a compiler that was a pioneer to the widely used COBOL (an acronym for Common Business-Oriented Language) language. It is just because of this Iron Lady’s influence that the programmers are using if/then” instead of 1s and 0s till today.

Her Life summarized in a paragraph:

Grace Hopper was born in New York City in 1906. In 1944, she joined U.S Navy during World War II and was assigned to program Mark I computer. Hopper served on the Mark I computer programming staff headed by Howard H. Aiken. Hopper and Aiken both coauthored three papers on the Mark I. It was also known as the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator. It’s believed that she resumed active naval service at the age of 60, becoming the navy rear admiral in 1986. In 1992, Hopper died in Virginia.

How was Hopper’s early life?

Born on December 9, 1906, Grace_Hopper studied Math and Physics at Vassar College. After graduating in 1928, she moved towards Yale University, and from same university Hopper received a Master’s degree in Mathematics in 1930. In 1930, Hopper married Vincent Foster Hopper, becoming Grace Hopper (a name that she kept back even after the couple’s divorce in 1945). While teaching at Vassar in 1931, Hopper continued to study at Yale, where she also earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1934. She was one of the rare women to get such a high degree.

What was Hopper’s involvement in World War II?

Hopper, taught at Vassar as an Associate Professor until she joined back U.S. Naval Reserve in December 1943 during World War II. Hopper was commissioned as a lieutenant in June 1944. As her background was in Mathematics, the Bureau of Ordnance Computation Project at Harvard University was assigned to her. At Harvard, she learned to program a Mark I computer.

The Queen of the Computing Career

After the World War, Hopper served the Navy as a Reserve Officer. As she was a research fellow at Harvard, she got an opportunity to work with Mark II and Mark III computers. When Hopper was working with Harvard, a moth was found to have shorted Mark II. Since then, Hopper has been getting the credit for the invention of the term “computer bugs”. However, she was not the one to pen it down, but she somehow helped to popularize it.

Hopper moved into private industry in 1949, to continue working with computers. She has worked with Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation and Remington Rand. There, she supervised programming for the UNIVAC computer.

In 1952, her team generated the first compiler for computer languages. This compiler was a pioneer for the Common Business Oriented Language, accessible as COBOL, a widely adopted language used around the world. Hopper encouraged its adaptation although she didn’t invent it.

Awards and Achievements

In the course of her lifetime, Grace Hopper was given 40 honorary degrees from universities around the world, along with numerous awards and honors including:
• First person to win “Computer Science Man of the Year” award from the Data Processing Management Association in 1969,

• The first person from the United States and the first woman from any country to be made “Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society” in 1973,

• The first female to receive the “National Medal of Technology” as an individual in 1991.

Why did Hopper return to the Navy?

In 1966, Hopper retired from the Naval Reserve. Her pioneering computer work recalled to active duty. At the age of 60, she was remembered to tackle standardizing communication between different computer languages. For 19 years, she was there with the Navy. In 1986, when she retired from the services, she aged 79 and was a rear admiral. She too was the oldest serving officer at that time.

Hopper’s Later Years

Hopper took another job post-retirement and stayed in the computer industry for several more years. She died in Arlington, Virginia, on January 1, 1992. Hopper was 85 years old when she died and was laid to rest in the Arlington National Cemetery.
In 1997, USS Hopper (guided missile destroyer), was custom-made by the Navy in San Francisco. In 2004, the University of Missouri honored her with a computer museum on their campus, dubbed “Grace’s Place.”

What Hopper used to say (Her Legacy in her words):

The most important thing I’ve accomplished, other than building the compiler, is training young people. They come to me, you know, and say, ‘Do you think we can do this?’ I say, ‘Try it.’ And I back ’em up. They need that. I keep track of them as they get older and I stir ’em up at intervals, so they don’t forget to take chances.

Furthermore, on her birthday in 2013, Hopper was recalled with aGoogle Doodle and in 2016; she was honored with the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” by US President Barack Obama.

Thinking to Freelance, Use these modern Freelancing tools


Freelancing tools, freelancing holds the same meaning for a freelancer. It’s just that different people take it in different ways.  It has got  numerous career prospects for a person who wants to use their talent in a free environment. If you are new to freelance writing or are anything like I was when I started off my career, you are on the right track. If you fly like a free bird and want to work for yourself, this article is for you. With its help, you can decide what is best for you.
Here, we have mentioned the most modern tools that we use while starting freelancing and as well as necessary information about the freelancing world.
First, let us be clear of the Freelancing tools:

  1. Project Management
  2. Time Management
  3. Searching a Job
  4. Money
  5. Proposals
  6. Promotion
  7. Be organized
  8. Backup plan
  9. Organize Emails
  10. Have a habit of reading/keeping Blogs

Given below is the detail of modern freelancing tools-

1. How Project Management helps in Freelancing?

  • Evernote: It can store notes, receipts, and other miscellaneous files linked with each project.
  • Basecamp:  It is one of the more modern project management tools that start at $99 a month for businesses. You can also pay just $1000 a month and save up to 20%.
  • Asana: This group collaboration tool is free to use for up to 15 people.  At any time, you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the notifications regarding changes to the task and several tools like Trello makes your work easy going while managing your project.

2. Time Management tool for easier Freelance work

  • OfficeTime:  It allows you to see how much money you are earning per hour and it is what every freelancer feels the need of.
  • Sundial: It helps you to keep track of time spent on all your projects and then make reports based on any period.
  •  It offers pricing plans from free to premium and provides time tracking and invoicing.  It works better on iPhone, Basecamp, Beanstalk and has a WordPress plugin. It not only offers time tracking but invoicing too is provided by it.


3. Searching a Job with these tools

  •  It helps you to select from basic site design to developing full sites.
  •  It helps you to find clients design and graphic artwork. As a Freelancer, you can glance through and post bids on to win contracts.
  • It not only helps you to get listings for blog content creation, but a lot of programming assignments is there for you as well.


4. Money- Useful tool for freelancers

Wave Accounting: It is a Cloud-based invoicing, accounting, payments, payroll, and personal finance app for freelancers.

  • Xero: It provides you the online accounting, invoicing, billing, and banking. Until you are ready and satisfied, you don’t need to pay anything. First, go for a free trial that they provide, and after that, they charge you $19 per month.
  • FreshBooks: As a freelancer, invoices will become the misery of your existence. Go for a great and simple invoice system. It is free until you have more than three clients but believe that it is totally worth the amount $30 per month.


5. Proposals- This tool helps to attract clients

  • SlideShare:  It helps you to show the customers what you can do, by helping you to prepare your proposal in a more organized way.
  • Bidsketch:  It helps you to create a project plan in a simplified manner.  With BidSketch, you can do your work with a template that also in less time.
  • Balsamiq: It is a rapid wireframing tool that you can use to produce mockups and UI concepts. With it, you can work along with the developers, product managers, designers and customers in real time.

So, try this career path once as it permits you to build expertise and take on new and exciting work for numerous businesses.

6. How Promotion tool work for freelancers?

  • Aweber:  It helps you to launch an email campaign by helping you to sustain relationships with all your clients.
  • Mail Chimp: By sending an email marketing newsletter, you can remain in touch with your customers. Keep them updated with a new post or product with this modest template platform. It offers a free plan for those who have just started using it.


7. Be organized- Track your information with this tool

  • Google Calendar: It is a web-based tool that allows users to organize their schedule.
  • Time to Note: With it, you can track communications with your customers, contractors, and leads. It helps you to keep your contacts shared at one place and supports to create to-do lists for numerous users.
  • Ta-da List:  It shows everyone what you have accomplished so far.

8. Backup plan-  keep your files secure with this tool

  • DropBox: It syncs with your computer so that you don’t have to worry about backing up your files manually or remember to sync your docs.
  • iCloud:  Using your Apple ID you can backup and sync all your devices.


9. Organize Emails- It helps you to keep your data organize and formatted

  • Inbox: This new app for Gmail is more organized and acts as an email communication center that sorts your email into sections such as travel, finance, social updates, purchases, forums, and promos habitually.
  • If you have a habit of forgetting to follow up your clients after meeting them, get this app immediately.
  • Keeping your inbox clean seems good, right? If you too want to keep it clean, get into it.


10. Have a habit of reading/keeping Blogs

  • Lifehacker:   This site features latest technology and profiles on state-of-the-art thinkers and daily life hacks. If you are looking for productivity advice, visit them.
  • Contently:  This blog has answers for all your queries. It has got all the answers to every question you have about freelancing.

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6 Tips on How to Start Freelancing Work


Are you aware of freelancing? What it means, what career prospects it holds? If you are new to freelance writing or are anything like I was when I started off my career, you are willing to know more about it. You want to invest in your business carefully that’s why you are here- reading this post, isn’t it? But, do you know from where you should start?

There is a lot of information available on the internet, and it’s easy to get stunned. So, let’s clear your confusion.

Here, is a quick guide for you to access the six most used tips to begin a career in freelancing work:

1.Have a public website or portfolio

The first thing that you need to mark your presence is by having a beautiful collection. When you market yourself as a freelancer, it is necessary to have a public portfolio that outlines your work, the services that you provide and which displays your past work well. To create a public impact you can do different things such as: make your public profile; i.e., Linkedin profile attractive by adding few links or documents in it.

You can even make your website where you can show your freelance work samples in a better way. Many people take tension about the web designing part. Here, you don’t need to think a lot about it as you can find numerous design templates on the Internet.

It isn’t necessary to purchase a domain name as many website builders permit you to use a free personalized extension of their URL. It’s the first step when you decide to go for the freelancing world.

2. Have a track of your accounting system

Different clients have different procedures and have their deadlines to submit invoices. Over here, you need to be careful and find an easy way out to track the amount you earn from them. It doesn’t matter if you are going for software or keeping a record on excels spreadsheet. What is important is how you document each project and how you ensure your financial bends in a row.

3. Track your progress with Project management software

When you’re managing multiple customers with various projects and deadlines, it’s sure that you will need a system to help keep you organized. To have a good start, you can have a handwritten or digital master calendar. But, if you want to put an impact, go for good project management software that will help you to keep track and monitor your progress. By doing this, your clients will know what to expect from you.

They are considered best as they provide some solutions offering essential to-do lists. Task grouping functionality is there for you. Other software lets you set reminders, modify organization methods and even enables you to track the time spent on each project.

4. Have a permanent backup solution

Running a business without having a proper data backup solution indicates that you are taking the risk of losing important as well as sensitive information. Cloud storage isn’t always perfect to recover the file that you lost accidentally. Thus, always keep some additional permanent backup solution for all data. It is essential to have as you have to deal with important clients. For example, You can try out CrashPlan, Carbonite, etc.

5. Try out video conferencing software

Freelancing doesn’t involve much of visiting the place to place. Though, exchange of email and phone calls are considered the standard method of communication, video conferencing software is the best thing to try out. Build a professional relationship, conduct face-to-face meetings with the help of this software as visiting each of your clients isn’t possible for you.

Try going for software that has chat options so that you can connect with your customers at any place.

6. Cloud-based document management

No matter what industry you are working in, you have to deal with a lot of records as a freelancer. Freelancing involves contracts, legal agreements, invoices and tax forms as well which need a secure, easily reachable place to live and to manage the client’s valuable documents.

By selecting, a cloud-based system you can access your files anytime, anywhere. To start with, you can try out Dropbox and Google Drive as they are free and are okay to go in initial stages. But, when you start gathering more customers, a more specific solution with improved abilities may prove fruitful for you.

So, try this career path once as it permits you to build expertise and take on new and exciting work for numerous businesses.

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The Incredible Journey of J.K. Rowling from No one to a Known face


Who doesn’t know the famous author J.K. Rowling – A name that has marked its presence all over the world. Many of us have read books written by her but do we know what all it took to reach here and to be a known face in the world.
Failure, rejection and the journey to success weren’t less than a roller coaster ride for the iron lady J.K. Rowling.

Let’s have a look at her life journey from rags to one of the world’s wealthiest women:

When on a delayed train journey Rowling was traveling from Manchester to King’s Cross Station in London, the famous characters Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley was portrayed by her in her mind.

In those six rough years, she imagined the entire magical world of witches and wizards and assumed the pen name J. K. Rowling by publishing “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” the first novel in the now cherished “Harry Potter” series. Since then Rowling has become UK’s best-selling living author. Not only famous but her work made her wealthiest women of the world as well. Her success was not much before she overcame the sufferings of being a single mother.

J.K. Rowling was born in the Southwest of England, grew up along its border and Wales with her father, mother, and sister in the family.

She always knew that she would become an author of the book.The message that she even has published on her website – “As soon as I knew what writers were, I wanted to be one. I’ve got the perfect temperament for a writer; perfectly happy alone in a room, making things up.”

At the age of six, she wrote her first book about a rabbit. She even was praised by her mother and wanted to get it published.

Rowling’s life has been a tumultuous one. To say, she never walked on a smooth road. Her teenage years were also not that good as her mother was fighting 10-year-old battle suffering from multiple sclerosis.

The most heartbreaking moment in her life was the day when her mother died. Rowling was 25 then. Such tragic incident took place just after six months Rowling began writing “Harry Potter.” The mother who praised her first writing wasn’t aware of her upcoming book, which Rowling laments.


After her mother’s death, Rowling shifted to northern Portugal. From there on, she thought to give her life a fresh start and began teaching English as a foreign language. Rowling then started dating a man named Jorge Arantes. After she had become pregnant, she moved in with Arante’s family.

But in just 13 months, life took a U-Turn for her. It turned to be a failed marriage. From their wedding, Rowling gave birth to a daughter. After some time, she returned to the UK with her daughter along with three chapters of Harry Potter in her briefcase.

Living alone, jobless with her daughter Rowling fell into depression and even thought of committing suicide. She was living on state benefits and was spending her life by continuing writing Harry Potter in cafes with her daughter sleeping next to her.

She received many rejections to publish her book. But, in 1997, she got a green signal from Bloomsbury, a publishing house in London to publish “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. At the publisher’s request, she added letter “K” to her pen name (for Kathleen, her paternal grandmother).

The Harry Potter series has earned over $450 million dollars in book sales alongwith several awards. Several movies have been made from these books as well.


Forbes estimated Rowling to be worth about $1 billion, in 2011. After giving some of her wealth to the charity she has fallen from the publication’s list of the world’s billionaires, but still, she remains the most powerful celebrity and world’s top-earning author.

In J.K.Rowling’s words: “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.

Thus, if you too have a dream or have been running into failure, don’t let that stop you. Whether you are going through a tough time in your life, but are working passionately on something you believe in, don’t ever give up. Nobody knows you might end up with amazing results.

Colonel Harland Sanders- A man who is known to the world


KFC- A name that has marked its presence in the heart of hundreds and thousands of Chicken lovers doesn’t need to be explained time and again. Even, if you do not have a love for chicken, the inspirational story of Colonel Harland Sanders will beg you to read more about him.

This story is about a man who has been an excellent example of persistence, commitment, and determination. His life is a better example worth noticing.
Colonel Sander is a well- known figure who did great marketing of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “finger lickin’ good.”

One could easily recognize him by the personality that he carried. His persona was well-built with his French white beard, shiny white hair, and black string tie with a walking cane.
Let us know some of the amazing facts about Colonel Sander’s life that will make you eager to find out more about him.

  • Sanders held a number of jobs in his early life, for example: steam engine stoker, insurance salesman and filling station operator. It’s believed that he began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant located in North Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression.
  • From there on, he recognized the potential of the restaurant franchising concept, and the first KFC franchise was opened in Utah in 1952.
  • In 1964, Sanders sold the company to a group of investors.
  • In 1973, Sanders sued Heublein Inc.—the then parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken—over the alleged misuse of his image in promoting products he had not helped to develop.
  • In 1975, Heublein Inc. unsuccessfully sued Sanders for libel after he publicly labelled their gravy as “wallpaper paste” to which “sludge” was added.
  • Sanders and his wife reopened their Shelbyville restaurant as “Claudia Sanders, The Colonel’s Lady” and served KFC-style chicken there as part of a full-service dinner menu. He was sued for it.
  • After reaching a settlement with Heublein, he sold the Colonel’s Lady restaurant, and it has continued to operate since then (currently named as the “Claudia Sanders Dinner House”).
  • Sanders later used his stock holdings to create the Colonel Harland Sanders Trust and Colonel Harland Sanders Charitable Organization.
  • His trusts continue to donate money to groups like the Trillium Health Care Centre.


Some more facts about Colonel Harland Sanders:
After running a restaurant for several years, he found himself bankrupt. That time, he retired from the services and got his first social security cheque of 105 dollars. And this was the turning point in his life and beginning of his worldwide fame. The financial success story too started from here.

  • Colonel Sanders loved to share his fried chicken recipe with almost anyone. The people who tasted the chicken used to fall in love with it because of which he was much inspired. Now as the Colonel was retired and up in age, he decided to sell the world on his newfangled chicken recipe.
  • With little at his disposal, Sanders traveled door to door all over the local area nearby. He even went to restaurants. To promote his chicken recipe he wanted to partner with someone who could help him.
  • To make it a reality, at that age, he started traveling by car to diverse restaurants and cooked his fried chicken for restaurant owners. On the spot, the chicken lovers used to taste it. If the restaurant owners use to like the chicken, they would make a deal and enter into an agreement to sell his chicken.
  • For each piece of chicken sold, Sanders would receive a nickel from the restaurant. And to avoid them knowing the recipe the restaurant would receive packets of Colonel’s secret herbs and spices.
  • By 1964, Colonel Sanders had 600 franchises selling his trademark chicken. At that time, he sold his company for $2 million dollars remaining as a spokesperson.
  • In 1976, Colonel Sanders became the world’s second most recognizable celebrity.
  • He’s not a military colonel. In fact, he was a Kentucky colonel, a title of honor awarded by the state of Kentucky.
  • Sander was the same man who heard 1009 times “No” before a first “yes” in his life.

Most people retire at the age of 65, but Colonel_Sanders was the man who did all the hard work to fulfill his dream. What we learn from him is “Success doesn’t wait for your age.” You can fulfill your dream at any point of time in your life.
Just believe in yourself, your dream and work hard towards it regardless of your age!

A to Z Information of Freelancing World


What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Freelancing”? In the first place, easy work done with the help of internet, smartphone, and laptop may hit your mind. It acts as a tool looking at the utility belt of a 21st-century freelancer. In fact, digitalization has empowered the world of freelancing, and all of us are overwhelmed by the services that it provides.
There are a lot of definitions swaying in the internet giant Google. But, without wasting much time let’s now focus in the freelancing world.

History of Freelancing

Sir Walter Scott coined the word “freelancer” in Ivanhoe. Nevertheless, the history of freelancing in its present scenario dates back to the 70s of the last century in the US (United States).
The term freelance appeared with the hard work done by Jack Nilles and Frank Schiff. And, the term “telecommuting” was coined by Jack Nilles. After some time, Frank Schiff acquainted us with another term – “flexiplace.”
Gil Gordon and David Fleming should not go unmentioned as they are the masterminds who gave their best to promote remote work.

What is freelancing?

Following the lively history of freelancing, the present term ‘freelance’ denotes to an individual who works for various companies at different times rather than permanently working in one single company.
While many experts are still roughly familiar with the concept of freelancing, the repetition is far from new.

The Beginning of Freelance

As we know that the first recognised mention of the term appeared in Ivanhoe, the historical novel by Sir Walter Scott. It was printed in 1820 and set in 12th century England.

The first disparity, freelance, referred to a hired Lance (soldier) who was eager to fight on the side of the highest bidder. So, you noticed that even historically, a freelancer or a freelancer professional was an entrepreneur to some extent who used to offer their skills for monetary compensation.

In 1930 writing, with the hyphenated spelling, in P.G. Wodehouse’s The Inferiority Complex of Old Sippy, the reference can be found again. The hyphen vanishes with the course of time and the term gets recognised as freelance all over the world, as it remains today.

Why should You Go Freelance?

Freelancers today are frequently hired by businesses of all types and sizes. Working with them is easier than ever before. All credit goes to the development of freelance networks.

If you haven’t tried freelancing till now, get out of your comfort zone and join the freelancer’s movement.
Know why freelancing is worth it:

  • Working from home
  • Top obtain added income
  • To be your boss
  • Working on your term
  • New connection all over the world
  • Possibility to scale into the company
  • Work for various clients and develop new skills
  • Gain expertise in building a partner network

Types of freelancers-

Virtual Assistants
If you’re struggling to keep up with the organisational tasks of your business – scheduling meetings, responding to inquiry emails, taking phone calls from your website – hire a virtual assistant through freelancer sites or take help of specialised agencies that will help you to meet your desired Virtual Assistant.
When you can manage your business with a simple in-and-out spreadsheet, it makes your taxes simple. And when you start working with freelancers, employees and handling complex tasks such as invoicing terms hiring an accountant is a good idea.
Content Writers
Writing is not easy as it seems. Drafting the text for a website is more complicated than it feels. Crafting concise, SEO friendly content that reaches your target audience and the market isn’t as easy as it looks. Thus, hire content writers who can take this piece of your plate.
From there, you can put them into work by crafting blog articles and email newsletters that will help you to grow your business
Social Media Experts
Your social media experts aren’t just accountable for posting emojis on your social media accounts, but also are equally answerable for analysing the response, determining what is boosting the traffic, what is not helping you, and responding to clients in real time. So, don’t compare them with content writers. Each one of them is helpful to boost your business.
IT Professionals
If you’re into a business that takes credit card information or collects personal identity information, it is definite that you need to maintain specific standards of storage. To meet state and federal requirements and prevent hacks, it is necessary as well.
If this is all overwhelming to you, consider hiring an IT freelancer.

Freelancer score by country

Be it India, USA, UK, Canada, Philippines, Australia, China, Argentina, Germany or Russia – every country scores differently when it comes to freelancing.
When we talk about India, Paypal and Payoneer act as the financial backbones of freelancers. India is a country filled with freelancers. A Huge amount of work is outsourced from India only.
Nevertheless, with the (RBI) Reserve Bank of India imposing significant limitations to Paypal and banning Payoneer from doing business in India, young Indian freelancing community is vanishing slowly.
The total number of freelancers in the USA is inexact.
Likewise, the total number of freelancers in the UK is also inaccurate; though the figures from the Office for National Statistics show that people working from home rose from 9.2% in 2001 to 10.7% in 2011.
According to the 2012 Freelance Industry Report, more than 71% of freelancers are women between the ages of 30 and 50.

Freelance Today

While there are various definitions for freelancing, Cambridge defines it as follows:

  • “Doing particular pieces of work for different organisations, rather than working all the time for a single organisation.”
  • Oxford definition: “Self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.”

No matter the label, freelancing is scattering inside all segments as an international movement.
“Freelancing” has also become identical as working remotely. (If you don’t want to work “from home” replace home with a co-working space)
Now freelancers can enjoy the company of other self-employed professionals without a boss in co-working spaces.
We at EngineerBabu handle the freelance process entirely by creating a customised team from a pool of pre-qualified freelance agents for each client project. A single project manager is responsible for managing the customer’s project from idea to execution through completion.
Banding together professional freelance agents that are local is a huge benefit.
We offer excellent service to our clients, save their time, money by allowing creative experts to cooperate as often as required.
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The lady Software Engineer Margaret Hamilton


Amazing things that you probably don’t know about Margaret Hamilton

In the Glorious year of 1969, United States Of America marked its footprint on Moon with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.

We remember that day only by the name of these three Astronauts, but the whole mission was powered by 40,000 people. Among all these people there was a team of Software Engineers headed by Margaret Hamilton.

During the year 1969, Margaret H. Hamilton (TheWizard Lady) used to work on a contract given by NASA to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The project initially involved the development of Guidance and Navigation system for the Spacecraft. Even after the completion of the project she didn’t take a pause and went on, proactively, to do a dynamic test of the software and made it bugless (for those who are non-technical, it’s quite a big deal).

On 22nd November 2016, she was honored by the Medal of Freedom in White House by the President of United States, Mr. Barack Obama. Other than this, she has won numerous awards for her technical expertise.

Margaret Hamilton lives an amazing life which is full of achievements. In this article, I am going to shed some light on her past life.

She did her schooling from Hancock High School in 1954. After that, she successfully completed her graduate degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Harvard University.

Do you know that she is proficient in French? She used to teach French and Mathematics to school students.
As Margaret Hamilton wanted to be a successful software engineer she migrated to Massachusetts for perusing her higher education in Abstract Mathematics.

In between her higher education, she did an internship at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Since Computer Science was emerging as a new branch of engineering in that era, she got a good exposure to experiment with her interest in software development. As an Intern in MIT, her role was to develop a software for predicting the weather for Metrology department.

After that, she was employed in the NASA’s project for writing codes on the cardinal functionalities of the Aircraft.

It could be said that these significant developments were not enough for her, as she went on to own a company by the name Hamilton Technologies. She was also given the post of Director of Software Engineer at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Although she had been honored many times, I am going to share three most prestigious award ceremonies other than the recent one.

She has given outstanding contribution in the field of scientific and technical research.

Margaret Hamilton was honored by the Association of Women in Computing with Augusta Ada Lovelace Award. Later she was awarded NASA Exceptional Space Act Award for her contribution to NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. In 2009, she received the Outstanding Alumni Award from Earlham College.

I feel very obliged sharing these amazing facts about Margaret Hamilton, in case if I missed some of the important events don’t forget to comment.

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Tier2 City to World’s 2nd Largest Content Company


1. About WittyFeed
When we talk about startups – the central Indian city of Indore may pop up in our minds as a likely place for venture incubation. Indore after all, is known more for its history; its Chanderi and its Maheshwari saris-than as a cradle for budding IT entrepreneurs.
However, three city-based young entrepreneurs have shattered the glass ceiling with a product that is giving its competitors sleepless nights. Brothers Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal and their college friend Shashank Vaishnav are behind the fastest growing viral content website – Wittyfeed. The trio has proven that creativity and entrepreneurship are independent of any age limits or geographical boundaries. The oldest of the three is just 26. Their creation, Wittyfeed, is already miles ahead or shall we say, more than 50 million site visits ahead of their closest (but perhaps more visible) Indian rival ScoopWhoop
2. Amazing early days
The two founders Singhal and Vaishnav at their college in Chennai, put together a hugely successful page on Facebook – Amazing Things in the World. The page went on to garner a whopping 4.2 million followers. “We realized that with such numbers it was time to monetize the audience. With our research and experience, we also surmised that the number of audience out there in the virtual world is mind boggling. But, there is a huge gap in the quality.
From here the idea of creating a content company; an integrating platform for content creators, consumers and publishers took shape. And our most successful product Wittyfeed was born”, reminisces Singhal, Founder CEO, Vatsana Technologies. Vatsana Technologies run WittyFeed.

wittyfeed alexa
3. Technology
PHP Code Ignitor, Amazon Web services, Angular.js
We have a scalable solution that can handle millions of daily customers, thousands of fake attacks

4. Relations with Founders
Two unknown people met, discussed business, worked together, had dinner. We started Indore startup community together, We though indore community has to join hands and work together, that’s the only way to grow faster.
We exchanged technologies, We exchanged team when required, We met atleast twice a week. We have very strong relations you can say brothers with different mothers.