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A to Z Information of Freelancing World


What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Freelancing”? In the first place, easy work done with the help of internet, smartphone, and laptop may hit your mind. It acts as a tool looking at the utility belt of a 21st-century freelancer. In fact, digitalization has empowered the world of freelancing, and all of us are overwhelmed by the services that it provides.
There are a lot of definitions swaying in the internet giant Google. But, without wasting much time let’s now focus in the freelancing world.

History of Freelancing

Sir Walter Scott coined the word “freelancer” in Ivanhoe. Nevertheless, the history of freelancing in its present scenario dates back to the 70s of the last century in the US (United States).
The term freelance appeared with the hard work done by Jack Nilles and Frank Schiff. And, the term “telecommuting” was coined by Jack Nilles. After some time, Frank Schiff acquainted us with another term – “flexiplace.”
Gil Gordon and David Fleming should not go unmentioned as they are the masterminds who gave their best to promote remote work.

What is freelancing?

Following the lively history of freelancing, the present term ‘freelance’ denotes to an individual who works for various companies at different times rather than permanently working in one single company.
While many experts are still roughly familiar with the concept of freelancing, the repetition is far from new.

The Beginning of Freelance

As we know that the first recognised mention of the term appeared in Ivanhoe, the historical novel by Sir Walter Scott. It was printed in 1820 and set in 12th century England.

The first disparity, freelance, referred to a hired Lance (soldier) who was eager to fight on the side of the highest bidder. So, you noticed that even historically, a freelancer or a freelancer professional was an entrepreneur to some extent who used to offer their skills for monetary compensation.

In 1930 writing, with the hyphenated spelling, in P.G. Wodehouse’s The Inferiority Complex of Old Sippy, the reference can be found again. The hyphen vanishes with the course of time and the term gets recognised as freelance all over the world, as it remains today.

Why should You Go Freelance?

Freelancers today are frequently hired by businesses of all types and sizes. Working with them is easier than ever before. All credit goes to the development of freelance networks.

If you haven’t tried freelancing till now, get out of your comfort zone and join the freelancer’s movement.
Know why freelancing is worth it:

  • Working from home
  • Top obtain added income
  • To be your boss
  • Working on your term
  • New connection all over the world
  • Possibility to scale into the company
  • Work for various clients and develop new skills
  • Gain expertise in building a partner network

Types of freelancers-

Virtual Assistants
If you’re struggling to keep up with the organisational tasks of your business – scheduling meetings, responding to inquiry emails, taking phone calls from your website – hire a virtual assistant through freelancer sites or take help of specialised agencies that will help you to meet your desired Virtual Assistant.
When you can manage your business with a simple in-and-out spreadsheet, it makes your taxes simple. And when you start working with freelancers, employees and handling complex tasks such as invoicing terms hiring an accountant is a good idea.
Content Writers
Writing is not easy as it seems. Drafting the text for a website is more complicated than it feels. Crafting concise, SEO friendly content that reaches your target audience and the market isn’t as easy as it looks. Thus, hire content writers who can take this piece of your plate.
From there, you can put them into work by crafting blog articles and email newsletters that will help you to grow your business
Social Media Experts
Your social media experts aren’t just accountable for posting emojis on your social media accounts, but also are equally answerable for analysing the response, determining what is boosting the traffic, what is not helping you, and responding to clients in real time. So, don’t compare them with content writers. Each one of them is helpful to boost your business.
IT Professionals
If you’re into a business that takes credit card information or collects personal identity information, it is definite that you need to maintain specific standards of storage. To meet state and federal requirements and prevent hacks, it is necessary as well.
If this is all overwhelming to you, consider hiring an IT freelancer.

Freelancer score by country

Be it India, USA, UK, Canada, Philippines, Australia, China, Argentina, Germany or Russia – every country scores differently when it comes to freelancing.
When we talk about India, Paypal and Payoneer act as the financial backbones of freelancers. India is a country filled with freelancers. A Huge amount of work is outsourced from India only.
Nevertheless, with the (RBI) Reserve Bank of India imposing significant limitations to Paypal and banning Payoneer from doing business in India, young Indian freelancing community is vanishing slowly.
The total number of freelancers in the USA is inexact.
Likewise, the total number of freelancers in the UK is also inaccurate; though the figures from the Office for National Statistics show that people working from home rose from 9.2% in 2001 to 10.7% in 2011.
According to the 2012 Freelance Industry Report, more than 71% of freelancers are women between the ages of 30 and 50.

Freelance Today

While there are various definitions for freelancing, Cambridge defines it as follows:

  • “Doing particular pieces of work for different organisations, rather than working all the time for a single organisation.”
  • Oxford definition: “Self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.”

No matter the label, freelancing is scattering inside all segments as an international movement.
“Freelancing” has also become identical as working remotely. (If you don’t want to work “from home” replace home with a co-working space)
Now freelancers can enjoy the company of other self-employed professionals without a boss in co-working spaces.
We at EngineerBabu handle the freelance process entirely by creating a customised team from a pool of pre-qualified freelance agents for each client project. A single project manager is responsible for managing the customer’s project from idea to execution through completion.
Banding together professional freelance agents that are local is a huge benefit.
We offer excellent service to our clients, save their time, money by allowing creative experts to cooperate as often as required.
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The lady Software Engineer Margaret Hamilton


Amazing things that you probably don’t know about Margaret Hamilton

In the Glorious year of 1969, United States Of America marked its footprint on Moon with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.

We remember that day only by the name of these three Astronauts, but the whole mission was powered by 40,000 people. Among all these people there was a team of Software Engineers headed by Margaret Hamilton.

During the year 1969, Margaret H. Hamilton (TheWizard Lady) used to work on a contract given by NASA to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The project initially involved the development of Guidance and Navigation system for the Spacecraft. Even after the completion of the project she didn’t take a pause and went on, proactively, to do a dynamic test of the software and made it bugless (for those who are non-technical, it’s quite a big deal).

On 22nd November 2016, she was honored by the Medal of Freedom in White House by the President of United States, Mr. Barack Obama. Other than this, she has won numerous awards for her technical expertise.

Margaret Hamilton lives an amazing life which is full of achievements. In this article, I am going to shed some light on her past life.

She did her schooling from Hancock High School in 1954. After that, she successfully completed her graduate degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Harvard University.

Do you know that she is proficient in French? She used to teach French and Mathematics to school students.
As Margaret Hamilton wanted to be a successful software engineer she migrated to Massachusetts for perusing her higher education in Abstract Mathematics.

In between her higher education, she did an internship at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Since Computer Science was emerging as a new branch of engineering in that era, she got a good exposure to experiment with her interest in software development. As an Intern in MIT, her role was to develop a software for predicting the weather for Metrology department.

After that, she was employed in the NASA’s project for writing codes on the cardinal functionalities of the Aircraft.

It could be said that these significant developments were not enough for her, as she went on to own a company by the name Hamilton Technologies. She was also given the post of Director of Software Engineer at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Although she had been honored many times, I am going to share three most prestigious award ceremonies other than the recent one.

She has given outstanding contribution in the field of scientific and technical research.

Margaret Hamilton was honored by the Association of Women in Computing with Augusta Ada Lovelace Award. Later she was awarded NASA Exceptional Space Act Award for her contribution to NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. In 2009, she received the Outstanding Alumni Award from Earlham College.

I feel very obliged sharing these amazing facts about Margaret Hamilton, in case if I missed some of the important events don’t forget to comment.

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Tier2 City to World’s 2nd Largest Content Company


1. About WittyFeed
When we talk about startups – the central Indian city of Indore may pop up in our minds as a likely place for venture incubation. Indore after all, is known more for its history; its Chanderi and its Maheshwari saris-than as a cradle for budding IT entrepreneurs.
However, three city-based young entrepreneurs have shattered the glass ceiling with a product that is giving its competitors sleepless nights. Brothers Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal and their college friend Shashank Vaishnav are behind the fastest growing viral content website – Wittyfeed. The trio has proven that creativity and entrepreneurship are independent of any age limits or geographical boundaries. The oldest of the three is just 26. Their creation, Wittyfeed, is already miles ahead or shall we say, more than 50 million site visits ahead of their closest (but perhaps more visible) Indian rival ScoopWhoop
2. Amazing early days
The two founders Singhal and Vaishnav at their college in Chennai, put together a hugely successful page on Facebook – Amazing Things in the World. The page went on to garner a whopping 4.2 million followers. “We realized that with such numbers it was time to monetize the audience. With our research and experience, we also surmised that the number of audience out there in the virtual world is mind boggling. But, there is a huge gap in the quality.
From here the idea of creating a content company; an integrating platform for content creators, consumers and publishers took shape. And our most successful product Wittyfeed was born”, reminisces Singhal, Founder CEO, Vatsana Technologies. Vatsana Technologies run WittyFeed.

wittyfeed alexa
3. Technology
PHP Code Ignitor, Amazon Web services, Angular.js
We have a scalable solution that can handle millions of daily customers, thousands of fake attacks

4. Relations with Founders
Two unknown people met, discussed business, worked together, had dinner. We started Indore startup community together, We though indore community has to join hands and work together, that’s the only way to grow faster.
We exchanged technologies, We exchanged team when required, We met atleast twice a week. We have very strong relations you can say brothers with different mothers.

Small Idea then Funded Company then Google Selected now Y-Combinator?



1. Initiation-

What a great idea and Execution of Team JustRide, Company, was not same as he meet us. I got a call from JustRide team that they need App, We had 2 hours Skype discussion and got to know following questions.
1. Idea
2. Why does App require?
3. Who are their competitors?
4. How they are going to market it
5. Competitors ?
6. Future plans?
7. Why do Founders think this idea is going to be successful?
8. Do they have any experience in Automobile Industry?
9. Their expectations with EngineerBabu Team?
10. Why you decided to choose EngineerBabu team when there are 1000+ more companies.
11. Do they have any design ideas or we are open to the suggestions?

2. Solution-

The Conversation started by stating the basic problems of public transportation in India. We have a brainstorming session in which we have discussed, how can we find a solution that is beneficial for both vehicle owners and the passengers. It is a general fact that 980 people in a sample size of 1000 in India do not have access to personal transport. By this IOT for cars Just ride have created a bridge between the car owners and passengers. JustRide has provided a platform to the car owners where they could monetise their vehicle when not in use, plus it also gives an experience of car ownership to the people who rent them. JustRide helps the car owners to lease their vehicle with a guarantee of substantial returns.

3. EngineerBabu –

The R&D team at EngineerBabu did a small research, in which they compared the model of JustRide with the existing companies doing the same work. The research team came up with the flaws of existing models and implemented the rectifications in JustRide App . The Design team at EngineerBabu have come up with the swift and attractive interface. This interface is very light and user-friendly.
While App Development we considered all standards in mind and provided scalable and fast solution.

4. What Numbers say-

JustRide App a Bangalore-based start-up raised $3 million in Y-Combinator. The collaborative effort of technology and strategic approach helped this product to reach a mark of 1,50,000 active users. JustRide has secured a revenue of $1.5 million and it keeps on increasing by 40% on a monthly basis. JustRide is expected to increase its profit by 3 or 4 times by next year.

JustRide News

5 tips to enhance your freelance work


5 tips to enhance your freelance work

Having an eye-catching portfolio of your freelance work is the main thing in today’s world. It decides what you are up to and how good you are in your work. Often, the portfolio websites act as the source of inspiration. It describes your creativity at one go.
It differentiates you from the others. To be precise, it helps you to stand out from your competitors. Thus, in this article, I have mentioned how you can get well-paying clients while ignoring traditional methods.
Freelance work is great to go with. You have ample amount of time to do other tasks. If you too want to get hired as a freelancer, follow the 5 proven ways to keep you going:

1. How to get clients by leveraging your blog?

Did you know that you can find freelance work, with a blog? To start with, your writing is your weapon. With its help, you can shape up your profile. Editing, social media skills and publishing your blog post comes along with writing. These skills help you to target your future clients.
Do not worry, if you do not come across any visitors. It happens in the first few months. You just need to be consistent. Post at least one blog once a week. Spread it across all social media platform.
Potential clients are eyeing your work from every possible social network. They are there to analyze your skills. If they like it, there is the possibility that they can offer you some work.
Therefore, don’t misjudge the power of having a personal blog and keep publishing content on a regular basis.

2. Have a service page for your clients

This page of your blog can help you to attract clients. First of all, post few of your blogs. After you publish the content, keep a separate service page of “Try my work” or simply, “hire me.”
There, you can explain what clients can expect from your work, what sort of packages you offer and how can they hire you. You can do a favor for yourself by making your page attractive.
Later, you can post it on social media on the best possible time to get more exposure and optimize your service page to rank for specific search queries. Applying this technique can help your potential clients find you.

3. Publish guest post and get noticed in media

Having your blog is great, but what’s the use if you aren’t active, isn’t it? It won’t get anyone’s attention. Get yourself noticed and gained more traffic to your page. Start publishing your work to some of the famous websites; the websites that accept guest posts.
It would be great if you get a byline (the article in your name). This will help you to get new clients and to become a paid contributor for their website.

4. Turn media references into future clients

Once lead starts coming through references or from service page, how do you turn them into future paying clients?
Add any new references into your freelance work portfolio (be it any social media platform- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and keep these pages updated.
Media references can give you reliability and a respectful status, which you can use to your benefit to find more freelance related work.

5. Boost your income by setting up a sponsorship page

Setting up a sponsorship page helps you to boost your income. It permits you to fill your portfolio with more experience and trustworthiness. In that page, mention everything from your package to references from any of the brands. Keep space for contact form so that your potential clients can get in touch with you.
With media references, service page and sponsorship page there is a higher chance of agreeing. Convince brands to work with you.
You can use your blog for so many things. Don’t take the power of your personal blog lightly. It can do more than you have imagined. With your skill, you can leverage your blog as a business.
To know more about freelancing and freelance related work contact EngineerBabu– A community as well as a marketplace where world class mobile app developers, web developers, and client are present in a single platform to fulfill your dream!
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7 Tips to protect your idea before you hire freelance app developer


Before you hire freelance app developer to build an app, you worry that they might steal the information, isn’t it? It happens with almost everyone who works hard for their project. For many people, it isn’t easy to learn to code due to limited time period.
If you’re looking to get all the profits from the app, you’ll definitely want to raise the money yourself, right? If you approach good application development companies, they won’t pay attention to invest in an app concept, just like that.
Before you think to hire freelance app developer or go any further, first and foremost, understand that.

1.No company should be citing anything before fully evaluating the concept

-After that, be clear, getting your requests done and giving a thorough definition of what is there in the project, is going to take how much time.

2.Before you hire freelance app developer , research their background well

You can encounter problems if you do not get to know your developer well. App developers can have problem giving the information you requested. By working individually with certified companies, you lessen the chance of sneaky dealings and idea theft. Here detail about How to hire android app developer.

3.Protect your app idea with non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

The company should offer you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and a contract. Non-disclosure agreements make sure that all shared information remains private between two parties.
If you hire freelance app developer to work on your project, no worries, as it looks after your app idea from being reused by others. It even won’t be shared with this agreement being in use. It provides you a certain level of protection, no matter if they are outsourced contractors, your potential clients or are the investors and consultants.

4.Get an experienced lawyer of the industry

To help you write the non- disclosure agreement you need to contact an experienced lawyer. If you encounter someone copying your app idea, it may be worth hiring a lawyer. They will help you to investigate the merits of your case.
If the company produces a duplicate copy of your product or copies something that is safeguarded under copyright law or trademark, there is possibility that you might have a strong legal case.
In some cases, a lawyer might first send a cease-and-desist letter. It is sent requesting the wrongdoer to stop creating the product and possibly pay for the damages. The next step is usually filing a lawsuit, if letters don’t work.

5.If you forgot to sign NDA, apply for a ‘Provisional Patent’

Most startups do not go for it as it can bring in far more cost than it is able to pay. For example: If you spread your app idea around, provisional patent can help you to get rid of it, for some extent.
When you hire freelance app developer, a provisional patent can protect your idea for a year. However, with no option of being extended, the provisional patent expires after twelve months.

6.Establish a trademark of your name

You need to get your name trademarked to get an additional layer of protection. You also have added protection, if someday a legal issue arises. The credentials required to register a trademark can help as a written proof. It means that your app idea was in the works at a stated time period.

7.Have a contract beforehand

Have a contract in advance that explains copyright law of the app. You need to ask developers to immediately release it to you, once the project is complete. Nevertheless, the developer still owns the intellectual possessions of the inherent and generic code to build the app. Simple written contract (agreement) between you and them can be a big relief to you. It also safeguards the intellectual property of the developer.
To build a quality app that is user-friendly, well designed, functional and scalable, you will need talented developers having specialties. We would be happy to take a look at your plan and help you with everything you need.
Complete honesty and business integrity are the core values that EngineerBabu believes in. Working within India gives us low-cost solutions while keeping the quality and we are happy to pass that advantage to you.
We take great pride on providing quality applications.
Don’t hesitate to let us know, if there is anything we can do for you. You may get in touch with us at

Top Trends in Website Development and Design


Latest trends in Website Development and Design

To make the process of website development and design smooth, a web developer does a lot of hard work. They are out in the IT field to make it user- friendly, which is good news for tech geeks. They want to improve the user experience of web browsing.
It’s a must for Web developers to stay up-to-date so that maximum value can be delivered to the clients. Areas like cloud computing, Motion UI, information security, and IoT (Internet of Things) can have a huge impact on your work, which will prove to be fruitful for your business.
Great website development and design will be used excessively in upcoming years. With forthcoming frameworks, influential development tools, and changing technologies, coming time will definitely encourage web developers.
This year looks promising for the developers to carry out the latest trends. We at EngineerBabu help you to stay on top of significant trends and latest news.

1. Motion User Interface or Motion UI

Motion UI is one of the three parts of Foundation for Apps by Zurb.
It is used for making animations and CSS transitions. With the help of Motion UI, the transition of an app looks smooth, less complicated and rich with predefined motions.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken website development and design to a new level. Soon, it will have a huge impact on the world.
The next generation of the net is connecting things and devices: the Internet of Things (IoT). The connected devices range from security cameras and sensors to production machines and vehicles. It will result in data that exposes up business models, new insights, and revenue streams.
According to Technavio(leading technology research and advisory company), IoT will grow by 31.72% (CAGR) between 2015 and 2019.
At least half of the development of IoT will derive from startups that have been in business for less than three years, predicts Gartner.
IoT will permit an exchange of data by linking smart objects to the internet.

3. Foundation for Application

Foundation for Apps is a single page app framework built from AngularJS and the flexbox grid. It helps to create better website development and design by enabling developers to start writing unique code.
The potential of Foundation for Apps, with clean code and its positioning capabilities, is not properly discovered. Many of the companies will use this innovative and open front-end framework from this year only.

4. Cloud Computing

It is popular as easier tool integration. Modern APIs, better website development, and design are scheduled for it. The cloud-based organization makes the process of scaling to meet existing needs flatter.
For web-based projects, many of the website development company depend on remote workers. With greater reliance on scattered teams, they create cloud-friendly options.

5.Docker to give faster development

Containers have been around us for quite some time. But, after the introduction of a docker, the website development and design world witnessed a lot of changes.
Docker is a container service that allows development of software in a faster way. A container has all the dependencies that it needs to run an application. It helps the developers to build, test, run and organize an app more easily.
In order to have a competitive edge over the competitors, you should be aware of the latest trends in designing part as well.

1. Advanced platform

Lot of new technologies is coming in the market with new responsive design. Things are changing in advanced platform. Responsive design is no longer limited to mobile responsiveness.
Technologies like Google Glass, Apple watch, and Oculus Rift are becoming more popular. At present, Semantic UI is in demand – a framework with the new design from last year.

2. Full-screen navigation design

It is a feature that helps the user to improve the experience on mobile devices. For example: A user traverses a website on his mobile and comes across a registration form. As he taps on it, the form changes to a full-screen size allowing the user to fill out it in an easier way.
To give website development and design, a better look full-screen navigation helps a lot. For years to come, this trend will be in continuation.
website development company

Find out software outsourcing companies in India


How to find out software outsourcing companies in India?

As finding a pearl in the ocean is next to impossible for a common man, going for software outsourcing companies and that too in India is not a child’s game. This term is heard time and again but not being understood properly by many of us.

What actually Outsourcing is?

It is an exercise where an individual or a corporation performs tasks; provide facilities or manufactures products for another company. Outsourcing is normally used by corporations to save cost.
It also often refers to offshore outsourcing, or the practice of distributing work outside of the (US) United States to corporations in less-developed countries, where labor cost tends to be at lower rates.

What is Software Outsourcing?

From training management to payroll software, Software outsourcing takes care of it all. Several tasks can be outsourced by a corporation for different departments. Offshore expansion has become a huge industry with more to come.
For better preservation and timely improvements of the companies, Mobile App, Website development and Web design are increasingly outsourced by almost all companies. At present, Outsourcing software development is the key to a software outsourcing companies in India and overall for company’s success across the world. It is considered as the best solution in today’s digitalized world.
Moreover, the clients and vendors are also changing their mindset along with the maturity of the market. The whole scenario of business process in Software Outsourcing is being shifted with more innovations and new ideas while carrying overseas deal.
Do proper research and find out best software outsourcing companies in India:
A well-planned market research done for your project, analysis of the competitor, analyzing scope related to the business profile of outsourcing companies and end to end analysis is needed to go for best software outsourcing companies. When you are done with your research, do some more hard work and pick the best names out.
If you get confused and find yourself surrounded by many of those humming on the internet, go with the below-mentioned points.

Here are the points that will help you to find the best software outsourcing companies in India:

• First of all, you need to evaluate the portfolio and then use your expertise to understand the technical capability of the team.
• Do some research on the team on social media; Read blog posts about them.
• Connect with the management directly, project team and ask what way of approach do they apply, what exactly are their project plans and how are they giving contribution to the industry?
• Sign-off required a contract is beneficial for you and the company. So, ask them about it.
• Do notice that are they providing full commitment while giving work as security of the project and product totally depends upon it.
• Analyze and ensure that you are getting best in class project support from the outsourcing companies.
• Last but not least they must be frank and behave in a friendly manner so that it’s easy for you to cope with.
You have to careful while selecting experienced technical followers as they are the one who will implement up to date features to give a boost to your development statics. You should never focus on the lowermost project cost as you need to stand as an individual in your business category.
Don’t be confused about Insourcing and Outsourcing-
Insourcing means tasks to people in-house (in their own organization). Sometimes it is more profitable for businesses than hiring outside staff or companies.
Outsourcing can vary from a large contract, in which a company such as IBM manages IT services for a company like Xerox. Here, they hire independent contractors and temporary office workers on an individual basis.
Now, that you know what software outsourcing is, what the difference in outsourcing is and are aware of all the terms related to outsourcing, go for the best one.

How we got 9700 project Inquiry in One Year through Linkedin


Serious ! Yes, I am serious. I will share exactly what we did, how you can do same.
Linkedin: – I love people, not social media. Don’t force people to visit website, Facebook page, LinkedIn or Subscribe. We don’t have any popup that collects email id.
Tip 1 : – Create a decent profile in Linkedin, here decent means nice photo (Don’t put pic taking a selfie with ModiG, Goa background, Celebrating with chicks).
Tip 2: – Don’t write so much “XYX in ABC company, LLLY at BBX company and Cofounder & motivator & Investor & Part time DJ & Yoga mentor & Forbes under 90 & ….. “, Be real, don’t fake. People like natural flowers, not the plastic one.

Linkedin Mayank’s Profile Reference

Tip 3 : – If someone accepted your invite on LinkedIn, don’t spam him. People start sending long business cover letters like
Hey Mayank,
I am ******, from the company ****** and My company does:
1. ******** in hiring,
2. Expert in ********.
3. We won 12 awards in sfsfh…..
4. We have worked with 9009 clients
We have offices in Pakistan, Japan, China, and India.
Give me a break, and I am not interested 🙁
I am worried about why my maid took leave and how will I get lunch now :). People are not interested in what your company does, and how big your team is and if you have a sexy office, or if you have worked with Obama.
It’s not you who sells, it’s the people who buy

LinkedIn Ranking

Tip 4 : – Focus on productivity instead of being busy
Save time, do less, be lazy. Why you want to do more, do less possible things.
So how I approach others in LinkedIn.
We posted the blog on hiring a team, I know you are the expert in this domain, I read your blogs on Forbes. I don’t want to sell anything to you, can I bug you for 10 min.
If you are busy, please don’t revert 🙂
Mayank, Your friend at EngineerBabu, By luck, I am co-founder also “
Here is result
Most of the time, I get a reply within 20 min. Two lines are enough to tell people, why you are approaching them. Do less, be lazy.

Tip 5 : –
Don’t think big,
Most of the time, we keep thinking like, I will do that if this will happen and stories go on. Do it now, Think small and execute.
In EngineerBabu we got small ideas, we have 5 min meeting, and then we implement.
Problem : – We were looking to hire someone who is an expert in Android. Hiring an expert is very subjective, sometimes you pay well, hire a 12 years experience and all he does is sit and sometimes intern do wonder.
Solution :-
“Sidharth suggested “Mayank, Can we record video of geeks and I am sure we can find geeks, Idea seems perfect, and we executed in less than one day ”
Step 1 :- Finding right person, we asked in our company, do you know someone who is young and willing to take a new challenge.
Step 2 :- We posted in social media, that we looking for “geeks inside”
We found the guy, now how to record video
1. Professional Camera
2. Tripod
3. Editing required.
We recorded video with iPhone; Quality seems decent, we posted on social media and got the motivation to do the second one. Extended plans hardly work and long plans are assumptions.
Now we started writing and sharing our all experience as blog, I hope you will like it

Top 5 Freelance Sites to Hire Android App Developer


Hiring is not an easy task, and when it comes to  hire android app developer, you would want that the developer you hire has all the experiences. A developer who has all the qualifications, who can give you back up to any claims of Android expertise is on your priority list.
To go in search of best android app developer you need to get in touch with the right source. As you know that, the Internet is considered as the world full of possibilities. It is the place that can help you to hire any sort of developer you want. You can visit any of the freelancing sites which boast to deliver you the best of a person having Android skills. But sometimes, falling prey into their trap can leave you in the lurch.
But hey, it’s not that; there are people or sites to make you their target. There are few of the sites as well where you can find genuine people to help you out and give best of the services.
Thus, we’ve put together a list of the best sites where you can find supreme Hire Android app developer:


X-team is trusted by world’s leading brands. They have been providing high-quality developers when you need them the most. You get app developers for hiring and that also for full-time. Moreover, they will bill you on a monthly basis. Isn’t it good?
They not only save your time and money while recruiting but they also help you to get cover employment cost completely. And that, we would say, is quite flexible, right?
The developers over here are easy to work with. They often communicate with you by gladly joining your daily standups. Moreover, they proactively move the project forward, to ensure that they are adding value to you.
X-team’s Android app developers help you to create high quality, efficient and maintainable code. All developers are examined and screened for their performance superiority. Passionate leaders of X-team are even screened for dealing with diverse projects before they are taken on board. What makes them agiler is they are dedicated full-time to one project at a given period.
This makes them more focused and better equipped to deal with the issues you face.


Here, you can find the level of service that works for you. It’s an online freelance marketplace that you can turn to. You know that Android operating system controls the global marketplace, leveraging a professional specialist who is accustomed to the software and technology, right?
It is a powerful way to reach vast new markets. So, if you want to hire android app developer or are developing, distributing, or running any of the smartphone and mobile application, working with an Android app developer isn’t only a good practice; it is basically required. And Upwork is better known for the number of freelancers it provides than the overall quality.
Given the nature of mobile platforms, working with an Android specialist over here is a flexible and cost-effective way to cooperate on any mobile project supported by this near ever-present platform.
If you have more time to examine through developers by inspecting them yourself, you can certainly find some great developers on this site. Be extremely careful to avoid the failures. Don’t shell out more money down the line to fix bad work.
Whatever road you pick to take on your search to hire Android app developer, you shouldn’t forget to equip yourself with the best resources available.

 Hire Android App Developer
Hire Android App Developer


It is a smart software development service, combining top developers and designers with artificial intelligence. Apart from the fact that they scan and examine app developers that they hire to be on board with them, one shouldn’t forget to note that they are not much of a traditional freelance developer-client meeting ground. Here, you can hire android app developer and designer more easily.
The way they function is quite stimulating, and the process they apply is what makes them totally worth of. Who won’t want to work with them, isn’t it?
You can better understand them with the following example:
Get some amazing app idea and get in touch with the Gigster people to get a quote. There, a representative will give you a call. Within 10 minutes, you will get a quote in terms of estimated time and estimated development cost. If you agree, a project manager will be assigned to you, along with the number of developers to work on your project. After that, the project manager would consult you on how your thing can be developed in a more user-friendly manner.
You don’t need to manage the developers as your code is maintained by Gigster even when they are done with your project. They just take a fair amount of money and keep on upgrading the codes to make your app time proof. Cool, isn’t it?


Toptal is a worldwide talent network for the top 3% of software developers and designers, where you can hire Android app developer who specialises in Android apps. You will get one of the very best with them.
Here, they consult with their senior engineer and personally hand-pick top Android developers that fit your specific project need. Doing this, not only ensure that will find one of the best Android developers but that you will also hire a top-notch app developer who was hand-picked especially for your project.

 Hire Android App Developer
Hire Android App Developer



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