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MaalGaadi – An Intra City Logistics and Fleet Management Solution

1 – A true story of moving ahead.

Everything today depends on logistics. Although we live in a parallel universe of the internet, where everything transits online, the physicality aspect of transit is impossible to ignore. It also plays a very important role even in businesses of any kind today. So, what’s the fuss about logistics? Logistics has inevitable challenges – availability, negotiations, timely delivery, and pickup, etc.

How about an app which makes logistics free of all the botherations? Maalgaadi is the answer to that. A one-stop solution to all the headache of transportation.

What could happen when a boring job drives you to create something unique? Something like happens. It was Anirudh Garg’s and Saurabh Raj’s brainwave. The duo from Indore identified a gap in the prevailing transportation system. A gap in terms of all the hassles one has to go through for a mere transit of goods. They decided to tackle the inconvenience and created They wished Maalgaadi to be the Ola of transportation and today it has come to hold that true.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

– Chinese proverb

Although success didn’t come that easy. Initially, Anirudh and Saurabh had to face the headwinds. The criticism was to such an extent that they had to shut down the operations within two days of the initial launch. But facing this failure induced a new motivation in the young entrepreneurs. They didn’t only came through the obstacles but also created an example by getting perfectly into the legal framework hence not bypassing any laws.

Next big thing was awaiting this success. Anirudh and Saurabh found investors for their project. Moira Group, one of the bigwigs of the city, agreed to invest in their company.

How Maalgaadi works:

maalgaadi-appMaalgaadi enables a driver to pick or dispatch a shipment by getting the information from the customer. It exactly works as Uber/Ola or Jugnoo.

The pickup and dispatch information is given by the customer either on the website or over a phone call.
This information is then used by our team to get the pickup and the drop location with customer’s name and contact.
The driver who is in or around the pick-up location gets the lead on the app.
He picks up the shipment and drops it at the destined location.

Throughout the process i.e. from pickup to despatch the team at Maalgaadi app gets the vital information of the transit like- time is taken for the dispatch, speed of the vehicle, routes chosen by the driver, any detours if taken, any delays, etc.

What Maalgaadi is all about –

Simple –  is simple to use. It is built keeping in mind the potential users – the drivers and the users.

Accountability – In service industry all that matters is service. is a highly dependable service. The real-time data of the rides is shared with the customers. They can track the trip all through.

Authority – The service enables the customers with the full authority of their shipment regarding – selecting the vehicle, pick-up and destination points and even the driver for the transit. This gives the full control and choice to the customer.


Transforming lives with small steps

Maalgaadi App has stringent guidelines which changed the lives of the drivers associated with them. There is a list of dont’s which every driver has to follow, like – no alcohol, no tobacco, not abuse, to name a few.

Maalgaadi’s story tells us the power of resilience, the power of bouncing back and then taking on the hurdle with a renewed energy and hope.

Wish to develop an app like MaalGaadi? Contact us at EngineerBabu for a free consultation!

7 Tips to Get More Sales At Your Startup


I was a geek when started my startup; soon I realized we could not sustain if there are not enough sales. I learned and made a million dollar dream, and many said you couldn’t. I tried, you didn’t. I am done, Have fun!

When you run a Startup, the success of that Startup is dependent on numbers in a bank account. Making sales is one thing and making sales out of profits is another thing. Getting those numbers is simple, It’s all about playing the right track and creating that mood with clients at the right time.

1. At my age other want to get married and have kids but I want my parents the backseat of my Audi

Have a big dream; Universe is a big genie, it always says your wish is my command. If you have a dream, sell your dreams and helps others to fulfill theirs.

You as a founder are quite convinced and love your product or service but, that is no justification that your customers would love your product too.

 The psychology of a consumer is that he is going to buy your product or even think of buying your product when he’ll feel the necessity for the same. Identify the right customer for your product, don’t cheat, be honest.

2. People reject what they don’t understand

When you are new to this field, and you start to have inquiries related to your services, you focus on grabbing more and more clients. But, You cannot afford to make mistakes. This is the time where you have to focus on building trust and not just the clients.

Whenever there is an inquiry, just study the requirements first. Get to know more about what the client wants and how does he wants. Don’t jump straight towards making a quotation and sending it over to your client.

You have first to be very sure about your end; that would you be able to fulfill the client’s requirements? Would you be able to make provisions for the resources and everything needed to execute the project? If you are sure about it, then ask your client first about the budget. Because it might happen that you pitch a budget which is too low or too high and you might lose the client.

3. Silence is better than bullshit; Deliver quality and not quantity

A product can sustain the quality it delivers no matter how many features it delivers. If there is one product that has only ten features and delivers the quality, and another product which has 20 features but is poor in quality, the first product will always win and make wonderful sales. If your product is not promising, you can’t make a good name for your company.

 4. Support is the language the blind can see and deaf can hear

Now, you have made good sales, earned the trust of your customers. So, now what? Now, comes the point where your product is in use, and there will be problems or difficulties that your customers might be facing while using your service or product.

You have to make sure that you stand by them when they need you the most. It is very important to make them realize and feel that you were not just a mere stereotypical salesman who sold some shit to them, but rather a guy who sold something that was worth their money and hope.

When they need your help, don’t make them wait, set quick and easy support. You can have WhatsApp or ticketing system to provide easy support.

5. Money never sleeps; Ask for a referral

80% of people never ask for a referral. It is good practice always to ask for referrals because when people don’t know your product, but they know someone who uses it and whom they trust and believe in, they might come to you. It is the easiest way to crack great good deals.

 6. Write like a human being; People hate templates

The proposal must be one-to-one. Robotic content is always dry. It lacks that spirit and responsibility to it.

Your writing will reflect how well have you digested their requirements and their wants. There are supposed to be creative sequences in your way of presenting. It must be crisp, straight and to-the-point.

7. Sales are like a marriage; people do it with whom they trust

Well, when you sell your product, do it with emotions and feelings. The sale is a maneuver; it has a series of skilled movements entwined into it.

When you promise to do something to your customer, deliver that, If something is not working, the sooner you’ll get honest with this fact with your clients, the more trustworthy will your relationship will be.

This Article is originally published in Entrepreneur Magazine written by Mr. Mayank Pratap Singh.

Wagging Pal -The New Pet Finders Experience!


Just like a great business idea, the idea for a cause also evolves from a mind which wants to create a difference. The only difference between a business idea and an idea for a cause is the feeling to do something for someone not as fortunate as us. But this ‘only’ difference makes the biggest difference, and this it what makes us hail cause.

Today people around the world are working for millions of causes sizing from the tiniest to as big and evident as – climate change.

Well, this story is not about a beautiful cause. Someone from a small island country in the Caribbean – Trinidad & Tobago approached us with an idea to create an app for stray dogs, an app that would help in getting homes for the homeless canines.

Digging deeper we got to know that these guys were prompted to do so after the government of Trinidad & Tobago in 2014 passed a Dangerous Dog Act.

This act identifies a few breeds of dogs which are aggressive and attack people resulting in fatal or serious injuries. As a result people (majorly irresponsible) started to abandon their pet dogs.

This abandonment rendered a lot of dogs unsheltered and homeless and forced them to survive on the mercy of nature like many of their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

Whats it all about? came into existence after implementing all those feelings into a model. And today they are available as an app too, making the cause handy with people of Caribbean countries. WagginPal collaborates with the pet shelters and kennels and helps them promote the pets to the people. The app connects the users to these shelters, and the users choose the type of canine they want to adopt.

Let’s have a look at the app:

On the homepage, there is a list of pets that are up for adoption. There is a single profile slideshow that enables the user to browse through the profiles. A user can tap the ‘heart’ which goes red if he/she likes the pet or can tap the “X” (cross) otherwise.

A button on each slideshow profile quickly brings up the full profile of the pet which would allow you to take a better decision. If the heart is tapped, it will be added to a list of favourite pets.

In the individual pet profile, there is an option “Adopt Now” tapping which the user will be directed to a page where he/she can fill out a small form with personal details like- name, email address, telephone number, mailing address. They can select a date and time they would like to be visited by the shelter by tapping another option ‘calendar’ on the same page.

The authority to approve or turn down an application is held by the super admin post which the application is sent to the shelter in case it is approved.

This prevents spammers from emailing the shelters directly through the app or the website. In case multiple people like one pet, it’s up to the shelter to decide whom to select as an adapter. The shelter shall interview and personally meet them to decide the same.


In short:

  1.  A User selects a pet from the slideshow.
  2.  The liked pets would be shown in a “favourite” list.
  3.  The selected pet can be adopted by clicking “Adopt Now” on the pet’s profile.
  4.  The user would fill out his/her personal information with scheduling the preferred date and time he/she would liked to be visited by the shelter.
  5.  Once approved by the third party the user shall be notified via email about the status of the application. In case it is approved, a meeting would be scheduled.


If you find a lost animal and wish it should get its home, there is an “SOS Lost Pet” option.This feature would allow the users to take a photo and share it with their friends on the social media like- Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. A short description can be put up about the lost pet to make it easier to identify the lost animal.

Dog breeders can register as vendors and promote their dogs for sale by paying WaggingPal for a premium space. Registering process is as follows:

  1. To register as a vendor on WaggingPal (Website or App) a dog breeder has to fill out a form with personal details like- name, kennel information, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and the website. 
  2. Once received by WaggingPal it shall be approved or rejected whatever the case may be. Once approved they can create dog profiles to display on the feature pet areas just as pet shelters. 
  3. The vendor will be charged a flat $ rate for using the area. 
  4. WaggingPal will be able to take 15 vendors for an area only on their platform.

How the app is built:

With beautiful material design, the app captures the attention of the users. It uses the latest material themes, card layouts for designing beautiful graphical interface. We not only focused on UI, but we cared about the UX also.

That makes it user-friendly. The app is developed using InstaMaterial sliding effects which make it easy and interactive for users to search pets. Users can search pets according to their preferences. The Android app was developed with Android Studio IDE and the iOS application with Swift Language.

For having an app of your own contact us at EngineerBabu.

Humans are Headed, Resources are Managed: 5 Ways to Head Your Team


I graduated from college and joined an MNC. I was a newbie, freshly out of the cocoon, ready to take on the world. The corporate world gave me goosebumps; big buildings, amazing offices, gorgeous ladies in formals and all that suave. It was a dream come true, something I fantasized.

I used to take the office bus to commute to the office. I observed that the fellow commuters didn’t talk to each other, in fact, they didn’t even know the names of each other. Earphones plugged in the ears, mobile screens flashing on their faces and people smiling, perhaps reading the jokes on their cell phones. Devices had already replaced humans was what I thought.

Then I met my team leaders and project manager. We broke for lunch; I saw my project manager, he was a 60 plus aging man who had spent his entire life working in IT. He was having his lunch all alone, far from his team, far from everyone else.

Later sometime, I overheard him discussing with a colleague; “We have 25 resources in this batch”. I was taken aback for a while. “Resources that are what supplies or reservoirs are called” – I thought to myself. But the harsh truth which unveiled to me was-people are called resources in the corporate world.

That was the day, I decided to build my own startup; where people would be humans and not resources. After 3 long years, I got an opportunity to create my own startup, and today we are a 45 member strong and happy team.

For me my team is not only “Human Resource“, but they are humans working for our vision and contributing their best toward our dream of making EngineerBabu bigger by each passing day.

Every leader needs to understand one thing; running behind numbers all the time won’t make your employees fall in love with their work. Numbers will surely help you grow but not the energy in the people who make you grow.

Without falling in love you can’t get passionate. Love is what drives passion. And as a leader, you need to make your team fall in love with whatever they do.

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it” – Simon Sinek

So what does then? The answer is – your care and affection. Good leaders are responsible for the “People” who in turn are responsible for the numbers. Care about your people and the people will give you the numbers you desire.


Here are five things we did:

1. No designated chairs:

There are no chairs with names on them in our office, unlike many companies. Anyone can sit on anyone’s chair. This is the
first principle to diminish boundaries.

To get an equitable working environment, you need to get everyone on the same platform first. People shouldn’t feel the difference set by the hierarchy.

2. Juxtaposing functions:

We believe in synergy. Synergy makes the team achieve the desired goals smoothly. To facilitate synergy in our team, we have juxtaposed the functions like sales and development.

The sales guy should understand what a developer is building. He should have an idea of the aspects like pricing, technicality, what man-hours are going into it. Similarly, a developer should understand the ground realities that he/she will get from a sales guy.

Market insight, practical application, what a consumer seeks etc. It also helps us in bypassing all the possibilities of blame game and inter-departmental frictions as these functions are different from each other but by cooperation and understanding they work as 2 wheels of a cycle, all synced.

3. Pick yourself up and move on:
“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein.
We believe in to err is to human. We encourage people to learn from their mistakes and move on.

The way you make people understand the learning from a mistake makes the difference. We have an accepting and learning work environment which helps people to learn and remember.

4. Humble and desire:

It is not a team of geniuses, it is a team with fire. Our hiring is not sourced from big colleges, rather it is sourced from normal institutes.

We praise the humility and see the desire to grow in a candidate, which is fulfilled by the students of normal institutes. Big names bring huge attitudes and we are humble to the core.

People from small places have bigger dreams and greater values, although they are grounded they desire to touch the sky.

5. We hire but don’t fire:

We are a family and members are not expelled from a family.”You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.”> – Herb Kelleher.
We believe in taking aboard, nurturing and developing people.

A good leader doesn’t direct but coaches. Just like a sculptor identifies which wood to carve, a leader should identify the right attitude and carve out the skills.
“Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders” – Simon Sinek


With that note I believe, if there is a dearth of people in the
market, there is a dearth of that bond too. Leadership is not about pointing that one finger to show directions, but it is how you clench the fingers to form a fist which bangs on the target each time it hits.

This Article was originally published at Entrepreneur Magazine written by Mayank Pratap Singh.

Education Finder App: One app for Abroad Education Path


At some point in life, everyone has come across the anxiety for their further education; which college/institute? Which place? What fees? So on and so forth. These have always been haunting questions for all the students.

As you would read through, you would be envious of the people who are so well placed in time that they get to carve their futures with so much of ease.

Mr Atul Asati, one of our clients came to us with an amazing idea, an idea which would provide all the information needed about the institutes and universities abroad at the tap of your finger. It is sort of an education aggregator.

This idea was born when Atul Asati, Founder-Education Finder, working in Florida, US with a pharma company was struck by an idea of creating an information source for the students aspiring further education out of their countries, thus making it much simpler to get the first-hand information about their potential alma-maters. To start with he created a Facebook page, to address to the queries related to VISAs, entrance exams and other admission details for various international colleges and universities.

As the popularity grew he decided to get a new platform for his stemming idea- an app which can reach out to masses in much lesser time, which can be very handy enabling students to access information anytime, anywhere, and of course with a lot of accurate and precise information.

He approached EngineerBabu for the implementation. We heard him out, and we instantly got interested, not because it is our business but cause the idea was stunning and fresh. The idea came to be known as Education Finder.

How it came into being is our story. This was a very different project for us. Although the challenges were not less, at the end, it gave us an amazing insight of education industry.

Our biggest challenge was to process the huge amount of data which we were going to deal with. The crawling and refining of such humongous data was difficult.

Education Finder covers 12 different countries and covering 12 countries means covering a bunch of languages.
Finally, with all that hard work we were able to transform the world class idea into an app. To share a few features with the readers:
Information of institutes across 12 countries: Education Finder encompasses the data of more than 25000 institutes and universities spread across 12 countries-UK, US, Germany, Canada to name a few.
Fees and other costs: The app gives you a deep insight on the fees structures and boarding costs. It also provides information on over 100,000 scholarship programmes across all degrees, institutes, universities.
Social profile:  Just like any other social media, you can create your profile on Education Finder. This enables you getting updates of universities and institutes, searching colleges, and communicating with them.
Filters: The app provides a filter with many filter criteria like- name, location, tuition fee, etc. It empowers you to refine your search as much as possible.
Simple Design: We have developed this app considering the audience very well. Education Finder is an app for students, and one can find the reflection of this thought in its design.
Multilingual: With spread across 12 countries, the app is available in 40 different languages which provide a vernacular connect to the users which are spread across such a large geography.
Cutting Edge Technologies:
With beautiful material design, the app captures the attention of users. It uses latest material themes, card layouts for designing beautiful graphical interface.
We were not only focusing on UI, but we cared about UX also. That is why users find it easy to use.  
App shows universities in Google Map which ease users to find the exact location of the university.
University searching became very fast and easy using our efficient searching algorithm and Google Places APIs. Multiple social logins i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Email are there so that users can login or register easily.
Android App was developed in Android Studio IDE and iOS app in Swift Language.
Android App:
iPhone App:
Client Review For EngineerBabu Team 

Three Ways to Solve the Most Common Problems at Your Startup


Many start-ups around the world face “StartUp” problems and challenges, and most of them are dead within the first year of inception.

When I faced trouble I solved it in three ways:-
•    Focus on Customers
•    Serve your employees
•    Learn from the competitors

1. Focus on Customers

 The thing that I hate most is, everybody talking about investors. They take them in number one priority whereas customers should be the priority. Clients are the one who gives you money, innovation, and happiness.

When I faced trouble in my work, my clients and friends were the one to tell; “Hey, Mayank keeps going. You are doing a great thing. You can’t die just like that”. “When an investor is in your mind, you only focus on revenue generation, transaction, and how can you take next level of investment ahead.

I hardly found that it’s hard to turn your investor into a customer.  In my view,  I don’t believe Mr. Pierce Brosnan ate Pan Bahar ever the cricket God Tendulkar or people’s favourite Kohli must have driven that bike or car. It’s difficult to believe that superstar Amitabh Bachchan uses Navratan oil.  Your customer is always there with you. They give you money, hope, and most importantly support.  Make a habit to measure client satisfaction. This will help you in discovering your short-coming.
2. Serve your Employees
Your employee and your team make the most of the difference in your life. It’s your team that turns your dream into reality. Innovation takes place when you listen to your employees. Ideas flourish when you solve their problem and look after their family problem to some extent as well. Doing this will make them feel as if it’s their business not only your company. They will love to accompany you and feel glad to work along with you. When you start believing your team, you will see a rise in their performance. They will love to work for you.

What I learned:
        “Try to find right people, not the best people”

Why we are Successful:
•    We don’t have an MBA, IITs or any high experience people
•    We are not smart enough, and I could not crack IIT
•    We are not hard working; Rickshaw wala does more hard work than us
We are successful as we have the dream with us – A dream to do something great.  We have hope within us to achieve anything we dream.

All the employees who came from big industries to work with us have left.  They left us as they could only be team leaders, persons who could only drive the process, not passion.

Remember one thing in life: When you are small, hire people, not talent as the appointed person is there to share his dream, not just to work with you.

When you recruit, you don’t need best people with great academics and professional qualifications but the people with right attitude and spirit to learn. This is one key to our success.
It is important for you to have a team that has updated skills to handle their responsibilities more effectively.

Do not shy away from on-the-company training sessions for your employees. This will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. What’s more, these training sessions will increase your employees’ level of commitment to the company.

On the same note, it will not break a bone if you too attend short courses to upgrade your business skills. There are many free online courses for business owners and managers, which you can choose to attend with your convenience.

3. Learn from the Competitors
You should always love your competitors, and learn from them. To grow fast, you should have competitors. Respect them and learn as much as you can. Your competitors are the best research laboratory for you. Instead of copying, you should try to learn from them.

I love and admire my competitors because every time I look at them, I feel good. They aren’t there for fighting. For instance, the models, why they are successful, have you ever thought?
The most interesting part of the business is competition. But it should be a healthy one. When you find your competitors using the money to compete with you, they start losing your faith.
Business is all about wisdom, hope, and courage. Last but not least, never let your dream die.

This Article is originally published at Entrepreneur Magazine written by Mr.  Mayank Pratap Singh.

How Muhurat Time App Reached to 50,000 User?


I got a call from Virender Singh Rao, a famous astrologer. He prophesied auspicious time (Muhurat) for buying vehicles, housewarming ceremonies, marriages and what not. He forecasted all this based on some astrological calculations.

He was limited to his village folks, although he enjoyed the popularity he had, yet something unnerved him all the time. One day a question crept in his mind; why is his knowledge restricted to limited people of his village? With the question, an idea followed, how about catering a mass, how about expanding his services? He decided to take up the issue of some professionals.

He approached “EngineerBabu” to find out how he can spread his services to people. We suggested him an idea of an app which will be based on his intellectual decisions to make accurate forecasts and that too servicing 10,000 to 50,000 people. Wonder how Babus completed this idea. Here is the answer to that.

The process of development of an Android application from 0 to 1 is a  process which involves multiple steps. While developing an app, many factors are to be kept in mind.

Our team at EngineerBabu carried out the whole process through thorough brainstorming sessions and complete the project keeping in mind every requirement of the client. Now going back to our astrologer-client, Converting his idea into an Android application was a big challenge.

  • The foundation for the application was to gather the propitious requirement, information, and functionality which astrologer wanted to include and will make our app useful for every occasion.  We have moved a step ahead now but still there were many significant points need to be addressed like
  1. Language-  The Language used in the app should be such that it can be easily understood by all group of people, And thus we used Hindi.

     2.  App size- The app size should be small so that it can be used on 2G connection also.A big app means a lot of storage space. People do not like giving up space unless it’s an Uber.
    3.  Simple Interface-  It shouldn’t be complicated for a user, to say – it should be user-friendly and Comprehensible and hence we didn’t use material design in our application.
  4.  Platforms: The app should be available for Android as well as iOS platforms. The market share of both these platforms have risen by manifold and are continuously rising.

  • Designing-

Designing work was completed by the creative team of a designer. Keeping all major points in mind the designer worked on the wireframe of the application and included all major occasion on a single interface only. The interface included an option of instructions, which in results in simplicity, for use.

The design included an option for daily mahurat, inauguration, marriages, festivals, travel, etc.  The astrologer was happy to see the interface as his knowledge was carved now on paper and was approved by him. These designs were locked, and they were hand over to the developer.

  • Development-

Now the developer’s life was in the dilemma as he needed logic to show the auspicious time on a daily basis for every occasion.  Virendra Rao Ji was called again; now a discussion was held, and Rao Ji gave us the formula to calculate the required time. Now the developer perceived the solution to the problem, and he Integrated this formula in the application.

Now the result was shown based on the calculation done at runtime but eventually, the result shown was not right. The Formula was revised again, and now developer incorporated the formula in the application.

The developer then coordinated with the back-end developer and an API (Application program interface) was developed The server was purchased to create an API so that the result can be Parsed in JSON. Now the app was tested to see whether the user and system requirements have been met.

  • Testing –

Next step is to assure the user’s satisfaction. The application was tested at user and developer end. Unit testing was performed on each unit of the application, and the output was taken corresponding to dummy values. Functionality was checked at the system level and an application was released at beta version was released for so that further improvement in the application can be made.

The most important thing once an app is up and running is a good performance and user security. An essential part need to be included is settings and contact us options in the app.  It was finally deployed on google play store at a cost of $25 and there were more than 10,000 downloads for the application. Our happy client Rao Ji, bestowed us.
Client Review For EngineerBabu Team 

How we made $46,400 in 12 Days : Free Growth Hacking Tips


Growth Hacking Tips for Startup 
Enough with Theory, Time to do hands-on.
I am not going to sell any services to you; we make enough money by doing Mobile App and Web development for clients.
This small Post is going to Help you in Two things

  1. A) Getting Filtered Mass Traffic for Free
  2. B) Converting them to You Client

I started my career as a hardcore programmer, but I realise; I can’t sustain without sales. I learnt sales by Books and Video lectures. YouTube is God, and It helps you to learn anything you want. Good things are that most of the things are free.We realise we need visitors that can help us in SEO and Clients from the USA. Due to some obvious reasons, clients from the USA pays well, and we can save 15% in Service tax.
Mistakes We Did:

We hired SEO Agency; they said “Within 6 Month your website is going to rank, I need some of your competitors and Keywords” etc. But things didn’t work the way they were planned to work. I was scared about SEO and Content Marketing.
But Again when you are running the business, and your business needs something you should not give the excuse, there is nothing better than having organic traffic and referral clients.

If you are new, you need a targeted mass traffic. In our case, we were looking for USA or UK visitors. I tried Facebook, Pinterest, Google Ads, Instagram earlier and Nothing worked like LinkedIn.
LinkedIn for Organic Traffic: Our purpose was not to get traffic; our goal was to get clients from USA or UK who can give us Mobile Application and Web Development orders.


LinkedIn helped me get excellent clients. I have shared a post on.
How we got 9700 project Inquiry in One Year through LinkedIn

Step 1: Find a Story that can trend in the USA
We posted a story about JK Rowling Struggle, and It received more than 37,332 Likes, 1,526 comments and tonnes of views.
To make it reach that number you need to keep up with the pace. Reply to each comment that you receive; it will make people re-read and probably share as well.
Note: Those are USA and UK Users not from India

  • Get Thousands of Visitors
  • Let them read your blog
  • Reply to comments
  • Don’t spam

Step 2: – Add a Blog that can give more info
You need customers, not like or comments. Don’t waste time on counting likes or comments focus on your Goal. You can notice, I have added one link in my LinkedIn post, to read more please visit here.
90% People want to know more about her. Now your time to sell or create the value proposition.
Don’t Spam your customers, share something that can add value in their life.
It’s not you who sell it’s the people who buy.

Step 3: Add a Decent Popup with Product or Services Pitch
Let people read article, check reading time, I have added a manual popup on following criteria

  1. Users: Not from India
  2. Reading time: More than 40 Seconds
  3. Last Visited: Less than 7 Days.

I am sending to targeted users only “only people coming from abroad can view my pitch; they got enough time to read the article & they are not my previous customers.”
IntercomWe use
You can check results how it is performing

Step 4: Growth Hacking Results
Clicks: 12,430
Popups:  7,824
Leads: 31
Project Converted: Android (2), iPhone (3), Web(2) = Total 7
Total Earning: $46,400
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10 Smart Ways to Increase Sales in your Startup


Increase online sales: No matter your start-up is either product based or service based—seeing sales soar is what all you want to see. Starting a startup is an easy task when compared to the task of selling the products or services you spent months to build.

It’s not an exaggeration of the importance of sales when said that sales can either make or break your business—in fact, it holds true for any business you could possibly imagine. Here, we present you the TEN most important—yes, I’ll say it again—we present you the TEN most important ways to help you increase online sales in your start-up. 

1. Stop closing sales and start providing values —

Nowadays every salesperson wants to increase online sales and find ways of closing. They read and see videos of what is the perfect way to close the sale—or which is the perfect time to sell call to close the sale—numerous similar trends are followed blindly by the salespersons. But the secret is to not go for finding ways of closing a sale but to provide the customers something really valuable.

Everybody looks for value for money, and if your product or service is not offering something of value, then it is very unlikely that you would be closing an expected number of sales. Giving value allows you to use creativity and become magnetic. And when you’re magnetic you don’t have to chase people or opportunities, they start chasing you.

Being magnetic means you are a giver. The most successful entrepreneurs that we know are the people who constantly give as much as they could. Givers are confident in their hustle, and they never mind coming out of their comfort zones and offering something much more valuable that amazes customers and thus drives sales. 

Value can be perceived by:

  • Ease of use of service or product after the purchase
  • Increase in productivity for the customer
  • Boost in customer moral after product or service is installed
  • Providing Reasonably Affordable product or service—not the cheapest rather best valued
  • Continued valued messages to help the customer after the purchase.
    I have written a detailed article on How to hire freelancer online 

2. Fear of Rejection

It’s a totally bogus concept. The saying that the fear of rejection among your salesperson is the reason of low sales of your start-up is false, along with the persons who says this. This is a pretty good excuse and made when the salesperson lacks essential skills likes communication or friendliness. The one of biggest myth in sales is that the salesperson doesn’t like the cold call because they fear rejection.

It’s a sick thought. We heard managers saying to the salesperson that customers have not rejected you—they rejected your offers. No man! They rejected your offers and your people—both. And it’s not because the salesperson was in a kind of fear of rejection.

It’s because the top management leadership skills of your start-up is weak and their soft skills training are weaker and without these two essential things how can you expect your salesperson to score high on sales? Rejection is a reason based response and when you are wise enough to know when and by which wrong activity the rejection may come, there is a very good chance that you can possibly eliminate those activities and acts.

Reasons of Rejections are —

      1. Lack of ATTITUDE not only positive attitude but also the lack of a winning attitude.
      2. Lack of preparation in terms of a customer.
      3. Lack of customer’s belief in you and your offerings.
      4. Lack of proper sales skills.
      5. Lack of personal self-confidence.
      6. Lack of resilience.
      7. Lack of personal pride in your work. Consistent lateness, missed appointments, cynical comments, etc.
      8. Negative self-thoughts. Like thinking—I am not good enough for this.
      9. Lack of self-esteem. Somebody said you are not capable enough and you believed in it.

Overcoming these reasons would surely boost up your confidence and definitely your increase online sales. 

3. Asking for Referrals —

This is one of the worst things you can do for your startup—asking for referrals. It doesn’t make sense to beg for referrals. This is not only an embarrassing act but asking for referral can even jeopardise the future of your relationship with the customer. Studies have proved that asking for referrals makes the customer uncomfortable, and eventually, they lose interest in maintaining a healthy relationship with you.

Referral is something that works best when it is given without asking. Genuine referrals are one of the great tools to increase sales and revenue for your firm. But, getting genuine referrals is not that easy—no one gives a referral until and unless your firm had delighted customers with your products or services and they are happy satisfied and eager to work with you. When happy and satisfied customers gave your referral, it’s sure that it will convert into a business. So, rather than asking for referrals, delight your existing customers so that they could tell how they feel when they used your product or service.

Be available always and be a consistent value provider. You may even give a referral to the customer, see that if anything is value to them and start making a connection. The thing to remember is that GIVE TO GIVE, NOT GIVE TO GET.

4. Change your Approach —

Having a great sales approach is as important as having essential skills for sales. It’s the way of approach that defines how the customer will respond at the first place. It’s all about having a great first impression so that you could continue to flatter the customer. Being impressive is not an option—it’s the necessity.
A systematic sales approach with an equally detailed research of the customer and his company is pre-requisite before making a sale call or meet. You have to do your homework about their company, and about the person, you are going to meet.

Prepare every type of questions you need to understand them and their business needs. Be more questioning than your competitors, so that you could know more about the customers than your competitors. Asking more and talking less is the key of the building trust in a sales conversation. Get a list of the things that excites them.

Every company has something to achieve with the product or service they buy—figure it out as early as possible and then direct your conversation to offer product and services to meet their planned goals. Being more patience and less anxious will help you analyse better. 

5. If you don’t know, then ask —

Asking right questions is the most powerful element of selling. Asking not only clarifies doubts but also builds trust among the people in conversation. Asking questions that are thought provoking develops a sense of respect from the buyer and eventually he is flattered by your deep intellectual business sense. If you are not so sure about questions then do take time— framing the questions.

It’s a great way to gain the essential trust and friendliness that helps you to increase online sales And when they are friendly and trusting with you, they will give you valuable insights that will help you customising your business solution for them. And these initial factors determine whether they are going to buy from you or not. So, remember to put numerous thought provoking questions next time you are in your sales pitch.

6. Positive Mental Attitude —

Having a positive mental attitude is also a great way to win your customers and make them love you and your services or product. Most people when asked say without hesitation that indeed they possess a positive mental attitude. But the truth is that they don’t. In fact, they were not even close to the thing called positive mental attitude.

They don’t understand that positive attitude is not a feeling, it’s a self-induced state of mind. Yes, there’s no possibility that you will have a positive attitude without transforming yourself from within. You have the supreme control of positivity within yourself. All of attitude changing is hooky, but you have to transform this into the real world by keeping it in your own mind.
But, how will you do it?

  • Surround yourself to a positive environment. Read positive books, watch positive videos, CDs, doing exercise— especially yoga and meditation.
  • A positive self-talk, thinking of how you can, not how you can’t.

Always have a firm believe that you can achieve it. Don’t listen to other people telling you that you are nuts, they are just jealous. Start now and work on things that matter every day. Simple? But it takes a lot of hard work.

Remember that there is no instant positive attitude, only instant negative attitude. So, fill yourself with all types of positivity and develop a positive state of mind to embark on the journey of personal and professional success and increase online sales.

7. Negotiate —

Negotiation “techniques” are something that every WEAK salesperson must learn. Negotiation— itself means that you’ve failed to give value to the customer and you haven’t build any relationship with them.
What would you do? — Negotiate, try to manipulate, save money and lower the price, OR would you rather look for pleasure, build a relationship, uncover profit, and build strengths?

Would you “hammer out a deal” where no one really wins, or provide value such that the customer will pay your price and both parties win?
ANSWER: If you want to negotiate, do it BEFORE THE SELLING OR HIRING PROCESS. Set criteria for the qualifications of bidders. Change the terms of the RFP so that you become a favoured vendor. Or better, eliminate the competition. THAT’S NEGOTIATION.

BETTER ANSWER: Use testimonials to eliminate negotiation. Back up all claims and value offerings with customer video testimonials.
THINK ABOUT THIS: Every dime you take off of your price comes right off your bottom line. increase online sales.

8. I want to think about it—

“I want to think about it”, “I want to think over”.  This is one of the most frustrating type of rejection you often meet. You go through a sales presentation for one hour, and you have that gut feeling that yes, the sale will close in your favour. But, the customer after listening to your so assumed greatest ever pitch doesn’t make up his mind and come up with – “Everything sounds great, but I want to think about it for few days.”
You have lost the deal man. He is gone.
What are you supposed to do now?

Trust me; nothing is going to work when someone has said this to you. So, there exists only prevention of this deadly situation. So, what’s the way to not let the conversation go this way? The answer is— understanding. Understanding why people say this thing even, you have just finished a great sales presentation.

It is a direct result of one or more of these elements

* Some unspoken fear or reason or risk.
* Not wanting to “just say no.”
* You haven’t uncovered my real motive to buy.
* I don’t like you.
* I don’t trust you.
* I think your price is too high.
All of these elements or reasons are the real barrier to increase online sales. “I want to think about it” is a mask of rejecting your product or service, not an objection or barrier.

But, GOOD NEWS is that all of these elements are discoverable. But it’s up to the salesperson to understand what really causes “think it over.”

It’s not about RESPONSE. It’s about PREVENTION.
Before you blame the customer for THEIR lack of ability to decide, you must ask yourself these questions –
* Did I offer a value a unique value proposition that favoured the customer?
* Did I ask enough questions to discover the motive and urgency of his buying?
* Did I establish rapport and friendly dialogue?
* Was I able to create a difference between me and my competition?
* Did I uncover the prospects experience and past use?
* Do I know what the prospect’s expected outcome is?
BEFORE you hear “I want to think about it” you may be able to prevent it. Study the reasons and elements above as a start. So, to increase online sales the thing is that you have to create a perceived value in the mind of the buyer between your product or service and the others – then you have a chance. If the prospect likes you, believes you, has confidence in you, there may be a sale.

9. Two most important words —

Selling is not as hard as people make it look. Not doing the right things at right time and not asking right questions is what make it look worse. If brought down to fewer words, sales have two most important words – first is WHY. At the first place, why you are selling this? Why in the world you want to hear non-stop mind boggling phone calls and why in the world you want to spend days and nights making sales pitch that works.

And if any of the answer is MONEY. Please get out of this profession and forget to increase online sales as soon as possible. Making money never motivated someone to push their limits and do works that amazes people. It’s the will of doing something valuable and worthy for people that motivate us to go beyond our capabilities.

And the second word is YOU. Why you? Why the customers buy from you at the first place? Why not he should look to an alternate and cheaper deal for his business? The answer lies in building a relationship. Customers buy you before buying your service or product. They see you as a person who is soon going to solve his business problems. So, first, be that person whom they could trust and give their valuable money and by solving their problem in a great way you could build a lifetime relationship with him.

10. Kick your own ass —

Not a single thing comes without an ardent desire and willing to do things. Being successful or increase online sales has a lot more to do with the will of getting successful and kicking your ass to constantly working more than your competition. Hard work has no substitute and without that making your start-up successful is a far cry. Be ready to take on challenges and find immediate solutions to problems that stop you from being the best.

Your attitude impacts every single thing you do, whether it’s sale or marketing or any other thing. And before trying to impart these things in your sales pitch, impart these things in yourself. Be the best version of you by constantly pushing your limits. Work on a positive philosophy and have enough self-inspiration that drives you to work even in unfavourable moments. Greatness lies when we fight and win from inside out. Now on, remember to improve yourself each day and inspire yourself to work harder than previous day. Keep in mind that it’s the hardest work that brings the hardest sales.
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How to Hire Best Freelancers Online


A to Z guide of Freelancing World

Note: write- I am Cofounder of EngineerBabu also write a weekly column about Startups in Entrepreneur Magzine. We are into same space & my reviews are bit biased hope you find it interesting 🙂

If you have an Idea and Looking for Hire Freelancers Online, this Bible is for you :).

1. Who are Freelancers 
Freelancers, as the name suggest are the people not bound by an employer, office hours or attires. They are free from all the regular and usual shackles. Freelancing has always been as evident and contemporary as the (contractual) full-time jobs. Freelancers are majorly involved with writing, programming, web designing, editing, advertising and other job works.

Freelancer:  “Someone who works from home or Beach but get things done the way you want 🙂

2. Why you should Hire freelancer Online
90% Projects we receive from the first-time Entrepreneur. That means people are already in full-time Job, saved some money, have an idea and want to try.

a) Hiring freelancers reduces your Risk of Leaving Job:
I did the same, five years ago, I was working in Tech Mahindra, I build beta version and once all set I left the job and became a full-time entrepreneur. You don’t need to leave your high paying job till the idea is not validated. Idea validation simply means you have initial 100 paying customers and those are happy with your product. Leave your high paying job only after your product is stable, and you either got good funding or making enough to sustain.

b) Build a prototype and See how market behave:
Once you have the beta version, check with your friends and beta community like Check their feedback, Get things fixed, Have stable version.
c) Cost
Working with freelancers reduces your cost of unnecessary things like Office rent, Maintenance, Phone Bill, Electricity, etc. 🙂

Learning: How I saved $20000 a Year with freelancing work
Earlier we had in-house content writers, Indore is not a place where I can find great tech content writer, we invest a lot in Salaries, Employee engagement and making them happy, etc.

After calculation, we realised we are spending approx $200 for an article. We decided to leave work for professionals and focus on things we are best at. We hired 3 NewYork-based freelance content writers who were doing Masters in computers and had excellent communication skills. We got writers at $20 per article, and were super happy.

D) Time:
You can be an expert in once domain but not in all, decide which is the best technology for your idea like Anguar2, Node, React, etc. Whether a website is enough, or you need a mobile app also? Whether Android-only first or iOS also.

3. Place to Find Freelancers
There is almost 100+ Freelancing website available over the internet, but the popular ones are:
Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, iWriter, Appfutura, Fiver, People per hour, Craigslist Jobs, jobs, etc.


Fiverr Reviews

Fiverr Reviews (335) Users

Though people have Very negative reviews about, As a client I found it good for small jobs like
getting Logo Design, Writing Articles, Hiring Someone to do marketing, Someone can even sing a song for you in $5.

I used Fiverr quite a lot of time, and I still do for jobs like getting the Facebook cover design, Image editing work, etc.

Pros :
1. All in One solution for day to Day tasks like Appointment Setting, Content, SEO, Marketing, Editor, etc.

1. you won’t get very high quality and accuracy, carefully filter your list,
2. Share clear instruction, you need to do all communication over Fiverr chat,
3. For every customization, you will be charged extra.
Note: Don’t keep money in their wallet. Writer clear instruction before hiring. Hire only experienced people, don’t hire new baby.




Freelancer is one of the Oldest websites When I was a kid they started this company. I worked as a client and as Developer, while starting my freelancing journey, at Freelancer.

Pros :
1. If you are looking for something really cheap this website is for you,
2. A good place to hire mass crowd from Bangladesh and Pakistan who can help you to promote your Facebook page,
3. Freelancer App is really nice, good design and really easy to use,
4. They don’t have any low price limit.

1. Since it’s mass dedicated, you need to filter a lot,
2. Hard to find good quality freelancer or company,
3. Only needy and Job-hungry people comes there.
Note: Don’t pay upfront until you are not satisfied or assured with their genuineness.

C) Upwork Reviews

Upwork is leading company in Freelancing word: Upwork is joint venture of oDesk and Elance
Odesk: It was focused on Freelancers. You can hire freelancers on hourly pay.

eLance: It was focused on Companies. They merged their businesses and launched Upwork. Upwork has the largest community of freelancers and is still growing very fast.
Freelancers are charged for making a new connect so as a client you can know that only serious and confident freelancers will be applying.

1. You can find great developers and companies,
2. Good range of talent domain,
3. Can even find some big companies,
4. Can rely on the rating and reviews.
5. Don’t need to filter a lot.
1. They suspend account of users (vendor and client both) very quickly for vague reasons,
2. They charge 20% from clients and 20% from Developers, and that’s really huge amount.

Note: A bit expensive but serious people business. Good Quality freelancers

I really like Upwork, but I don’t know why people hate them.

Upwork Reviews

You can read more reviews here 
For more clearly on hiring freelancers:
I wrote an Article on TechinAisa that received thousands of views and comment,


Steps to Hire Freelancers

With technological advancement, mobile apps are fast changing the way the market and businesses operate and communicate with their customers. Does your business run with the help of mobile apps? Having a well-designed and operative mobile app is a huge and essential asset for a business. However, you need to find the best app developer who can build your app. How do you ensure you get the best developer for your company? Here are some tips you need to watch out for to avoid frustrations in your business.

Tips on how to hire freelance mobile app developer

1. Take your time
When recruiting a new app developer, you need to take time before allowing anyone in. This is because something done in a rush is bound to fail. Ensure that you hire A-class professionals who are motivated to assist you and take your company to a higher level. Take your time so that you can know who is best suited. If you work with the best, you will always create an edge in the mobile app market.

With time you will know more about how professional and serious a developer is. Years of experience is not always the deciding factor; it’s the quality of work and nature of the person.

2. Hire the best
Many people are usually torn in between hiring a developer with a talent or one who can help you in long run. When recruiting, always look out for a developer with the best skills and one who is talented. They one might stay in your company for a short period but will definitely leave it better than they found it. Consider skill and talent more than the period one will spend in the company.

3. Remember cheap is expensive
Don’t always look for the lowest price when hiring an app developer. Although price must be a consideration, do not let it affect your decision. Good app developers charge what they feel is the best price; going for a low-budget option might reflect in your sales or in user-experience(UI) to your customers who use the app. Failure to please them, might cost you loyal customers.

4. Time frame is key
Do you have a deadline to create a certain app? If so, you need to think about the time-frame when hiring. For instance, if you have a certain release date or launch of a project, you’ll need to hire a developer who can work with the set deadline and requirements. Also, you need to consider their speed and motivation for the work, which you will know over the long calls.

5. Discuss the ownership of the app
Have you worked with an app developer who doesn’t share the ownership of the mobile app? Before signing a contract with any developer, you should have a clear understanding of the ownership of the app once it’s completed. Otherwise, you will never have a full control of your business.

6. Look at their past works
When looking for an app developer for hire, it’s important to put more weight on the apps that are relevant to your market or your industry. You can ask the app developer to show some of their past apps that they have developed before. Check if it is close to what you are looking or if the developer has worked for any clients in your industry. These factors are important to consider in order to avoid hiring the wrong person. It’s worthwhile in the end!

7. Communication is essential
If you want your company to cut an edge in the mobile app industry, you need to hire a perfect match. Ensure you find a developer with whom you can communicate well. This is because; you and the developer will most certainly need to communicate on the revisions and ideas before settling on a certain app. Remember, communication is key to success!

8. Ask for proof of their successes
How can you tell that one has been successful without seeing a proof of what they have done? To be sure that you are getting the best, you need to ask the app developer for their best apps and their strengths in relation to app development.

9. Seek out referrals
Why are referrals important? A referral you trust can serve as one of the best and most trusted resources for getting quality and skilled app developers. Try and find out if their previous clients have been happy with the developers’ work. This way, you will be sure of the person you are hiring and what to expect.

10. Self-motivation
How does it feel to work with a self-motivated person? The best favor you can do your company and yourself is to hire a self-motivated person. They will always work to advance themselves since they always want to become better. Also, you won’t have to push a self-motivated person around at any particular time. If you want to achieve your set goals and objectives, get someone who understands what they want in life.

11. Understand your needs
Before hiring, you should ask yourself why you need the app and of what benefit it will be to the company. This way, you will understand clearly what you need to look for in the developer. Additionally, understanding your needs will help you avoid expensive mistakes which might cost your company a fortune.

12. Will your developer use the app?
Make sure that you are targeting your customers before developing any new application. Carry out a market research to find out the kind of apps the customers have in mind.

In addition, you can try to get some ideas of what the customers would want to be included in the app. When you understand your customers’ needs, you will understand fully the kind of app developer you need. It will be easier to lay down your needs.

13. Ask for a sample
Do you want to hire the best? Then carry out a thorough recruitment exercise. Give the potential app developer your needs and ask them to prepare a sample app. Test and try the sample before hiring, if it makes you happy, you can go ahead and hire him/her. If not, continue with the process until your needs are met.

At the end of the day, you should ensure that you get your company the best app developer. To get the best, you must be willing to invest in the best way in terms of money and time. Take your time, give it the best. It’s worthwhile in the end!

Extra Precaution while Hire Freelancers online

This might seem like a trivial question for a common person, but when it comes to venture startups or business development, this might very well be considered as an issue of significant substance. A freelancer is a person who might not necessarily be committed to a particular organisation but can sell his labour or intellect for his own as well as the company’s benefit.

Freelancers if chosen correctly, can get the assigned task in a specialised and prolific manner. It’s not only time saving but economic when it comes to financing management. However, due to the abundance of available freelancers, the question of hiring the most dexterous freelancers becomes paramount. Therefore, these points must be considered while to hire freelancers:-

Freelancer’s Portfolio Guinness
The first and the foremost thing that must be dug about a freelancer should be his portfolio. A portfolio gives a vague picture of what the freelancer’s work is all about. It matters if the freelancer has previously undertaken jobs of similar genre. Even if that’s not the case, his previous jobs could point towards his ability to get this job done. A freelancer having some references by his side is always a plus.

Time Bound Agreement
Step three on How to Hire Freelancers Online

One of the most basic requirements of any company or venture includes that the person or freelancer must be able to deliver his work before the deadline. It doesn’t matter that the work of the person is of utmost quality if it is not being accomplished on time. If the freelancer has no antecedent experience with deadlines, then he can be asked for work samples, before actually hiring him/her.

Fair & Clear Payment Agreements
Sometimes, the option of hiring cheap freelancers can be very tempting. But doing so could lead to unfortunate setbacks. While deciding on payment terms, there are N number of things that must be noted such as currency conversion, pre-payment and post-payment conditions, what might happen if he is not able to deliver, etc. The final amount that is finalised must be agreed upon by both the parties before starting the work itself. Deciding all such factors on a prior basis not only improves the professional relationship but also steers clear of any possibility of conflicts.

Frequency of Communication
The hired freelancer might not necessarily be a person of the company’s locale. This gives rise to the importance of medium of communication with the freelancer now and then. Most of the freelancers having some prior experience have solutions to these problems and are ready to communicate via Skype, phone calls or regular mail.

Ability to work in a team
In many of the projects, it is required that the freelancer must team up with the other members to get the job done. This reduces the time required to finish off the task and thus saves a significant amount of money in the process.

Legal Formalities
It should be made certain that all the legal agreements clearly stating the deadline, confidentiality, reimbursements and other expenses are drawn correctly and that too on time.

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