Freelance website : Where you can make more money

freelance website “Freedom” is a word which contains lots of different meaning for lots of people but in a digital world, it is a synonym to Freelance. Freelancing/Freelance means to do your work on your time and a freelancer is ...
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Reasons Not To Freelance

Freedom means “Being you without anyone’s permission” i.e why freelancing and freedom go hand in hand. We may say that freelancing and freedom are complementary synonyms to each other in the world of IT. Being freelancer means we are independent ...
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5 Tips You Should Follow While Creating Your Professional Network

Networking is all about connecting to the right set of people and being able to use those connections when you want to. In other words, it is a deliberate activity to build, reinforce and maintain relationships of trust with other ...
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The Top 10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Great Website Design

When you are unable to speak to your users, clients that’s when the role of the website comes in. And the role becomes more prominent when your business is small. At that point of time losing a single potential lead ...
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Outsourcing: Get The Perfect Catch In An Ocean of Opportunities

Ever been on a fishing spree? Late hours in the saline waters. Fishing out too long shores, in the quest for a perfect catch. Similarly, talent is like a vast spread ocean of opportunities and hiring the perfect match for ...
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Entrepreneur Wives: Caring meets Daring

A few decades ago, there was a time when women meant to be in kitchens or doing the household chores, managing the home and kids and leading a properly balanced life with kids and family. But, when we are talking ...
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A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur Will Make You Respect Their Hustle

At 6 in the morning, a guy was walking while talking over the headphone. If you pass by, you can easily hear him narrating his idea to a mentor or the client abroad, or mentioning a friend. He might not ...
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How to Manage Project Without Project Manager

Since the inception of my start up EngineerBabu, quality and accountability have been our prime focus. To chase big dreams without being accountable and responsible for them is a rather vague idea. Cooperation and team building have been the keys ...
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